Of King and Country by MethodforMadness

Well someone’s feeling a little ornery cuz he just got his sniper wifle taken away (╯︵╰,) 

Based off this by @cozmikrae 

Transition update!

So I had my first endocrinologist visit today. I cried so much during and after it because your local trans boy gets to start T the next time I see the doctor which is soon! 

I can’t believe after all the shit i’ve been through to come out and struggle everyday with thoughts of suicide, I finally get to start a new chapter! 

I want to use this to really start working on self help and I have all my followers on here to thank for my courage. <3


when ur wife just had a baby but ur in an anime english dub

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Themis, the Greek Titan of divine law was among the original inspirations for the modern depiction of Libra - the scales of justice and balance. Upon being tied to the affairs of humanity, her wings were bound and she took up the mantle with tireless effort to create harmony

The sand of time and the water of life fill her scales, though never remain full - as humanity has much to learn, and yet to achieve balance.