• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i am so proud of tsukishima kei. he's come so far. not only did he actually compliment kageyama, which he would have never done back in the first season, but he actually managed to stop ushijima's spike. more than that, he planned on at least stopping a few of them before the match even started, which means he believed enough in himself to think he could actually manage to block on of the top spikers in japan. tsukishima. believed. in himself. i'm literally crying about this? tsukishima's character development is so good. it's good and pure and

I’m beginning to have problems with this Split Queen storyline. Hope someone can help.

1. We’ve first being told that the EQ is the evil part of Regina, she has no conscience and she’s disposable.

2. Later we’ve been told with Jekyll and Hyde that both parts have good and bad qualities (Jekyll was in fact dangerous too), and that the “#2″ is the sum of all the qualities and features that “#1″ wants to keep hidden.

3. We’ve been told that the Evil Queen wants to hurt Regina’s family.

What am I supposed to do with it?

Does it mean the Evil Queen is trying to damage the relationship between Henry and H00k cause she wants to hurt the family, or because Regina doesn’t really like H00k and while she keeps it “hidden” (mostly), the Evil Queen doesn’t?

Or it’s option 1 (EQ wants to hurt the family) the maintext, and the option 2 (Regina doesn’t like H00k and the EQ is free to say it) the subtext?


You fill all my thoughts and my dreams, constantly. There are so many things that I still see everyday that remind me of you and what we had. I want you to come to that party so bad. But I know it’s no good for me to have you work it. It will make things more confusing and worse bc I am no good for you and you deserve better. I hope you are getting better. I love you with everything, everyday. Forever & always
Questions I'd ask the companions
  • Cait: where the fook did yar accent cohm frohm?
  • Codsworth: why r u shaped like a metal friend?
  • Curie: Does this mole look weird to you?
  • Danse: why ya wanna look like a metal garbage can all the time?
  • Deacon: why u always lyinnn
  • Dogmeat: WHO'S A GOOD BOY
  • Hancock: why do you just wanna fucking cosplay all the time? Don't you get bored???
  • MacCready: how the fuck dare you call someone someone a mungo??????!?!?!
  • Nick: if ur such a good detective, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back??
  • Piper: where you get all these sweet treats?
  • Preston: will there ever be an end to these missions. ... asking for a friend.
  • Strong: big guy, what u see up there???
  • X6-88: so, like, are you Into fancy lads snack cakes?

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: yeah okay maybe its because i am very biased because my favorite team is shiratorizawa but i am still bitter over how the match ended. they should’ve won. you can argue over karasuno winning against seijou and all but in the end it still makes more sense than karasuno winning against shiratorizawa. shiratori is a fucking power house, the best team in the prefecture and undefeated. they’re so good they have practice matches against college teams because no other team is as good as they are. with seijou karasuno had three games until they were able to beat them in an official match and in that time had enough experience of the other players to know how they work and defeat them. karasuno winning against shiratorizawa in just one go? makes no sense. especially considering the fact that seijou has been trying to win against shiratori for years but never managed to and they’re the second best team. of course it all depends on the differences of the teams and we also have to counter in that karasuno are the main characters. i understand that they had to win because they’re the protagonists and the story has to go on and it’s the only way for the manga and story to progress at this point, but it just doesnt make sense for me that they won against shiratori in one try. i love karasuno but i am still very bitter over this and its just not realistic. in the end i have to accept it and i love that we’ll see them at nationals with nekoma and fukurodani but i’m just bitter.

Thank You

I really love the Amedot fandom. You guys are all so supportive . I haven’t lost a single follower since this ordeal started and I’m so glad that soo many of you guys are standing by me against unwarranted hate. I feel like we’re officially a family now, so thank you so much.

I’m grateful, first of all, to all those supportive anons. I love you all, so much.

The entire fandom has been so freaking supportive, and I’m gonna tag some of you guys.


 @challlaris ily you know this

@obsessedwithamedot  - you freaking drew me art I love you you are such a fantastic person and good things are gonna come to you




@trisha-is-trash - Tumblr gal pal tm

@ame-thysttt - You’re amazing


@evieisyourqueen - Thank you for your continuous support





And literally everyone who has sent me positivity(there have been so many and I can’t possibly tag them all). You guys are my everything and I love you *clenches fist* even more than I love Garnet, and that’s saying something.

If any of you are worried, I’m completely fine and I’m not taking anything personally. I know and you guys know that I did nothing wrong intentionally and even apologized for something I didn’t even do on purpose, just to keep the peace.

It will all blow over soon and I’m so grateful for everything. You guys are amazing.


ok. so I filled out a majority of the app, all my personal and legal info and extracurriculars and accomplishments and credits and classes taken, and blah blah, I just haven’t written my essay (I know I’m an idiot but listen my essays are good when I’m under pressure) which I’m going to do tomorrow, I have all day to work on it. then I can submit the app. my one teacher has already given me my letter of recommendation, which I am mailing priority mail on monday. (hopefully the other teacher follows suit so I can meet the supplementary materials deadline by the 7th). I can submit my ACT scores online tonight or tomorrow, I’m fairly sure that’s easy. I have my fee waivers for the app fee. my only remaining concern is whether or not my school can quickly submit my transcript electronically in good order on the 31st to meet the 1st deadline.. yikes.. if they tell me they have to mail it i might be kinda screwed. so I emailed the office of admissions to ask about all that. I’m pretty sure my app would still be considered for regular decision if I missed the early action cutoff deadline. but I’m anxious because I want to know by december if I got in!!

I want to ask for prompts but I legit have actually no time, so much other things to do, and I’ve got a friend coming over for the weekend and. ugh. 

why can’t i be able to bath in fandom and be creative all the time in a little time-space bubble :’( 

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Oh, it's the Cherry Destroyer. ....THIS SHOULD BE GOOD.

Everyone stared up at the Cherry Destroyer with wide, terrified eyes. They had not actually expected her to show up!
The Cherry Destroyer floated ominously above the town. When she spoke, her voice boomed and echoed all around.


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Imagine you're at home in bed with your husband Barba and he finds out your ticklish. Which leads to an all out hide n seek/tickle mega battle between you two. Love your work !

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Short and sweet for you. God, I am going to end up giving myself cavities because of all this sweet shit. 

“Good morning.” I whispered in YN’s ear. I just heard her groan. For a teacher she hated getting up early, something about how minds weren’t ready to learn at that hour.  

“In civilized society we say good morning back.” I always woke up early; it was part of having a paper route when I was growing up. Five am wakeup call was normal.  

“Fuck off.” This woman taught kindergarteners, yet she cursed like a sailor, a woman of contradictions.

“Come on you have to get to work.”

“I hate work.” She rolled over, and stuffed her head under her pillow.  

“No you don’t.”

“Those snot nosed motherfuckers can take care of themselves. Why can’t their parents teach them that eating chalk is bad?”

“Because that’s what the Trinity School pays you the big bucks for.” If you met her you would never thought she taught at a prestigious school or the fact that she was really good at it.

“Fine let the nannies take care of the chalk.” No, I knew I had to get her out of bed so i simply took both her and my blankets away. She started to whine.  She did look cold but cold meant she would get up.

“Lets go.”

“No I am protesting these inhuman conditions.” I knew there was only one way to get her out of bed, so I started to tickle her. She started shrieking with laughter; at least she was awake now

“What…” she collapsed back into giggle. “Are you five?”

“This seems to be the only way to get you out of bed.” I smirked, but so did she. She pulled me down by my collar and kissed me. I saw stars, she had this way of making everything else not matter, that it was her and nothing else, but then it dawned on me she was distracting me. Before I knew it she had stolen back both blankets.

“Haha I win!” She snuggled back into bed. She was so painfully easy. I took the blankets back and pulled her legs towards me, but she had been ready, she wound herself out of my grasp and started running around the apartment. The good thing about her apartment it was easy to navigate and trap her into a corner. After a couple of minutes I had finally chased her into the bathroom. I heard her gasping inside.

“Ok you win this round but beware…” I smiled to myself, and started making breakfast for her to go. Fifteen minutes later she emerged looking like you would think a prep school teacher would look: charcoal suit and sight bun the only difference was she still was wearing her devious smile. I handed her a muffin and her morning coffee.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks” she planted a large red lipstick kiss on his cheek. “You know me the second I come home you’re going to get it, you have to remember that I have a classroom full of tickle experts at my command, so be warned.” She swept out of the apartment, and Rafael couldn’t remember the last time he had been this happy.

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Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't showing Jen/Josh together occasionally help rehab them both? How about a photo of the old HG buddies grabbing lunch? Add Liam to the mix, because fans are starting to think the "best friends" talk was a load of bullshit, too. It's startling how oblivious the Hutch squad is about the effect his perceived lifestyle has on his brand. Still believe Josh is good at heart, but damn, stop with the gamblin' party boy/hired boyfriend garbage. Oh, and shower occasionally.

THG is over. Everyone wants to make sure that we all just shut up about Jen and Josh and the happy days. It’s a new day.

Jen is dating her creepy uncle. Josh is going to become a professional poker player and move to Spain.

And us fans are hateful, awful people who won’t let them move on.

Don’t worry - I for one am letting Josh and Jen move on.

Go - move right on.

A little ramble of sorts...

There are a lot of fans here who would love to be in Amy’s place as Mark’s gf. Not me, tho. Sure, he’s hot and he seems like a caring, wonderful man, but I would love to be his friend, one he could be up with at like 3 AM and laugh hysterically at silly shit like Nasa Peepo or a cussing pug, all whilst enjoying a 15 pack of La Croix water, a barrel of cheese balls, and a bacon stuffed crust pizza with sausage and extra cheese. I also would love to be friends with Danny and Arin, cuz we’d probably get into trouble, especially if alcohol is involved. I would love to take them to Margaritaville or the Ole Smoky Moonshine place in Pigeon Forge. We’d all have a good time…unless we end up in the Sevier County Jail O_O And Jack, we’d end up in jail for disturbing the peace, cuz we’re both loud. Oh God, imagine me, Jack, Mark, Tyler, Arin, and Danny together in Pigeon Forge one night. We’d be calling Amy, Suzy, or Signe at 3:00 AM saying,”BAIL US OUT!” and Arin would probably be a crying drunk, while Danny will be hitting on the female cops and Mark will be stone-cold sober, singing a parody blues song, whilst Jack is screaming expletives in Irish and Tyler is sitting there, pissed off, and saying,”You did this to me!”