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AU where Yuuri is a renown photographer and one day Victor Nikiforov a super known model, comes into his studio for a photoshoot. During the whole shoot Yuuri is hypnotized by his beauty and obviously falls madly in love. After the shoot when Yuuri was packing up his things, Victor approaches him and gives him a card written 'call me' on it and winks at him while leaving.


Soldier Erik and Prince Charles commissioned by @parodyandpastiche for @godlyrights

Sorry that I haven’t been so active since my ask blog opened. I thought I might as well post this little thing for you guys that I forgot I did. Would you guys believe that these originally were my designs for Bendy and Alice? I decided to change them for my fanart as an exercise to draw outside of my comfort zone and it’s really helped me improve. I personally think I made the right choice to go with the rubber-hose look.

Anyways I’ve decided to make a schedule that may or may remain for the rest of the summer (if I get that job). I have commissions and that Benlice comic that I want to finish so I can focus solely on the ask blog. Which has been a blast so far you guys are awesome! I’m planning out how the comic will wrap up - with two more parts. As for my askblog I’ll say more on the actual blog.

This might just be me but:

In 3x18, the reunion scene was all angry music, and Ed’s “You’re alive?” made him sound furious.

In 3x19, the scene has “Penguin in Love” playing, arguably the nygmobblepot theme, as it appears in most of their highly charged scenes. Ed’s “You’re alive?” seems much softer and more disbelieving to me.

3x18 is Oswald’s point of view. 3x19 is Ed’s. In 3x18 Oswald goes in angry, ready to kill him. We get a very angsty, tense vibe. In 3x19 Ed is in disbelief he is alive, and I’m assuming unsure how to proceed at first. He’s testing the waters, trying to see if Oswald is real and serious about killing him. However, we get a very playful vibe between them this ep with their antics.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Oz is being angsty as hell about this and is deadass serious about killing Ed (or at least thinks he is), whereas Ed is actually having a great time now that he’s back because he missed having this dynamic, having Oswald, in his life. Hopefully Oz catches on and starts to feel the same way. I still believe he loves Ed but it’s kinda the same deal as with Isabella.

In Gotham, you can’t let someone cross you and get away with it just because you have strong feelings for them (See Falcone and Ed). They have to pay, often with their life. If Oz changes his plan and ends the cycle I think there’s a chance to move forwards, because I think what this ep showed is that Ed would be receptive to that. Oswald has already proven to be unconventional in this manner by letting Fish live, as she did for him. Ed and Falcone would be in the Gotham City’s traditional, retribution-oriented box. Whereas Oz and Fish so far seem to have made exceptions to that rule for one another, and Oswald was willing to make an exception for Ed prior to being shot. Since Oswald puts it so well, I’ll call this the “love conquers all” box.

I don’t know what choice Oz is going to ultimately go with, but I know what’s been established and I can only hope. Eventually, circumstances are going to force a choice, and since we know that Fish, Oz, and Ed are working together in the finale, I hope that’s a good sign.

y’know, that whole “kids lose interest in memes as soon as adults use them” is generally really only true for teenagers (and older tweens). For the most part, younger kids straight up do not care who is using a meme, the meme is always funny/cool to them no matter what (until other kids their age stop doing it, which tends to occur at varied rates depending on what’s going on in that particular demographic)

At my little’s sister’s school, dabbing is all the rage. And those kids don’t care if it’s a fellow student, a teacher, Mickey Mouse, or some random 40-something on TV doing it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get them excited and most likely dabbing in response. Not only because they think dabbing is cool, so therefore anyone who does it is automatically cool, but also because young kids have a relatively small range of experience and tend to not understand a lot of what they see and hear, especially when around adults, and thus they get very excited whenever they see something that they know and can connect with other people with (this is the fundamental basis for reference humor, which even adults tend to like)

Rejection of anything approved by authority and ironically liking or performing something isn’t really something that starts happening with kids until after puberty starts. Before then, kids just like things and usually like when other people like those things too, regardless of age or intent