When people ask why I love Curtis McKenzie, I always say how nice he is but today blew me away. Last week I gave him his birthday present (2 hats, chocolate and a letter) and I was very happy to give it to him. Today he came out wearing one of the hats I gave him and that had me freaking out so much. Then he came to me and he thanked me very personally for the nice words of the letter and said it was one of the nicest things someone has done for him. Then, he handed me this stick. We had a great conversation. I didn’t realize it was signed until someone asked what it said because I was so caught up in the hat and him thanking me. I just wanted to share how absolutely incredible Curtis is. I’ve never felt more appreciated as a fan as I have today. Thank you Curtis McKenzie


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No lyrics this time…just some tune and beat to get the mood HERE
Turn up the bass!

tbr tho? i’m so happy for griffin. he’s spent two+ years turning words alchemy-like into straight up masterpieces and apparently he’s been sitting on this plot twist for a whole year? like damn i can’t even keep twists like that to myself for a DAY. and did ANYONE see that coming? hell naw. i’m proud of him


Melissa, 18
I identify as pansexual but girls are definitely my weakness.
Mexican // Vegan // Existentialist // Agnostic
Open minded, quite goofy, memes
Love science, especially biology and interested in the environment.
Traveling a lot is one of my goals in life!!
Talking about life and philosophy and science and love makes me feel alive.
I’d be absolutely thrilled to meet like minded beautiful peeps that I could call friends, maybe even more.
I love learning languages and cooking and painting and stretching and nature and animals and punk rock and concerts and girls and not generating too much trash and artsy films and art in general and laughing too much and questioning social norms and most probably you.

remember when zayn and louis didnt have a fucking clue what the lyrics of stockholm syndrome were even though it was added to the setlist so when they had to perform it live they sounded like drunk 14 year olds being forced to do karaoke like zayn sang literally one line of his solo then just went “stockkhooolmmm syndrommeee… eerrrgmmmmhsmmmuuu… BEIN HELD BY U” and louis sang the words to half of harrys solo instead like “who’s that shadow holding my hand… talkin bout her eyes….” louis did u really think thats what the song was