Finished Dreamology last night! Well actually, I should say at 2:30 AM. Haha, I absolutely loved it! It’s definitely a new favorite. Anyways, I’m giving away a copy of Dreamology!


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Sorry, open to US residents only. Giveaway ends on April 22, 2016. Good luck! 😊

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Good news is that we have 6 straight episodes of Wander tonight..

The bad news is that they start at 2:00 AM thru 4:30 AM.

Just giving the heads up because it would be great if everyone of us would record the episodes before they come on. 

It might let Disney know that even in the middle of the night people still want to watch WOY. Just a thought★

the wee small hours of night

Honestly just run me over already… I cannot write anything fluffy. All that’s coming to my head is angst angst angst, so here I am, putting off ch.4 of the 12 step process and ch.6 of adventure of a lifetime because only the fluffiest of fluff goes to those projects.

For some reason or another, my brain refuses to produce the good fruit of fluff, but it’s whatever, I guess.

Anyhow, I wanted to at least write something, but all that’s coming to my brain is angst, so have at it!

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Sometimes, the nightmares of Hawk Moth haunt her dreams, and sometimes the nightmares come true.

They lay next to each other on the living room floor, reveling in the warmth the other provided.

(Who needs couches anyways, right?)

Marinette cannot sleep. Another nightmare plagues her memory that evening—of Hawk Moth, of akumas, of bloodied fists—and she finds herself waking up to ragged breaths and blotchy eyes.

She goes to Adrien—she always goes to Adrien. They stay with each other, cling to each other in the late hours of the night. With him, time jumps back several years, back to when adrenaline pumps through their veins and adventure awaits on the rooftops of Paris. She is thankful for the relief that fills her lungs. The idea of someone having her back is comforting.

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This morning, as I was taking my vitamin, it got stuck in my throat. And I freaked out for a millisecond and thought “This is it. This is how I go.” I was able to muster a hearty cough and watch it fly across the carpet…I need a roommate if for nothing else, to make sure I don’t die alone. 

Spending Friday night in pajamas watching Two Broke Girls. After the excitement of last weekend I am very okay with this (except I *do* wish the family was still here).

Spent time on the mountain today. 4.5 miles. It was cloudy and cool and not too busy. I still parked in the very back of the off site lot to get extra steps.

Lots of thinking done, since that’s what mountain walks are good for.

After a shower and lunch, I intended to grade papers. I took a two hour nap instead. I *did* finish grading the stack for today roughly 30 minutes ago, so that’s a win.

And I ate pancakes for dinner.


Good morning💗

Last night I could not stop thinking about the power behind trusting your intuition. To have the “ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” is a gift. To follow your intuition is to trust yourself. If it feels right–go with it. If it feels wrong–hold back. As I reflect on the few times I ignored my intuition, I am not surprised that later on, life showed me my intuition was correct.

Rainy Tuesday thoughts:)

anonymous asked:

The other day, I stumbled across your clear headed analysis during the GGs after a few pictures emerged of Sam with LeAnn (ET?). Recently, we found out that in fact Sam and Cait had partied the night away together with her friends, eating pizza in her hotel room at 4 am. :) Watching all the hullabaloo today in response to the latest T picture, it was a good reminder that patience is a virtue (especially when shipping!).

Hello anon! Thank you for the message. Real life has been a crazy mess and I haven’t been on much. Patience is a virtue and I think like all things it needs to be viewed as appropriate in moderation. If you can SHIP and still feel okay when stuff comes out or happens, then that is key. For me, I needed to take a step back at times when things would start feeling upsetting. If it doesn’t make you feel joy, or that joy starts to be outweighed by upset or frustration, then throttle back a bit. I don’t know what to make of Tony other than to say he isn’t my cup of tea. 😉


28.4.16 I am finally completely back up to date with all of my work for art foundation, but in doing so I stayed up all night! I didn’t really realise how late/early I had stayed up for, until I heard birds signing and light was streaming through my curtains! I showed everyone my uni blog and they all said it was worth a merit, and then one of the tutors who is really tough on work said my sketches were beautiful! So though I’m insanely tired, all in all it was a good day! xxx emily


[ 4.19.16 ]

So today was pretty hectic. I stayed up until 3 am to finish an assignment, woke up at 6:30 to go to my algebra class to take our exam, and walked around kinda grumpy because i was extremely sleep deprived. Just to find out, that assignment that i stayed up all night to finish, isn’t due until thursday. U G H. But the good part was I went into the garden to finish my weekly spread, and it was beautiful outside. Plus, philosophy club was having a party close to where i was chilling, and i saw my hot philo. prof there…. in a toga. Today was a lil weird, but you just gotta roll with the punches I guess. 🌿

(My weekly spread is super minimalistic and lame. sorta like me. :^) )

What have I done!!!!!

I literally watched every episode of Descendants of the Sun in the Last 12 hours(since there are only 12 episodes out on hulu at the moment) without stopping. As you can see I have no life. Also its currently 4:02 am as I’m typing this. I was freaking out, I never go to bed this late….or early whatever you want to call it. It was so good though, and there where so many cute guys in that show…….anyways you should watch it if you haven’t……sorry I’m losing my train of thought since I’m so tired. I should probably get to bed. Good night….or morning whatever you want to call it.

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4 am thoughts

It’s strange how extreme fatigue resembles hypnosis… The relaxed muscles, the heaviness, the drifty feeling… It seems so familiar.. I mean why wouldn’t it?? This is the same comfortable feeling we have just before we fall asleep… Maybe that’s why trance feels so familiar….

allfallsaway asked:

When you get this, answer with a list of five things that make you happy. Then send it to the last ten blogs on your recent activity. :-)

1. Small talk. I love small talk. I am good at it and it brings me back to sales, which I miss. I small talk all the time….every where…with everyone…

2. Number movement. Not math really but number movements. Tracking and such. It’s why I am good at my job. I love tracking those numbers.

3. Sleeping sideways in a king size bed. Every week there is a king size bed waiting for me,on the road. Crisp white sheets and half a dozen pillows…

4. Vanilla scents. I cover myself in it and prefer a vanilla candles lit every night.

5. Penny candies. 2 bucks worth and a quiet book.