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i thought dan's week in march might be about mental health issues but i was surprised by his level of detail when talking about it. any thoughts?

That week in March.. I’m really impressed with Dan for talking about something so personal to him!

i was surprised too. i didn’t even think about the week in march issue as potentially being tied to his mental health (at least not exclusively that) until last week’s live show when he said he would be able to discuss it after ‘tomorrow’ which seemed to indicate after his depression video came out. much like the video itself i think that his candor about the negative side-effects of antidepressants and the type of impacts that can arise if you suddenly stop taking them is incredibly helpful and informative. as someone who has personally experienced those sort of withdrawal symptoms, i thought that his willingness and ability to talk about it so openly was quite a brave thing, and something that i hope will remind people that staying consistent with medication usage is super important and that changing your dosage should only happen gradually and under strict supervision from a doctor. his anecdotal description of what he went through also generally serves to help dilute and break down stigma around discussing psychopharmaceuticals and i’m really grateful to dan for continuing to be brave with those discussions. 

additionally, from the vantage point of someone who has obviously been following him quite closely, his explanation helped to shed light on some of his behavior in march. since the live show ended i’ve spent some time reading back a lot of my posts on his live shows from that month and so much of it just makes a lot of sense when viewed through the lens of someone going through severe withdrawal from his medication and a resultant delirious or dark headspace. he was starkly negative about his audience, and about himself, his work, and his career. he was also more ramble-y and more candid than usual about topics he wouldn’t normally broach including his definition of ‘love,’ the lack of importance in labeling one’s sexuality, his self-identification as a ‘formless blob,’ etc. he went silent for nearly a week on twitter from march 6ish to march 12, and at the same time phil delayed posting a video that he’d promised would be up on march 12 with no explanation. dan also teased a ‘big deal’ video that ended up being about his decision to drop the dinof user name but then decided not to follow through with making it and made isg instead, then responded in an unprecedentedly negative and open manner to people who were disappointed in the vid. 

i’m not saying all of this was related to dan’s mental health at that time, and dan himself said both back then and in today’s live show that he was dealing with these mental health issues on top of an already really stressful and busy schedule. but given that these few weeks he went without meds took enough of a toll that he reiterated that he wanted to talk about the experience on three separate occasions, and he finally did today, it’s safe to assume it really did have a huge impact on the rest of both his and phil’s lives that month. in light of that, i think it’s all the more significant he followed through with discussing it. it was clearly an incredibly difficult and vulnerable time for him, and i’m honestly in awe of his ability to look back on it and laugh at himself a little (honestly how???) as well as decide that it’s something he’s okay talking about publicly. he’s a good dude and he continues to help so, so many people by displaying his vulnerability in these ways.

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Where do you think Craig's reserved personality comes from? I've read many headcanons and metsa, but I'd like to know yours.

Hmm… where it comes from? I think a big part of it is his upbringing. His parent’s marriage issues aside… they love and care about him, but they aren’t really affectionate with him. I mean, there’s a huge difference between knowing that you’re cared about, and feeling like you’re cared about. And while Craig knows that his parents do love him… they don’t really go out of their way to show him. It’s just expected that he knows. I think this is apart of the reason why he’s so affectionate with his guinea pig(s). He wants Stripe to know how much he cares, and he expresses his feelings in a way that he wishes his parents did (is he aware of this? probably not, but that’s okay). 

I think another aspect would come from all of his guinea pigs dying. He does love them deeply, really… but it’s apparent that he’s not taking care of them properly. But even if he was… they’re still dying. Whether or not he’s aware of how he’s killing them (which he is, he’s their soul caretaker, thus responsible for their deaths), he continues to get more. Is that because he’s trying to fill the gap in his heart? Is he trying to make up for the last one? There’s so many different reasons why…. but one thing’s for sure. Pet deaths can be traumatic. I had a couple of pet’s die during my childhood and it was my first time handling with death- especially of something close to me that I loved. So the fact that we’re assuming Craig has had to go through the death of three guinea pigs? That’s some real loss right there. That, combined on top of his upbringing that lacks overall affection… being reserved just makes sense

Why be emotional about people? Why express that emotion? Why get close to anyone? Because in the end, don’t they all go away anyways? 

Lately I’ve been thinking about that conversation where Dorian tells the Inquisitor that he needs to go back to Tevinter. His main reasoning for not wanting the Inquisitor to come with is his worry that the Inquisitor would be the one to end up doing it all. That’s a pretty flimsy excuse, it can’t be the whole reason, can it? I have to think there’s plenty more, he just chose the easiest one, the self deprecating one because it’s simpler.

It’s self deprecating in the sense that he’s doubting his own ability to lead. Sure Dorian is made for the spotlight, but following the Inquisitor is such a natural thing. It just makes sense to him and, while I don’t think this would actually happen, I wonder if he’s concerned he’d constantly be looking to the Inquisitor when decisions need to be made.

Besides that, there are hundreds of other reasons why Dorian might not want the Inquisitor to accompany him to Tevinter. There’s the danger of course, but he can’t bring that up. The Inquisitor has been through so much and he doesn’t want to drag them back into dangerous territory, but it’s not like the Inquisitor would be okay letting Dorian risk himself alone.

There’s also the Inquisitor’s title to consider, something Dorian doesn’t want him to give up so quickly. The Inquisitor could do a lot of good with all that power, even if they say they don’t want it now, what if they’d regret abandoning it later? What if they went to Tevinter and stagnated, unable to find their place, growing frustrated and bitter, far from friends and family?

That’s probably a cruel place to jump to, but Dorian still expects things to go bad and he has to consider every angle. Besides, by doing it this way, he isn’t tying the Inquisitor to anything, no major decisions that could change the course of their life. I don’t think Dorian wants them to make such a huge decision just for him. That would be a huge weight on his shoulders and he’d feel responsible even though it’s really the Inquisitor’s decision to make. Besides, Dorian wants to leave the Inquisitor an easy out if they realize their relationship is a bad idea. Dorian still can hardly believe their relationship is happening at all, that he is so incredibly happy, and he cares for the Inquisitor so much, he never wants them to feel trapped.

Following up on how happy he is, I have to wonder how much of his decision is based around his self destructive tendencies? In The World of Thedas II we hear about him causing fights and running away quite often. Whenever things look like they’re going bad, he lashes out and hides from his problems, such as with the way he spoke to Alexius towards the end of his apprenticeship, trying to convince him that it was impossible to save Felix, drinking himself into oblivion after because those two were probably more like his family than his actual parents.

Here, things aren’t going bad yet, but he’s so incredibly happy, can it really last? What if he fucks it all up? What if the Inquisitor changes their mind? There are so many variables, but if he makes this move, it kind of forces things to move forward. He wouldn’t blame the Inquisitor for wanting to leave him now, and if it’s going to happen eventually anyway, Dorian would rather be able to see it coming.

There are probably more things he takes into consideration, but a lot of this could even be subconscious concerns he himself is only vaguely aware of. Either way, turning it into a kind of a joke, talking about how good the Inquisitor is at taking charge and changing the world, is so much easier than admitting to all of his concerns, making himself even more vulnerable than he already feels, something he’d learned long ago he should never do. He’s already made huge steps, allowing himself to be vulnerable in other ways, but, well, “Old habits are hard to break.” At least a lot of this becomes irrelevant if the Inquisitor dissolves the Inquisition after Trespasser which gives me hope for their future. It just would have been nice if they could have properly talked it out to begin with.

  • Gryffindor: If he doesn't like you this is all a moo point.
  • Ravenclaw: A moo point?
  • Gryffindor: Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter.
  • Ravenclaw: ...
  • Gryffindor: It's moo.
  • Ravenclaw: *Turns to Hufflepuff and Slytherin* Have I been living with him for too long or did that all just make sense?

hobi just feels so right to me, you know? it’s like when someone asks you what your favorite color is. maybe you love a lot of colors and you could sit there and weigh the pros and cons of each, but your favorite sticks out despite that. it’s the color that calms you and welcomes you and makes you feel completely and deeply good. that’s hobi to me. he’s my favorite color, my home, all that’s right in the world, the point I stay secured to no matter what. he just makes sense.

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uh, hi! so uhm. henry dying to me just doesn't make much sense to me, and maybe it's just me, but uh. if the other toons are immortal so is he, right? and uh, while the whole concept of a soul is up for debate i've never seen or heard of the concept of a soul dying (at least as far as i know a soul is presented as something immortal), and with all the shit he's been through, i doubt henry's going to willingly astral project right out of the realm of the living. that's just my hot take™ tho.


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This has probably been said before, but what if Waluigi has a game where you have to cheat to win? Then take that concept and apply it to him in a Wario and Waluigi RPG, and you have his own special abilities that have to do with Lying or Cheating. Wario's would be pure strength and POW and getting through difficult obstacles. Maybe as a reference to Psycho Waluigi, there's a move where Waluigi can unleash a psychic blast on an enemy. I'd write more, but Tumblr has a character limit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Isn’t that what Charles Martinet suggested? I totally agree, it just makes so much sense!

I always point to the Tingle games bc those are so good at getting the quirks of a character and turning them into fun gameplay. In the same way Tingle’s game revolved around mapping and rupees ( rupee based battle system, no less!), Waluigi’s/ Wario’s game could be about deception, lying and being flashy af. Totally doable! 

ugh ,hate when I have something going in my head but I stop because I doubt myself or question it a bit to much maybe I am sitting here looking at my base and I am wondering if maybe it just wouldn’t make sense.

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pb is just changin what all the black LIs look like i don’t see any other bitches lookin different except for child-looking sloan and whatever the fuck james is now

james and sloan have glowed the fuck down. bich. wow. whatever yeah change their faces if u MUST just don’t make them uglier? what the fuck kinda fuckin deal? it’s like me buying a fly ass shirt and being like nah nvm fam let me exchange this for them crocs instead. it just DOESN’T. MAKE. SENSE.

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it just makes sense?? portia would yell “WHAT’S UP EVERYBODY, I THINK DOGS SHOULD VOTE” and julian would give absurd ratings to their monsters. Good Shit.

I kinda want to write a post-civil war frostiron fic where Loki pops in on Tony one day and is like “did you know your team is enchanted” and Tony’s like “… what” and it turns out that Wanda has been working for hydra all along and purposely drove the team apart but that doesn’t just erase everything that happened even though some people on the team (Steve) thinks it should.

Would anyone care about that?