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tracklist: 01. RHODES - Your Soul // 02. Jasmine Thompson - Stay // 03. Ellie Goulding - Writer // 04. Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour // 04. Pink - Try // 05. Hozier - To be Alone // 06. Haux - Caves // 08. Fleurie - Hurts like Hell // 09. Lauren Aquilina - Fools // 10. Natalie Taylor - Surrender // 11. Coldplay - Swallowed in the Sea // 12. Dotan - It Gets Better // 13. Death Cab for Cutie - Translanticism

What's the big deal?

Why are so many people making a big deal out of Bray Wyatt having dreads? Seriously, it’s not a big deal. You would think people would be more concerned about what he’s going to do on Smackdown and if things will be different now. I would think more people would be concerned about him winning, and not what he decides to do with HIS hair. 😑 Can we please focus on what’s important? He’s literally had them ever since he’s returned and I think people are just now making a big deal out of it.

Stop freaking out over what Blanche’s Gender is...
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She’s a girl. No seriously. Does no one remember the description Professor Willow gave you at the beginning to describ her? He used female pronouns. 

Chill out.

She’s very adrogenious, but you know- thats ok. XD 

“ Blanche heads up the blue team and she’s all about wisdom. “

real-pidge  asked:

Imagine. Keiths mom is alive. The team goes to Keiths for dinner and Lance is nervous because he's the boyfriend. They meet her and dont understand how she is so nice and Keith is angry all the time. 1/2

a mother’s wrath is one not 2 be tampered with and the fact that hers is worse than keith’s literally has lance creating a salt circle around himself and forming the cross with his fingers