five cool raspberry pi projects that make: sent me

five cool raspberry pi projects that make sent me

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I have so many suggestions and ideas from the replies to my post yesterday, I could do nothing more than work on one a day for the rest of the year, and not finish all of them. If you, like me, have no idea where to start, but are curious about what you can do without too much difficulty, Make: has you covered, with a blog post that they wrote JUST FOR ME! (But you can read it, too.)…

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it’s just so willfully ignorant to pretend the lesbian community doesn’t have a culture or markers of our identity

of course we do. anyone can tell you easily what kinds of clothes (flannel shirts, loose fitting jeans, beanies, birkenstocks, etc) are UNIVERSALLY associated w our community

when these clothes come into fashion, such as loose fitting jeans or flannel shirts, it’s no mystery why stores like american eagle market them as “boyfriend” clothes. it has nothing to do w how masculine the clothes are or aren’t seen – it’s about reinforcing the heterosexuality of the potential female buyer. and like…. of course a straight woman would be the one arguing against this. my lesbian friends and i have been rolling our eyes at “boyfriend flannels” and shit for YEARS.

and i’ve told this story before and i have to mention it again – i used to follow a blog dedicated to pictures of “androgynous” women that was mostly full of gnc & butch women and mostly frequented by lesbians. however it quickly became filled up w straight girls with short haircuts and wearing things like flannel & beanies – fashions typically associated w lesbians – proudly proclaiming that they love men

that whole situation devolved into a lesbophobic mess SO FAST that you cannot pretend like straight girls who wear these clothes aren’t completely complicit in the lesbophobic marketing surrounding them. to pretend so is willful straight ignorance and i don’t like it

May I have your attention?

Every so often I publish something that is a bit… revealing.
Something that most people would do a “double take” over.
Of course that doesn’t mean you have to like it.
But the fact is, I got your attention.

Now some individuals, who know nothing of my blog or what its about, will spit and slander this publication. My inbox will gradually fill up with hateful anonymous comments & threats.
And that’s just fine.
I can take it.

But one thing I do not understand.
One thing that I look at humankind and say to myself “how did we get here?”
Its when I’m walking through the mall, and a young woman, wearing similar shorts perhaps, is cat called, groped or worse… targeted by some jerk who believes that because he has a dick between his legs that he has a right to her body.
…that is not, just fine.
I can not take, seeing that.

I will not deny, I worry that some will turn away from the message I believe in sharing.
A message that some would rather not acknowledge for the sheer daunting nature of the predicament.
A message of equality for human beings.

I write about many things dealing with equality, and I try to write them in a way that is real but also not disturbing.

But the simple fact is,
the sickening mentality that the majority of mankind has allowed itself to presume of women and their purpose or role in this world, that it is to serve or revolve around men, is no less, than disturbing.

I’m talking about equality for women tonight.
Some of you won’t like it.
I don’t care.

-Elliott Alexzander


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Listen, I completely understand why people think that owners of small blogs are less likely to meet Taylor than the “popular” blog owners. It makes sense. They have more followers. More notes. More chances for Taylor to see them. But those blog owners deserve to meet Taylor, too. Someone with five followers deserves to meet her. Someone with five thousand followers deserves to meet her. The popularity of your blog has nothing to do with how worthy you are of meeting her.

Good morning beautiful people! 

I realized only recently that my blog, originally intended as a platform to share my lifestyle, has turned into nothing more than just a smoothie journal. Haha. I hope to change this in the upcoming months! I want to be able to share more of myself and the things in my life (other than my breakfasts) that make me happy. I promise to do better to connect with more of you and see some of the things that inspire you as well! Today’s breakfast was a chilly bowl of mango cherryberry banana ice cream topped with fresh raspberries, sweet coconut flakes, and chopped medjool dates. This combo was so fluffy and delicious I encourage all of you to try it out. Let me know what you think! 

2.5 frozen bananas 
¾ cups of chopped frozen mangoes
20 large dark frozen cherries
3 chopped large frozen strawberries
1 large tbsp of organic almond butter
1 tbsp of Chia seeds
1 tsp of maca powder
Add organic vanilla almond milk 

Add ice Blend until fluffy. 

Top off with your favorite berries and enjoy!!

To all my followers who voted Trump or 3rd Party

This is for you. I know at least some of you did. This is going on all my blogs meaning that 70 000 people are going to see this.

You made your point. Never Hillary had nothing to do with Hillary. You meant Never A Woman.

Because say what you will about Hillary, never in the history of the United States has one candidate been so heinously under qualified. Hillary Clinton had problems but all it takes to vote for her is an IQ over 40

Maybe I don’t get a say in this. You all know I’m not American. I’m just a little terrified Canadian girl.

But maybe this election goes out to every person who said “we don’t need feminism anymore”.

Yes we do. Now more than ever. A known (child) rapist, tax evader, and hateful bigot is now in charge of one of the Superpowers of the new world. If that doesn’t terrify you, well, my bet is you’re a straight white male.

We are all in danger now.

And here’s the truth. All my Trump supporting or 3rd party voters, I want you to unfollow me right now.

I truly hope bad things happen to you as are going to happen to the women, poc (particularly woc), and lgbt citizens of the world now that Trump is president.

But the difference between you and me?

I would never vote to make bad things happen to you. I would never endanger you like that.