Room for Ruby End

Originally posted by ghienphim

I cannot stress how well Navy’s betrayal worked for me. It was beautiful. It was perfect. It made the rest of the episode twice as enjoyable in retrospect. The rest of the episode was still pretty good in itself. Lapis and Peridot are my favourite characters as of late and it’s good to see how they’re getting along. 

So what happens next? I guess Navy picks up her gang and heads off for homeworld. He tells Yellow Diamond what hapened which will piss her off even more. I know she already had some plan to deal with Earth eventualy, but since she is immortal it would only come whenever she gets around to it. This will just make it priority one. Retribution is coming soon in the form of the season 4 finale. 

I rate this episode a 10/10 Good shit. Good shit.