Good mornthing!

Ehrmahgerd! SNEHR!

I gotta be honest, when Middlest mentioned yesterday that it was supposed to snow today, I didn’t really believe her. I haven’t been watching the weather lately, and frankly it was over 50 degrees out. Snow? Hah!

Then we got the phone call from the school last night saying that, due to the likelihood of dangerous driving conditions by the time school lets out, there would be no Friday school in town.

Soooo…. long weekend! The kids roused themselves and were mostly good about not making noise or waking me, until Elder came in around 9 to ask permission to use my computer. We snuggled for a little while so I could catch up on Life At School. Apparently the kid who was his best friend who was then his worst enemy because he pushed Eldest down is now kind of his friend, but the boy is doing things pissing other people off too. I also asked about his crush, and his face fell and he demurred. I told him he didn’t have to tell me anything if he doesn’t want to, but I’m here if he wants to talk.

I am going to cook up some bacon and make cornbread, and once the children are fed and entertained I will be vanishing into the basement to do some editing work, because I can’t focus on phenomenology when there are so many dings and bleeps and bloops (that don’t even match each other) in the room. Middlest has and uses her headphones - I need to get some for the other kids!

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Hi. <3

Despite the lingering snow, today it was 50 degrees (F) out, so I took the opportunity to “recharge” some of the houseplants. The sempervivum has been outside the entire winter, although I’m worried that they’re staying too wet out here. We’ve had a lot of rain this winter, but this past snow was the first. They haven’t completely dried out in weeks.

it’s one of those extremely rare days when i have the apartment to myself so i’m blasting kpop, grilling veggies and making rice, cleaning, and it’s really really nice!!!!! i love my roommates but i also really value my alone time so this is really refreshing and wonderful. i feel very much at peace 😌 not only that but it’s like 50 degrees out so i have the window open and it smells like veggies and fresh clean air aaaaaaaaaaa i’m really happy

#WOMSStreak #Day468: When it’s 50 degrees in #Boston in February, you take advantage & knock out a 3-mile #runch!! I wanted to test out my newest @sparkleathletic skirt so a patriotic outfit was born. ;) I felt off all day - just can’t quite put my finger on why - so I focused on the good & headed to my #weightwatchers mtg tonight to be with people that get it! I appreciate @hfed24 for being my accountability buddy with it. Tomorrow starts a fresh #WW week & I am hitting the reset button my food, running & mind. Happy Friday Eve all! ;) #runchat #fitfluential #sweatpink #girlsgonesporty #teamsparkle #KeepItTight #halffanatics #marathonmaniacs #marathontraining #rundisney #Runstreak #RockNBlog #werunsocial #weareathletes #sparklysoulambassador #weightoffmyshoulders


Solar Snow Removal | Travis Cycles | by Travis Southard

In this new video I talk about how 9 days after a snowstorm, and with many warm days, there is somehow still snow in bike lanes, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and crosswalks.

Clearly the Philadelphia Streets Department is using a more eco-friendly snow removal method. In this case it is Solar Snow Removal. It is not a new technique, but is relatively easy and inexpensive to use.

Ride safe out there. It is still icy, despite 50+ degree weather.

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it’s like the world knows its harry’s birthday it’s so beautiful outside like its the middle of winter in new england but today its 50 degrees outside and the sun is out and theres a slight warm wind that brushes across your skin and your hair wisps over your cheeks and makes you smile and feel safe and its all because of harry styles


82 degree weather brings out the linen; 50% of it anyway. The jacket if 50% wool, 50% linen.

Jacket: Banana Republic, thrifted

Pocket Square: no name, thrifted

Shirt: Uniqlo, thrifted

Tie: Boshard-Doughty Los Angeles, vintage, thrifted

(Paul J. Boshard, passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 23, 2004 in Pasadena, CA at the age of 91. Paul was born on December 17, 1912 in Vernal, Utah, and moved shortly thereafter with his family to Provo, UT. As a young man, Paul moved to Southern California to pursue his dream of opening his own men’s clothing store. In the early 1950’s Paul and his partner, Stan Doughty, founded Boshard-Doughty, one of the preeminent men’s clothing stores in Los Angeles.)

Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted

Pants: Ben Sherman, thrifted

Shoes: Cole Haan, thrifted

Gratitude Journal day 32

Feb 1….. Blackness.

Today starting out great. Its February is warm out, today is going to be like 45-50 degrees…

It’s black history month..Also, I started out today with a green juice. With my nutribullet. I am excited about this journey with it.

So for the gratitude list of things:

1) blackness. I am, in lack of better words, beyond grateful and appreciative of my skin and the power behind it. Like, honestly I would’ve never I thought I would’ve came to this point in self acceptance.

2) Tumblr. The Tumblr community specifically black tumblr is the main catalyst behind my self acceptance of being black and my true history.

3) My friends. Many of my friends contributed to my growth and I am for ever appreciative to the fact that I have space to hold these conversations with people of 10+ years of friendship. Their true experiences inspires me and enlighten me in ways they never know. We all came from a similar place of not being black enough.

4) Technology. Praise the one who invented juicers and blenders. Make my life easier and better I swear!

5) knowledge. I am living in the age of information and many a times we take forget how we can pop ANY question on Google and get an answer. Something! Just imagine being Inna remote place with 90% ignorant fools and no one to talk to about life, the stars, proper eating, what’s on the other side of the world etc. It a blessing. And I’m glad I can and have access to information.