Pisces: Impressionism 

Impressionism was a 19th-century art movement that began as a loose association of Paris-based artists whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence in the 1870s and 1880s. The name of the movement is derived from the title of a Claude Monet work, Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant), which provoked the critic Louis Leroy to coin the term in a satiric review published in Le Charivari.  Characteristics of Impressionist paintings include relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on the accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles. 

Okay so I’m almost certain the preview from the end of Episode 9 is Viktor proposing to Yuri???? 

Here you can see how Yuri is looking down and blushing, and then

Here’s Viktor, also looking downwards. But look at what’s behind Viktor’s head, it looks to be some sort of hand railing or gate kind of like what we can see behind Yuri but it has that design on it. We can’t see the design behind Yuri and the camera angles are slightly different, but still, Viktor’s head should be just about level with the decoration if we were seeing it from a straight-on view. Now we know Viktor is a little bit taller than Yuri…

But even so, if they were both standing at full height the same decoration should be visible behind Yuri’s head, and yet it isn’t. Therefore, the decorative part of the gate or whatever is wast-height or so.

Viktor is down on one knee 

I mean this could be explained a million other ways and we wont know until next week but aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


Faintest Galaxies Ever Seen Explain The ‘Missing Link’ In The Universe

“By warping space, the light from background objects gets magnified, revealing extraordinarily faint galaxies. The only problem? The cluster itself is closer and overwhelmingly luminous, making it impossible to tease out the distant signals. Until now. Thanks to a superior new technique devised by Rachael Livermore, light from the foreground cluster galaxies can be modeled and subtracted, revealing faint, distant galaxies never seen before.”

One of the biggest puzzles in science is exactly how the Universe became transparent to visible light. Neutral atoms – cosmic dust – blocks visible light, and yet before there were stars, that’s all we had. According to theory, it should be large numbers of small, faint, ultra-distant galaxies that made it transparent, but they’ve never been seen. However, thanks to the combined power of the Hubble Space Telescope, gravitational lensing and a new foreground light-removal technique, galaxies 100 times fainter thank the ones visible in the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field – the longest-exposure image ever – have now been revealed. These galaxies, seen in two Frontier Fields’ clusters so far, are the ‘missing link’ needed to explain reionization.

Come get the full, stunning story in visuals and no more than 200 words on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

The first time Jesse kissed Hanzo, it was because of something Jack said.

“How do you know if ya love someone, Jack?” Jesse asked him while they were staked out in Eichenwalde, waiting for Winston to give them the go ahead to attack.

Jack’s visor covered his eyes, but an eyebrow raised. “Why do you ask.”

“Well, I got the feeling I might just love someone but I…well , I never loved anyone before. Not really, anyway.”

For a moment, Jack didn’t say anything. His head was looking towards the sky, his deep scar visible in the moonlight. Then, soft yet firm, Jack muttered, “The trouble is, kid, you don’t really know how much you love someone until they’re walking away.”


Jack didn’t answer. Instead, he sighed. “Just tell ‘em, Jesse. Before it’s too late. I damn well missed my chance. Don’t you miss yours, too.”

When the fighting was over, and they were all going back to the dropship, Jesse made sure to pull Hanzo aside just out of sight before cupping his face and kissing him soundly. To his relief, Hanzo immediately pulled him in and kissed him back, wrapping himself around the other man.

With a feeling unlike anything he’d ever felt before burning in his gut, Jesse found that he’d answered his own question.

BTS reaction when you get a nipple piercing 

(requested by anon: Can you do bts reaction to you having or getting nipple piercings pls 🙊🙈)

warnings: smut(ish)

You had made a new piercing and it was a nipple one. The only thing was your boyfriend wasn’t aware of that – yet. As you changed clothes it became quite visible and it caught your boyfriends eye..


He was about to get off the bed when he saw a trace of your nipple piercing through your bra. He sat back on the bed and stared at you. „Babe, you got some explaining to do“


He was shook. Wide-eyed-jaw-dropping shook. „So.. um.. ni-nipple piercing huh? Um.. awesome“ he said as he showed pure confusion and shookness.


He realised it and didn’t give much of a reaction. But as few seconds passed you realised he couldn’t take his eyes off it, making you smirk. „Babe you wanna do more than just stare at it?“


He started staring at you.. Well your tits to be more precise and he looked amused, a smile spreading across his face. „We’re gonna have fun tonight I promise you that“


First problem - it’s a huge turn on for him. Second - it was his fetish and he was weak when a girl had one of those. When he saw it popping a bit out of your bra he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as his dick got harder by the second. „It’s gonna be a long, rough night for someone“


This boy would want to touch it, lick it, grab it, rub it and who the hell knows what else all the time. Seriously, he wouldn’t leave you alone when you’re together.


He’d secretly like it a damn lot but he’d be sly and shy about it. Since he couldn’t keep it in anymore he let himself lick his lips at you. As he did that he tilted his head as if approving it. He’s gonna want to play with it all night that’s for sure.

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a PSA for artists

i’ve been thinking about this a lot. it’s something i wish i learned much sooner. it’s something i wish more people knew.

the idea that art has to be any one way is wrong.

your art does not have to be realistic, or look like anyone else’s, or keep up with popular trends.

the idea that you have to be able to draw realism to be a good artist? wrong.

you don’t. you already are a good artist.

everyone has their own style. it’s fine and normal to adopt style choices from other artists, but everyone has their own style, there is no changing that.

and why would you change it?

your style is what makes your art YOURS. it is unique. it is perfect in it’s own way, because it is perfect in it’s style.

draw something. now look at it. you just created something new. a visible projection of your thoughts. something nobody has seen yet, not in the way you present it. isn’t that amazing?

you are so powerful. you can create your own characters, worlds, stories- you can give and take lives and control all that happens in your own universe, through your own beautiful style. that’s incredible!

there is no such thing as bad art. those “bad art”/”bad oc” blogs mean nothing. they are bitter, worthless beings with the intention to hurt you. please don’t fall into their trap.

“okay, so i don’t have to draw realistically, now what?”

you practice!

get to know your style. familiarize yourself with the shapes and lines. just keep drawing the way you do, maybe making small improvements every now and then. but remember, improvements are just what you think looks better.

nobody can tell you how to make art. nobody can tell you your art is bad, because it isn’t. it’s simply different, and that’s the way it should be.

keep going, okay? it’s amazing to watch people follow their passions, and it crushes me to see them beat down for superficial things.

(note: this does not mean you can be offensive with your art! try not to do that)


I made some doodles of a Pearlmethyst gemling AU thing I had in my mind, and somehow I ended up cleaning them and coloring them because I’ve lost the control of my life. 

(The gemlings don’t have visible gems yet because headcanons)

Can we just appreciate Connor’s new superstar cred please? It just seems like no one knows that…..

  • Its 1776, and he is famous throughout the world! 
  • Powers involved within the war was France, England, Spain, and The Dutch Republic
  • These countries have an Assassin Brotherhood each…
  • It was so hardcore that French Assassin Charles Dorian rubbed it in Shay Cormac’s face as he was bleeding out… .
  • He could have said anything else, begged for mercy or whatever..
  • But nah he was like “Lol get rekt bruh, my boy Connor is bring back that fire”
  • *Shay gets visibly butthurt*
  • Bruh, and the American Revolution ain’t even over yet.
  • Years later,in 1791, Master Assassin Pierre Bellec put Connor’s cred along side that of legendary Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze …
  • You don’t get shelved up next these legends by being some normie
  • “The first time that the Order has built itself back up from nothing to power? No. Masyaf, Monteriggioni, the American Colonies… it’s all happened before, and we’ve risen anew, stronger than ever. “
  • my boy!
  • Lets add to the fact that Achilles said in his letter after his death, that his actions given him hope for a better future. Now realize how such an impact that Connor’s work created, from the list above….makes his words even more deeper huh?
  • If one person can accomplish so much in so little time, and reignite faith of a once broken person, imagine the possibilities of the next day

went on a little quest today 👌🏻

bought some tape and pens *you probably all know* from muji but also stumbled across the best thing in another store 

it’s Avery Zweckform’s (never heard of it before) gridded A4 notebook with white lines on grey paper  👀  (they’re not as distractive and visible on scans) 

I haven’t used it yet but I’ll update you once I’ve tested it! 😏

Looking on Light Years
6 x 8 Oil Study

This new study will be up on Every Day Original tomorrow morning (12/21/16) at 11:45 eastern time.

An extraordinarily fascinating aspect of the reality that we live in is that the deeper we look into space, the deeper we are looking back in time! Though awfully fast, light does not move instantaneously. It travels an astonishing 9.461 trillion kilometers in one Earth year. Yet the depths of visible space are so vast that we can see light arriving at earth now that left it’s source 13.8 billion years ago at the beginning of time (red shifted as it may be). All the light arriving from in between there and here is a history of the universe, waiting for us to learn from. We may not be able to change the past, but we can peer deep into it’s chronology.

anonymous asked:

genuine question: why is it societally acceptable for people to be trans gender but not trans racial??????

But really the cognitive dissonance is amazing, isn’t it?

Black people have been historically subjugated for a visible tangible part of themselves (their skin) and almost all liberals can agree that you can’t just claim blackness if you’re white/non-black poc because you were born and raised with certain privileges that black people never have and aren’t entitled to their cultural identity if you don’t experience the oppression they do.

Women have been historically subjugated for a visible tangible part of ourselves (our reproductive systems) and yet liberals are fine with allowing natal males to claim that identity as if being born with a penis doesn’t immediately afford you privileges women don’t have, and that they’re entitled to this identity even though they weren’t subjugated to girlhood/aren’t oppressed on the same axis women are.

It’s almost as if liberals don’t care about women and don’t believe we’re oppressed.

Ulyana Sergeenko is a world-famous Russian couturier. Designers all over the globe refer to her fashion as “babushka-style”, because Sergeenko is very enthusiastic about Russian culture and history, which is quite visible in her collections. Sergeenko’s style is very elegant yet grandiose. She is renowned for her high-waist grand skirts, the use of floral prints and such materials as silk velvet and fur. Sergeenko combines her gorgeous dresses and skirts with mostly floral shawls, just like any Russian babushka does :) 
We recommend checking out Ulyana’s fabulous personal style and her haute couture collections.
Denmark becomes first country in the world to declassify being trans as a mental illness
Government officials said classifying transgender people as mentally ill was “stigmatizing” and they had “run out of patience” with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) work on the definition.

Officials in Denmark have announced that the nation will no longer classify being transgender as a mental illness, the first country in the world to do so.

Trans issues are more visible than ever before, and yet the World Health Organization still classifies being trans as a disorder (though the WHO is reportedly working to revise that definition). Denmark, on the other hand, will formally separate itself from that classification, effective January 1, 2017. 

“At the moment, transgender is listed as a mental illness or behavioural problem,” Social Democrat health spokesman Flemming Moller Mortensen told Danish news agency Ritzau. “That is incredibly stigmatising and in no way reflects how we see transgender people in Denmark. It should be a neutral diagnosis.”

He added: “The WHO is currently working on a new system for registering diagnoses. It has been working on it for a very, very long time. Now we’ve run out of patience, and want to send out a signal saying that if the system is not changed by October, then we in Denmark will go it alone.”

HELL YES, Denmark. Set a precedent and demand that the rest of the world follows your lead. Yes yes yes. 

1. as a hello

[CodyWan ‘I love you’ series]

“I love you.”

There’s a tinge of awe in it below the professionalism, and Cody can’t resist smiling behind the safety of his bucket, knowing that yeah, he and the rest of the 212th have done a pretty damn good job this time. “Glad to hear it, sir.”

General Kenobi’s face twitches into a smile, but he’s hardly embarrassed; he’s still looking down at the empty battlefield and pacified city below him, all wrapped up in his robes against the planet’s rising chill, and visibly, quietly delighted. “Civilian casualties?”

“Final figures aren’t in yet, sir, but we’re hoping for minimal.”

“Brilliant. Quite brilliant.” Kenobi turns, then, and when he’s viewed face-on Cody can still see the exhausted edges of him, the angles that are shaking off the lingering effects of his latest hospital bed; the relief, soaked into every part of him, that he hadn’t had to be there for this. “Thank you, Commander.”

“Our pleasure, sir,” Cody nods, and thinks For you and Don’t you dare think you have to be grateful you overachieving git.

He’d thought it loudly on purpose; Kenobi’s left eyebrow rises ever so slightly, and his mouth parts open a little, as though not sure to laugh or to reprimand. Cody just salutes, and laughs without sound, and thinks that he’d gladly do it all over and over again, for this.

eclecti-kat  asked:

Hey ursik, that previous asker fantale-maped is underage. I just want to warn you.

I think the risk of me facing underage would be a bit lesser than most of the other nsfw blogs since… I don’t really do nsfw stuffs here? (I am actually bad at identify nsfw stuffs like will it only counts when visible sexual intercourse is involved???)

Yet if the whole underage interaction problem is worsen in the fandom I will still engage the blocking for my mutuals around. Thanks for warning me here.

(I am answering this openly since this may also be a notice for my other mutuals who are much more aware to underage-following problem than me so they can block, yet please don’t do anything else stupid and uncivil toward that underage here)