What The Signs Should Know
  • Aries:It's okay to be afraid of the unknown sometimes.
  • Taurus:it's okay to walk away.
  • Gemini:Don't listen to what people say about you. You're amazing.
  • Cancer:You're more stronger than you think. Don't put up with people's bullshit.
  • Leo:Doing cute gestures to people that make them happy, will make you happy.
  • Virgo:Don't be so hard on yourself for not reaching people's expectation.
  • Libra:Don't throb over heartbreak. You're much better than that.
  • Scorpio:You guys are such smol beans. You remind me of a cactus because they're cute.
  • Sagittarius:You don't need anybody. Your aurora of freedom is too bright.
  • Capricorn:It's okay to have emotions. Just focus on the bright and happy ones.
  • Aquarius:Let go of the mistakes you made in the past. Keep on going forward.
  • Pisces:You're such badasses. People pull the trick on you by thinking you're fragile. But you're not.


So I got a lot of fantastic fanart today from people for my birthday- which is today, hooraaay! I’ve compiled all the Ask King Sombra-related pieces here but there’s even MORE fanart featuring Wiggles / Llamamod / other characters on my modblog! 


Thank you SO SO much to everyone who took time out of their day to draw me something or just pop into my inbox and wish me happy birthday! You’re all the best and you really made an otherwise uneventful day something special and I really can’t express my gratitude enough! <3

The contributors:

1. @askpiratedash
2. @moonraven-sparrow-summerpalette
3. princess—– 
4. @answerskyrocket
5. @ask-one-eyed-lola
6. @ask-terracotta-jade
7.  @xxlrandomartistlxx 

Thank you guys SO MUCH <333



He helped spread the word about Stand Up Japan all those years ago and got emotional and cried while he sand “Kimi no Uta” from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ;___;!!!

He was so emotional over wanting to help more and about the story of that show and just he is SUCH a genuine person, and always helps people in need And just SERIOUSLY BLESS THIS MAN. (and omygod the audience at the end was so supportive too ;~~; omg)

i lOVE being nice to people even if they aren’t nice back it makes me so happy i love it love it love it love it

a lot of ppl think i’m just like kissing ass but nah boy i just. love everyone and everything. 

this is such a better way to go through life rather than being judgmental and bitter abt everything. i am so happy i made changes and grew out of that. 

I’m actually so thankful to Misha and Jensen for doing this livestreaming. They managed to find some time despite of having a busy work day going on to simply chat with us and tell more about the campaign…And this is just so much already. They kept thousands of us there waiting together. It was awesome experience and seeing them made me very happy.

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it's funny because i kind of rely on you to remind me to watch the new ep of osomatsu-san when it comes out. if you reblog something oso related, i'm like "oh, i'll go watch it now" but when you don't, i'll forget until you do reblog something lol. so thank you for unintentionally being my reminder! (oh and i love your art too, your iwaoi's always make me feel so happy and fluffy inside~ ♥)

Hahaha, that is really nice. You can rely on me anon! v(▼ω▼メ)ゞ I’ll keep reblogging oso until the end (tho I wanna get better at reblogging right after the ep is released! For all of our sakes)

iAlmost cried omg
my mom said to me that i Am Really mettaton
that he is me

and im jsut
so happy because my mom always trys to seperate characters from myself

but she thinks mettaton is the character made for me.

I just
im so happy she called me In real life mettaton

like i was not expecting that

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Beth I'm so confused and afraid... What does this mean ? I hate this so much the Bears were the only thing that made me happy in this fandom and now we're knee deep in bs and the only way we had to know a fraction of what was going on is gone. I'm just... Please help

If you’ve read any of what I have posted in the last half an hour you would know that I do not see this as a negative.

I’m very sorry that you’re struggling but I think this is the next step for them. They’re going to say everything the Bears said and MORE and they’re gonna say it THEMSELVES. No more hiding. I think that’s a cause for celebration not for tears.

So the movie How To Be Single I’d just like to point out that the song you hear during the opening sequence is Welcome to New York which made me happy


So, I’ve had my first boyfriend officially for 3 weeks. A real actual guy, who looks at ME like I’m made of magic, and wants to kiss MY face and listen to MY thoughts and hold MY hand. He’s better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of for myself.

Yes I’m 24, and yes these are all regular things that people do, but it’s new for me and I’m really relishing in it!

I’m vv happy, and I know it’s not gonna be all glitter & roses all the time, but I’m excited to see what even the next 3 weeks bring us. 😍

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I'm so thirsty for Bokuroo, do you have any headcanons!?

THIS ASK MADE ME SO HAPPY FOR SOME REASON, but of course I do! I am always thirsty for Bokuroo, it’s my absolute OTP!

I like to think that Bokuto and Kuroo absolutely do not care about public displays of affection. They just hold hands, kiss, play with the other’s silly hair and sit on each other’s laps, much to their teams dismay.

Even before they dated, they were always too affectionate with each other and they didn’t know anything about what people call ‘personal space’. They slept in the same bed, cuddled even if the couch was super big and kept throwing their arms around the other’s shoulders randomly.

Also, about sharing beds, they have sleepovers all the time and always end up pulling all-nighters talking (and kissing) and watching movies or simply laying down on the other eating some chips. They always end up spooning when they fall asleep, though.

Bokuto is the little spoon and like to wiggle his ass just to see how Kuroo will react. Kuroo pretends that it pisses him off, but he secretly likes it. Talking of Bokuto’s butt (which is obviously amazing), Kuroo has the habit of slapping it after matches, and one day, when he thought no one was watching, Akaashi caught him. He had never been so scared in his life.

They have a secret handshake that looks like this. It took them an entire night in training camp to create it and their teammates had never heard people laugh this much.

(NSFW) Kuroo is a bottom. He is the hottest bottom in this universe. Also, can I say: power bottoming? The truth is that Kuroo always thought he was a top, but when he saw of determined Bokuto was, he gave up. Best decision of his life, to be honest.

They love to hug each other. They are just the right size, and Bokuto burries his head in Kuroo’s neck and tickles him with his nose. Sometimes they hug so tightly that they can’t feel their ribs anymore, but it’s a detail.

They’ve watched the integrity of Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit without moving from the couch (except to piss). They think Frodo and Sam should’ve totally ended up together. Also, Orlando Bloom is hot. Their favorite characters were Pippin and Merry.

They never actually confessed to each other. They had been mutually crushing on the other for at least a year, giving hints and telling pick-up lines, but they were so close that it all seemed to just be jokes…until Bokuto kissed Kuroo and the rest is history.

When they announced it to their parents, they thought they were already dating. All of this hugging and teasing must’ve meant something, right? The parents were alarmed. Did this mean the affection would get even worse? God save them right now.

Kuroo dyes Bokuto’s hair when his roots get too long, and they always end up watching sappy romantic comedies during the wait. They love to comment on the character’s stupid pick-up lines, even if they’re not so good themselves.

When they can’t see each other for a long time, they always send each other silly snapchats and mixtapes that makes them think of the other. The songs can either be really romantic or really weird, always changes.

Bokuto thinks Kuroo’s strange laugh is the cutest thing in the universe and he can’t stop himself from kissing him when he does, so it always ends up in a messy mix of kisses, smiles and laughs.

Kuroo is actually good at cooking. Bokuto loves his pancakes and his owl-shapped pastas. Bokuto isn’t allowed to cook, because he once set their table on fire while trying to make a fancy chocolate fondue.

Okay I am going to stop before this becomes endless, but seriously, I have a lot of headcanons because I think about them 24/7. I’m even going to write a fanfiction soon, so if you want updates on this, you can follow my sideblog


​ and turn on notifications, I’ll only post to say that my fic has been posted! THIS WAS SO FUN BY THE WAY I LOVE THESE DORKS

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Hey Ben! You and crush and aubrey and everyone honestly changed my life and made me see my priorities and crush has just helped me completely flip my life around! Went back to uni, working part time and improving my health day by day! Couldn't be more thankful for what you guys have all done!!

This makes me so happy to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. Truly appreciated but remember that YOU have changed our lives as well.

Keep killing it at school and working on your health! Makes me so happy to hear, and I can FEEL your motivation in your words. Proud of you.

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I saw that that "Uncle Bucky" pic was stolen from you and I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job. The faces are funny, I love the little Hydra logo on his suitcase, and the Winter Soldier "Y" is the perfect touch (as is sneaking Steve's shield behind the chair). The person who stole that is a dick and it really really sucks that you weren't credited, especially since he commented on it.

Omg, thank you so much! You’ve just made me cry a few happy tears :) I’m so so pleased you like my design, that piece means such a lot to me .

Dear Mittens,

I don’t know what I did wrong. I really don’t. I’ve spent over two months trying to think of what I could’ve done. I’ve thought of everything I ever said to you, everything I meant to say to you. I know it’s stupid, especially since I was never sure if you reciprocated the feelings I had; we were never dating or anything. Yeah, we went to coffee and a movie and studied together at the library once, but that was it. I just want to know that I once really liked you. I liked you so darn much. You were so easy to talk to, so open and funny and kind and everything I could dream of. You made me so incredibly happy, and even something as simple as your crooked smile or the sparkle in your beautiful big blue eyes were able to brighten my entire day. We became so close so fast. We were texting each other almost constantly, sitting next to each other in all our classes and at lunch, even parking next to each other in the school lot. We were always together, going to the same school clubs and coffee shops. We shared our favorite books and movies and songs with each other, something I’d never done with anyone else, something so personal that made me feel like I knew you so well. Everything was great, and then it just wasn’t.

I still don’t know what happened with us. Maybe it was my friends. You never liked them, and I can’t get mad at you for that since they can be pretty awful sometimes. They’re loud and obnoxious and everything you’re not. Maybe it was that we were too close. We became super close in a super short time span, so maybe it was just too much for you, maybe there wasn’t enough space. Maybe it was me. I can’t help but blame myself a little. I was moody and closed off, and it always frustrated you that I never fully let you in. But despite all those possibilities, I hate that you just stopped talking to me. You randomly iced me out for no reason at all. At first, you just stopped texting me. But then you stopped sitting with me in class and at lunch, then you stopped parking by me. You’d leave if you saw me come into the Starbucks we both always go to. You stopped sharing movies and music and books with me. You won’t acknowledge my existence now; you treat me with total disregard. A couple weeks ago, I slipped on some spilled water in front of you, and you just walked away.

Even though you won’t talk to me now, you haven’t even uttered a single word to me in over two months now, I can’t help but care about you. Somehow you were special to me, and I’ll always treasure what we had, before it became bad. But even though I care, I still resent you. I won’t deny that I don’t like being around you even though I miss you. Even the smallest whisper of your voice makes me cringe a little. I know we can never be good again, and frankly, I’m okay with that. The fact that you were able to drop me so quickly makes me realize that maybe you weren’t as great as I thought you were. I just want to know what happened to us so I can finally get the closure I deserve. You at least owe me that much.

-Your cute hobo

P.S. I know you probably won’t see this even though you follow this blog. You haven’t been on in over three months, but I thought I’d get my thoughts out here anyway in case you ever became active on this site again.

my shamy feels :)

this episode was just fantastic I liked it so much! I haven’t been happy for a long period, usually tbbt gives me the spark to laugh again. It didn’t happen for a while. This episode made me laugh and smile. Now I’m happy

I know I can be very monothematic, let’s just say always, but now I don’t care. I love being on tumblr, it’s where I can be myself on real. So just love you all, fandoms and shippers :)

here. I just needed to say that. And for some reason to share

ok *nobody cares*

peace and love, I’ll have breakfast now :)


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Hello there Akui-san! I am a silent reader of your blog but I can't hold it in anYMORE---- THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AND TRANSLATING AKUI SAN IM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE FOR US DIABOLIK LOVERS FANS /cries/ Oh by the way, since this is an ask box, I just want to ask, are you happy with what you are doing? :)

(´ω`*) Waaaah, thankieeees! Hmm am I happy? I guess I am. (´,,•ω•,,) Translating makes others happy, therefore it makes me happy. But sometimes it can get stressful when there’s so much to translate or when I get asked to do everything XDD.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH OR THE JARED SPAM. I have been so sad to see all of the hate today and it made ms so happy to scroll through my dash and see this.

No problem, sweets! I needed it too. Jared is quite seriously the sunshine of my life and I’ve been vaguely hearing about a lot of wank going around about him and AKF. You don’t stop liking one campaign or person just because someone else comes around with something. It’s possible to love both. I don’t fuckin pick sides. I love AKF, it’s very important to me and you know what? YANA is an amazing cause as well. I love Misha and Jensen just as much as I love Jared and I honestly think it’s the most ridiculously immature thing to throw hate at Jared just because Jensen and Misha are doing something too like…he’s been through enough, leave him tf alone. I just want to see him smile and appreciate his existence. Same goes for…Hell, everyone on the spn cast. I love them all and I seriously can not imagine harboring any ill emotions toward any of them. I am an SPN POSITIVE blog. If anyone holds any hate…I don’t want to be their friend any fuckin way tbh. (Sorry for rambling, I’m just really passionate)

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