Crazy - Jughead Jones

Request: Hey I love your writing, I was wondering if you could write a jughead x reader where the reader smokes please xx

Could you please do a jughead x reader based on crazy by daniela andrade.

Hiiii! So sorry for the huge delay in fanfic, I’ve been dealing with life, but sadly we all have to deal with life and life sucks. I hope this was okay, I combined two requests together as well for this one. Probably going to get even more distracted because I’m listening to Hamilton whilst writing this :3 Thanks to @mrsjugheadjonesthethird and @satanwithstardust for being supportive trash as always ;)

Words: 2,982

Warnings: Smoking (i’m asthmatic so will probably never happen), swears, existential crisis’

You sat atop of a tall brick wall, reflecting. You’d been busy admiring the wall itself, how it was tattooed with graffiti, telling the stories of people from past generations who you would never really know. Currently, you were trying to piece together everything in your life before you went mad.

The past couple of months had been intense. The chain of events had kicked off with the disappearance, (later confirmed to be murder) of one of your close friends, Jason Blossom. He’d always be there when you needed someone to rant to without interruption, when you didn’t need advice, you just wanted to scream out everything bottled inside. Plus, he’d been your smoking partner.

Smoking had presented itself as an escape, something to take your mind off of your ‘situation’. It was very hard to find a family in Riverdale without cracks or rough edges, and yours was certainly no exception. Your parents were both scam artists, who had made a living out of other’s misfortune. As you had always expected though, they ended up in jail, the life they had built wasted away with them. 

You didn’t have any older siblings and couldn’t pay for the house you were living in, so you found yourself driven to street corners. Perhaps the worst summer of your life, the summer when you lost your mind, but there was always a silver lining. Your homelessness did lead you to meet fellow brooder, Forsythe Pendleton, more commonly known as Jughead Jones… the third. He was insistent on making sure ‘The third’ was always present in his title.

You met him at the Twilight Drive-in, the place where you decided to ‘live’, before you discovered the raven-haired boy had beat you to it. Lucky for you, Jughead was able to empathise with you and your situation, so was willing to share his space with you. You wanted to express your gratitude, but he was a closed person and you’d already invaded his privacy, so you decided to respect his lonely ways and keep your distance.

This didn’t last for long though, as he slowly tore down his walls with you and you found it easier to talk to him. He was easy to relate to and you understood each other. You quickly became close, telling each other secrets that had been under lock and key until that moment, telling each other about your sacred past that you had sworn not to let out. He even decided to try smoking with you. You kept finding more and more ways to spend time together. He tried to homeschool you, as you didn’t actually go to school, but you would convince him to give up half an hour in, and he would end up putting a movie in instead. Once the movie ended, you would have quiet sessions of chatting about whatever was on your mind, with the occasional appearance of comfortable silence. He spent hours on end, telling you about his little sister. 

“Maybe I’ll meet her some day, she can come and watch a movie with us here in our shitty box home,” You would tell him, and his face would light up with the thought, which made you smile a genuine, sweet smile that was reserved for only his eyes.

You were there for each other, in fear and anger when the Drive-in was shut down. You met his Father, the leader of a shady gang that also made their home at the Drive-in. Jughead had to restrain you from violently attacking FP, due to all of the pain he caused him. You ate your meals at Pop’s together, although you tried to avoid the diner when his other friends were there. Betty, Archie and Veronica didn’t seem like bad people but you didn’t want friends. You only needed Jughead. The more people you knew in this town, the more drama you would find yourself tied up in, the more open and exposed you’d be to the world and you just didn’t want that. You would rather stick with the boy who had an unspoken acceptance for you because he was the only person you trusted. He was also the only person you wanted to trust because in your mind, the more people who knew all about you, the worse things would get for you. 

Did that make sense? Did that make you crazy? You weren’t entirely sure how your own mind worked either, you just went with it and hoped that you could cling on to your sanity somehow. 

Jughead had somehow managed to convince you to live under the stairs in a cupboard with him at school, since you had lost your ‘home’. Originally, you were reluctant to play the role of ‘Harry Potter’ with him, but you didn’t exactly have another reasonable option. 

So there you were, hair tangled and messy, pyjamas thickly coated in dust as you waited for Jughead to return from his shower that morning. There had been tensions floating in the air that morning, as last night you and Jughead had shared a… moment. He’d been spending less time with his friends at school ever since he met you, and he was practically your only form of social interaction besides the small talk with Pop Tate here and there. 

For some reason last night, you had felt all of your cooped up stress from being homeless and being without your parents unleash itself, your walls had crumbled down. You’d just randomly started crying. You didn’t cry often, but in your mindset it was okay to cry, healthy even. Crying let you know you could still feel, that the trauma hadn’t made you numb… yet. You were still able to feel something other than disorientation, and that flooded you with relief. Jughead had cradled your head in his lap. He’d slowly rocked you in your booth at Pop’s, furthest away from the door like always, whispering reassuring words gently into your ear. At this moment, Jughead’s friends walked into the diner, causing you to tense up under their inquisitive and intrigued gazes. Jughead had managed to somehow send them away for now and you had pulled him in even closer for support. You’d only known him for a few months, but this boy practically was your safe haven, a reason to keep going until the next day.

You managed to sit up, still clinging to him. After putting your sniffling to a halt, you snapped your head up, prepared to put on a brave face but you didn’t even notice until then how close the two of you were. You were practically butterfly kissing at this point, and Jughead’s cheeks were tinged red. For some reason, you couldn’t find yourself able to shuffle out of his grasp, or let go of him. You just felt so safe. He must of felt the same way, as his grip loosened on you, his posture relaxed as he cooped your face in his hands and pulled you that short distance towards him, closing the gap as your lips touched. You melted in to him, ignoring the fact that the complete anti-social, mystery of the town that you were, was in the public eye kissing the lonely, upcoming author in the back booth of a diner.

Despite being in the open, the kiss felt so intimate and secretive, and it made you feel giddy just thinking about it. As you broke apart, staring at each other in wonder and awe, you were suddenly interrupted by cheering. Your heads both sharply turned towards the entrance of the diner, where Jughead’s friends stood clapping. You felt your face burn, and you bit your lip, looking away from them. Jughead flipped them off, causing them to exchange confused looks and the cheering ceased. He tilted your chin to face him.

“Ignore them (Y/N), they’re just crazy,” He tried to comfort you, flashing his cute, timid and bashful grin that usually had you swooning. Swooning? What?! No.. you’re the crazy one. You’ve only known this guy for a few months, and you were ‘swooning?’. You inaudibly scoffed at yourself before looking down and sliding out of the booth. One kiss (Y/N), that’s all it was… one kiss.

“I’m going for a walk,” You lifted your eyes up briefly, to see Jughead, who’s face showed concern and bemusement. Guilt flashed in your eyes as you turned away from him and hurriedly pushed your way through people, out the diner. You saw Jughead’s gang surround the booth, throwing questions at him left and right, as you snuck off back to the school, settling in for an early night.

As you mentioned earlier, you were now sat in your small, claustrophobic space, waiting for Juggy to return from his shower. You fidgeted nervously, picturing in your head how the confrontation would play out. You hadn’t spoken since the previous night, other than the muttered ‘good morning’ you two shared. The door opened and you opened your mouth, not even giving him any time before suddenly you realised someone else behind him. Your jaw dropped as you saw Archie Andrews, his expression reflecting your own. Jughead refused to meet your eyes and you instantly felt a wave of anger, hurt and betrayal. How could he?! He didn’t even ask you if you were okay with this, if you were ready for this. He could have at least told you to hide upstairs whilst he got himself sorted out but you knew he would never do that.

He would never leave you behind and you would never leave him behind. He was trying to move on, and that was great, but he wasn’t going to leave you to pick up the pieces. After all, you were annoyed to admit that you had become quite dependant on one another’s company, especially with you and your questioning of whether life was purposeful, if you were sane or not. You have to appreciate sanity whilst it lasts, as everything can come crashing down so damn fast and everything and anything can and will change.

This was what you were worried about, getting caught up in everyone else’s business. The next week was definitely different compared to what you were used to. Archie had told his Dad about you and Jughead’s living situation, and you were currently living at his. You wanted to thank him, but you still felt out of place and uncomfortable. You could tell that Archie was trying to respect that though. You went on to meet Kevin, Betty and Veronica who seemed so different to you from an outsiders perspective, but when you sat down and had a proper conversation with them you seemed to be proven wrong.

You were surprised to see the archetypal rich girl and girl next door also had crooked paths however. You managed to bond with Veronica in the sense that you both had parents in jail. You had a whole new insight to the town which you’d never seen before. It took some adapting, but with Jughead,  (who you were still yet to confront) and the gangs help, you were getting the hang of it. Then, the drama kicked in. Search parties for Betty’s sister, that somehow wound up in you getting tangled up with the Blossom’s, who instantly saw you as a threat and suspicious figure to which Jughead was quick to defend. Their suspicion escalated further when they somehow figured out you knew Jason. People took more of an interest in you, as you were now studying at high school. You were noticed, observed, judged. It was daunting and you felt like you had eyes on you all the time. You could almost hear the judgemental voices of the other students in your head, the appearance assessment from the more jackass jocks, the bitching from the cheerleaders, the rumours from anyone who was dumb enough to rely on the media gossip.

You were losing your mind to paranoia. Then your best friend had been accused of murdering Jason, arrested before your very eyes and you felt like you couldn’t do anything about it. You had held his trembling hands in the police station, comforted and reassured him that he would be okay.

“I didn’t do it (Y/N), okay… I-I swear,” He had stammered, his eyes pleading. Your heart broke at his tortured expression.

“I know okay. They could have the most convincing evidence in the fucking world and I would still doubt it because I know who you are and I know you did not kill Jason Blossom. The evidence isn’t substantial, we’re gonna get out of here and find your da-” 

“Is he here yet?” Jughead already knew the answer as he saw your face, guilt ridden once again.

“Well… no Jughead. I’ve tried calling him a couple times but it just goes through to his answering machine. Mr Andrews is doing all he can, possibly going to make an alibi for you so we can get you out of here ASAP,” You decided to be brutally honest, knowing he would appreciate that. Jughead just looked down at the table and didn’t say another word, causing you heart to break with sympathy and sadness.

Another week later and here you were, on this wall, having an existential crisis. Ever since the police station you’d been helping out with Polly and once again trying to resist murdering FP, for Jughead’s sake. You’d just texted Juggy, asking him to meet you here. The text sounded quite desperate but you didn’t really care at this point.

You were yet to confront him about the kiss and today had been the only day this week where you weren’t trying to assist in his sleuthing and he was trying to step back from it all and take a break, for his own sanity. It just seemed like now was the most appropriate time. Your thoughts were interrupted by the scrambling sounds of converse, climbing up the wall as Jughead Jones took a seat beside you, quite close as your legs were touching. A moment of silence passed before you decided to steal his hat, fitting it on your own head and waving regally, as if to mock the crown trim. He chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully, before his smile turned bashful and his legs swung around awkwardly. 

You took off the beanie, surprised that he wasn’t trying to shove you off the wall in order to get it back. When he was looking the other way, you took a moment to smell the beanie. It smelt comforting and safe, just like him and the thought made you smile to yourself.

“What are you smiling about?” He nudged you, clearly trying to relieve any awkward tension that was still in the air. You shrugged, retaining eye contact with him. Suddenly his body jolted up, and he reached inside his front pocket of his jacket, pulling out a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes and a small tub of cloves, in order to make a flavoured cigarette, “I come bearing gifts,” he announced in his classic ‘over-the-top-sports-commentator-voice’ causing you to laugh heartily, pulling out a decorative purple lighter from your jean pocket.

The two of you sat there, your smoke mingling in the air. The thick tension was replaced with comfortable silence as you rested your head on his shoulder, and he intertwined his hand with yours. 

“I think I’ve gone crazy this summer,” You suddenly looked up at him, breaking the quiet. He didn’t say anything at first before turning to you and smiling softly.

“I think we all have,” he wrapped his arm around you in a tight, protective embrace and you cuddled up to his side. You picked at loose threads of his jacket.

“How’s your Dad?” You mumbled, hoping that it wasn’t too soon. Jughead just sighed sadly, shaking his head. He let out a bitter laugh.

“Well let’s just say… I don’t think Jellybean’s coming home anytime soon,” His voice was choked with emotion, staring straight ahead as tears pricked at his eyes gratingly. You cupped his face affectionately, wiping away a stray tear that escaped from his right eye.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay to cry Juggy, it means we haven’t gone mad yet!” You reassuringly smiled at him and he shook his head again, this time with a small smirk that sent butterflies swirling through your stomach. You took a deep breath before turning your whole body to face him, straddling the wall. “I was scared okay…I didn’t wanna end up like our parents. Nothing ever ends up right in this town and heck Juggy I love you so much, as both a friend and maybe something more, I just didn’t want to ruin anything that we had because you’re all I really have to lose, you’re all that can be taken away from me and if I lost you I don’t know what I’d d-” But at this point you were cut off by Jughead, who had placed his beanie on your head again before swooping down and catching your lips in a breathtaking kiss.

The kiss was perfect and it felt so right. It was the perfect green light for the two of you, that this relationship was going to get its happy ending. You weren’t your parents. There may be turbulence along the way but over one summer the two of you lost your minds together, worrying about the world and that had set your relationship in stone for a long time. You slowly and reluctantly broke apart for air, before spending the rest of your evening sitting at your special viewpoint with the boy you loved, enjoying the cliche of watching the sun go down as it was replaced with a sky full of stars.

You two were an odd pair but hey! What’s wrong with a little bit of madness?

Idk how I feel about this but OOH WELL I’M TIRED! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

Catch 🌌

I recently bought this new gold pen from a book store, and it works so well. Its very pigment and really lets out the color. LOVE IT 10/10~ I actually wanted to try attempting drawing Messier 87 (galaxy) but i used green rather than blue asfghdjfkahvsdbj

anonymous asked:

I LOVE Tyler!! Tell us more about him! What are some of his favorite things? Does he have a crush on anyone?? (Parker?? Blake?? 👀👀)

Tyler and Dallas used to be close friends, to the point Dallas briefly considered coming out to Tyler when they were still friends, But Dallas freaking out on Blake Truly made Tyler Drop Dallas. Tyler’s lives with his dad, who is a teacher at Willow Grove. His mom and dad are divorced. Ty didn’t really understand?? Why Dallas acted the way he did, until he became friends with Blake, who is eerily similar to Dallas. Blake could explain his MI far, far better than Dallas can, and Ty felt awful for leaving Dallas when Dallas needed him the most. He briefly considers building up their friendship again, but Dallas has Malek and Poppy now, and Blake really, really needs him. 

Yeah, he has a crush on so many ppl but he doesn’t want to act out on it. He has a lot of things to think about first.

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wait so the football kids are bad? do they have bad intentions? are they bullies? do they insULT SOMEONE CAUSE I WILL FIGHT,

I wouldn’t say bullies, but they’re snooty, and they think they can get away with everything. Typical. Everyone in this god-forsaken school has a God-Complex- and there’s like, this ongoing rumor that Noah’s actually murdered someone. Noah is really kind of a jackass, but. I. You’ll see. You’ll See. No spoilers. You gotta wait ‘til next chapter.

Expected (Hamliza)

AN: I changed my mind last minute and went with a different prompt! It’s probably awful but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars

Request: Anonymous- For the “I love you” prompts: 7 with Alexander and Eliza, like, after Alexander publishes The Reynolds Pamphlet?

7. “I love you.”“Do you think this is a game?”

Warnings: none (shocking, I know)

Word Count: 1,487

Alexander had spent the past few weeks trying to salvage what he could of his career and his dignity. There were very places he could go without getting dirty looks, without hearing the whispers. He knew that he deserved all of it. There was no doubt about that. But he had to work because that seemed like the best thing he could do for his family for the time being. He had tried talking to Eliza, but since Angelica arrived, he couldn’t even get nearer to his wife than three rooms apart. Again, it’s not as though he didn’t deserve it, but he just wanted to try to make things right.

Alexander had been dragging his feet around the office all day. There were papers that he needed in his home office that no one would go fetch for him. No one wanted to have even the briefest encounter with Angelica, a sentiment Alexander understood quite well. But he couldn’t put it off any longer.

A few minutes of just staring at his jacket passed before Alexander actually put it on. Anything he could do to put off walking out the door, he did, until he couldn’t find anything else to do. By the time he finally forced himself outside, it was fairly late and there were only a few of the town drunkards staggering around the streets. They usually left Alexander alone because they were too pissed to care, but he decided to cut through the park anyway. It also made the walk just a bit longer.

There was light coming from the parlor when Alexander got home. He didn’t know who to expect, seeing as normally everyone was asleep by now. He stood at the doorstep for a long while before he unlocked the door and stepped inside. There was shuffling from the parlor as he shut the door gently behind him.

“Daddy?” Philip called.

“Son,” Alex couldn’t help but sigh out of relief. He moved to lean against the entryway of the parlor. “What are you doing awake at this hour?”

“Mommy was crying again. I don’t like it but Aunt Angelica told me to leave her alone,” Philip said over a yawn.

Alexander looked down, no longer able to look at his son. “How often-?”

“Only a night. When she thinks we’re asleep,” Philip shrugged. “I wish you were home more. Daddy. Maybe you could help.”

“I- I don’t know that I could, Pip,” Alexander replied quietly.

“You have to try. I’ll take you up there. Or I’ll bring her down here!” Philip jumped up from the couch he had been sprawled across. He ran over and tugged on Alexander’s hand, smiling up at him. “Just tell her how much you love her, yeah? Even I could do that, Daddy.”

“It isn’t that simp-” Alex started before Philip yanked on his arm and started pulling him towards the stairs. He didn’t argue- no one else needed to be awake. Especially not Angelica.

Philip apparently strongly disagreed. When he got to Eliza’s bedroom, he knocked on the door as hard as he could.

“Mommy!” he called. “Mommy, mommy-”

Alexander grabbed Philip’s arm and pulled him away. “Philip, what-”

He stopped talking as though he no longer had a voice when he heard Eliza’s.

“Philip, what do you need?” she said, her voice thick with sleep as she opened the door.

Alexander couldn’t look away from his wife. It had been at least a week since he last saw her. He had hated every second he was away, but he knew he wasn’t very welcome. All he wanted at that moment was to kiss her. To pretend that nothing had happened. To be like they had been when they were young.

“Daddy has something to tell you. Don’t you, Daddy?” Philip pulled on Alexander’s arm.

“I only came to get something for work,” Alexander whispered. It was a small miracle that he was talking at all. “I didn’t come to-”

“That’s alright. Philip, can you go play or try to sleep? Your father and I need some time alone,” Eliza smiled at their son, who nodded, a grin of his own spreading across his face.

He tugged on Alexander’s arm again until he bent down to his level. He cupped his father’s ear.

“Remember: ‘I love you.’ Easy,” he whispered and kissed Alexander’s cheek before running away to his bedroom.

Alexander stood slowly. After all these years of office jobs, he wasn’t the young, fit man he used to be. Not round or any less attractive, and still aged beyond his years, even if he didn’t always act it. Eliza studied his face intently.

“You haven’t been sleeping,” she observed.

“Have I ever?” Alexander ran a hand through his hair. A nervous habit. “I truly only came for some papers to take back.”

“You haven’t been visiting. The children miss you. Philip was angry with you at first, but that was mostly because that’s what Angelica told him to be, and that boy has a mind of his own. It didn’t last very long. He reminds me of his father,” Eliza smiled to herself.

Alexander watched her, confused. “It’s late, Betsy. I think you should go back to bed.”

“And I think that you’re in no place to be telling me what I should or should not be doing, my darling husband,” Eliza shot back. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, I- why- why did you send Philip to bed?” Alexander stammered, which was unusual for him.

“I assumed that after not seeing each other for three weeks, you would have something to say,” Eliza shrugged and leaned against the doorway. Any trace of her smile was gone.

Had it really been that long? Three weeks? Alexander could have sworn he had at least seen her with Angelica.

“I didn’t think you wanted to see me,” Alexander replied after a long minute.

“‘Wanted’ may not be the right word,” Eliza hummed. “I expected to see you. I expected you to have a novel’s length apology for me after the apology you gave the public. I expected ‘I love you’s’ until my ears fell off from hearing them so often. I expected you to try. But then again, I expected you to be faithful to me, and look at what brought us here.”

All Alexander wanted in that moment was to take his wife’s pain away. He should have been able to take away the pain he caused. That would be fair. But if anyone had learned that life isn’t fair, it was him. From the time he was a little boy, life had shown him how unfair it could be. And yet he had gone out and created more pain. More unfairness. Just because he had been selfish, only thinking about the pleasure he would get at the time.

Alexander glanced down the hall to Philip’s bedroom before forcing himself to make eye contact with Eliza.

“I love you,” his voice was a whisper again.

Eliza scoffed. “Do you think this is a game? Do you think that you get to just show your face for the first time in nearly a month and tell me that you-”

Alexander closed the distance between Eliza and himself, cutting her off with a deep kiss. He cupped her cheeks and rubbed his thumbs back and forth slowly over her cheekbones.

“And tell you what I should have been around to tell you since you asked me to take a break,” he murmured against her lips. “It may be late, but I want nothing more than to tell you that I love you until your ears fall off. I want to give you that apology. I want to give you everything.”

Eliza pulled away but rested her hands on Alexander’s chest. She watched them rise and fall with Alexander’s breathing, and he knew that she was trying not to cry.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she nodded to herself.

“Betsy, it’s-”

“It’s late, I know,” Eliza cut Alexander off with a sigh. “But I want to go for a walk.”

“Then we’ll go for a walk,” Alexander kissed Eliza’s forehead just as Philip came bounding back down the hall.

He pulled on Alexander’s sleeve. “I wanna go,” he yawned.

“Ask like the young man that you are,” Alexander scolded. Philip rolled his eyes and looked to his mother for support but instead received a shrug.

“May I please join you on your walk?” Philip asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“He’s certainly learned from the best,” Eliza laughed at the look of shock on her husband’s face. “Yes, Pip, you may join us on our walk.”

Philip grinned and started tugging Alexander back towards the stairs. Eliza watched them with a small, exhausted smile for a minute before she followed them outside. Philip took one hand of each of his parents and swung their arms as they walked towards the park.