Andrew Garfield Is "Looking For Something a Bit More Complex" Than Superhero Movies Now
By Lindsay Miller

It’s time to bid adieu to Spider-Man as we knew him. Young actor Tom Holland is stepping into Andrew Garfield’s shoes to play the iconic comic-book role in the next iteration of the superhero’s big-screen story. We spoke to Garfield over the weekend in LA, where he was doing press for his upcoming drama 99 Homes. The project is a decidedly more down-to-earth film — with a much smaller budget — than The Amazing Spider-Man movies he starred in. Garfield talked to us about why he probably won’t entertain the prospect of playing a superhero again and whether he has any words of wisdom for Holland on taking on the beloved role.

“I have no advice to give [to Holland], if that’s what you mean,” he said. “I only have a cheer to say ‘Go!’ He’s gonna do it. He’s a great actor. I don’t need to say anything. All I can say is I’m going to be here supporting, and clapping, and cheering [him] on.”

So given his experience playing Spider-Man, how would Garfield feel about signing on to portray another superhero on screen in the future?

“My feelings around superhero films have changed a lot in the last years, and I’m not as drawn to that kind of monolithic storytelling anymore,” Garfield explained. “I’m looking for something a bit more complex. Not to say that I don’t love watching them, and certain filmmakers do create them in a very layered and complex way, and that’s really exciting. I’m happy to just be a cinemagoer. Never say never, but for now, I like watching. I found it harder to be in the films, but I really like just zoning out and watching them.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Garfield on what 99 Homes says about American politics, and his experience portraying a father for the first time on film, coming soon.

Hi, all. I’m afraid my mentally ill trans lady self is gonna need to ask for your financial help again:

  • I am starting to run low on estrogen and spiro. I need estrogen and spiro for even the modicum of mental health I currently have.
  • I have therapy this coming Monday. It’s $20 (thank God for sliding-scale fees). I do not presently have $20.
  • Thanks to bureaucratic nonsense that I’m trying to get sorted out, the Federal government in its wisdom has decided that, despite being on their pay-as-you-earn plan that reduces my payments to $0, I still owe payments on one of my student loans. So I’ve got this expense looming over me now too.
  • My phone is shut off. I need my phone if I’m going to stay in contact with my landlord, my therapy place, the various welfare agencies, etc.
  • Rent is still $90/wk no matter what. I’ve gotta keep making that, somehow.

The above are my immediate concerns. There are some other things I need as well (e.g., I need to move to a safer place, I need to resume laser, and eventually I need surgery), but I’m just looking to take care of my immediate needs for now.

I’m super grateful for all your help over the years, allowing me to eat and to stay alive in general. I really hope I get on Social Security disability, so I can at least live on that; that is still my goal. In the meantime, I still need your help.

My PayPal address is kiriamaya at gmail. You can also use my donate button. And if you can’t help, please signal-boost. Please.

Thanks so much, as always, for keeping me alive. ♥


“Have you ever met someone that you would change your entire world for? Someone whose eyes you know you were born to gaze into?”

I know this is an OQ quote, but it seems so perfect for Swan Queen. Regina changed her entire world as Emma was born and then when they meet they just gaze into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Doesn’t help that the editing in the pilot cuts from the casting of the curse to Regina opening the door for Emma. She didn’t change her world for Emma, but if she hadn’t changed it, they couldn’t have met as adults. And now Emma went on to sacrifice herself, she literally did change her entire world for Regina.

Wisdom has built her house, she has set up her seven columns; she has dressed her meat, mixed her wine, yes, she has spread her table. She has sent out her maidens; she calls from the heights out over the city: “Let whoever is simple turn in here; To the one who lacks understanding, she says, Come, eat of my food, and drink of the wine I have mixed! Forsake foolishness that you may live; advance in the way of understanding.” + Prv. 9:1-6 +++

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I have a minific prompt if you like it. I feel like Beca would not handle pain well and wants to be babied when she is in pain. Because she is a little cinnamon roll. But what if Beca finds out she has to get her wisdom teeth removed and Chloe is the one who takes her and brings her home to take care of her?

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you,” Beca sings with the gauze from her surgery still in her mouth, her words slurred and her tone off-key. “But I love it.”

Chloe splays her fingers over her mouth to hide a giggle. “Bec, you ok?”

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Kitsune Lore

For anyone who’s interested, this is a really, really fantastic website I found going through kitsune lore which is fascinating and much more detailed and descriptive than Wikipedia. The author who collected all this information is amazing tbh.

After going through it, here’s some interesting tidbits that stood out to me and Teen Wolf-related commentary:

On Kitsune Lifespans:

Many legends, however, also place a lifespan on kitsune. From 900 years to 1000 years. From what I can guess, this is how long a kitsune can keep a mortal form. After this, the kitsune has gained enough wisdom/power, that they leave, and rejoin the Celestial Courts. Kitsune of over 900 years are few and far between, and very, very powerful.

Confirmation that Noshiko Yukimura in her prime would have been fucking amazing.

Kitsune and their Elements:

As a spirit, kitsune require a connection to their element. This, from what I can gather, means that the kitsune usually stays in a domain bearing the kitsune’s element, or at least a natural representation of it. The kitsune’s connection to the element fuels the kitsune, giving them powers associated with the element. By drawing on the domain, the kitsune stays healthy.

Sort of explains Kira’s connection to Thunder as her element. I’ve seen this discussion elsewhere but some people were confused over the difference between kitsune foxfire and Kira’s lightning powers. From what I can gather all kitsune can produce foxfire (i.e. electricity of some sort) - and indeed, in Eichen Valack seemed to know from the electrical disturbance that a kitsune had been brought in even without knowing what type. But Kira being a Thunder kitsune means she has a connection to and draws power/fuel/energy from thunder, lightning, as possibly storms (as a ‘natural representation’ of her element).

Summoning a Kitsune:

Being summoned, or manifesting, takes a lot of power, to allow the kitsune to ‘be there’ on the physical world. This is probably the most rare form of kitsune appearance. Very few legends have the kitsune in her full power, without a tie to the physical world.

A kitsune just 'appearing’ means either the walls of the spirit world and the physical world are weak, or could possibly be taken as an omen. Whatever the reason, a manifested kitsune is a very rare and very noticeable event. Such a creature would require offerings, prayers, or some source of energy to be able to appear, or to remain for long periods, and is most likely in their domain.

Since the appearance of the kitsune is disruptive to nature’s balance, the area they are in will most likely suffer. Sickness, blight, and other such plagues would be part and parcel of the kitsune’s ongoing existence. This is one example of the kitsune’s vampiric nature, as it drains the region to fuel itself.

To me, this connects very much more to the summoned Nogitsune of 3B than Kira and her mother.

Kitsune as Oath Servants of Inari

These oaths allow the kitsune to gain power through the shrine itself, and to be able to live there, and find shelter. The kitsune, in turn, protects those who work and live near the shrine, and aid those who come to them for help. This especially applies to other kitsune. When a kitsune who doesn’t serve Inari, a nogitsune, starts harassasing the people near an Inari shrine, they can come to the kitsune of Inari for aid. The myobu then track down the offending nogitsune, and deal with it.

Myobu would be restricted from 'getting involved’ in mortal affairs. In Japan, it is considered rude and improper for someone to get involved in another’s matters. It insinuated that the offended party could not handle their own affairs. The myobu would, being even more of an outsider than most folk, have to either not get involved, or find a way to be 'asked’. Unlike the nogitsune, kitsune of the Inari temples were not the tricksters and mischievous spirits of most legends. Instead, they were considered good omens, and guardians. Hense the term ’guardian kitsune’.

I doubt how much research on kitsune TW writers have done but I’m going to headcanon that the ‘restricted from getting involved in mortal affairs’ thing is the reason why no one ever thinks to ask Noshiko Yukimura what’s up.

Types of Kitsune

In the book Kitsune, there are listed thirteen different types of kitsune. The named types, Celestial and Wild, are mostly associated with the kitsune who follow Inari, and those who don’t. In other words, the myobu and the nogitsune.

The author only touches on the thirteen clans, unfortunately, and it took much work to find out any more. The two hypotheses that came from further research are either a) the kitsune are connected to the thirteen elements, or b) there are thirteen provinces in Japan, and the kitsune are from each province.

Heaven: Also known as Celestial, or Prime, this is one of the examples of the 'High’ elements mentioned in Kitsune. Celestial kitsune are listed as one of the two most numerous types to exist, and most, from what I gather, serve Inari. Tenko.

Void: Also known as the Dark kitsune, Void kitsune are the second of the 'High’ kitsune. Where Celestial kitsune are myobu, void kitsune are nogitsune. Reiko.

The rest of the kitsune fall under 'wild kitsune’, or 'low’ kitsune. They were not singled out, but since these are the other elements found in oriental legends, and in legends of the kami, it is safe to assume that the kitsune also fall under these elements.

Wind: Also known as air kitsune, or kuko. Most kuko are considered 'bad’. Kitsune have been known to appear as wind, or create mists or fog.

Spirit: Kiko or koryo, another of the 'bad’ kitsune, also called 'ghost foxes’ or demon foxes.

Fire, Earth, River, Ocean, Mountain, Forest, Thunder, Time, Sound: While these are the other elements that are listed in the orient as 'low’ elements, I have no names for the kitsune of these regions. As I have mentioned, the tanuki and tengu are connected to some of these elements, however, and they can be used to draw parallels.

Still wondering what type Noshiko is or was. Interested to see that Kira would falls under the ‘Wild’ kitsune type - i.e. the type that does not ‘follow Inari’? Is this why Theo refers to her as the ‘Dark Kitsune’ even though she isn’t a Nogitsune? 

Kitsune Manifestation and Possession

Kitsune, being spirits, aren’t expected to just 'appear’. Doing so is a risk to a spirit, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Also, considering the kitsune gains power from the land they are in, they risk harming the land by taking too much power, just to be 'there’.

As such, kitsune have learned a few ways to 'cheat’, and show up more often. The following ways are possible tricks the kitsune have learned:

Possession - Simple taking over a target for a period of time. Possessing someone was not a long-term event as far as kitsune were concerned. A kitsune usually required the permission of the target, to be able to possess them, but that doesn’t seem to always be the case. When the target was possessed, their will was completely taken over. When the kitsune left the target, they had no memories of what had transpired.

Possessing an unwilling target would mean taking over the person’s will. This could result by the kitsune draining the target’s will, or perhaps driving them insane. In either event, the kitsune is now inside a mortal body.

^ relevant to the Nogistune possessing Stiles in 3B.

Kitsune who possess a mortal don’t seem to retain most of their abilities. The taking of a mortal body gives the kitsune a semblance of mortality, themselves. One exception I read is that a kitsune possessing someone had on them a small object, called a 'kitsune ball’. This ball, when taken from the kitsune, caused them to whine and plead for it back. From what else I’ve read, the kitsune ball is a portion of their spirit, and could be the only means for them to regain their freedom, or it could hold the soul of the person they are possessing. 

Kitsune do not have to possess only mortals, mind you. A kitsune can just as easily possess a fox’s body, and wander around as a fox.

Taking an Avatar - Possessing either a dead body, or an unborn child. This would be a more permanent means of being able to stay around. There are stories that mention when a person dies, they can become a kitsune. This could either be a kitsune possessing the body, or it could be a literal transformation, where the person steps 'outside’ the cycle of birth-death-rebirth, becoming immortal instead. In any case, a kitsune can take the dead body of someone, and animate it since it has no soul inside it. Doing so would require that the body was not properly buried, and had not been concecrated.

So basically, the Nogitsune’s possession of Rhys and the way it took the form of (or perhaps possessed) a fly.

While inside the body, the kitsune has some abilities that it would possess as a true spirit. This would mean shapeshifting to a lesser extent, and more often than not, the person would have a fox’s tail. Kitsune illusions would still be available, as would causing bad luck.

All stuff we’ve seen with the Nogitsune in 3B!

Born Kitsune

Other legends recall a mortal being seduced (mind controlled), and fathering children by the kitsune. The children have always been kitsune, and are usually in foxform when born, though this latter is not always the case.

These children are mortal, but possess the usual 900+ year lifespan. This is probably the easiest way for a kitsune to be able to stay on the physical world, without disrupting the balance of nature.

In other words, Kira is this kind of mortal kitsune (and I think we’d all like to think that Noshiko and Ken fell in love the normal way without mind control lol). Sadly, Kira’s going to have this 900+ year lifespan which means she’s going to watch all her friends and everyone she’s ever loved die and possibly even her own mother too, because Noshiko is supposedly nearing the end of a usual kitsune’s lifespan. That is really fucking sad. :’(

There was also some discussion on Kitsune powers, including:

- Illusion
- Realms ( “Kitsune are able to make small pockets in reality, folding space and time to suit their needs.” )
- Seduction
- Foxfire/’Kitsune-bi
- Possession
- Shapeshifting

After reading through all these in the article I think I will conclude that, had the Teen Wolf writers followed traditional kitsune lore more closely, Kira, Noshiko and the Nogitsune should have been possibly the most powerful characters on the show. Even if not baby kitsune Kira then at least Noshiko and the Nogitsune, who are basically ancient at 900/1000 yrs old. Especially that power of illusion and ‘realms’, like it’s actually kind of bending space and time?!!!

Kitsune Tails

Kitsune are usually depicted as having more than one tail. The most commonly depicted are one-tails, five-tails, and nine-tails. For most kitsune, the number of tails shown is usually one. This could be for a number of reasons, though, including the idea that a kitsune could be in a human or fox, possessing it, or may have been born in a mortal body. In either case, why would the kitsune suddenly sprout more tails?

Some of the legends say a kitsune gains a tail every hundred years. Another myth says that a kitsune gains all nine tails when they reach nine hundred years old. When a kitsune becomes a nine-tail, their fur becomes either silver, white, or gold. This isn’t a strong and fast rule, but it’s what is seen most often.

To the kitsune, the number of tails they have are a show of prestige, skill, age, and rank. A kitsune may gain a tail for bringing honour to their family and clan, or could lose one for breaking kitsune law. A kitsune may also lose a tail, by dying, but this isn’t always the case, considering Tamamo-no-mae was killed more than once, and was still a nine-tail.

Kitsune don’t ask for extra tails. Instead, they are simply rewarded for their actions, or punished. Some kitsune train under others, hoping to gain wisdom and favour with their teachers. Some kitsune even take quests or go on journeys, to gain wisdom or power, hoping to find ways to gain in prestige and rank among the other kitsune, or with The Lady or Inari.

OK WAIT. Kira’s going on a journey to try and control, train and understand her kitsune powers. Now I know the show will most likely not take this route - but this idea of ‘The Lady’ is so freaking cool that I wish to god the writers had made Kira and Noshiko journey to meet The Lady:

The Lady. Either a ten-tailed kitsune, or a thousand-tailed kitsune. Either can be correct, but I am not certain. As it stands, she is unique. There are no other kitsune with more than nine tails. She is the mother of the kitsune race, and all serve her in one manner or another.

As it stands, she is unique, and she is the archetype of all kitsune.


but no we can’t have nice things on Teen Wolf and even if they tried something like this I’m doubtful of how much justice they could do it.

More Speculation on the idea of ‘The Lady’ and Enlightenment

FoxKnight raised a very good question when he asked me this, and I have yet to come up with a good answer. One theory someone presented to me, is that each tail is a step of enlightenment. They used this theory to argue that since there is only nine steps, there is no Lady, since she has ten (or more) tails. Hmm… could being truly enlightened surpass each step? If so, The Lady could have surpassed the nine-steps. It’s worth debating, but not here.




We have spent many days preparing for this. It has not come to us without trepidation. As with anything in life, the choice to do something must come with reflection of the past and thoughts of the future and all that may come.

Thranduil came by this before dawn and will return by dusk as he has made known. It was I that chose to come forth to speak of this for much weighs upon the mind of Thranduil. As much as he has given, even the great elven King of Mirkwood must choose his words carefully on such an occasion.

It has been decided and by the rise of dusk this day, all will be revealed. You will see the elves again. I take my leave.


“Beatles / Paul McCartney fan has wisdom teeth removed.”

This is hilarious!

Hallucigenia is my favorite genus of extinct creatures.  I think probably for how long it remained a mystery of which end of the creature was top and which was bottom, and what was front and what was back (also a gas bubble created an incorrect ‘head’ for some time too).  It’s just… such a delightful little thing, and it has important to wisdom to offer.

To the Reader Who Can Understand Wisdom

Wisdom, Solomon said, is an infinite treasure to man, for it is the breath of the divine power, a ray of the glory of the Almighty. It is the glow of eternal light, an unstained mirror of the divine power and an image of His mercy. It teaches man discipline, understanding, righteousness and strength. It penetrates veiled sayings and is able to unravel the mysteries. It knows signs and wonders in advance and anticipates what the future will bring.

Before the Fall, this treasure was possessed in full by our first Father Adam, as demonstrated by the fact that, after our Lord God had brought all beasts of the field and all birds of the air before him, he was able to give each of them their own names, in accordance with their nature.

However, through the fateful fall into sin this glorious jewel of wisdom was lost, and only darkness and ignorance came into the world. Nevertheless, our Lord God has caused this wisdom to awaken and manifest itself in some of His friends at certain times. Thus the wise King Solomon testified of himself that, in response to his unrelenting prayer and supplication, he obtained such wisdom from God that it was granted to him to know how the world had been created. He understood the power of the elements and the beginning, middle and end of time, He knew the position of the stars and how the days grow longer and shorter; how the seasons change and how the rotation of the year takes place. He understood the nature of both tame and wild animals and knew why wind changes into storm and what men have in their minds. He could recognize all plant species and came to know the power inherent in their roots, and many other things.

I think that there is no one who would not wish and desire with all his heart to participate in this noble treasure. But as it can never fall to a person’s share if God himself does not give His wisdom and send His Holy Spirit from above, we have published this treatise, namely the Fama and the Confessio of the laudable Brotherhood of the Rosycross in print, so that it can be read frequently, because it clearly announces and unveils what the fallen world can expect in the future.

Although these things may appear to be somewhat strange and many may suppose that what has been published by the Brotherhood of the Rosycross is only the work of a blind, philosophical imagination and not a true history, it will nevertheless become clear from the Confessio that more is hidden in it than people may think. Anyone who is not ignorant can easily understand what it means in these times.

Those who are true disciples of wisdom and true practitioners of the spagirical art will see through these things more clearly and give heed to them and they will form a totally different judgement of them, just as has been done by a number of distinguished persons. In particular we mention Adam Haselmayer, notary to His Serene Highness Archduke Maximilian, who is also said to have made an extract from the theological writings of Theophrastus and to have written an essay with the title: Jesuits, in which he states that every Christian ought to be a true Jesuit; that is, to walk, live, be and remain in Jesus. In his answer to the Fama he described the members of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross as ‘highly enlightened men and unmistakable Jesuits’. The Jesuits, who could not tolerate this, arrested him in retribution and condemned him to the galleys, a deed for which they will surely have to pay.

Now, at the end of the dark night of Saturn, the blessed red of Dawn will appear, causing the glow of the moon and the weak sparks of heavenly wisdom that yet remain to man to turn pale in its splendor. This Dawn will herald the lovely Sun which, with its pure and fierily shining rays, will bring forth the blessed Day for which many pious hearts are watching longingly. In the light of this Day it will be possible, in conformity with the teachings of the first Fathers and the Wise Men of Old, to recognize and understand all the heavenly treasures of divine wisdom, and the mystery of all the hidden, invisible things of the world.

This will be the true kingly ruby, the noble, shining carbuncle, of which it is said that it sends a fiery radiance and a shining light into the darkness; that it is a perfect remedy for all bodies; that it can transmute base metals into the purest gold; and can take from men all illness, anxiety, need and distress.

May therefore the gentle reader find herein an incitement to beseech God ardently with me that He may unlock the hearts and ears of all those who are hard of hearing and give them His blessing so that, by beholding Nature’s miracles, they may recognize Him completely in His omnipotence, and give to Him praise, honor and glory and to their neighbors love, help, comfort and strength, and healing to all the sick. Amen.

anonymous asked:

What do you think is your greatest asset?

My mind. The way I think and perceive, rationalize and convey ideas and situations to others has netted me a lot of respect over the years. The insight, and what some refer to as wisdom, has allowed me to improve others’ quality of life. Not to mention, it’s where all my creativity stems from and that alone makes it invaluable. My body can change, I could lose a limb or two, but people are likely to remember me for conveying ideas into scenarios that at some point allowed them to apply certain principles to their everyday life. One could ask why my greatest asset would be related to people and not solely to myself, and it’s because I genuinely enjoy helping others especially when it comes to personal issues.

Many people don’t have that friend they can turn to literally at any time of the day and know for a fact they’ll reply without failure. Or the friend that motivates irrespective of their state, they just want to see you be more, do more, accomplish more and reach what you define as a point of success. 

dude, i wanted to fuck her like an animal,”
is what I heard him say
sitting at the booth directly across from mine
out of the corner of my eye i see the man sitting across from him
nod sagely
as though his friend has just imparted great wisdom
from atop an ancient mountain
and i find myself wondering
as i spoon whipped cream off the top of my hot chocolate
awaiting chocolate chip pancakes
that will taste just a little off in a way i can’t define
exactly what kind of animal this man would like to fuck her as
i wonder if perhaps he would fuck her as a weasel
he certainly gives off the air of a weasel
or maybe a cockroach
small, insignificant
and certainly not large enough
to hold anyone’s interest for more than thirty seconds
at any rate, i decide
as my pancakes arrive
sans syrup, which i politely ask for
it does not matter what sort of animal
he would like to insert himself into her as
because this man who has cupped his hands
in front of his chest to simulate the size of her breasts
who is so linguistic in his choice of words to describe her beauty
which has no doubt been known to launch ships
will not impress any young lady
with the sentence
“dude, i wanted to fuck her like an animal.
—  k.c., written after the memory of having heard someone say this struck back