Iam so mad iam beyond mad Hey ashton fucking idiot irwin who doesnt know what tadpole is we arent all 14 years old and youre not that great of a drummer the only reason you are the band is not because of your skills seriously the only reason youre in it is because you are so lucky they didnt know any other drummer this intreview is so sexisist its the same 14 year old who are defending all your bullshit Iam sorry this just boiled my nerves and last freaking respect i had for him i dont care what say but this is not acceptable And if miss understood it plz tell me What you think chasingfabulous hemmoodford 5sos-exposing

Love & Rockets #44 (March 1994), Part 4

Um, who thinks this is a good idea?

Look at Maggie’s face in the first panel. The whole history of her time in Chester Square is right there. Mainly, I think it’s the eyebrows that make her look sort of calculating, sort of ironic.

Also, Penny’s response (”I love Chester Square!”) seems very true for her character. From the beginning, Penny was one of those people who loved everything that everybody else loved, with just a hint of having been there first. Half crazy but utterly guileless. Her feelings are almost always genuine, she just happens to get on everyone’s nerves.

What the attraction to Chester Square is though. That I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.

I’m sorry I don’t feel like going and digging it up but I just can’t get over the fact that this morning, I read a Catholic referring to the sacrament (or even vocation, some say!) of marriage as a “worldly whim”

and then someone else served up the insulting/disrespectful old chestnut of the spectre of the poor lonely priest who wishes he had married, not bc he said as much but and bc ~you can just see it in his eyes~

like I know this is expecting a lot from tumblr dot com but Can We Not Please

Just wanna clear the air a bit about the Live-Action freak out

some people, especially the eremika fandom, are upset because mikasa ‘kissed’ this new OC character. To them i say, go back and rewatch the trailer. and if possible slow down the kiss part.

Mikasa was kissed by Shikishima. she did not kiss him. He put his hand behind her head and pulled her face into his. she even moved her head a certain way in an attempt to avoid it. This is most likely because this ‘kiss’ will be used as a plot device, as mikasaadefensesquad pointed out with a screenshot we got earlier this year.

We don’t see mikasa’s direct reaction to the kiss, but neither her nor eren look very pleased. the ‘kiss’ is less than half a second long. they clearly cut off her reaction to makes us do exactly what has happened. The trailer had a ton of eremika stuff before this, so it is obvious that it will play a large role in the story. that plus this ‘scene’ this means that it is probs gonna be used to make eren jealous and try to spark his anger. 

Oh, and since Shikishima is an OC and not a canon character this doesn’t really create ship conflicts at all. There is literally nothing to be upset about. 

So take a deep breathe, relax and look forward to jealous Eren in the Live action movie.

And please stop sending hate to people in the fandom over this shit. especially people in your own ship. like wtf, get a grip.

this one is entirely jaspersorangebuns‘s fault, because i am weak and they like all the same things i like and then this happened ahhhhhh 

guys malachite is SO BIG. SO BIG. i need to lie down. oh dear. 

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Thing is about any interview with the lads, they fulfil their image. I am not saying that some of what they are saying isn't true but it fits in with the images set for them. Harry, 'we know he seems a ladies man but really he is looking for one special girl, he always sleeps and loves his mum', Louis, 'what a lad, a lad, lad, lad'. Niall 'good Irish boy who loves to play golf and doesn't do much else' and Liam, 'loyal bfriend' and that never changes.

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I never understood why periods are such a secretive topic. Why is it that if you say that word, you’re supposed to whisper it, and if you have to pull a tampon out, you have to hide it? And god forbid you mention anything to a guy about it. Periods are fucking natural, and everyone with a vagina gets them, and they suck, I say we have the right to complain about them. And I for one, am tired of being ashamed of this completely natural thing I go through. I’m tired of people looking at me weird because I didn’t lower my voice when talking about my period. Guys, if you’re allowed to talk about your dicks all the time, I think I’m allowed to talk about my period.