SMFDR Monster Headcanons

less kinky but still sad (also i love @xheavensghost they’re sweet and i love them and helped me come up with a few of these)


he’s sickly and fragile because he refuses to… ‘eat’

  • he doesn’t like who he was meant to be 
  • doesn’t like that his life means nothing but “fuck, impregnate, kill.”

so he just,,, doesn’t feed? it’s really damaging

  • of course, sometimes he has to, it takes over and he can’t stop it
  • but you, Thomas, and Aaron try not to let those days happen

sometimes they do though, and he tries so hard, you can see it

  • usually Thomas volunteers, just in case James wants it rough or something - he can take it - but if he’s not there, it’s either you or Aaron who has to deal
  •  it’s not too bad, he’s still in there somewhere, it just tires you out for days

he refuses to talk about the days when he would seduce women in the way that he did; get them drunk off their ass, too tipsy to even walk, and then take what he wanted

  • he asked for consent beforehand, of course, but still hates himself for it all
  • he’s disgusted by himself - sometimes he even cries over it
  • and James does not cry

He’s very gentle in everything he does to show people that he’s not the demon he could be

  • He’s bigger than everyone no matter where you go and gets called out for it a lot
  • he can’t enter a gym without getting called ‘steriod man’ or something of that nature so your garage is full of workout supplies

Doesn’t mention his mom much - but he didn’t know his dad

  • His mother was a succubus; met his father at a bar, took him home, and accidentally got pregnant
  • she always hated him because he wasn’t what she wanted him to be
  • he wasn’t a monster; she was, simple as that


The way he shifts is dependent on how he feels

  • small animal? he’s scared or nervous; smol emotion
  • big animal? he’s proud or tired; big mood

he doesn’t like doing it though, he likes being himself

  • it’s actually really cute though because sometimes you just walk downstairs to find a German shepherd on the couch, and you call his name, and immediately he’s there, back on two legs

you never see him change back though - it’s a power that comes with being a shapeshifter - nothing will ever catch him changing unless he’s trapped

  • anyone looking at him will blink, a car will pass, something happens near them or something obstructs their vision to the point where one minute he’s a cat or something, the next, he’s a human, and nobody saw it happen
  • camera’s blur
  • video recorders black out for a moment

But, if he’s trapped… It’s a different story

He used to work as an undercover agent for the government, a bit like James Bond but with fewer explosions

  • his division reveled in having a monster like him on the team, they could Sirius Black the whole operation and go extra-incognito as a dog walker or have a mouse infiltrate places for intel
  • sometimes they got caught but most of the time it helped to have a ‘stray cat’ on standby in case things went wrong

but one time he was with the agent that got captured in some small part of a foreign country

  • he changed back unwillingly - they put a shock collar on him to ‘keep the dog at bay - it might be attack-trained’ and was forced back into his main form
  • they kept him in this remote facility for months, ran tests, tortured him
  • did everything they could to figure out how the United States got its hands on a “joke like this” and tried to re-create his DNA

He only escaped after a doctor turned his back for a moment, and he mauled him as a lion

  • He still has nightmares about it, but it was his only way out of that hellhole
  • Thomas, you, and James all agree that it was fair
  • he’s not a bad person for it and never will be

Once he got away he got caught in a drug ring and basically became their pet

  • protection for use, at the time, he thought it was a fair trade
  • everyone back home thought he was dead like the agent he was with when he got caught

he had nowhere to go

  • he caught opposing drug lords, murderers, found the hide-outs of rival gangs, scoped out bombs, entered rival gangs as someone his master’s had killed
  • they turned him into a murderer; killing for sport, using him

he fucking hates himself for it all 

  • never bring any of it up
  • he’ll talk about it if he wants to

Eventually, the whole place got busted and he was set free, brought back to America, welcomed as a hero

  • he never could go back to undercover work after that but he still had the scars across the backs of his shoulder blades from the tests and shit 
  • he won’t go near needles but has to get like a million shots a year for things animals have (heartworm, rabies, etc) and human vaccinations (flu, prostate cancer, etc)

He has a lot of nightmares, has a lot of scars

  • Protect this smol boi, he’s fragile and small and just wants love

he also hides his powers in public, either he goes out as an animal or doesn’t change

  • unless he’s with you guys, he trusts you and Thomas and James to protect him if anyone comes to try and hurt him

Prince of Hell!Thomas:

A lot of people owe him… “favors

  • it’s kind of sick through - the first time you ask “What kind of favors?” he responds “Who do you want dead?”
  • he’ll do it though
  • for you, he’d do anything

He protects you vvv well

  • if someone on the street whistles at you, he always opens the side of his jacket for you to snuggle into just because he wants you close, just in case
  • you never leave his side at bars, breweries, alleys - anywhere with either drunk people, high people, or sketchy people 

he didn’t like James at first

in fact, he tried to split you guys up

  • “I know what… people like him are like.” He growled, pulling you away from the broader man
  • You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing his hands off you as he glanced back at James, who was waiting patiently by the doors to the restaurant.
  • People like him? What is that supposed to mean?!”
  • “I use the term ‘people’ loosely.”
  • “You know what, maybe this was a mistake. I thought you, could handle a simple dinner, but you know… maybe I was wrong. You can go home, Thomas. We don’t need you here.”
  • You started walking away but stopped dead in your tracks when a red force overtook your vision, halting your movement. You turned slowly, facing Thomas, who had his arm outstretched towards you, a heartbroken look on his face.
  • “Please, (Y/N). Stay away from him.”
  • You sighed. “Come with me. I’ll show you he’s a good guy - please, Tommy?!”
  • The man sighed, lowering his hand and running it over his tired face. “If… If he even looks at you wrong-”
  • “If he looks at me wrong, I have you to protect me.” You smiled, taking his hand in yours.
  • Thomas gave a tired smile. “Damn right you do.”

doesn’t like Hercules and sometimes distrusts James - his own boyfriend - when they do certain things

  • He’s met people like that in the underworld and get’s very unnerved when he sees traits of them in his friends

really quite soft when you get down to it

  • he likes to cuddle
  • plays with your hair
  • normal boyfriend stuff

but then someone challenges him, and he just loses his cool

  • he made you switch dentists because yours was male and he couldn’t stand the idea of another man near your mouth, alone, in a room

Has a lot of powers that he uses to protect you guys

  • He can move shit with his mind
  • set things on fire if needed
  • can overpower an entire room

lived in the underworld for so long that sometimes he forgets Earth culture

  • “What the fuck is a ‘Hufflepuff’.“
  • “It’s from a book series.”
  • “Carving pumpkins is so… trivial”
  • “We live in suburbia - it’s either this or our house getting egged - shut up and stab the squash.”
  • “I don’t understand this. I was on Earth for this time period this isn’t how it goes.”
  • “Honey, Downton Abbey isn’t real.”

He and Laf are only friends because they understand what it’s like to be kicked out of your own home

  • Thomas doesn’t talk about it much, only mentions there are “Certain people who wouldn’t want me back.”
  • Protect this boy he’s cute and soft and just wants to visit home

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okay so I actually haven’t posted about this particular version of Horrortale sans because I was still fleshing out his story? As well as the story of a dusttale sans who he hangs around with. But now I got most of it?

so this actually takes place in the dreamswap universe by @onebizarrekai :> Dust and Horror, in the original multiverse, are traditionally part of the evil sans squad and I wanted to carry it over to the meme squad. So where Dust and Horror come in is that they occasionally assist the meme squad in their quests(can they even be called quests? they’re too disorganized for that), mostly because JR hates them both, the meme squad is kind of desperate for help, and they can tolerate each other well enough

Back in Horror’s universe(not that this isn’t the Horrortale sans, just a Horrortale sans), Horror is a member of what’s left of the Royal Guard, trying to find food for the monsters that remain. (That’s why his axe has the delta rune.) He has a rather high LV compared to most monsters in his AU. He’s also very impatient and has a short temper, causing his axe to be put to use more often than most others’ weapons of choice. It’s part of the reason JR doesn’t really like him, since he really doesn’t care in terms of his own morality - he’s out mostly for himself and his brother. 

I’ll throw out some stuff about Dust when I finish a drawing of him


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This year was my first year cooking a full Turkey! I did a lemon/herb seasoning! It was a great experiance and turned out oh so juicy! That paired with my Greenbean casserole and pineapple caserole, stuffing and mashies! So yumm!

I think my Dad appreciated it too! Lol time for a nap haha! XD

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Number 2 please? : )

2. “It reminded me of you.”


“Hey Phil!”

“Hey! Are you close?”

“The train ride is so long, but yeah, nearly there.”

“I’m so excited to see you, Dan, you have no idea.”

“Nah, you can’t feel all the butterflies I feel at the moment.”

“I’m wearing a plaid shirt!”

“Of course you are, you dork. I’m wearing plaid too.”

“I bet you look adorable.”

“Phil, stop, I’m on a train, I can’t keep blushing.”

“Well, you’re gonna be blushing a lot so get used to that.”


“You love it.”

“Alright, alright, whatever.”

“I’ll see you soon, bear.”

“I can’t wait.”


The brown eyes met blue for the first time, and they were frozen in time. 

Dan tunnelvisioned onto Phil, taking in his dark hair, his height, his wide eyes and his crooked smile. His jaw dropped slightly. Holy shit. Holy shit. He was right there, and he was staring at Dan with the same, wide-eyed look.

Phil started pushing through the crowd, and Dan did the same. He was so excited. He’d finally get to touch Phil. To hug him, and see him up close instead of through a shitty quality camera. The moment they were face-to-face, Phil threw his arms around Dan’s shoulders, while Dan’s circled around Phil’s waist.

They stood there like that for a time Dan would later describe as ‘finitely infinite’. He knew it would come to an end, but in that moment, he couldn’t think of anything besides how much Phil smelled like home, like cotton, like cookies, and how his collarbone pressed up against Dan’s nose, and how his shirt was probably the softest thing he’d ever felt and how he could stand here, in the middle of this busy train station hugging Phil for days, maybe months. He could feel the warm air from Phil’s breathing in his hair, and could feel his chest moving. “It’s so good to finally meet you,” he whispered, and Dan only nodded, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder. 

Eventually, he pulled away, and Phil smiled. “Let’s take a selfie to commemorate, and so that the Internet knows we’ve met, then I’ve got an amazing day planned.”

“Of course you do, AmazingPhil,” said Dan, rolling his eyes and smiling.


They sat in the Manchester Eye together, watching out the windows. Dan glanced over at him, looking at how his eyes were reflecting the golden sun and biting his lip. Having Phil here was… strange. It wasn’t bad, not at all, but something was strange about seeing someone you’d only ever seen through a screen in person. His movements were too quick, he was always fiddling with his hair, he would sometimes start a sentence and trail off, gazing at the sky, or an animal that had just appeared. A few times while they had been walking, Dan had glanced at Phil to notice that his unwavering stare was on him. Every time, he’d blushed, looking away.

“It’s a beautiful view,” said Phil quietly.

“Yeah, it is,” said Dan, looking out the window, then at Phil, who was again, looking at him. Dan smiled slightly, looking away.

“Why do you keep looking away, Dan?”

“I… I don’t know. I think… because I can’t believe you’re real, and I guess…”

“What?” asked Phil, and Dan noticed he had moved closer. He pretended that he didn’t realise.

“I guess I feel like if I stare too long you might disappear or something. Or maybe you’re just… not something I’m supposed to look at. Y’know, like the Sun.”

“The Sun,” Phil echoed, his hand moving to Dan’s on the seat between them. Dan gulped slightly. “Y’know, people say the Sun will always come back.”

“Not to people like me,” muttered Dan.

“What was that?”

“I’m broken, Phil. People don’t come back to broken things, they only go to things that are working and fixed.”

“Well, my dad bought me a cordless hammer drill, I bet that’ll fix some things.”

Dan chuckled slightly, but still looked down. “Hey, Dan?”


“We’re all a little broken, but you know what I realised?”

Dan was silent. He was staring at Phil’s blue eyes, which had him trapped where he was, as they hovered over Manchester. “No.”

“The last time I checked, broken crayons still colour the same. And I’m happy to take a shot at fixing you anyway.”

“How exactly does one fix a crayon, Phil?”

“With a little heat. Melting them. They say you can even melt two different colours together. I think I might try that.”

And with that, Phil leaned in, closing his eyes, and pressed his lips against Dan’s for the first time.


“Phil, I’m home, babe,” called Dan, struggling to carry the groceries inside and dropping them onto their kitchen counter. Phil was browsing new homes, looking for their perfect forever home. “People were asking me about when PINOF 9 was coming.”

“Next week, I reckon,” said Phil, adjusting his glasses and continuing to read. Dan smiled slightly, before saying, “I found something today.”

“Do tell.”

“I went to ASDA, and there was a pack of this… stuff… that someone had opened, and all of it had fallen on the floor and broken. So I picked one up, because no one really uses things after they’re broken. But I decided to.”


“It reminded me of you.” He handed Phil the broken black crayon, and Phil frowned, glancing up.

“A… crayon?”

“Not just any crayon. A broken one.” Dan smiled, pushing his curly hair back. “Remember our first kiss? On the Manchester Eye?”

Phil groaned, laughing. “I was so cringey.”

“Yeah, well, we both were. I’m just glad I stayed.” Dan leaned down, kissing Phil. “I love you, Phil.”

“I love you, too.”

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The hardest hue to hold - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/2
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Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (Marvel), Eir (Marvel)
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It turns out that channeling enormous lightning bolts, while an asset in a fight (not to mention spectacularly breathtaking), is not so conducive to life on a spaceship. Thor comes to Loki for help in learning finer control. It doesn’t go how either of them expects it will.

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Hello, I'm relatively new to the Drarry fanfics, and I wanted to know if you know of any blogs who do recs? I notice there don't seem to be many at the moment.

idk anon, soz. this fandom gives me such a conniption/heartache lately that i’m not really keeping track, but @capiturecs has an amazing archive here and on lj, @gracerene09 has tons of fab stuff and so does @mxlfoydraco, and i have loads of recs and have moved my masterlist over to dreamwidth and it’s here, and even if it’s not new there is SO MUCH good fic to be discovered in those places.

For @yoi-career-week representing the wonderful world of finance!

“Um, Victor? S-sorry to disturb you but, um-”

“What do you need me to sign?”

The Finance Director didn’t even look up from his desk, cheek propped up against his fist and silver bangs fluttered over his left eye. His right was glued to his computer screen, tiny frown marring his forehead as he analysed a spreadsheet with sharp cerulean blue eyes. They served him well - he had a reputation for being ruthlessly meticulous.

Maybe that was why he was cutting to the chase with Yuuri - after all, not many people came over to Victor’s part of the office except to ask for something. Usually his signature to release a payment.

Yuuri fumbled with the papers in his hands. “Um, this.”

He held the papers out with trembling hands, glad that at least they didn’t rustle traitorously with his shakes. Victor glanced at them out of the corner of his eye.

“They’re warranty credits for India. They, um, didn’t want to offset-”

The papers tugged out of Yuuri’s hands.

Whatever else Yuuri might have said died in his throat as Victor flipped the lid off his exquisite fountain pen with a pop and slapped the papers down on the desktop, eyes scouring over the cover sheet all the while. He turned the page with a flick of his fingers. Then the other. Then back to the cover sheet, scanning over the bank details one more time, nib of his pen resting by the dotted line above his typed name.

Yuuri’s heart was in his mouth.

Everybody knew about the Finance Director. Youngest director in the company’s history, ruthless and shrewd, absolutely brilliant… and devastatingly handsome. That silver hair and those crystal blue eyes had Yuuri all but melting into a puddle at his feet, the pale complexion of his skin looking so beautiful it was hard not to stare. But if he didn’t stare at Victor’s face, then his body was just as distracting. His suits were always perfectly crafted for his body, always the best colours and styles, emphasising the sleek lines of his slim torso and the all too perfect curve of his ass-


The paper waved under Yuuri’s nose with a flap.

Yuuri’s face flushed red.

Victor’s swirly elegant signature danced on the cover sheet in sleek black ink, still glinting in the lights as it dried. Yuuri just stared at it, mesmerised. It was beautiful.

The paper rustled, bobbing once.

Yuuri didn’t get the hint.

Not until a bored - almost glaring - gaze cast in his direction, reluctantly dragged away from the computer screen. It caught Yuuri’s eye instantly. He all but gasped, heat flooding his face with embarrassment. Pure disdain bled through the Director’s gaze, dark through the silvery lashes fanned over it, the dull boredom stark and sharp as he flickered away from the spreadsheet.

Yuuri felt his heart drop into his stomach, throat running dry. His mouth hung open gormlessly, face glowing red with humiliation.

Now, he got the hint.

His gaze dropped down to his shoes in a heartbeat and he gripped the papers just a little too hard as he took them back, fingers crinkling the pages ever so slightly.

He should go, he thought. He should go, and run, and hide under his desk for the rest of his life for being the most awkward AP Clerk in the history of the world who couldn’t even talk to the director to release a payment without screwing up -

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught Victor do a double take.

Those brilliant blue eyes had just started to swivel back to the computer screen after what must have been less than a second of a glare - though to Yuuri it had felt like a lifetime! - when the director’s neck whipped back to Yuuri, his gaze blinking wide. Yuuri glanced up through his lashes, hardly daring to look.

What he saw made his breath catch all over again - but for completely different reasons this time.

The glare was gone. Instead, Victor’s eyes sparkled and shimmered, blinked wide with surprise and delight instead of hooded with a glare. His thick silver eyelashes fluttered. His fringe had flicked out of his face, pretty pink lips parted and the tiniest of gasps passing through them, so quiet that Yuuri more saw than heard it. A blush stained the Director’s usually perfect porcelain cheeks. A blush!

Yuuri shuffled on his feet, feeling his own face darken. What had he done now? Did he have something on his face?

Then he blinked.

And - oh God, Victor was rising to his feet.

“Hi,” he smiled. Smiled. “I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Victor.”

Yuuri didn’t see the hand outstretched to him until the last minute, jostling the papers around to free up his suddenly very clammy right hand. A page fluttered to the floor. Damn it.

He wanted to leave it, forget it, find it in a second… only he desperately needed those documents that he’d put himself through such humiliation to get signed and he couldn’t afford to lose them now. All it would take would be a gust from a window, a door shutting too hard, somebody walking by just a little fast and the air could catch under the page, carry it away, lose it forever…

“I, um, sorry, I’ll just-”

“Here, let me-”

They both crouched.

They both reached for the paper.

They both paused, catching the other do the same - but not before their fingers had already bumped over the page, fingertips frozen. Their eyes linked, blinking up in the same moment. Neither one of them moved.

Victor was the first to smile. “You work in Celestino’s department, right?”

“Yeah, um, that’s right.”

“Are you the one that’s doing such beautiful work reconciling the control accounts?”

“I, um…” Yuuri cleared his throat. “Beautiful?” He’d never heard anybody call accounting beautiful before.

“Beautiful.” Victor reaffirmed. “The way you really understand the numbers, work out their secrets … you really tell a story with how you connect with the transactions instead of just trying to write off the balances. I admire that.”

Yuuri’s blush darkened, eyes dipping down to the fallen page on the floor. Victor hadn’t moved his hand, fingers still draped casually over his. Yuuri felt every millimetre of their contact, Victor’s skin cool to the touch and lifting the tiny hairs on the back of Yuuri’s hand to stand on end, sending shivers down his spine. He hoped Victor didn’t notice – that brilliant beam and those sharp blue eyes looked like they noticed everything though.

“Um, thanks.”

If he moved his hand now and pulled the page away, would Victor be offended? Would he take it personally? Yuuri didn’t dare move just in case, running through each possible escape scenario in his head and envisioning how badly it could go.

His thighs were starting to ache from crouching in such an awkward position, pinned under Victor’s gaze like it was a physical weight around his neck, holding him down from leaving.

“Are you studying?”

Yuuri internally groaned. Another question – another minute balanced on the floor, with his hand under Victor’s, when all he wanted to do was crawl into the bathroom and scream into his jumper-

“Y-yes,” was all he said aloud, instead of his internal monologue. “AAT Level 2 Accounting.”

“Going well?”

“So far, yes.”

Victor’s eyes shone, his smile widening a fraction. It looked genuine. “I’m glad.”

Sea green streaked through the director’s gaze at the upturn in the corner of his mouth, the colour warm and inviting compared to the ice chipped blue it swirled through. It fluttered butterflies in Yuuri’s stomach. The colours were dancing in the poor lights of the office, giving off a shine of their own. It was so pretty. Yuuri couldn’t stop staring and - oh God, now he couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty the rest of the director was too!

He barely noticed Victor’s hand shift beneath his, the smooth slither of skin on skin not enough to jolt Yuuri out of his coma. The loud click from his knees was though.

“Ow,” he winced, blinking down.

It was only then he realised they weren’t crouching anymore.

“Well, if you ever need any help-” Victor went on as if nothing had happened, stood in front of Yuuri with the stray paper in hand. “Or have any questions-” His fingers glided along the page - grazing over Yuuri’s. His eyes shone gloriously. “I’m always happy to help.”

Victor winked.

Yuuri felt the floor give out beneath him, heat flooding his face.

There was no mistaking that, not by anybody’s standards. A wink - the director was flirting with him! With him, a lowly clerk, who-

“You never told me your name.”

Yuuri gasped - he really needed to get out of his head and start concentrating on what Victor was saying, and doing, and-

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Victor tilt his head ever so slightly to the side, frown starting to furrow his brow and bright eyes marring with a touch of confusion. Yuuri swore silently in his head. He was doing it again, and Victor was noticing.

What had the question been again?

“Y-Yuuri,” he said, when he remembered. “Yuuri Katsuki.”

He tried to ignore the heat quickly gathering on his cheeks, but it wasn’t an easy feat when his blush only darkened more with every passing second, feeling Victor’s gaze look right through him. Like he could see what Yuuri was thinking, judging him. Maybe he could see it in Yuuri’s face or in his eyes, in the way Yuuri caught his lower lip in his teeth just to stop himself from accidentally blabbing even though he just couldn’t stop the words in his head-

But then Victor was smiling again and Yuuri just forgot how words worked entirely in that moment, Victor’s face lighting up beautifully.

“Yuuri….” he toyed with the name, stretching out the syllables. Yuuri wanted to hear it again, watch it roll off Victor’s tongue, see the flash of delight in his gaze spark off all over again. “I look forward to seeing you again soon, Yuuri.”

There it was again!

Yuuri’s heartbeat was pounding in his fingertips as he felt his arm thud to his side, paper rustling. Victor had let go of the page.

Right - Yuuri was done.

Still, he got one more look at that glorious smile and those heart melting eyes, committing them to memory. He felt himself start to smile back - crooked and awkward compared to Victor’s smooth grin.

He didn’t care.

“You too … Victor.”

The papers wrinkled against his chest as he turned and clutched them tight, focusing on each crease he was bending into the pages rather than the eyes he could feel still watching him as he slowly walked away. The smile on his face stretched wider, something warm blooming pleasantly behind his ribcage.

He couldn’t wait for the next payment run.


Just post this to say that i’ll be at the Toulouse Game Show the december 2nd and 3rd ;p. (it’s in France btw :,>)

So .. if you come by, maybe you’ll see me OWO!? I will have a Temmie cosplay >w<! 


Je poste ça juste pour dire que je vais à la Toulouse Game Show le 2 et 3 décembre ;p.

Donc, si vous venez, vous me verez ptet OWO!? j’aurais un cosplay Temmie >w<!