BtVS: Seeing Xander in a new light.

I think I started hating Xander too much due to his awful behavior in the earlier seasons, especially with how he treated every woman around him.
So since my judgement has been clouded by anger, it’s taken me longer than it should have to see the bigger picture with his character - and now I’m unexpectedly growing to love him. Who would have thought?

Cause really, isn’t his story about overcoming the need to be hyper masculine? He struggles for so long about how inadequate he feels as a man since he’s not “macho” and “cool” according to societies views on masculinity. And up until now I’ve mostly seen his character as a shining example of how much less we expect of men for them to be considered OK. As in; he doesn’t really bring much to the table, and his behavior is atrocious when you compare them to how nice - for example - Buffy is, yet he gets less hate from the group than she does, etc. Which I still don’t like.
But isn’t it great that we can have a male character that’s insecure about his masculinity and doesn’t end up “growing some balls” and “man up” in the end? Isn’t it great that we have a character that struggle with what’s expected of him, and try to reject the notion that he has to be a sexist pig in order to get respect by his peers? Cause as far as I can tell, that’s his journey. It’s messy and he takes steps in the wrong direction but.. he’s slowly growing into a person that aims to be nurturing and valued in other ways than being the “big strong man” of the group. And I think that’s great.


First and foremost I would like to apologies for how long that it has taken for me to come up with a solution towards the text glitch that has been affecting people. I really am sorry that it has taken much longer than expected. 

That swiftly moves me along though as secondly, a solution has been found to rid the texting virus thanks to the help as Blaine. The solution is quite simple really, each phone has been effected with an overload of Aethernet that has been causing the “texting glitch” that has been sending drafts and unsent texts. All that has to be done is I send those who have been affected a one of my spell codes which can reduce the amount of Aethernet being gathered. 

However, I am going to need the actual phones that have been effected on hand to perform a very special manual restart that I can only stimulate.Basically striking your phones with lightning. I know it might be asking much but I am psychically going to need your phone to fix it. Drop your phones by  Zephyrus Quarter Room #202.

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Painting my houseplants - Echeveria shaviana. This amazing plant and pot were a gift from thesill. I’ve been slowly working on this painting for a month now, just waiting for the flowers to open all the way - which has taken much longer than expected. The flower stalk is stunning and and beautifully architectural.  

Neal Stephenson has joined Magic Leap, the mysterious and well-funded augmented/virtual reality startup.

From his blog post: 

If you’re one of the seven billion people who haven’t read Snow Crash, I’ll explain that it has a lot to do with both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). When I wrote it, it seemed as though those technologies were just around the corner. Accordingly, Snow Crash is set in a near-future world.

In practice, it has taken longer than just about anyone expected to get that kind of tech consumer-ready. The devil has turned out to be in the details of satisfying the amazingly finicky human visual system.

The retina lies outside of what we normally think of as the brain, but it performs brain-like processing operations on the light that strikes it. What it feeds down the optic nerve to the brain proper isn’t so much an image as it is the beginnings of an idea–something that has already been thought about by that chunk of peripheral brain in the back of the eyeball. Banging photons off of this thing in an effort to fool it turns out to be hard. For hundreds of millions of years of animal and human evolution, seeing stuff that’s actually there = not dying = getting to have children.

So it was in an appropriately skeptical frame of mind that, a few weeks later, I traveled to what for me is the opposite corner of the United States. In a teeming, overcrowded hardware lab in a South Florida strip mall, I got the demo from Rony, the founder and CEO. Shortly thereafter, I agreed to become Magic Leap’s Chief Futurist.

More from io9.

Jon the Rebuilder

(This was a tangent from an ask which has taken longer than expected because I got distracted on a tangent. But I have not forgotten about it, Anon.)

Throughout ADWD we see Jon develop a skill which is nearly, maybe even entirely, singular in the series:

“We need more eyes along the Wall. Way-castles where our patrols can get out of the cold and find hot food and a fresh mount. I am putting a garrison in Icemark and giving you command of it.”

Giant put the tip of his little finger in his ear to clean out the wax. “Command? Me? M’lord knows I’m just a crofter’s get, on the Wall for poaching?”

“You’ve been a ranger for a dozen years. You survived the Fist of the First Men and Craster’s Keep, and came back to tell the tale. The younger men look up to you.” (Jon II)

“Until we have more maesters and more birds, I mean to establish a line of beacon towers along the top of the Wall.” (Jon II)

The Watch now had garrisons at Icemark, Long Barrow, Sable Hall, Greyguard, and Deep Lake, all badly undermanned, but ten castles still stood empty and abandoned. “Men with wives and children, all orphan girls and any orphan boys below the age of ten, old women, widowed mothers, any woman who does not care to fight. The spearwives we’ll send to Long Barrow to join their sisters, single men to the other forts we’ve reopened. Those who take the black will remain here, or be posted to Eastwatch or the Shadow Tower. Tormund will take Oakenshield as his seat, to keep him close at hand.” (Jon XI)

“Ten stewards and ten spades should do it,” said Marsh.

“Use Wun Wun too.” (Jon XIII)

The series features better politicians, more accomplished warriors, more inspired visionaries, but Jon’s most impressive achievement is in rebuilding. The Wall has been declining for a few centuries, and Jon whipped that trajectory around in a matter of months. Jon is really good with the nuts-and-bolts of “what do we have, who do we have, and how do we put that together to get what we need?”

This isn’t necessarily something I would have connected the character to before reading ADWD, but on reflection, it absolutely goes back to those earliest chapters which show the character so anxious to make himself useful. It’s an unusual thing to be good at, or at least to be willing to prioritize. It has neither the creative element nor the inherent ego appeal of construction; it requires a person to be able to accept some degree of futility, because that which has fallen to entropy before will eventually fall again. It’s nothing like the dashing, lonesome heroing he expected to do all those years he dreamed of being a ranger, and it has nothing to do with his more conventional protagonist-type traits. But I think it also draws out the very best of the character: it shows a concrete attentiveness to basic human needs, and it shows his bedrock belief that life is worth improving even if it is impermanent. Jon will be resurrected (and what is resurrection but reconstruction?) because he’s a fighter; if he by some miracle gets to hold onto this second chance, it will be because he’s a fixer.

So this is the way Jon fits into the Big Three, who have distinctly different talents. Daenerys can destroy. Her power comes from her ability to run an unlimited number of literal scorched-earth campaigns. That’s not all bad, because some things need to be destroyed, but it can only take you so far. Tyrion’s great military achievement of protecting a city from a siege is no accident: Tyrion is the consummate survivor. Whatever the odds, he defends, he resists, he endures. This is also important, because some things are worth defending, but he’s had such stunning ups and downs lately that he loses his way hard when he finds himself without a crisis and a worthy opponent to define himself against. Jon’s flashy Destiny™ is a little dissonant, because in some ways he’s a bit of a plodder next to these two larger-than-life types. Dany’s good at massive sociopolitical upheaval, Jon’s good at digging ditches. But then again, ditches need digging.

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Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 14

Part 13, Part 15

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

You take Matt’s hand and he tugs you off of the ground. “Long time no see, Blue Jay.” He pulls you into a tight hug that you hold for a while.

“Yeah, it really has been pretty long.” You smile at him.

“Hey, are you gonna be alright?” He asks you after a period of silence.

“Oh, mhm! I’ll be fine in no time! Listen, there’s a lot of questions I should be asking you right now but I’m kind of in the middle of a mission.” You say.

“A mission? Me too! Um, 200 kids, right?” Matt scratches the back of his neck.

“Yep. My colleagues are in here somewhere getting them to safety.” You tell him.

“And here I was thinking that was my job.” He jokes.

“Matt, I-we- we gotta go. Hold my hand.” You grip his palm in yours. He was just about to make a sarcastic comment when you whisked him away at Pietro speed, which he began running at as well. “Twins, where are you?” You speak into the earpiece.

“We are on the top floor. We could really use some back up.” Wanda said, sounding like she was struggling. You and Matt rush up the stairs, meeting Wanda and Pietro who were both fighting off the last of the remaining guards. Pietro catches sight of your hand inside of Matt’s, throwing him off completely. He was distracted long enough to almost get sucker punched, if it weren’t for the fact that he backed away at the last second. You drop Matt’s hand, knocking out the man who threatened Pietro, with a blast of energy. As for the Dare Devil, he takes on two guards at once, knocking one out with a blunt hit from one of his fighting sticks, while the other was taken down by getting his head smashed into the wall. The twins watch in awe as his feet fail to miss a single shot. He continues to apply each hit with the same amount of brutal force as the one previous, if not more. Within no more than a minute, two more are laying on the ground beneath his feet. Wanda lets out a small gasp.

“Guys, this, is The Devil of hell’s Kitchen. Or, Dare Devil, if you will.” You inform them.

Pietro raised an eyebrow. “This is the man on the news all of the time, correct?”

“Yep. He’s only the greatest vigilante the streets of New York have ever known.” You grin.

“Where did he, come from..?” Wanda seemed nearly speechless.

“I’ve been tracking Rampage for months, but I guess, that Blue Jay was a step ahead of me this time around.”

“This time around?” Pietro questions, only to be ignored.

“Technically, Matt, I wasn’t a step ahead of you. The Avengers were.” You correct your friend.

“Oh, yes, I heard about that, you’re with, The Avengers now.” He sighs.

“Well don’t sound too excited, Matthew!” You tease.

“I’m sorry, how do you guys know each other?” Wanda reinstituted her brother’s question.

“We used to be partners. We met one night, when we were both trying to beat up the same guy. It’s funny, I think I actually have deja vu.” Matt says.

“We should,-we should get these kids to S.H.I.E.L.D. so they can get home safe.” Wanda prompts you all to get moving.


A couple of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bring around some buses to help transport the kids, so that they might go and get the care they need. So with your job done, You, Wanda Pietro, and Matt stand outside the abandoned building, having a chat.


“(Y/N), you never introduced me to your colleagues.” Matt pried.

“Oh! Yeah. This is Wanda Maximoff, A.K.A Scarlet Witch.” You gesture to Wanda who gives a small hello. “And this is her brother, Pietro Maximoff, A.K.A Quicksilver.” Pietro only nods slightly, which then reminded you: “By the way, Matt’s blind as shit.”

“Which causes me to have other heightened senses.” He explains. “That just means I am made known of stuff blind people wouldn’t know, like, Pietro dyes his hair, or that Wanda wears lots of jewelry.”

“That is crazy!” Wanda sounded fascinated. Pietro didn’t look as pleased.

“Hey, I’m sure you guys can do much cooler stuff.” Matt said humbly.

“Well actually, Wanda can read minds, and she can show you your worst fear. Pietro here is the fastest man alive.” You put an arm around Pietro’s shoulders.

“That is, definitely cooler.” Matt agrees.

“So Matt, speaking of people who are way cooler than you, how’s Foghorn Leghorn doin’?” You joke.

“Isn’t that a cartoon character?” Wanda looked confused on so many levels.

“My friend, his name is Foggy. She likes to tease him and call him that.” Matt replies.

“Whatever. How is the dork, though?”

“He’s pretty good. I told him about me.” Matt looks to the ground.

“Oh fuck! Was he mad?” Your eyes widened.

“Yeah. It was pretty bad.” He admits.

“You guys made up, right?” You ask.

“Yep. Eventually.”

“That’s good, I’m glad.” You put a hand on his arm.


You catch up with Matt for a while longer, asking him about his business, and his clients, as well as his behind the scenes career and who he’d taken down recently. Then you talk about how you came to the Avengers, and what the team was like. Although, Pietro seemed tense for most of the conversation.


You and Pietro walk back to your room, where you quickly throw on your usual bedtime attire. You noticed that he still seemed just as stiff as before.

“Hey Gorgeous, why so tense?” You ask, pulling him by his chin so that your lips collide. You kiss him again, and he backs away. “What’s up?”

“Nothing I’m just… tired…” He looks at the floor.

“Alright then, well let’s go to bed then.” You breathe out, crawling under the covers, Pietro following right after you. “You sure you’re okay?” You noses brush against one another.

“Yeah. I just have one question.” He says softly. “Why didn’t you tell me anything about Matt?” He asks.

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve had plenty of time for it. All of those long talks we’ve had, why would you just leave him out if he’s such a big part of your life?” He didn’t sound mad, just confused.

“Well, Pietro, I never really talk about Matt to anyone. I can guarantee that he doesn’t talk about me.”

“How do you know that?” He faces you.

“Because Matt and I are just secrets, Pietro. No one was ever supposed to know that Blue Jay or Dare Devil existed.” You answer.

“But, we’re dating. How come you didn’t tell me even after we started going out?” Pietro’s confusion drifted into agitation.

“I dunno, I guess I just never really saw a point after that. I mean, it’s over. We don’t fight crime together. Hell, I haven’t seen Matt in like, two years.” You respond.

“Well I see a point. A blind guy was holding hands with my girlfriend, and apparently he was one of her closest friends, and she suspiciously has not told me anything about him.” His eyebrows drooped and he crossed his arms. Mind you, your noses were still touching.

“Wait a minute.” You pause to let out a giggle. “I think you’re jelly.”

“Jelly? WHat? I am not snack food!” He exclaims, as serious as ever.

“No you dork, jelly means jealous. besides, the snack food would be called Jello.” You snicker.

“I am not jealous either!” He said, clearly in denial.

“Oh really?” You ask, full of doubt.

“Really.” He tightens his crossed arms.

“Then,… you wouldn’t mind if I told you that I made out with Matt once?” You tease.

“You WHAT?” Pietro sat up in bed immediately.

You die of laughter. “No, dipshit, I never made out with Matt.” You sit up next to him. “Admit it, you’re jealous.” A grin spreads across your face.

“No. I’m not.” He avoids looking at you, instead only staring directly at the ceiling.

“Hey. Look at me then.” You crawl over to sit on his lap, facing him. You pull his face down at level to yours. “Pietro, Matt and I didn’t make out. I wasn’t lying. Actually, we had sex on his couch.”

“WHaT?” Pietro’s eyes just about popped out of his head.

“SEE. YOU”RE JEALOUS.” You shout at him.

“Maybe, a little.” He smiles.

“Listen to me, Pietro.” You touch your nose to his own again. “I’ve known Matt for a pretty long time. Longer than I’ve known you indefinitely. Now I’ve known him for years, aaand, nothing. I knew you for 9 weeks and we’re already dating. What does that tell you?”

“It tells me that you don’t like him like that.” Pietro speaks shyly on account of having  nothing sassy to say.

“That sounds about right.” You grin, draping your arms around his neck. “Plus, Matt, as cool of a dude as he is, is most likely sitting at home alone. And you’re here, and you get to partake in such activities as this.” You kiss him passionately, scrunching up his shirt in one of your hands, The other around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“Fair play.” Pietro says, and you press another kiss to his neck with a laugh.  


Thought I would put out another short one for you guys tonight <3 Thank you guys for reading every single one of you is gold tbh bye


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I'm Fine Part 3

This has taken way longer to get to you than I thought it would and I’m really sorry about that. We’ve kind of had some family things going on and writing something like this seemed out of place at the time.

This is the final part, but here is part 1, part 2. There will be an epilogue, and, if everything goes as planned, it can be expected next week.

Other writings can be found here and feedback is always much loved and appreciated.


Grace was letting time pass. She didn’t call Hannah, didn’t send a text or reach out in any way.

Hannah tried to do the same.

She tried.

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Hello guys, I did it! My johnlock hell song has been re-recorded in a shiny new audio version!

It has taken much MUCH longer than expected, because clearly I am useless at technology. Overall I’m still not completely happy with it, but it got to the point where I was placing individual bass notes and decided I needed to stop. 

So I really hope you all like it, please reblog it if you do- I have put so much time into this it would be nice if it got more notes than the crappy video version! 

Lots of love, Marisa x



Oh we used to eat Italian and then go on a chase, but I’m struggling to find somebody who could take your place, ‘cause they’re not right, can’t conduct my light.

Now you live around the corner in your double bedroom flat, but I think you’d feel warmer if you only came and sat back in your chair, it’s still there.

So you ride your bike to work because you just can’t bear to drive, and you storm into a house just to make you feel alive, if I’d not lied, I’d still be by your side.

Don’t you think, that it’s not fair for you to ask me not to blink when you say that you love me still?

Don’t you know, that I’d have left it all behind if you had asked, but our chance is over now.

So you live back in our home and I’m stuck at the surgery, and although its all right here I really miss your company, before the fall, holes in the wall.

After years of thinking that I knew exactly who you were, you tell me that I’ve got it wrong without saying the words, but it’s too late, I’ve sealed my fate.

It’s been weeks of living separately I can take no more, and quite clearly you aren’t coping well you really should’ve called, and now you’re leaving, I’ve done my grieving.

Don’t you think, that it’s not fair for you to ask me not to blink when you say that you love me still?

Don’t you know, that I’d have left it all behind if you had asked, but our chance is over now.


Royz Interview - Scans and Translation

This has taken me much longer than I expected actually. Above, you can see scans by xxtheinvisiblewallxx​ who created these awesome clear scans for me / us, thank you again so much honey! (^・ω・^ )
These scans contain 6 pages. They are taken from Gab Music Network Magazine vol.59, 10.2012

The very first page you can see is a preview of the translation. The whole translation contains 13 (!) pages. You can download them below in pdf format. Tumblr won’t let me upload all of them in one go, so please bear with a download. I have to confess, I left out a tiny part, which is the right side on page 5 of the scan. Because it was only about the INNOCENCE tour which is long past and, to be honest, I was too lazy. The personal parts of each member are all done. Even though translating Kazuki’s part stinged my heart pretty badly.

Please do not use any of these files, both scans and translation, without clearly crediting! I’m tired of seeing my or other peoples stuff being misused.

@sherlolly-is-jolly didn’t disappoint and provided me with a perfect prompt for my uninspired brain. I’m sorry it has taken forever. I’m terrible at writing them quickly and this ended up being way longer than expected and there is still more to come. Here are the first three times. The other three are in progress. I hope it is satisfactory! :)


The five times Molly cried and the one time Sherlock did.

1. Sherlock paced impatiently in front of the bed as he waited for the final verdict. Of course time would slow when he desperately wanted it to speed up.

Molly was sitting in the middle of their bed, a pillow clutched tightly to her chest, and eyes fixed to the two objects laying on the bed before her. The wait was torturous and Sherlock’s incessant pacing did nothing to calm her nerves.

The soft chime of Molly’s cell phone alarm drew Sherlock’s pacing to an abrupt halt. The 3 agonizing minutes were finally up. His eyes fell to Molly, who had reached out to end the alarm with a quick tap on the screen.

An air of nervous energy and part anxiety infused the air between them as Molly hesitantly picked up the pregnancy test. It felt like a weight in her hand and looked to Sherlock for brief encouragement, which he gave freely with a simple nod.

Molly took a deep breath and peered down at the test. A plus sign was clearly displayed on the small screen. Positive. Pregnant.

“ Molly?” Sherlock prompted. Her silence was unsettling, made only more so by the unshed tears welling up in her swimming eyes. Why was she crying?His brows knit together in confusion. “ Is it… are you?”

She nodded slowly, momentarily stunned by the news, and unable to produce intelligible sounds. She set the pregnancy test beside her and clutched the pillow, a lost expression on her face.

Sherlock’s sudden movement surprised her. He kneeled in the empty space on the bed before her, gently removed her fingers from the pillow, and thrust it aside. His fingers threaded through her hair to the back of her neck, allowing him to pull her close for a tender kiss. She smiled against his lips as the reality of their current situation sunk in and she absentmindedly placed her hands over her stomach.

“ We’re going to be parents,” he whispered, an undeniable smile gracing his features as his hands joined hers.


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anonymous asked:

Hi:) au where yoongi just moved in next door and he refuses to accept the growing crush he has on his very pretty neighbor and his friends dont make the situation any better

Thank you for the prompt, lovely! 
This has taken me longer than expected to write it because I’ve been inspired. This is quite long, I hope you all don’t mind! 

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It’s almost finished!!!!!

I’m waiting on the wider leather strip to arrive to finish the handle before I glue on the white fur and then it’ll be finished!!!

This has taken so much longer than I expected to complete. Also, practice action pose! It’s harder than it looks to kneel down like that with a 7ft sword on my shoulder. This is in the list of things I need to practice.