an embarrassingly lazy 4am-sketch of Kookie, the devil in person tbh, the result of me watching horns for like the 23842934 time and the first 30-minutes-draft for the real deal, which’s gonna take me really long, since i just hate drawing without proper reference ;; oh whatever

Do not repost / edit / claim as your own or he’s gonna come for your soul.

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The first four mindcracker RPG characters.


Black mages are the most destructive mages of all, calling upon the elements themselves to wreak havoc upon any who stand in their way. Don’t be fooled by her apparent cuteness: there’s a thirst for chaos hidden under that sweet face. 


A battlesign is like a battleaxe, right? Warrior have high physical attack, defense, and a resolve unmatched by any other classes, making them incredibly strong units that excel at charging forward and never stopping.


The masters of keeping it real, monks are so in-tune with their own inner power that they can withstand almost anything and dish out just as much in return with their bare hands. Good thing this zen master prefers to abide…


This sneaky unit always has something up his sleeve, whether it be anvils, swords, bows, or his next redstone contraption. Shenanigans seem to follow him wherever he goes.