Halloween 2016

according to music industry officials, shinee will be releasing a repackage of their fifth album, 1of1, next month. the article further states that shinee just finished shooting for the music video for their repackage single. (source)

edit: sm entertainment has confirmed that shinee has recently finished the filming of the mv for their repackage, which is in it’s finalization process (along with the repack), with the goal of releasing a repackage in november. (source)

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It's me again hello. So he have the results back to everyone and the next highest score was 90% which is a very good score. He said I "must of cheated because girls aren't supposed to be good at science" so apparently I can't pursue something I'm so incredibly passionate about. That was bullshit.

throw him in a well


it might not be what you wanted, but at least im honest.