Someone had to MAKE those slippers for Chibs2 though. You aren’t just going to find that at the slipper store, that is personalized embroidery.

Ikuko maybe? Possible, but not the most fun answer.

Usagi? Cute, but Usagi’s already got a lot of cute with Chibs2, if you like it.

Consider, perhaps, an alternative.

Consider, perhaps:

She sees Chibs2 using an old pair of Chibi-Usa’s slippers and decides to personalize them a bit more so Chibs2 has something of her own.

And then consider:

Pluto is not okay with this.

Those are Small Lady’s slippers.

Makoto is a brave warrior and a gentle soul.

Makoto cannot be allowed to succeed.

Pluto knows what she must do.

Bad Blood- Alistair and Elliot


Elliot had sat been sitting on the roof for hours now. Smoking, thinking, flicking cigarette butts off the side of the building, brooding…

Mind it had already been a couple of days. The first few he spent in a sort of shock, then, after a numbness came over him, and he accepted that what he had to do was necessary and he’d have to deal with the consequences- however excruciating they were- they would not be worse than those if he did not do what he was told.

It was what it was.

And it was all his fault.

He tried so hard to keep the strings from unraveling, but he only had two hands, and wasn’t perfect, and wasn’t fine like he told everyone was.

Everything wasn’t OK.

Nothing was OK before Elliot left Dublin and since he got to the states everything started to crumble. Alistair, when they were 22 and stupid, and then Jolene three years ago, and now Alistair again were the adhesive that kept him from falling apart which in turn kept everything else surrounding his life and family from falling apart and now he was faced with the possibility of losing both of them.

He had to make a choice. One that took no more than a millisecond for Elliot to decide on. Jolene was his everything. If anything happened to that precious blue eyed little girl Elliot would never forgive himself.

So… Elliot texted Al to meet him up on the roof only after downing a drink of whiskey, enough to numb him from the look on Alistair’s face that he knew was coming and and contemplating burning the letter he received in the sink before thinking better of it. He was upset, but not stupid.

Don’t see it as a favor you’re doing me, see it as a favor you’re doing Jolene.

He bit on the fingernail of his thumb, deep in thought, eyes flicking up when the door to the stairway back down into the the Ragnatela opened.

Generally, Elliot had three settings which he showed to others: Warm, Neutral, and Angry (with flashes of annoyance throughout the three.) With Alistair, however, Elliot allowed himself to be less “black and white,” but even with Arthur he refused to let himself completely break down. 

And he felt completely broken down.

This wasn’t just irritation over the paparazzi or his sister or his mother, this was deeper. If not to anyone else, It would be obvious to Alistair that Elliot was upset about something, even through Elliot’s seemingly phlegmatic disposition.

“Don’t say anyt’ing. Jus’ sit down.” 

If you ever truly loved me - if you ever had a single ounce of admiration and respect for me in your entire being - then you’d let me go. You’d let me move on and learn how to let you go. All of these years, I’ve been clutching on to air and trying my best to keep it all from unraveling, but I can’t any longer. There’s nothing left for either of us here except for empty memories of a yesterday that was light years ago. So if you ever truly loved me the way you said you did, the way your eyes told me every single night, then you’d let me off of your hook so I can finally move on. I can no longer sit around, sleep around, pace around waiting for the day that you’ll come and lift me out of this never ending black hole I’ve fallen into. There’s no way to save us now. There’s no way to go back into those moments and press pause to when we pressed our foreheads together and laughed until our bellies ached. And you know that as well as I do. So please, for the sake of my sanity and your own, let me let you go.
—  e.g. / smokestained / 4:02 am
Crafts and Creations: Gods’ Eyes

There are many ways to do this craft, but I found that this was the easiest, especially if you are doing this with young ones.

1.) You’ll need two sticks of equal length –  You’ll also need yarn or ribbon in different colors

2.) To begin, hold your two sticks together in a cross. If you’d doing this with children, it’s a good idea to put a small dab of glue on here to prevent slipping.

3.) Wrap a length of yarn one or two times around the top arm of the cross, right where the two sticks meet, going counterclockwise (be sure to hold the loose tail in place and wrap the yarn over it to keep it from unraveling later).

4.) As you come around on the left side of the upper arm, cross down and over to the bottom side of the right arm.

5.) Bring the yarn out behind the top of the right arm, and cross over to the left side of the bottom arm.

6.) Finally, bring the yarn from the right side of the bottom arm across to the top side of the left arm.

7.) Lastly, you can decorate your finished project with shells, feathers, tassels and other bits and bobs. 

Darts Tutorial
Here are step by step instructions on how to sew both the bust dart as well as the waist dart: 1> For bust dart,fold dart in half, from dot to the 2 notches, matching up the notches. (see pic 1 and 2)  

From the notches, sew in a straight line, directly from the notches, towards the dot, eventually sewing off the fabric (see pic 3 and 4)

For waist darts, there will be 4 dots. Pinch the 2 dots the furthest away. (see pic 5 and 6)

Fold over, making the other 2 dots to line up with eachother. Pin (see pic 7 and 8)

Starting from one end, sew directly from the dot to the now centre dot. (see below pic)

Needle down in fabric, pivot your direction now to the other dot, and sew directly to the end. (See below pic)

Leave all extra thread intact, and tie knots at the ends to keep from the darts unraveling by themselves. Or if you like, at the beginning and end of each dart, use your backstitch (although this will create unwanted bulk)


Free trade is figuring prominently in the upcoming presidential election. Donald Trump is against it. Hillary Clinton has expressed qualms. 

Economists still think free trade benefits most Americans, but according to polls, only 35% of voters agree. 

Why this discrepancy? 

Because economists support any policy that improves efficiency and they typically define a policy as efficient if the people who benefit from it could compensate those who lose from it and still come out ahead. 

But this way of looking at things leaves out 3 big realities. 

1. Inequality keeps growing. In a society of widening inequality, the winners are often wealthier than the losers, so even if they fully compensate the losers, as the winners gain more ground, the losers may feel even worse off. 

2. Safety nets keep unraveling. As a practical matter, the winners don’t compensate the losers. Most of the losers from trade, the millions whose good jobs have been lost, don’t even have access to unemployment insurance. Trade adjustment assistance is a joke. America invests less in jobs training as a percent of our economy than almost any other advanced nation. 

3. Median pay keeps dropping. Those whose paychecks have been declining because of trade don’t make up for those declines by having access to cheaper goods and services from abroad. Yes, those cheaper goods help but adjusted for inflation, the median hourly pay of production workers is still lower today than it was in 1974. 

So if we want the public to support free trade, we’ve got to ensure that everyone benefits from it.

This means we need a genuine reemployment system – including not only unemployment insurance, but also income insurance. So if you lose your job and have to take one that pays less, you get a portion of the difference for up to a year.  

More basically, we’ve got to ensure that the gains from trade are more widely shared.

Star Trek: Temporal

While peace has kept the Alpha Quadrant quiet over the 29th Century a new threat is emerging from the future; a race called the Knowun has started going back in time to erase events throughout the Federation’s history. In response Starfleet opens up a new division, the Temporal Division, whose job is to travel through time and find temporal anomalies and erosions where events should not have occurred or would have been catastrophic and find out as much as they can about the Knowun. Among the ships commissioned is the USS Deviation, lead by Kass Sisko and formed from the best and brightest of Starfleet. Their first mission may seem simple enough to investigate temporal signatures in the 26th Century but they’re about to become the most crucial piece in keeping the Federation from unraveling through time.

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