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The things that make Emma special

Requested by Anonymous

This request came as a follow up to the last episode that presented Emma as someone that needed the curse and the hard life that she had in order to become the awesome person that she is. 

The purpose of this post is to dismiss all these ridicules claims that the writers chose to make as canon. We who KNOW Emma so well KNOW that no matter what were the circumstances of her life, she would still possess all of these qualities that make her special and unique because these are features of her true nature and character. 

These qualities were only enhanced after she had her family and people that love her by her side, just imagine where she would have reached if she had that kind of support her entire life.    


Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!


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taebean for beanie bangtan. 
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Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

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“Sweater Paws” (Wonwoo x Reader)

This is just a lil’ drabble idea I had because I have been LOVING the sweater weather over here. I live in oversized jumpers. Plus, Wonwoo and I are both lanky, jumper loving dorks so I had to write this. Probably not the best quality but oh well.

Name: “Sweater Paws”

Character: Jeon Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 789

Originally posted by fyjeonwonwoo

(love him. gif credit to the original owner)

A gentle sigh traipsed off of your tongue. You aimlessly read the same words over and over again.

Sorry (Y/N) but I am going to be home late. I love you <3”

Wonwoo worked so hard. You were a little sad about it. Of course you missed him, but you were more worried that your boyfriend would overwork himself: run himself down. Admittedly, you yourself had had a long day. Days like this, you just longed for your lanky boyfriend to crash with you, sprawled lazily across the bed you shared. You meekly replied to Wonwoo and collapsed onto your sofa. It felt surprisingly empty. You could have been sitting in an empty desert and it would have felt exactly the same. At that moment, a shiver ran along your spine. The winter months had started to creep in and that of course brought a harsh change in temperature. You scrunched up your nose at the sudden cold. Bumps began to rise up on your bare arms and your muscles shuddered. Defeated, you ran into your bedroom. You scoured high and low for a suitable jumper to fend yourself from the chill. Then, yours eyes stopped at a lump of grey fabric at the end of your bed. You hastily put it on. It was too big. The sleeves ran just past the palms of your hands, the hem of the jumper met mid thigh. It was perfect. As you scurried into the kitchen for a hot drink, a familiar scent hit you. You lunged for the coffee machine but not before you realised what it was you were smelling. It was men’s cologne. It was Wonwoo. A contented smile shot across your rosy cheeks. You fondly grasped the warm mug and snuggled into the couch. Without him being there, Wonwoo had still made you blush.

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  • Rory: I just wish I'd remembered to label my boxes because now I know where nothing is. My boots, my coats, my underwear -
  • Lorelai: You have no idea where your underwear is?
  • Rory: Could be at Lane's?
  • Lorelai: You've been without your underwear since you moved?
  • Rory: Don't judge.
  • Lorelai: I'm Gwen freaking Stefani. Do you wanna borrow some underwear?
  • Rory: I would like to stop talking about underwear. I'm looking for my lucky outfit.
  • Lorelai: I think any outfit you wear without underwear is gonna be your lucky outfit.

malec appreciation fortnight: day 2 - fave malec quote(s)

bonus (because come on): “Emotions are never black and white.  They’re more like symptoms: you lose your breath every time they enter a room; your heart beats faster when they walk by; your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath.”


Haikyuu!! rare pair weekend - Day 2 ~ EnnoYama

hurt / perfect / “Uninvited, the thought of you stayed too late in my head,so I went to bed, dreaming you hard, hard, woke with your name, like tears, soft, salt, on my lips, the sound of its bright syllables. like a charm, like a spell.” ~ Ann Carol Duffy

“That’s Ennoshita for you.. He really understands the principle of ‘regaining your peace of mind when looking at someone who’s even more nervous than yourself’”