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october 25th, 2016.

Taehyung: Since it’s my first time as MC I’m nervous but I’ll try and do it well this time.
Taehyung: *intensely introduces bangtan and the track without a single rest* Please give your greetings!^^ 
Bangtan: *introduce themselves*
Taehyung: *reads next segment like he’s in school*
Yoongi: Is this reading time?
Hoseok: Look at the camera V-ssi!

anonymous asked:

Bri, remember that photos of Seb in the bath? With that skinny leather pants and that face so soft... I just saw them and I feel blessed! Why he is so much? He truly is something else, those are my favorites. I see them and I need to breath. All this to ask, what are your favorites?

I do indeed remember those photos. Iconic, truly. I have a lot of favourites, I declare every new photo of him i see “the best photo of him ever taken and my absolute favourite” but here are a few of my favourites.

(I’ve mentally titled this Cat Trek.  It is a bad name.  This is part four of the untitled story about Harris and his poor life choices.  You can find the others by clicking on the tag ‘Harris is a walking tire fire.’)

“Do you have a litter box?”


“A carrier?”



“No. I mean yes. But only for me. Not for a cat.” Harris sat still as a cat walked over his shoulders. Its tail flicked against his cheek, and Harris had to bite the inside of his lip to keep from giggling.

“Leash? Halter?” Terri asked, tapping her pen against the form.

“Do cats need leashes?” Harris asked. “I thought that was a dog thing. Isn’t that a dog thing?”

“Not if you’re going to drive for six or seven hours,” Terri said. A fluffy ball of black and white fur batted at the end of her pen, and she wiggled it just out of reach. “Poor thing’s going to need to leave the carrier for at least a few minutes, buddy.” A paw smacked at her wrist, and she gave the cat a look. “Watch the claws, fluffblubber.”

The cat rolled over on its back, making a happy little mewing noise.

“I do not have a leash,” Harris said.

“Were you prepared to get a cat at all?” Terri asked him.

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i s2g the next person to send me an eye pun is goING TO CATCH THESE F UC KI NG  HANDS IT IS TOO EARLY FOR ME TO BE DEALING W/ THIS !!!!!!!!!!

‘The work, I adore. And I’ll always have that passion for what I do, but it’s the other stuff that comes with it that I could do without. Of course, you realise the series or the film or the play you’re in is a product and that it needs promotion. I’m cognitive of that, but that stuff can wreck your head a little bit.; — Cillian Murphy doing Anthropoid press in the November issue of City magazine.