this week on Spencer Loves Aria So Much She Can’t Stand To Hurt Her In Any Way

we all remember how even in her dreams spencer still couldn’t tell aria the truth about ezra because she knew how much it would hurt her

look at that face

just fuck me up!

and then only when she was pushed to a complete breaking point could she tell aria in a fit of rage because she wasn’t even thinking. well buckle up for this week’s addition!

first she stares at her like i should probably say something

then she’s like fuck i cant do this i cant hurt my baby

so she weakly tries to get hanna to do it

hanna being hanna is like wtf no and spencer’s still like i cANT EVEN LOOK U IN THE EYE ARIA I CANT HURT YOU YOU’RE SO SMALL. like clark is even smaller than ezra and she STILL couldn’t bear to tell her because it could hurt her in even the smallest way and spencer couldn’t do that to her.

and that’s what you missed this week!

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i love him. i love him so much. but, he loves her. she's everything i'm not. skinny, pretty, outgoing-i mean seriously, nobody would consider even looking at me compared to her. he said he cared about me, he said he loved me. i ruined it. i ruined what we could have been. all because i was scared of being bullied like last time. now he's moved on and found someone he truly deserves but it hurts to see how much happier he is with her. i need him. im sorry. i needed to vent to someone im so sorry.

If he could find someone he truly deserve why don’t you? You’re worth it, stop hurting yourself thinking about him while he did those to you. You deserve better than that and it’s not a reason for you to be down. Move on and free yourself, something exciting are awaits, good luck friend.

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It is 12:03 and I am thinking about cheating on my girlfriend when I see my ex on Friday for the first time in four months.

It’s 12:05 a.m here and i think if you are even considering going out on your relationship, you need to be kind enough to let her go. You don’t need to screw with someone’s feelings because you’re unsure of your own. She doesn’t deserve to come 2nd to feelings for your ex. That’s hurtful enough as it is. Please don’t cheat. It’s gross and devastating to your partner.

message me what time it is for you, and what you’re thinking about

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your fake kindness means nothing when you won't help others but yourself. how about instead of being a spoiled brat with your $80 bookbags and $60 skirts go use the money to spend on others who are suffering and ill bitch.

please dont make assumptions about me that are false. you are not making yourself seem any better than youre trying to make me look by sending cruel and unnecessary messages. im sorry you believe my kindness is fake because it must mean youve been around many people who have hurt you. please give yourself and others the love they deserve. me and my family are by no means wealthy and we donate 20 dollars to a charity for animals every month + my dad is using 50% of his profits from his new song to go towards that same charity. any further asks from you will be deleted. please think about spreading that love i brought up earlier. im sending some of mine to you. ⛅️

J and I ended things so I’m really relieved about it

I’ll give u the synopsis

He asked me what I thought about tn and I was like we hit it off better Monday….I ran out of things to say, and he was basically like yo same. you’re cool and all, and i really enjoyed getting to know u, but i can’t seem to feel anything between us and i dont mean to hurt you…..and u deserve a great guy, and that great guy isnt me

it was a LOT longer than that, but yeah! he was so mature about it and i think i was too, and though i was really happy about it up until tonight, when tonight hit i was like i rly don’t feel anything and i dont wanna waste either of our times… 

i cant tell u how relieved i feel omg, but it was a good experience and im glad i got some more “dating” experience in u feel

and a free dinner lol

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Hey i think i asked it before but just to make sure il'l send it gain. A girl i loved just told me she' didn't want to date me,that she' just wanted me as a friend's,and she' liked another guy. I was really fucking heartbroken but i never sais anything bad to her about it ivsimply said "OK that is fine is your decision mate". But i'm still heartbroken i'm fucked up. Does that makes me a " whiny friendzone dude whining about the friendzone"?

Being hurt is normal. You caught feels and it sucks. Most people will experience unrequited feelings in their lifetime. That is fine. It’s how you act that matters.

Guys who whine about the friendzone make it out like there is something greater here than just unrequited feelings and they act bitter and angry towards and about the person that they feel zoned them.

It’s ok to have feelings, just vent them in healthy ways and try and deal as best as you can. Hopefully it will pass for you soon, as I said, it sucks.

Take care!

argumate replied to fierceawakening:
reminds me of those people who say we’re a straight couple… soo straight… in fact SO straight it’s almost QUEER (???)

I used to say this myself, actually. I wasn’t ready to admit fully to being either queer or to being genderqueer but I knew I was different. Influenced by people who talk about queerness as a subversion thing, I figured I qualified. I went around yelling at gay people who didn’t want me in their spaces and just generally acted terrible because pegging and femdom are subversive.

I’m very very sensitive to broad definitions of queer these days, not because I don’t think many, many people are hurt or harmed seriously for being different (hell, thinking this is part of why I think allies should only be excluded from some spaces, not all!) but because I think we step on people when we push our way in. And sometimes that’s okay because it’s just asserting our rights, but sometimes it’s less clearly okay to me.

I feel this way not because I want to be mean to people who aren’t like me, but because I now feel that when we insist on being let in without even *asking what other people are using the space for* and *considering whether changing the nature of the space will change that*, we run a serious risk of bulldozing over unique access needs.

IN YOUR FACE JAM: An Open Letter To Channing Tatum To Save “Gambit”

Channing Tatum – what is going on? Are you seriously considering backing out of “Gambit”? There are entertainment sites with uncited sources saying that you are thinking of abandoning the project before you’ve even been fitted for a trenchcoat and neon pink body armor. If those sites are spreading unfounded rumors about you, let me know – let us all know! Yeah, I’m like everyone else; I read unfounded rumors all day every day. This one, though, these rumblings that you’re actually thinking of stepping away from “Gambit”? This one hurts. It’s real. Channing, say it ain’t so.

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don't imagine susan on her wedding day walking down the aisle and seeing all of the people there, but more importantly who /isn't/ there bc it hurts a lot












Camille O’Connell Appreciation Week

Day 3 (Favorite Badass Moment): compound scene from 2x21

Klaus: “Just another victim.”

Cami: “No. Klaus, I know you won’t hurt me. I’ve known that from the second we met. I trust you.”

I love every single time Cami is being badass, but this one has to be my favorite (it is, after all, from my favorite TO episode so far). So, let’s think this through, shall we?

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Dear girlfriend xx

please don’t hurt me. if I’m dating you, that means that I see a future with you. I don’t date just to date, and I won’t be with you if I think it’s just gonna be temporary. so when I say that I care about you, that means I seriously fucking care about you. you’re my girl. my baby. I don’t care if you’re 5 minutes or 5 hours away from me, we will make this work.
also, if I’m dating you, I want all of you. I want the good. the bad. I want rainbows and butterflies. I want the darkness that is deep inside of you that you don’t share with anyone else. I am so fucking understanding. I know that you’ll need some time for yourself, and so will I. I don’t need to be talking to you 24/7. we can text each other randomly during the day saying we are thinking of one another, and then FaceTime at night discussing how our days went. go on adventures with me. let’s go out to dinner. let’s binge watch an entire season of a show on netflix together when we both have a day off. let’s share clothes. let’s take a million pictures together. and be ready to be photographed constantly cus you will always look beautiful to me.
please be loyal. please. and honest. that’s all I ask. oh and don’t mix up your and you’re.

Here have some advice

If someone; anyone (and idgaf for how long that person has been close to you) makes you constantly feel bad about yourself, drop them. Seriously. No one, ever, has the right to intendedly make you feel like shit. Maybe what makes you self conscious is their little smug remarks? All those tiny comments about your appearance, character or even ability, that make you doubt yourself? Well, let me tell you, those things fucking hurt you. Just bc they aren’t one huge insult it doesn’t mean that their constant tiny picking won’t get to you. Trust me, you are not fucking overreacting, so don’t you ever think that; or let this person make you feel like you are. If whoever that person is makes you worry about not being good enough, well, they aren’t worth it!!!! Don’t even waste your breath in giving them a taste of their own medicine because, trust me, that will only make matters worse. Please please please just cut them off from your life. I swear it’s that simple. You’re such a beautiful and amazing person who doesn’t need someone like that in their life! You’re worth so so so freakin much so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, and don’t settle down for someone who isn’t worth your time

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It's 8:57 and I'm thinking about the fact that I took him back and forgave him again when he doesn't deserve it but also thinking about how much I love him and how when we're good we're fucking great and I wish it could be like that all the time

Even if the good times are phenomenal, if the bad times are astronomically shitty and more frequent, you have to tell yourself that your love will be better spent on someone who isn’t going to hurt you. If you keep forgiving him, he’ll think he’s excused to screw up because there is no consequence, and that he’ll always be able to crawl back. You deserve more <3

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Which death in the Hunger Games trilogy was the most devastating for you? And what did you do when it happened? How do you feel about it now? (I'm singling you ladies out with this (: )

Hey, lovely! Great question.

For me, it was Finnick’s death that stunned me the most. It was so fast and poignant that it hurt so much. I had to reread that moment over and over again to make sure I read that right.

Now, I feel like it’s so wrong that he died, especially since in most fanfics he’s one of Peeta’s very good friends. I love Finnick in fanfic, but it’s such a convoluted picture of who he really was, and I think it makes it hurt even more. So, I guess I’m broken. 

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The thing that hurts me the most about platonic troylr is when I think about Tyler tweeting how Troye just gets him and how fond of their friendship he was. Like it was so genuine and it just went horribly wrong somewhere along the way between the shipping madness and now w Troye ("possibly" 😏) dating Connor. I'm not saying Troye chose sides just that it's hard to keep up w some who isn't friends w your bf. 😔

Yeah it’s really so sad because i agree their friendship was truly genuine. At first, it seemed like they just wanted to tone the shipping down because it was getting too overwhelming but then they really stopped hanging out overall. Honestly, i just hope it wasn’t anything to do with Connor and Troye dating because that would mean some not-so-clean end to their friendship and I’m hoping it wasn’t ugly. Best case scenario, they’re just busy and have grown apart, but that’s not very realistic

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my best friend fucked my boyfriend who I'm in love with, they ended up loosing their virginity to each other like 2 months ago and i just found out. I don't know what to do about either of them but it hurts me so much, what do you think i should do?

You need to take both of them out of your life completely. What they did is never okay, and they’re toxic people. Go let them be toxic together. You deserve better people in your life and you need to get away from them to find those positive people. I’m sorry that happened to you, that must be so hard, but I know you’re strong enough to get through it, and you know you are too :)

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the whole thing about cultural appropriation for me is that whilst white converts are widely accepted to wear middle eastern/desi attire, I as a desi person am not. each attempt i'd make to wear selwar kameez and such I would be ridiculed in public and honestly. i spent my entire life hating the fact that i'm desi and i so badly wished i was white. thats why for me personally it hurts when white converts think religion gives them an invite into culture. bc i did not have pass despite being desi

I understand that you’re hurt by what you’ve gone through, and its completely understandable why you would feel the way you do, and why you connect all white people to your self hate but as a Muslim, it does invite you to explore other cultures. The Quran tells us that Allah created differences and cultures so we can get to know each other. The prophet himself wore clothes from other cultures and tribes so its sunnah to do so. Using myself as an example, I absolutely love cultural dresses, I love them, and I respect them and never have I claimed to be apart of that culture nor have I ever claimed a particular dress to be apart of mine. From the ages of 9 to maybe 12 I wore salwar khameez, like everywhere I went I wore one. I got looked at, but at least people knew I was Muslim so I didn’t care. Being half black, half white I don’t have a culture but I’m most certainly not trying to steal anyone’s, I find them beautiful. Non dessi Muslim’s on here are saying if they wore a salwar khameez they would be called out, by who? Never did I, my black friends, my white friends my arab friends, or my Hispanic friends ever get called out by dessis for wearing one.

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How to get over someone?

Cry about it till your stomach hurts and you can’t breathe (it honestly helps), find distractions, take each day at a time, take the love you had for them and spread it around; to yourself, objects, animals, people, anything and everything! Stay strong and take each day at a time honey!💞

Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about

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i dont know if this counts but, i'm 1/2 American 1/2 French. It turns out there is this other girl in my class also like that, but what really annoys me is that she says she tells everyone and that she "speaks french" and i'm like, "honey no, your repeating the same 3 words and adding a fake ass accent. i hear french in my house every day, so please, just be quiet." but i said it in my head so no one gets hurt. Sorry if this wasn't the topic, i just had to say something to someone.

Well grey face, I would personally think that is annoying too, and I understand you want to be polite about the situation but honestly, I would show her up by saying one simple phrase in French and ask her to translate it. See how that works and then message me again, k’ dear?

~Admin Alex

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In all my years in the dragon age fandom and on tumblr, Ive never seen a post defending Goldannas point of view. Thank you for re blogging it. in a culture so rich as dragon age's we need to examine characters more closely than at first glance.

I will forever defend the unpopular lady characters watch me

I’ve seen a few posts defending her before but yeah it isn’t much, she’s still widely despised by the fandom. I admit I didn’t understand her reaction at first and since I was romancing Alistair I got swaped up in his hurt, but the more you think about it and the more it makes sense? It’s like people’s reaction to Anora and Isolde - yes, even Isolde, I have a lot of sympathy for her - we really need to be more critical and examine why we react so strongly to female characters and how quickly we call them bitches. 

Isolde makes me think a lot about Catelyn Stark and she gets the same amount of vitriol. Yes, she fucked up, but she’s trying to make up for it and she loves her son so much she’s ready to die to save him. Goldanna has 0 obligation to love Alistair, she owes him nothing. Same for Anora, she has every right to fight for her throne and to believe she’s better suited to rule than Alistair. 

It says a lot that people will quote these three characters as their most hated characters in origins before Vaughan, Howe or Loghain (as much as I love Loghain there are valid reasons for people to dislike him)