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Opinion Meme: You like shipping Jasper with everyone, don't you, jaspx? *insert smug Spongebob meme here* ((You're actually wonderful in your RP's, giving Jasper a different dynamic with different iterations of the same muse. It's like you've given her a specific relationship with each and every one!

//ooc;; Oh my goodness, you really think soo?!?!?!!? OMG!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! AJKDSAL:JDLSJDA!!!!!!

I try to keep everything different. Because using the same idea for 3 rps is kinda boring for me! So I spark it up, yo! xD But seriously, thank you so much!

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heyy i've only been following you for awhile but i think you're a very lovely and interesting person! i especially love your music tag and we even have the same mbti type, it kind of makes me feel connected to you somehow haha. i'm sorry if this is going nowhere and i know life is giving you a hard time but i hope everything goes well in the future. please keep holding on, you're strong and i believe in you!

thank you so much and omg you have no idea how much my music taste means to me and the fact that you really like my music tag ahhhhhhhh THANK YOU

and yeah it’s tough being an infj, isn’t it – it’s a really rare type but it makes it all the more special when you find another infj you can really relate to!

anyway thank you so much for this kind message!