okay, so guys, after a lot of searching on this hellsite, on ao3, and on basically every other social media platform, I found that there is actually no official cecilos week as of the past few years. and, this, my friends, is a true travesty that we must rectify at once!

so, after snagging the url of @cecilosweek (which i cannot tag for unspecified reasons right now), i have decided that i will host the cecilos week of 2016!

i will make a more official post about this on the official cecilos week blog a bit later this month, which will include dates/prompts/guidelines, and i will keep you all updated on this blog as well as things progress. but for right now, i hope you are all just as excited as i am for this event and are looking forward to it as well!


“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

if you got up today and put on a nice outfit, did your makeup, or you were productive, i’m proud of you. that takes a lot of effort and you did good.

if you got up today and put on comfy clothes, did not do your makeup, or did nothing all day, i’m proud of you. you let your face have a break and you had a break.

i’m proud of all of you.


…And here’s some doodles of Gavin saying something I’ve been trying to convince myself forever.

There’s no point in tearing yourself up over something you can’t change. Just do better next time.

I’m a pretty new yaoi blog here on tumblr but I’m glad all you perverts are enjoying my yaoi leftovers~ I eat yaoi three courses a day and love to share my findings. Here are some of my senpais, and thank you for all those who have followed a fudanshi like me <3

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Would you like to play a game? Pt 2

part one

Pairing: jimin x reader

Word count: 3,243

Genre: Fluff, slight angst

Summary: (Y/n) works as a psychiatrist in a large mental hospital. She takes a risk for her job to accompany a mentally ill boy who has been alone for quite some time.

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gentle hands - minicat

ok so this is some angst bc ive never rly seen minicat angst much and yea. i was in a sad mood and actually tbh this put me in an even sadder mood. ah shit

warnings, mention of serious injury and like. a lot of sadness

gunshots echoed across the city, the sound winding its way through alleys and open windows, underneath doors, intruding into parks, and taxis; twisting around trees and passed oblivious children playing, making every dog walker stop, and making anyone asleep suddenly wide awake.

the gunfight was the worst the city had ever seen. sure, several gangs had fought before, but never had they had such an impact on onlookers and civilians. certain as it was that the whole city had heard the shots, tyler felt alone.

he couldn’t feel anything else, really. the pain in his side had numbed his body before he’d hit the floor. he didn’t move from where he’d fallen, not even attempting to slow his bleeding. he could still feel the bullet; inside him, the abnormal metal weight lodged unaturally somewhere that shouldn’t be exposed to the air outside his own body.

his breaths had turned into rasps, desperate gasps for air, coughing out blood and sick onto his chest. tyler had closed his eyes, silently hoping the darkness that was slowly embracing him stayed, and made him forget about the pain.

craig had run over in seconds when he saw tyler topple over, despite tyler’s perception of being hours since he’d been shot. the smaller man threw himself onto his knees, pulling off his jacket to cover the wound.

more gunshots sliced past his head on multiple occasions - a ceasefire was not forthcoming. craig knew this. his actions seemed to be in slow motion as he ran his fingers through tyler’s hair, muttering to himself. the fight going on around him went unoticed, his only focus on the man in his arms. he’d pulled tyler into his lap behind the crate, cradling his head in one hand whilst the other tried to keep pressure on the wound.

tyler’s world was fading, not noticing craig’s gentle hands and caring tone - for he was too far gone. he wished, now, that he’d have found the strength to tell craig then, thank you, and i love you. but he hadn’t. he’d laid in craig’s arms selfishly waiting, while the other tried his hardest to prevent it.

craig had watched the movement and pain drain from tyler’s body, seeing the light disappear from his eyes. he’d seen tyler in his last lucid moments.

“this wasn’t supposed to happen. tyler, i’m sorry.”

tyler also wished, now, that he could have wiped the tears from the man’s face with bloody hands and told him - don’t. i chose this, and it was because i love you. it’s not your fault.

but of course, wishing was pointless, because tyler couldn’t do anything. it simply made him more melancholy, thinking about what could have been.

he tried not to linger on the what ifs, but had to think about their life if the heist had gone to plan. he thought about the apartment he’d buy for him and craig, with the beautiful view of the city and the harbour that his friends would be jealous of. he thought about how happy they would be - free from the crime, the fear, and the sadness that consumed their daily lives. he thought about a life without that - a life where he could give craig what he deserved, and maybe end up even just marginally happier.

alas, tyler was too wistful for his own good. he couldn’t let go.

craig - he still had nightmares. the constant ringing of the echoed gunshots plagued his mind, never quieting, never ceasing. it was slowly driving him insane. he’d let go of tyler, he’d moved on, but his memory was ingrained in craig. and he knew it would never leave him, until the day that he, himself, died.

tyler hadn’t known craig had been happy again. it was all he wanted, other than to go back, but he’d never known it happen.

they met again, with craig sprinting at the other man until he was bundled up in the familar arms and they were both softly crying.

craig pulled away, gripped tyler’s chin and let his lips meet tyler’s in a kiss that was years overdue.


good words for the headstone.

so I hit 1k and was gonna do some sappy appreciation post

instead im just gonna thank you cool beans for putting up with me :))

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