Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke

I like his latest hair and calmer personality much better, so I decided that they warranted my best shot at semi-realism.

Singing-Related Headcanons.

A special request from a friend ( StardewShindigs you should totally check them out~~ ) and also a celebration post!! (This blog hit 100 followers over night???? oh my goodness!!) Here is a long post that was a h*ck of a lot of fun to write! (I also didn’t know what to call this, the original title was “What Type of Singer is Your Spouse” but it kind of derailed so C: Here we go!)


- Alex - Alex doesn’t find himself singing too often, but if he gets a song stuck in his head he’ll start humming the tune and humming for him will almost always lead to him singing. While it’s mostly adorable- it can get a little repetitive, especially depending on the song.
- Elliott - Hoo-boy this fella can SING. He’s got a very strong and fairly deep voice for singing dramatic songs, but really he rocks practically all genres. I bet he hums a lot of songs most of the time, but humming can easily lead to singing in a matter of seconds; especially if his s/o joins in!
- Harvey - Harvey is very shy when it comes to singing, but he has a lot of cute, upbeat tunes in his head that he likes to quietly sing to himself while he does other things - typically while toying with his model planes. His voice might not be seen publicly as ‘great’ but honestly it isn’t bad; He’s got a very cute voice, just little practice with it.
- Sam - He’s a very energetic singer and loves to do it with a passion, and loves getting his s/o to sing with him! It’s just no secret for Sam to enjoy singing, but I bet you his guilty pleasure is singing Avril Lavigne songs. He probably gets really into it too, with energetic hip-swaying and such to follow.
- Sebastian - Sebastian doesn’t really like singing, and will very rarely do it, but every now and then you may catch him singing very quietly (and it’s usually to help his child(ren) get to sleep~) and he has one of the most soothing voices out there.
- Shane - Honestly if you can get this fella to sing you must have some kind of other worldly power; the only person who can get him to sing at all is typically Jas+him already being in a good mood. The times that this has happened though, you can bet Jas got him to sing parts of Disney songs with her.


- Abigail - It’s pretty rare for Abigail to sing when people are around, however it is definitely a habit of hers when she knows no one is going to hear. The few times she has sang with other people around was when she and Sam were super caffeinated and he got her to do silly duet songs with him. Sebastian definitely recorded it much to her disliking lol.
- Emily - If this girl could sing and dance everywhere she would, she’s super energetic and sings all types songs- sometimes not even songs but just makes up rhymes for what she’s currently doing, turning them into little tunes!
- Haley - Haley, like her sister, does like to sing too, but she’s much less practiced on it and though she has a voice for higher notes, it’s hard for her to hit them. However, her voice is so sweet she fits the ‘singing princess’ category perfectly in movies and shows! Hearing her sing quietly to her children is an absolutely heart warming scene.
- Leah - She doesn’t straight up sing too often but she does love humming while she works, and typically (After marriage, as her cabin doesn’t have one) will have a radio playing quietly in the background while she does her work. The cutest thing is to come across her while she’s searching for berries and such for her salads, hearing her hum while she does it!
- Maru - While she is like Leah and typically only sings or hums while working, she has a very pretty voice for singing. She, like Sebastian, can be a little shy about singing for people though, but she takes a lot less persuasion than her brother would. Just imagine her tinkering with a robot and singing a little song omg.
- Penny - This girl, loves, singing. She’s practically the shyest out of everyone- maybe just with Sebastian being a little bit more than her. But her voice; it is the sweetest thing ever! Vincent and Jas have both definitely asked her to sing during their school hours before, and if you ever bring it up she will get super flustered. But maybe, she’ll sing for you sometime~ C:

The Surprise Visit

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Hellloooo :) Would you like to do a Bucky Barnes imagine where you’re engaged with him and one time he surprise visits you in the Office at your work but you notice all the other woman stare at him weird. You then spend your lunch break together and as he’s about to leave the others still check him out and whisper how hot he is and stuff. Then you grab him and pull him in for another kiss that Shows the others he is yours ? Hihi I hope that’s fine with you :) Thanks dear <3 -anon

Warnings: a few sexual references - some language ? - it’s pretty innocent

Word Count: 932

A/N: I basically wrote this whole thing in my philosophy class, oops. Anyways, this is probably really short compared to my other stuff, but I hope it’s still what you were lookin’ for, anon! 💖 Requests are still open, and I have a lot of smut requests comin’ up soon, so get ready, y’all.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want anything from the coffee shop? The intern is making a coffee run,” Rosanna, one of your co-workers at the desk next to yours, pops her head over your cubicle wall, a light smile playing at her lips.

“No, but thanks, Roe. I’m fine,” you reply with a smile while you reshuffle a stack of papers on your desk.

“Yanno, I’ve never even seen or let alone heard you talk about your fiancé,” she crosses her arms, resting her head on top of them as they rest on the edge of the wall.

“Don’t you have paperwork to do?” You counter, laughing at her.

“Woah,” Rosanna breathes, her eyes slightly widening as she peers over your head towards the elevator. “Hottie on your six.” She nods towards the space behind you. Light, quiet whispers and giggles float through the air as more people - women and men equally - notice the presence of a new person in the room.

“I’d let him take me any way he wants,” Rosanna hushly chuckles.

“Why don’t you go talk to him, then?” You busy yourself with searching for another file in the drawer next to you.

“Me? No way,” Rosanna snorts. “I wouldn’t have a chance. I don’t even think you’d have a chance.”

“Oh, gee, thanks,” you dramatically grumble up at her.

“Hey, Roe, check him out,” another co-worker, David, comes up to Roe, gently swatting her shoulder with a file in his hand. “I could think of a few things I’d like to do with him.”

“Who are you two ogling over?” You swivel in your chair, spinning around to look at who she - and the rest of the office - was drooling about.

You watch as Bucky hesitantly strides down the hallway carrying two to-go cups and a paper-bag in his hands. His eyes scan the room as he enters, and when his gaze lands on you, a bright, goofy smile blossoms across his face. The eyes of the office were glued to him, which is understandable - his shirt almost looked like two sizes too small as it strains over his muscles, a dark, gorgeous beard lined his jaw and emphasized his already-drop-dead-gorgeous features, and his large build naturally makes it impossible to not notice him. You’ve never really felt a jealousy like this before - it’s almost like a newfound sense of territoriality was beginning to control your emotions.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?” You smile, walking up to him and placing a hand on his arm.

“I went out to get some coffee and thought that you might want some,” he extends one of the cups to you. “Aaaand, I also brought you a sandwich from Phil’s down the block. I know they’re your favorite.” He hands over the bag next.  

“Thanks, Buck,” you beam at him, taking the cup and bag with one hand. “This is perfect.”

His smile softens as his eyes flick back to the rest of the room.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” His voice drops to an intimate whisper.

You look over your shoulder and realize that he was right. Everyone was either staring or attempting to sneak-in sly glances over their cubicle walls or over files they were “looking” at. David was fanning himself with his file and Roe is staring at you, her mouth slightly hanging open as a look of near-disbelief crosses her face.

“I’m off at five,” you mutter, still looking over your shoulder. Turning your attention back to him, you run your free hand up the side of his arm. “Maybe we could meet for some dinner? Or, we could stay in…spend some time together,” your voice drops to a low, sultry level.

“Did you have somethin’ you wanted to do in mind, doll?” A playful smirk tugs at the corner of Bucky’s lips, his free hand gently landing low on your hip.

Your move to caress the side of his face, your fingers gently gliding through his soft, thick locks of hair. You quickly push-up from the ground, encapturing his lips in a searing, deep kiss. His lips slowly molded to yours, his tongue quickly swiping across your lower lip before you pull away. Wiping at your mouth, you clear your throat and steal a fast glance behind you again. Nearly everyone was honed-in on you, and a delicate heat began to burn beneath your cheeks.

“So, I’ll, uh…see you at home,” you mutter to Bucky.

“Sounds like a date, darlin’.” Bucky chuckles, planting a soft kiss to your temple before turning to leave. “I’ll call you later,” he calls out over his shoulder as he disappears down the hallway. You smile to yourself and saunter back over to your desk, gracefully plopping back down into your chair and turning back to your desk to work on more documents. Without pausing what you were typing, you look up at Rosanna and David, who were both now staring at you.

“Can I help you two?” You arch an eyebrow in their direction.

“I can’t believe this,” Rosanna breathes, a redness creeping up her face as she sinks behind the wall.

“It’s just unfair,” David dramatically sighs, resuming his fanning as he turns on his heels and walks away.  

You smirk as you look back to your computer screen, typing away at the keyboard. The screen of your phone next to you lit up, catching your attention. A message from Bucky pops-up.

You’re gonna get it so good tonight.

You bite your lip and chuckle quietly as you reply: Show me what you got, Sarge.

Stick and Poke

A/N: holy beejezus!!! thank you all again for all the support you’ve been showing my writing I love all y'all. if you don’t know what a stick and poke is it’ll be explained in the story type thing idk what to call it lmao. sO like always I hope this isn’t too shitty!!

You and your boyfriend sat on the couch watching some old movie that was on. It was any old Saturday afternoon, but you were both content. As you began to pay less and less attention to the movie, you scanned Grayson’s face, tracing his jawline, poking his cheekbones, etc.

“Whaat are you doing.” Grayson mumbled, eyes trained on the screen as your pointer finger poked the shell of his ear.

“I’m bored.”

“Just watch the movie.” You huffed and snuggled closer to his buff body. He grabbed one of your hands as the other started tracing his thigh tattoo.

“I like this one. Pretty colors. How many tattoos do you have?” You questioned.

“Ah. A good amount.”

“Do you want more?”


You pondered. “Can I give you one?”


“Can I give you a tattoo? Like a stick and poke?”

“A stick and who?”

You rolled your eyes. “A stick and poke. You go through all these procedures to make sure you sterilize and clean a sewing or whatever needle, tie some thread around the base, tape it to a pencil, clean the area of skin you want it on, put a little Vaseline over that, dip your needle in a permanent ink, and bam! Do it yourself tattoo.” You smiled up at him and he gave you a quizzical look.

“How do you know how to do this? What if it’s not safe?”

“It’s pretty safe and I have a few you big goof. You ever seen this little guy,” you pointed to the small Saturn on the side of your pinky “he’s a stick and poke.”

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Worse than a regular tattoo. You’re literally poking the holes repeatedly into your skin with a needle, and you have to go over it a few times for it to show up. But it’s completely bearable!” You said, hoping to convince him. It’d be more interesting than the movie flashing on the television.

“I don’t know. Sounds kinda sketchy.”

“C'mon! It’ll be fun!” You pleaded with your eyes and you knew he’d give in.

“Fine. I’m picking the design though.”

“Aw, Gray, you trust me! Exactly the support needed in a relationship, love it. Now get up big boy, we gotta go to the craft store.” You slapped his thick thigh and he followed you up.

Upon returning from your local craft store, in your bag were sewing needles, thread, wooden pencils (“How on earth do you not keep wooden pencils in your home?”), and ink. The rest of the stuff needed to accomplish the stick and poke was already in the Dolan household. You did everything you had to to create a clean area and prepared the needle. Currently you and Grayson sat on the floor of his living room as you sterilized the spot he wanted (his upper right calf) and drew the design of his choice (a small ‘surfs up’ emoji-looking hand).

“You sure you’re ready?” You asked, blotting the Vaseline over where you were going to puncture his skin.

“Bro you’re the one that convinced me to do this, why are you making me second guess this?”

“Habit I guess,” you chuckled as you slapped the Vaseline-slick area, “alright, let’s do tha thang!” You joked and Grayson rolled his eyes. “Ew.”

Gray watched you as you steadied the needle over where it was going to first pierce. And then you poked an ink filled hole. And again. And again. To get your face closer to the area for better precision, you lay on your stomach across his lap.

“Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N.” Grayson complained. “This hurts a lot worse than I was expecting why would you ever want to do this.”

“For the experience I guess. And because there was no way in hell my mom was letting me get a real tattoo.” You said shrugging, all while continuing your work. The first layer was finished and any ink left on the surface of his skin was wiped off. It was pretty splotchy and not opaque at all, of course, so you applied more Vaseline to the section for layer two.

“Stop doing that. It’s making the ink bleed and I can’t see the pattern.” You said, referring to his hand that was stretching the skin, attempting to relieve the pain.

“Well where am I supposed to put my h-.” Grayson stopped mid sentence and brought both hands down on your ass cheeks, making you let out a yelp. “This is a lot better actually.” He said, squeezing and massaging both cheeks.


“What? You said not to stretch the skin and I’m not. Well, not my skin anyways. Plus I like touching your butt,” He slapped your ass, “it jiggles very nicely.” You gave him a stern look and he returned a toothy smile. Shaking your head, you returned to the task at hand. About 15 minutes later, you finished and wiped the last layer, revealing to Grayson the masterpiece.

“Wow. That’s actually really good. How do you have the patience to make and repeat all those little dots? You should be a tattoo artist.” He stated.

“I don’t know. You’re welcome by the way. And you said it was sketchy.” You said, shoving him.

“Yeah, yeah. Alright, your turn.”


“I said, your turn.”

“No I heard you. You think you’re gonna give me one?”

“Yes, definitely. You convinced me to do this so now I have to return the favor. So teach me how to do that little thing with a new needle.” You looked at him as if he had just said the moon was turning purple and contemplated if it was worth fighting against. It wasn’t, and you sagged your shoulders in defeat.

“Fine.” You dragged. He gave another toothy smiled and you mimicked one back as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

“I get to pick out the design and where it is, right?” You asked after he’d finished making the makeshift tattoo gun.


“Garyyyyy why I had a perfect one picked out. I was gonna do a lil ‘rock on’ hand.” You pouted.

“We can do that one next. But I have the perfect idea for the first one that I’m giving you.”

“And that is?”

“A little 'G’ on the inside of your left thigh. That way, when I’m eating you out I can always be reminded of who that pussy belongs to.” He smirked as you looked at him with wide eyes. Well shit Gary you didn’t need to do me like that.

“Hm. I uh, I like the way you think.” You said as the goosebumps in your arms settled down.

“You always do.” He gestured you to lay down and he snuck up between your legs, spreading them. You got goosebumps all over again because of how close he was to your most intimate area (nothing new), but that was not the current task at hand. Gray went through the same procedures as you did with him, always checking if he was doing anything wrong (of course he wasn’t, has that boy ever done anything wrong).

“Okee, I’m going in.” He chuckled and his hot breath sent a little something to your core.

“Don’t breathe too heavily. You’re making me wet and the last thing I wanna be as your poking holes into my skin is horny.” He made eye contact with you, his eyes noticeably a little darker. He nodded as you gulped.

He punctured the first hole and repeated. This hurt a lot worse than any of the other stick and pokes you’ve gotten because of how sensitive the area was.

“Grayson. Grayson this really hurts.” You whined.

“It’s ok baby. Be good for daddy.” He mumbled as he was in deep concentration.

“You’re too kinky for this shit.”

“You right.” The first layer was over and he began the second layer.

“Fucking- it’s not hurting any less.” You groaned.

“Grab something.” Your hands traveled down to his head and grabbed his luscious brunette locks. “Mmm I love it when you grab my hair.” He hummed. He rubbed the inside of your other thigh with his thumb as he finished the second, then third, then fourth, then finally sixth layer. Grayson kissed the inside of your thigh and popped his head up.

“Ok, done! You can look now.” You took a peek at the surprisingly opaque and somewhat neat 'G’ that has now made its home on your inner left thigh. It was kinda hot honestly. You looked up at Grayson, pride shinning through his eyes and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Very impressive for your first one.”

“Thank you madame.” He bowed.

“Ya know, I don’t think I can walk much because my thighs will rub together and that’ll hurt like a bitch.” You said matter of factly.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to be keeping your legs wide open a lot more often now.”

A/N: hi again so a couple things I wanted to say. first of all, I intentionally put Gary I thought it’d be funny. second of all, I’m sorry how short it is compared to my other (two lmao) stuff but I DID write a smut part to this I just didn’t add it because idk but if you want to read it or want it to be posted LET ME KNOW!! k thank you for reading ly!!


Just some amusing frames from that little EarthBound animation I made about a year ago. 

Y’know, this one –> 

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Man, I really need to do more animation. People seem to really like ‘em (compared to my other stuff, anyway), and I don’t do enough. That’s gotta change. 

(Also, bonus hidden background Territorial Oak) 

boyfriend! haechan

ahhh this is different compared to my other stuff but lately i’ve just been so soft for haechan?? my son im so)): bless his heart

- first off for starters can i just say i think haechan would be the most cutest bf in the world?

- he seems like the type to be very shy when it comes to bringing you around the other boys because he doesn’t wanna get teased

- lmao he would try to keep this front he has that makes it seem as if he isn’t really embarrassed but honestly whenever someone mentions you two doing smth he would get extremely defensive and make up some kind of excuse

- “you have it all wrong we’re just going to hang out like usual.”

- would literally be the type to figure out some sly reason to show skinship

- “oh, are your hands cold? here let me warm them up for you. i wouldn’t want you sick”

- kisses are almost RARE because donghyuck is too scared that taeyong or one of them may walk in and come for his life so small pecks are a rarity

- he enjoys giving you teasing kisses to your cheeks while you’re least expecting them to happen

- honestly i really feel he would be tht one bf to walk up behind you and put his hands over your eyes before saying “guess who?”

- has you saved under his phone as smth cheesy like “darling” or “sweetheart” but if the other’s ask to use his phone he scrambles to try and fix it to smth else because he doesn’t want anyone to see his soft spot for you

- i can imagine him being the type to take photos of you at your worst times but feel you look the best in them because you’re showing him another side of you

- he gets shy whenever you buy his poster’s or album’s and fangirl to him about how adorable he is bc at that time he feels you’re very cute when u hype him up like this

- jokingly asks if you want him to sign your albums or photocards but gets flustered if you actually agree with his suggestion

- “i mean…i guess i could give you my signature”

- whenever you get dressed up to see him i could just imagine him tryna be smooth n tease u at the same time as he walks up to u n is like “i’m sorry, but i think we’ve met before? you look really familiar? almost like my soulmate”

- gets shy when you try to tease him back tho especially when you mention how much you love his natural skin tone and compliment him

- LOVES the days when he can get you shy or embarrassed because of something he did because he actually finds it to be the cutest thing ever

- feels the biggest amount of support when you support him and stream nct 127’s new albums or nct dreams singles? like it really means the world to him

this isn’t the best but i wanted to try something new!! i hope this was okay and that you guys enjoyed it 💞
Confession (B.A.P’s Daehyun scenario)

Request: Can I have a DaeHyun imagine where we’re friends (and I’m also friends with the rest of B.A.P) he treats me like a little sister but then I go away for university for 3/4years and then come back completely different and then he starts developing feelings for me but doesn’t know how to confess so he asks the boys what he should do and comes up with a plan to confess to me and I accept. Could you make it angsty? Thank youuuu 😘😘❤️❤

Just so no one will be confused: The cursive writing at the start of this scenario is when the reader confessed to him all those years ago!

The scenario ended up being pretty long compared to my other stuff so it’s under the cut!

Amount of words:  1592 (rip me)

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illustration for an exhibition we participating in in college. The brief was to draw something that influenced you from your childhood and I chose wrestling as it’s all I watched as a kid. I made the drawing really rough compared to my other stuff to kind of look like how i used to draw as a kid with scribbly lines and colours. So wrestling influenced me greatly in my early days. I was always in love with the characters i saw on screen and their costumes and personalities and always wanted to make my own characters like them. The performance art that is wrestling lead to me getting so many ideas for drawings at a young age and to be starting my own wrestling journey now shows how this part of my childhood is extremely held dearly to me. Now before anyone says they dont looks spot on like the wrestlers again the style was to mimick the childlike way i drew hence why their faces are so rough


wowza hey guys!! heres the animation ive been workin on nonstop for the past few days!! it was sooo much fun to make compared to my other stuff im glad it came out smooth!!!!!

this one goes to @witchtrialsofsalem you smelly meme man

i hope you guys enjoy it!

Saudade - Part One. Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 3051

Notes: YAY! New series. I’m not sure how long this will be, as of right now it might be a long one. The smut in this is pretty mild compared to some of my other stuff and I get kinda sappy. @dumbass-stilinskiis amazing, she past tensed my flashback cause i’m a turd.

I hope you guys like it. I think its gunna be alot of fun to write :)

Saudade: a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent

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Just Friends

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Genre: Angst

Featuring: Suho

Request: you two get into an argument because you too close with your best friend and his group mate, kyungsoo and he said hurtful things to you?     

A/N: I literally can’t imagine suho in a angst like situation or like him yelling being angry with his girlfriend but I tried my best

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New part of Things we Lost in the Fire (take me to AO3)

Which is chapter 21 already. Sheesh.

Maybe it’s time for a The story so far:

Some months after the end of the world things aren’t looking to rosy. Cor and Prompto both have suffered a lot, and both fail at coping in their very own way. Deciding they are not of much use in the battle against the darkness for the time being, they decide to travel to Lestallum to get themselves together.

They meet up with old friends and new bedfellows, all while a mysterious group of cultists is hot on their heels.

While the sunshine boy manages to find a way to slowly improve things for him, Cor’s life spirals further down the drain.

We learn about different coping mechanisms, that Iris and Weskham are way more reasonable than most other people, and there is a dog named Patches.

As always: Mind the tags, even though it’s quite tame compared to most of my other stuff ;)

theponydins Robot Lions are Better Than People: Chapter Update

its beautiful i love it,

This fic is such a MESS compared to some of my other stuff. I was just… so tired of having it sit there almost-finished.

(To anyone reading this post: my more recent fics are generally better quality than this epilogue, especially JaLD. JaLD is something I am very proud of and hope a lot of people read, because it took me almost three months and over 200k words. Go read JaLD if you can.)


So I’ve been working on this for the past couple days. I really like the song and I think it fits IchiRuki really well. Unfortunately, I don’t have the program I was using before cause I switched computers so I had to use iMovie to make this :/ Also! I lost all my old clips I used for my other videos so I really didn’t have much to use. ANYWAYS~ :3 I hope you like it!

Monsters ~ IchiRuki