Much Ado About Nothing?

I don’t get it. I know, that starting sentence is fairly vague. Let me clarify my point of confusion.

It has to do with the involvement of Mr. Shatner with the OL shipper fandom. Mr. Shatner or rather his sidekick Mr. Camuso are spending their valuable time lurking through shipper blogs and screen capping commentaries and especially lately benign commentaries at that.

But, why? Why is this so important to them? Do shippers care what the “truth” is? Not really. 

I think Mr. Heughan and Miss. Balfe would make a terrific couple in real life and I believe they have at the very least contemplated the idea. They don’t want to share with us their decision-making process about their dating life? Totally understandable. Technically, we are not asking them to. 

Our frustration stems more from people censoring our opinion rather than anything else. Our opinion is valid and furthermore not unusual as it happens with fans of many TV shows, soap operas, movies, not to mention reality TV.

So, back to the question of, why are they so concerned about what we think? Why are they so concerned about exposing the “truth”?

Mr. Shatner and Mr. Camuso have only contributed to the drama created in the fandom over thinking two people might be dating. Really, shippers have always shipped and then they ran into the “Truth Seekers”, no joke, who were hell bent on proving the shippers wrong (why? who cares?) resulting in some epic and embarrassing exchanges on SM. We have put that behind us and no longer care to engage.

Now Mr. Shatner has taken up the role of engaging unprovoked. Why? Mr. Shatner will argue because shipping is not benign, people have received death threat…wow, talk about blowing things out of proportion. People are angry with Graham, please, who is angry with Graham? NOT us. Finding Graham’s comment funny or beyond belief is not the same as being angry at someone or disliking them, so stop dramatizing. I know it is an occupational hazard for Mr. Shatner, but just stop.

Mr. Shatner and Mr. Camuso are a typical attention seeking pair, over-dramatizing events to make themselves seemingly more relevant. It is pathetic that is what a celebrity of his status deems himself responsible for.

My only conclusion is that it is them and not us who are making much ado about nothing in hopes of achieving what? I am not sure. But the fact they are so involved only makes me more suspicious and not less. Nobody makes such a big deal over a fairly benign shipping topic and what random bloggers think unless we have hit a nerve.

How aiming for 6-pack abs helped one entrepreneur start earning 6 figures on his own

(Johnny FD in Thailand.Johnny FD / Facebook)
If you ask Johnny FD, 2013 was the year that changed his life.

Five years earlier, he’d left behind a soul-sucking 9-5 in California to move to Thailand and teach scuba diving. One thing led to another, and after a stint Muy Thai fighting for extra cash, he set up his own entrepreneurial venture. 

This year, between blogging, writing books about living in Thailand and earning money, conducting online courses, investing, and running a drop-shipping business, the 35-year-old is on track to earn more than $250,000.

The money is nice. However, he said, much of his success can be traced back to a goal he set in 2013 that has nothing to do with dollars and cents: get six-pack abs.

“I was down to my last couple hundred dollars and knew I’d probably have to go back home and get normal job,” he told Business Insider. “I thought if I go home empty-handed, this whole trip would have been a failure. Yes, I would have had an amazing time, but I would be in my 30s, broke, out of shape, and have nothing to show for it. I thought to myself: If I can go home in the best shape of my life, then nothing else really matters. At least I met one goal.”

He realized, in trying to achieve his fitness goal, that he wanted access to the best trainers and coaches, and to “not worry about how much a side of avocado costs.”

Which meant he needed to start earning more money.

So he repackaged his blog into “12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap,” which made $600 in its first month on sale. "After I wrote that book, I wanted to find out how to sell more,“ he previously told Business Insider. "I started meeting all these people doing internet marketing that happened to be traveling or living in Chiang Mai. I had no idea there was this underground community of digital nomads. It was kind of just emerging, and I would meet whoever I could and ask if I could take them to dinner or coffee and pick their brain.”

Life in Thailand was starting to look entirely different. “When you’re in shape, eating healthy, and exercising, you have so much mental clarity and much more energy to get stuff done,” he said. 

Now, he’s begun pursuing monetary goals. And the abs? “Some people say I got a six pack — it depends on which photo you look at,” FD said. “I definitely hit the goal of being in the best shape of my life.”

NOW WATCH: A psychologist reveals a trick to stop being lazy

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princess-little-babygirl  asked:

My daddy seems like all he really wants from me is sex and housekeeping... Which is ok except he doesnt give me what i really need as far as affection and things. Ive told him i feel left out but nothing has changed, what should i do?

Hi there, precious little *big hugs*

It sounds like you’re being used 😞
Any relationship should always be balanced. No one person should be getting everything while the other is essentially getting nothing (or significantly less). Relationships are formed to get something from someone you can’t give yourself while giving the other person something from you they can’t obtain alone. Love, companionship, sex, support, etc. You are not a sex toy or maid. You’re his little. His partner. If you wanted to be someone’s maid, you could go do so AND get paid. And using someone for sex is just incredibly cruel, to put it lightly.

Just based off what you’ve told me, it doesn’t seem like he treats you like a partner, much less a little 😞. He doesn’t seem like a daddy beyond the title at all, in my opinion. A true daddy doesn’t take from their little while neglecting what they want/need in return. The most basic thing any relationship needs (and, honestly, the easiest thing to give) is affection, even more so for a little. If that is missing, that’s a really bad sign.

If you tried talking to him about it, you have already done what my first suggestion would have been. All you can really do is talk to him about what’s wrong and how it makes you feel. Then, it’s in his hands and up to him to make things better. If he hasn’t done anything, it’s unlikely he will. He’s getting a sweet deal, giving nothing and getting you in return, and doesn’t seem like he wants to give that up. Anyone in relationship can make mistakes. They can not realize they aren’t making the other person feel as good as they thought, not giving as much attention or affection. However, when it is a mistake, once it’s bought to their attention, you see changes. If you’ve seen nothing, you’ll only continue hurting if you stay.
Never sacrifice your happiness or wellbeing to be with anyone. You are so important and deserve love and the basics of any healthy relationship. You deserve a LOT better than this.

Please do what’s best for you, little one. You can’t allow someone to keep hurting you like this. If you do, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. You deserve so much more than that 💕💖💕

i just hit my next followers goal  which is absolutely mindblowing and crazy!! huge thank you to everyone who finds my blog pretty and cool enough to follow! and, to celebrate, i decided to do tumblr awards! but since college is hitting me hard in one week, i won’t have much time afterward so this is only 72 hours.


  • follow this fleur 🌹
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  • winners: 3 edits/gifsets, 3 promos, personal aesthetic, playlist according to the vibe i’m getting from your blog. EVERYTHING IS UPON REQUEST <3
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  • plus everyone’s getting +f from me, my love and friendship and the spot on the updates tab

good luck everyone and thank you for entering <3

e-r-w-i-n  →  noctemv

URL change. It was quite a difficult change to make since it’s been sort of my “trademark” for so long. But I’ve wanted to change it into my instagram url for a while. I still love Erwin Smith. Nothing has changed about my blog except the name of it. 

1.2k Follow Forever 。.:*☆

hello everyone! it’s been 1 year and 1 month since i started this blog and i’ve actually reached 1.2k a long time ago. it’s just that i was too lazy to make another follow forever because my first one was a complete disaster, thanks to tumblr, but i don’t have anything to do for today so i tried to make this one as carefully as i can.

p.s please don’t mind my tokyo ghoul header (it has definitely nothing to do with my crush on that adorable and the sweetest guy whose name is kaneki ken, i promise) & i didn’t italicize my favourites because i’m already following all of my favourite blogs. i love you guys!

+  ((mutuals bolded))

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A fellow creep needs support

Hey guys, someone very special to the Creepypasta fandom has just come from a very difficult time. If you could could you give some support to @kiki-hyuga-blog. She’s the creator of Sally and has unfortunately dealt with a lot of negativity towards how she presents her character. I personally dont understand why some people are giving her hate. 1)She’s done absolutely nothing wrong 2) Its HER character, she has the creative freedom to do whatever she likes. My opinion? I absolutely adore Sally and stand by her creator’s wishes. Its what a fan should do. I just want you guys to give her some positivity and encouragement while she deals with the negativity in her life. All the love to @kiki-hyuga-blog if you ever need to vent out some frustration just message me, I’ll always lend an ear.

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My dad thought I wasn’t home so he turned off my computer when I left the room but he made sure to save this edit I made for a different fandom

So here you go

He saved it in my no nose matsu folder


just take it

I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever be able to get over how abysmally vivienne behaved towards Boyd. I’m still appalled by how openly she admits that she has no particular love or fondness for him but rather only felt protective towards the parts of him that reminded her of Cedric. Boyd is never a real, fully formed person to her; rather she treats him like Frankenstein’s monster - a blend of good and bad pieces of her and Cedric haphazardly strung together.

Even after 1/27 I’m still left with a bad taste in my mouth. Her whole confession/explanation scene in fade helped me grow to loathe her a bit less but I still feel so angry that Boyd had to grow up not knowing what it was like to feel like he had any value.

Postpartum depression is not an excuse to continue to emotionally abuse and mistreat your son well into adulthood and the fact that she blamed him - WHEN HE WAS A BABY - for everything that went wrong in her life and for the actions of a terrorist group still leaves a sick feeling in my stomach.

Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them ♡♡♡  *nudge nudge* hi. 

Thanks to @titaniasfics and @honeylime08 for tagging me. Love you ladies! *smooches* The post has grown so long now it’s crashing my tumblr, which is pretty incredible, that much love going around. It’s HERE for anyone who wants to see it. So for the tags! No pressure to do this again if you’ve already been tagged or even if you haven’t. Just some extra love for you! @norbertsmom, @ishy-fish, @arabeth-thea, @lifeloveanddance, @lovelizziekins, @lvfics, @katamount, @wanderleave, @am2c, @booksrockmyface, @moviefangal, @gobletgirl, @book-junkie007, @mscallo, @sixela872

Tbh most amedot shippers I’ve seen get super violent about their ship. I’ve never seen that from Pearlmethyst or Lapidot shippers. I could be wrong.

But for all those angry amedot shippers out there, y'all need to chill. Delete your blog. Draw some amedot art. Sip some tea. Come back when you’re ready to stop being assholes.

Anyone who has anything shitty to say to me will be blocked. For my health, I’m not dealing with this bullshit. If you feel the need to talk to me, be civil. Otherwise, take my advice. For your own health. Anger isn’t healthy, especially anger over fictional characters. ❤️💛💚💙💜

🎵Being polite🎵
🎶Don’t cost nothing🎶
🎵Omitting spite🎵
🎶Don’t cost nothing🎶
🎵Now how do you deal🎵
🎶With all that anger🎶
🎵Without taking it out on others?🎵

anonymous asked:

Mod kotori is the cutest and Mod nozomi is the angstiest. All of Mod kotori's update posts are cute and uplifting while Mod nozomi's upate posts are just apologizing for mental health (this is a music blog get over yourself). Maybe that is why kotori is everyone's favorite (she is definately mine)

Hey, can I say something about this?

I think this is ask is terribly rude. Mod Nozomi has been having a hard time lately, so she may not be the highest in spirits. It’s nothing to pin against her, and she has every right to express how she feels on this blog, as she is the owner.

Maybe I am very upbeat, it’s part of my personality, but I do frown upon our followers talking like this. What’s it to you, anyway?

- Mod Kotori.

anonymous asked:

Umm. I've noticed your lack of black girls. As a black girl that's into fashion and that loves you blog, it makes me feel weird. Like can black girls not be dolls of beauty too?

Omds. I am half black my mother is black. Beauty comes in all shades I just post fashion/beauty posts that reflect my style. It has NOTHING to do with skin tone. You need to go down my blog and see I post all kinds of ethnicity’s so all sorts of people can relate. I just looked and I posted black girls yesterday? This message is so irrelevant.


So in case I haven’t mentioned this before, I have been working as a grocery store cake decorator for the past few months or so. It’s nothing amazingly fancy or anything, but it’s still fun and sometimes I make stuff that I’m proud of that I’d like to share. 

But this blog has never been about cakes or food really and it’s not what any of you followed for. So I’m asking if you guys are interested or okay with me posting some of my cakes. Would you rather I not do that here? Is it okay as long as I tag it? Let me know what you think.


Get rid of irritating customers with this one weird trick!

This has nothing to do with Social Justice or SJWs. I just can’t post it on my personal blog.

I’m from a certain Caribbean country, working at a certain small electronics store. Our fortunes have fallen; we’ve gone from two large stores and two smaller ones to two small stores. Staff are leaving, hours are reduced, we are constantly out of vital items, I don’t know how our doors are open, and, more importantly, why I’m still on this sinking ship.

A few days ago, some gent brings back a TV he bought in March. I’m writing this is August. The receipt clearly says the warranty is 90 days.

The gentleman claims that he spoke to our manager James just before the end of the warranty period.

“What if something happens?” he allegedly said.

“No problem,” James allegedly replied.

A bit of background: I was the other person in the store with James when the TV came in, and I left him in the store, with the customer chatting amicably to him. I assumed, at the time, that he was one of James’ friends, because what kind of customer hangs around after closing? With his laptop? Did he just expect us to fix it then and there?

James later said that the guy seemed “eccentric”, after I supplied the word. I also suggested he seemed like the sort to come back with a shotgun. James agreed with that too.

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