We are new
we are freshly born and stumbling
soft and excited and eager
white dappled backs
eyes big as moons
and deep and dark
as the inky sky around it
we are wobbling through forests
our hooves tripping over little stones
buried between patches of moss
then standing up again
quicker and quicker each time
we are growing
and learning
and living
and loving
we are magic
—  A.O.A.M. || New Born Love

Ranting to Yoongi about weight

Sorry guys, I’ll format this later, I just really had to vent. I was having a great day, my writers block gone and I was writing - though of course my brother wanted to hang out today so I couldn’t write as much as I wanted to - and I got to make homemade bread, which is my favorite food in the world, but in ended like this and now I’m in no mood to do anything other than lie in bed. I honestly hardly have the motivation to scroll through my dashboard… But I’ll get over it soon, I always do, and I hope to have a post up by Monday at the latest ^-^



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The top has a white border around it

while the bottom does not.

✦  Feel free to use this as an icon.  ✦


- Toire Peri

anonymous asked:

can I have toriel and sans talking about papyrus

When I was seven, I invited everyone in my class to my birthday party and no one showed up. Fun author fact of the day!

Sort of based on one of @zarla-s‘s comics. You know the one, I’m assuming!

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