Viktor: My loneliness is killing me…

Viktor: I must confess, I still believe (Chris: STILL BELIEVE)

Viktor: When I’m without you I lose my mind…


[“Stay Close to Me - Cover Skate by Yuuri Katsuki” on YouTube]

Viktor: *takes off to Japan*

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what's on malek's neck

Phoebus: did you score
Malek: what
Phoebus: you slept over at you-know-who’s house, right. That thing on your neck. Did you score.
Malek: no,
Malek: he was eating this. Sandwich with Nutella. And just. Crumbs everywhere.
Malek: naturally this attracted ants.
Malek: and he was asleep on my arm.
Malek: I couldn’t move. Ants bit me and I couldn’t move.
Phoebus: why didn’t you just move your arm
Malek: have you ever seen a puppy sleeping so cute you didn’t want to wake him up?
Phoebus: so that’s not a hickey? You’re positive
Malek: unfortunately.

my grandmother and I were baking springerle (“little knights”, basically just fancy christmas cookies) and listening to Prince Caspian of Narnia and everytime they went “Caspian” my brain went “Castiel” and I think that’s beautiful but really I’m just telling story to share the insane amount of baking I’ve been doing (those are only HALF of what we ended up making)

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Malek sounds pretty thirsty for that Dallas ass (Dallass if you will) but is Dallas just as dehydrated? Or does that sweet green haired angel just wanna Hold Hands and Chill™

LOL. Here’s an assurance that Dallas is on the same thirst levels. But Malek is very experienced. Dated a lot of people (and he’s loved every single one of them because Malek is Just full of love. They’re all on good terms) whilst Dallas kissed one (1) girl. When he was 17. All of Dallas’ drive? It goes to sports. Focuses so much on it he’s got.. almost nothing left for Other Activities.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m dropping hints that Dallas is on the gray spectrum.

But Someday, Dallas will go beyond Just Holding someone’s hand, It Will Happen

Concerned!Dad Optimus strikes again! You boyfriend is too punk, Prowl!

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Is Dallas smart?

ummm.. Well he’s a bit more on the slow side academically speaking? He’s failing most of his subjects.. He’s incredibly insecure about it, Malek is excelling and Poppy is improving (She’s bad with geography) at breakneck speed, he’s very proud of them, but also??  He wants to catch up to the both his friends. They’re not enabling him, but they try to Gently remind Dallas to not beat himself up over Not Having Good Enough Grades. He’s trying his best. 

Up to this point we were always thinking that Yuri was living the dream right? Getting his idol to drop his career and be his coach just by dancing his program? and then getting engaged to said man??? i mean, GOALS right?

but now we know that Victor is the one actually living THE dream!! he ran off to a foreign country to the man he fell in love with, made him agree to be his coach and LIVE with him, and then he got that man to LIKE IT AND PUT A RING ON IT LIKE GODDAMN!! HE WENT THERE AND GOT HIS MAN!!! FOUR FOR YOU VICTOR NIKIFOROV!!

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, yesterday:</b> I really wanna watch yuri on ice but I just don't think I have room in my heart until after sherlock series 4<p/><b>Me, last night:</b> *says fuck it and binges half the episodes to distract from overwhelming johnlock feels*<p/><b>Me, today:</b> WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY BITCH *flips table*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>