But for real, Chanyeol’s english was so good. Like he had an accent, duh, but it was adorable and I could understand him perfectly. And like he didn’t HAVE to talk in english the translator was there like for other members, but he chose to work hard on it anyway and let us know that he’s trying even if it’s not perfect, because that’s what he always does. Tries hard for us.

Regardless of what happens to Lexa this season, she will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time. I’ve never identified with and respected a character as much as her. She’s a great, complex, strong woman that is such an inspiration. She’s been completely broken and found a way to keep pushing onward and fighting. Is she perfect? Not close, but damn she’s tough, determined, and she tries.
Even if she and Clarke were never a thing, I’m 100% convinced she’s still be my favorite because I admire her leadership, bravery, intelligence, acumen, and general badassery.


“-Jax, I know that everything is a little messed up right now, but-”

“Messed up?” He came towards you, almost charging, “Messed up? You don’t know shit princess.”

Your arms were crossed as you stood your ground, glaring as he stood over you.

“If being with a biker is such an inconvenience to your perfect little world, then leave,” his nostrils flared.

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So I saw this gifset and my heart hurt so I needed to talk about this.

How many times do you think Alec fucked up and his mother and father punished him for it? He did one little thing wrong and suddenly he was getting yelled at to the point that THIS is his reaction? Alec tries to be perfect for them. He wants to be perfect. He bends over backwards TRYING so hard to get his parents approval.

His automatic response is now, “If I screw up, I am expected to be punished.”

People fuck up. People make mistakes. It is in our nature to do so. A parent is supposed to scold a child if they mess up, but not every time. I remember as a kid that I would get super upset, and go tell my parents that I did something wrong and they would say it is okay and not to do it again. But with Alec and Izzy, I don’t think they got that luxury. If they messed up, they got in trouble.

It just makes me sad thinking about a young Izzy and Alec that tried so hard to fit into their parent’s little box that any time they fucked up they knew they were going to get in trouble. So that is why Alec is so afraid of coming to terms with himself. At such a young age, when he couldn’t conform, he was punished. Of course, he is terrified with coming out. If your parents always reacted with hostility when you messed up, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

“At its root, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous. It’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure. Fear of success.”
― Michael Law

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Your anon said it must be legit because of signatures but i feel like i have to say, I can make a birth certificate in a ten minutes, if you want perfect one, maybe twenty minutes and I don't even live in LA. But they are fake even you sign them. Signs don't make them real

Well yeah, it could easily be a faked thing… As far as I’m aware it wouldn’t be illegal unless someone tries to use it in the place of a real certificate or unless it’s filed with the state as a fake.

Again we just have to see how it’s treated. If it doesn’t spread and they don’t say anything I’m not going to assume it’s real. If someone finds it on file then it’s real… Anyway yeah. Time’ll tell.


Raiden: “Hey Haven… Do you think we should go visit Mom soon? I mean, it’s been a few days since she left. She hasn’t tried to call or anything, but I’m sure she’d like to see us and I kind of miss her.”
Haven: “I don’t miss her. She doesn’t care about us. She doesn’t think I’m perfect and wonderful either, so why should I care about her and miss her when we’re probably just a passing thought?”

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Could you do one where you're super nervous about your first performance as a dancer and Hobi is there to give you support ;; i live for this angel

You kept Hobi up nearly every night going over your dance routine and perfecting it, having him critique it (he didn’t mind it too much). and tonight was finally the big night and you felt your blood run cold and all the muscles in your body become mush. You placed your hands on your cheeks to keep yourself from blushing. Hobi immediately noticed your butterflies and sat against the wall next to you. “Hey.” he smiled kindly knowing not to be too loud as you tried to get into your performance mode. you sighed and smiled softly at him. He dug around and pulled out his phone, “metal run?” he said placing his thumb above the song. You nodded and took a long breath in as he began to song. You closed your eyes and felt the heat of the show lights against your face and you felt your bones moving perfectly and everything was going great, it was near perfection. You felt confident for that split second, then the song was over. A girl before you came back with tears welling up in her eyes and suddenly you felt scared again. Hobi quickly put one hand on your knee, “Just go out there, if you fall make it the best fall you ever did.” he winked. you heard your name be called from behind you and you knew it was time to go. Hobi helped you up, “I’ll be in the front row. Don’t worry about anything.” he whispered in your ear before heading out of back stage. You turned on your heels and made your way into the show lights.

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the morrissey lyric "now i'm spreading your legs with mine in between" reminds me of john and sherlock in tsot and i have tried to be free from johnlock hell but that drags me back in and i go from being blissfully forgetful to dying and thinking of the stag night

that whole song is so fitting actually

“i am so very tired of doing the right thing”

“then he motions to me with his hand on my knee”

switch out ‘rome’ for ‘london’ in “i am walking through rome with my heart on a string”

it’s perfect

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BTS reaction when they found out you have the same similarities as them please? And the chorus of the song You Are My Destiny by Lyn starts playing in the background? Hahaha :)) Btw I really love your blog!

Two requests almost about the same thing so i put them in one <3 hope you guys like it <3

Kim Seokjin/Jin:  

Jin would be so amazed that someone like you would be so much alike him. He would love that you liked to cook and you were good at it, the song “You Are My Destiny“ would play when he tried one of your Kimchi dishes, and he would then realize that you were perfect for him. 

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

Namjoon would just be drinking water and he would loose it. When the song  “You Are My Destiny“ would play, you would have just caught the bottle and laughed a little at his clumsiness. He would smile at you, thinking that this could not be more perfect, also because you would also loose the bottle and you two would just laugh at each other clumsiness.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

You and J-hope would be dancing a very difficult routine, which you both nailed. He would smile at you and when the song  “You Are My Destiny“ started to play, he would laugh a little when you blushed. He would stare into your eyes and say “I am your hope y/n and will always be”.

Min Yoongi/Suga

You and Yoongin would be napping in the studio. When the song  “You Are My Destiny“ played you would have woken up by nightmare and managed to wake up Yoongi. Yoongi would take his arms around your waist and fall back to sleep and whisper “I`m here for you”. He would so give a little smirk to himself and think “smooth Yoongi, you still got swag”.

Park Jimin/Jimin: 

You and Jimin would watch a movie when you would crack a joke and both would just laugh your ass off the bad joke. You two would laugh so hard that you would fell into his arms and land on top if him when the song “You Are My Destiny“ played on the radio. Your nose against his and lips almost touching, Jimin would take the chance and kiss you and smiling.

Kim Taehyung/V:

You two would be watching anime in your pillow fort you two had made some minutes ago, when the commercials started you guys had a tickle fight. Taehyung would land on top of you when the song  “You Are My Destiny“ played on tv, he would blush a little and just giggle when he saw how much you blushed over it.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

Jungkook would love hanging out with you, because with you everything was different. He could talk to you about everything, and laugh so much that his stomach would hurt. The song “You Are My Destiny “would play when you two were listening to music from his phone, he would be admiring your side profile when the song came on. He would then realize that He need you girl.

It’s a stock photo of course but…I ordered my tri suit for the season! I’ve been shopping around for a bit, looking at designs, colors, fit, and whatnot trying to find the perfect suit for this year. I’ve never had a tri suit before; last year I opted for a tri top and spandex which worked fine for the sprints but for long distance, I knew I needed to upgrade. I’m super excited for it to come in! Buying online is a bit of a pain with these things because of course you can’t try on and you have to go by your estimated measurements so I’m hoping the size fits. Fortunately, if it doesn’t, I have plenty of time to exchange before race day but I’d like to start wearing it to the pool and for rides or runs to break in to it. 

Naturally, when it arrives, I’ll post pictures :)

To the diabetic who wishes their parent would have micro-managed their numbers as a kid. That probably wouldn’t have done anything. I’ve never had an A1C above 8, and I’m still dealing with loosing kidney function. It sucks so much to be dealing with complications, but don’t blame it on your parents. They tried the best they could, and you probably would have still ended up with it whether or not you had perfect control as a kid. It sucks, I know.

Wicked 2/10/16
She’s a hot mess, which is why I didn’t focus on perfecting her entrances. She literally doesn’t know how to go through trot poles anymore. She used to be as much of a pro as Bella. So we’re working back to that. First try she just came hauling at the trot and then sucked everything back to a walk because she didn’t know what to do, then she tried to jump her way through it, then tried a bit and fell on her face a little then she got more of the hang of it with a bunch of rubs, then miss careful clever pony came through clean after multiple attempts. I made sure to just keep rewarding and keep her positive and thinking her way through it. I was actually proud of my demeanor throughout the ride because it is especially frustrating to know the old Moll. But she’s my kiddo, we can do it, we’ve done it once before, we can do it again! So she improved quite a bit in one ride. We’ll get there eventually.

Self Portrait of Sorts.
Date: 2/9/16
Medium: Pencil
Blurb: Not gonna lie, I actually tried really hard to make this look ok.  I haven’t drawn a face in probably 6 years, so pls don’t judge too harshly.  The eyes/nose really bother me, but practice makes perfect, I suppose.  Especially because I opted out of shading at all.  Usually when I try shading, it looks like a really old person because of all the fine lines and blah, blah, blah, haha. :)


i’ve tried heroin
it works
as long as i’m happy
being the center of the universe
but that’s not my place
& i want nothing more
than the spot
where i feel perfect
& i know that place
in yr arms
& this all feels like
treasure hunt
i use alcohol for fuel
& the memory of yr unkissed lips
for a map
& smoke crack at each dead end
of course
me & my friends
snort a little powder
along the way
& these substitutions
are a false warmth
because i am freezing
without yr love
i worship false idols
& still shiver
but i would willingly give up
my wandering
& the chemicals of being lost
if you would but grasp
my hand
& place yr tender lips
on my fevered brow
& say
You are Home

- the plastic clown
Al - Gene Pennison |||

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I've looked every where for this stream. Someone should upload their concert on YouTube! This is crazy af man. I hope someone streams for the NYC concert.

I just wanna see my babies having fun in America. I wouldn’t have to go through all of this trouble finding a perfect stream if they toured all the states. I live in NC btw.

It’s probably hard to stream, though, so I guess we can’t blame the fans too much! They tried their best ;-; Recording the whole concert probably wouldn’t be feasible either tbh, unless they brought in a real nice camera which I’m sure most non-fansite members fans don’t have any clue how to bring in and I’m sure they’d get caught :( We’ll still get some fancams, though, so there’s some positives!

And tbh it’d be hard to tour all of the States or at least cover every area - the fact that they’re already stopping at so many in North America is amazing in itself! But they were at least able to stop by 4 places! I live in Canada and k-pop groups hardly even come here, but I’m thankful they at least are stopping in Vancouver, and that’s on the other end of the country ;-; And then there’s the European fans that don’t even get it at all, so at least the States have some places~ Don’t be too down!