thank you all for your opinions— i’m always so bad at picking & choosing ; v ; the angel wings seemed to be really liked by everyone & plus i think these are better because i know that people can get really iffy with insects ?? cries— i’m really sorry for all this ooc, i’m just so bad at choosing. but d a n g look at these tho. … . .

fckxersss asked:

"swiggity swooty" pick any muse :)

Send me a “Swiggity Swooty” and my muse will react to yours slapping their ass as they bend over to pick up something.

“Yo!” Stiles yelped, jumping up to look the attractive stranger in the eyes, her expression startled, the only words she could find being; “Bad touch!”

agentofnightvale asked:

♩ [for our high school au]

                                                    ░▒▬♦ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ.

                                                          i. i fucking love science - hank green.
                                                          ii. why does the sun shine ( the sun
                                                              is a mass of iridescent gas. ) - they might be giants.
                                                          iii. teenagers - my chemical romance.
                                                          iv. bad reputation - joan jett.
                                                          v. the anthem - good charlotte.

going through my inbox and finding loads of lovely messages i never answered!! i’m so sorry!! i swear i’ve answered some of them before, some i know i kept to look back on and smile and some i know i got when i am sad so that explains why they haven’t been answered (i don’t answer things when i’m feelin bad im sorry) but some i stg i have never seen before!!! v sorry i have never answered!! if u r a person who has sent me a kind message know that ily ok and i probs see ur url or ur icon and smile