I honestly hate the phandom so much rn. it’s not aimed at everyone, just a selected few. it’s aimed at the ones that twist every little thing D+P to make it seem like Phan is real. it’s aimed at those who follow them and didn’t leave them alone while they were on tour. it’s aimed at those who reply to Dan or phils tweets with ‘Phan is real’.

And this is the whole thing that’s being said atm. Dan wasn’t ‘coming out’. he was saying the fact that society SHOULDNT PUT LABELS ON SOMEONE and he doesn’t want to be someone who is just known for being gay or being bi. he might be saying he’s confused about his sexuality but if you look at it from far away, it’s more that he wants people to stop putting a label on him. and that was really brave of him.

so the people that this is aimed at, the ones who don’t respect what either of them want, stop. because YOU’RE the ones that’s dragging the phandom down. YOU’RE the ones that gives the phandom a bad name. YOU’RE the ones who put a label on them both when you know nothing about their sexuality. STOP!!

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So I made a post thingy about some of the reporting of the figures for Ghostbusters - not saying it was good or successful, literally just a commentary on how similar numbers are being reported. And some folk argued with what those numbers meant and that’s fine - there’s definitely room for nuance there (though I still see a stark difference in tone of reporting).

Ooooon the flipside there’re all these dudes responding with this primal yowl that it’s a horrible movie and why won’t people admit that it’s a horrible movie and why can’t people see is bad and everyone THEY know agrees it’s bad and why do we keep saying it’s good? And I’m just like… *pats* It’s like when a little kid comes to you crying and when you ask what’s wrong they lift their hand and there’s some green paint on it and you’re all “Okay, so we’ll wash the paint off then” but for some reason that just upsets them more and they start crying harder still and you’re all “Wait what happened?” and you know there’s some way in which this all makes sense to THEM and the green paint has this way greater significance and its removal will NOT help, and you’re pretty sure you could fathom it out if you spoke to them a bit about it but eh, their face is covered in teary snot so talking to them is bubbly and gross and they’re probably going to forget about it in ten minutes anyway, so you just take them inside and clean their hand and give them a Bond movie. I mean a lollypop.

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the moon has flesh!! the moon has flesh!! the moon has flesh!! the moon has flesh!! it’s not that hard!!

All entertainment value aside, Commander Peepers’ whole relationship with Sylvia is a major step in his character development. I say this because until the writers started to pair them up, he hadn’t seriously engaged with any character other than Lord Hater, not even in a negative way. 

A friendship with another Watchdog is out of the question; he’s effectively rejected his own species. The only episode focusing on his relationship with Wander, Season 1’s “The Prisoner,” provides some helpful insight within itself as to why it doesn’t have a sequel; unlike Hater, who regards Wander as an enemy and a threat, Peepers just can’t take the scruffy space hobo seriously. Their dynamic is nicely summed up when he takes advantage of Wander’s catlike distractibility by luring him into a cell with a laser pointer. To Peepers, Wander is a literal pest, a furry nuisance barely worthy of the time it takes to call an exterminator. Despite several episodes in which his all-important relationship with Hater is threatened by Wander’s presence, he never regards Wander himself (“a happy-go-lucky do-gooder who just wants to be your friend”) with any real anger or concern, preferring to concentrate in his singleminded way on Hater and his flaws. (The end of “The Buddies” has him angrily destroying a collection of his Lord Hater memorabilia, putting the blame squarely on Hater for what he sees as a personal betrayal; in “The Big Day” he crashes the pseudo-wedding on the Skullship but doesn’t have a word to say to Wander, instead confronting Hater about his failure to deliver on their planet-destroying plans.) And so despite the fact that the essential conflict of the show is rooted in their clashing visions for Lord Hater’s future, Wander and Peepers have barely interacted in two seasons; a promising enmity is cut off by sheer lack of interest.

He’s nearly, if not quite, as dispassionate about other rivals; he has plenty of reason to hate Emperor Awesome–who’s beaten up on him and mocked him personally in the sort of way that would make Hater blow a fuse–but in the long run he doesn’t pay him much mind unless he’s posing a possible threat, otherwise regarding him as a washup who “hasn’t been a contender in ages.” Hater always cares intensely about Awesome, whether as a bitter foe or as a potential asset to his popularity; Peepers measures him strictly in terms of his leaderboard standing at a given moment and is equally inconvenienced whether Hater attempts to embrace him (“The Cool Guy”) or wring his neck (“The Bad Neighbors”). It’s all part of a pattern which Peepers consistently exhibits: a tendency to refuse any kind of emotional contact with anyone around him, except for Hater, in whom he is entirely wrapped up. Asked if Peepers has ever privately wished for an intellectual equal on the Skullship, Dave Thomas summed it up pretty accurately: “He only has eyes for Hater. Or um.. Eye.”

So, while the moment of understanding between Sylvia and Peepers in “The Battle Royale” is important for Sylvia–changing the way she interacts with both Peepers and Hater–for Peepers it’s groundbreaking

It’s the first time he’s found, or admitted to, any commonality whatsoever with anyone other than Hater, with whom he mostly shares a burning need to blow stuff up. Even here, the thought process is necessarily about Hater–what he’s realizing is that he’s not the only one in the predicament of having “a fool for a friend.” The minute it sinks in for him that somebody else has her own Hater, he goes right beyond just understanding her and starts to empathize. 

The moment becomes a reference point for their interactions from thereon in: he’s easily able to take it for granted that when it comes to “your idiot and my idiot,” she’ll understand him as he does her (“Look, you know as well as I do that…this will never end”). He puts her on his mental level–something he doesn’t even do for Hater, with good reason–treating her as not only an equal but a rough equivalent for himself. By “My Fair Hatey,” he’s letting her in on an elaborate plan he’s constructed to take down Dominator, his own army being somewhat wrapped up in staging a musical number elsewhere. He frequently acknowledges the fact that their goal at a given moment is the same, taking it from the basic shared endgame of keeping their friends out of danger (“For their–and our!–own good, we have to stop them!”) all the way to eliminating the source of the danger itself (“Dominator will bother us no more”–note the us).

And this in itself would be a remarkable progression, but it goes a step further: he has fun with her.

The fact that their alliance in “My Fair Hatey” is a practical one doesn’t prevent them from spending most of their subplot having a brilliant time. Like Hater, Sylvia is a great channel for Peepers’ fundamental need to knock things senseless, yet she’s not just a strategic tool but a responsive mind: he likes having her around to clobber some bots with.

In a way, “My Fair Hatey” shows Hater and Peepers overcoming the same fundamental problem: they’re both singlemindedly obsessed with Hater. For Peepers to be out on a (tactical) joyride, enjoying the company of someone who isn’t Hater, is just as definite a break in character as Hater’s soaring declaration that someone other than himself is “the greatest in the galaxy.” 


Title: Slithering
Author: astolat
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 27,300  
Summary: Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

This fic is so, so good! It starts right after the Malfoys flee the battle, and Draco begins to clear up the Mannor’s cellars. There are Muggle prisoners, and bodies and it’s terrible, and in one of the rooms, he discovers Nagini’s nest. But after he was attacked by one of the snakes, he discovers there’s one remaining egg, a very weak snake, harmless and nearly dying, which he can’t bring himself to get rid of. This snake, Coil, as he named her, is actually pretty awesome, and it’s with her help that Draco discovers Voldemort final revenge. He left a bomb-curse of sorts, that would trigger an explosion killing all Muggle-born if so much as one sets foot in Malfoy Mannor. Obviously he contact the Aurors and Harry, who comes with Draco to the Manor as his “prisoner” to help to dismantle the spell entwined with the wards.

They spend weeks and weeks together, and inevitably they are attracted to each other. They can’t help it!

“You look like—like something out of fairy tales,” he groaned, running a hand over his face…

“I am something out of fairy tales!” Draco howled at him in fury. “I’m a fucking wizard! So are you! It’s no excuse for your fancying me!”

But that’s not it, once they finally dismantle the spell (with a lot of help from Coil), Harry and Draco have still all these feelings for each other, only Harry can’t commit to Draco because of their history, and Draco isn’t willing to be Harry’s bit on the side. Draco though, wants to marry, so he starts courting – there’s some pretty awesome Wizarding and pureblood culture here – while Harry is wildly jealous.

Won’t give (even more) details, but this story will surprise you. It’s fun and exciting. :D 

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I thought of Dean being upset and Cas saying "We need pie," to Mary to cheer Dean up, then died inside upon remembering that Mary is the reason behind Dean's love for pie.


… and I feel horrible saying this, but I don’t want Mary to magically just start making them pies and everything suddenly being perfect. >.> The image of Team Find Sam awkwardly sitting in a diner watching Dean eat pie Mary didn’t make is much more important to me right now than her turning into an angel in the kitchen and serving up fresh homemade pie 2 episodes into the season. >.>

The show’s pretty heavy-handed with the “apple pie life” thing as the perfect civilian retirement and at this point I’m not sure any of the new and improved TFW are really in a place to want that? The spoilers about Mary are all suggesting she’s really ready to get right back in the job. I mean, Mary being alive gives them an option for an endgame that’s only been seen once in 2x20′s djinn dream, so we could get there? But not yet >.>

*sits here feeling horrible for wishing to deprive Dean of his pie some more*