Night 1

Im gonna be honest and say that i don’t really know what is going to come out of this but i just need something to hold on to. this is like a diary except not of my life but of my thoughts. you can read if you like. 

if you ever find yourself outside at night and its cloudy let me just say it is definitly worth waiting until the sky is clear enough to see the stars. i am slightly obsessed with the stars. they saved my life. i was once up and i was considering the worst possibilities and cliche as it sounds i asked for a sign that i shouldn’t do it. the clouds cleared from a patch of sky just in time to show a shooting star. 

thats about all that you will hear about my life for now. if you want me to talk about something send me an ask and i will talk about my view on it. not that you will care but you never know. i don’t like to make assumptions.

i occasionally write poetry but its nothing good so don’t get your hopes up. if you’ve read this far hope you stick around.