Time and time again it was clear what had been Zayn’s place for the past five years. How mind of mine was really so damn personal to him, to us, to his experience. Putting his experience into words, into feelings into songs – as deep as Befour, as clear as Truth, as bold as Lucozade, as vulnerable as Rear View. How these songs are his take on what had been his life; for those years he wasn’t able to express his own mind. Can’t help but feel a pang of hurt by listening to these four songs, songs that never felt pretentious but just pure openness, a clear stage of struggle and grief but also a hope for a new beginning. I love Zayn so much – and seeing him in a place of peace and freedom, of endless support from his family and his team, of being understood and being taken care of is all that matters.


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~bread slime🍞a favorite of mine! {credit}