A thought from a reader of my blog

A reader of my blog has sent this message:

It always scares me when I come across a blog like yours. I’ve only seen a few in my time on Tumblr where the blogger was in an “agreement” (my brain lacks of a better word) like yours. What scares me is that I could see myself in your shoes, for the right man. I don’t know if I could allow myself to let go and fully give myself to another person like you have, yet a part of me yearns to do it.

my response:

There is nothing to be “scared” about fulfilling your own destiny.  Just as Alphas are born and not made, so are faggots – born not made.  This is what we are and some of us are so lucky to (1) recognize and accept what we are and (2) find the Man to dedicate ourselves to so that we can fulfill our destiny and make our lives meaningful. 

But my reader is correct in one sense: a true faggot “gives” itself to its Alpha.  The Alpha cannot take that control; the fag must give it to Him, and give it completely and thankfully  “Completely” because that is the only way the gift can be meaningful.  Jake and i have never discussed limits, because in truth, there are no limits.  There is nothing i would not do for Jake.  The only way this works is because Jake understands that His control is complete.  And “thankfully” because the gift that Jake gives to me by accepting my submission is far greater than the gift i have given to Him.  His gift to me is a meaningful life and and the opportunity to be part of something greater in life than i could ever have achieved on my own. 

So, dear reader, don’t be “scared.”  Follow your yearning and seek Your destiny.

anonymous asked:

I'm with you, it is hard to see everyone having good things while Louis has the worst stunt than any other member ever had and had nothing good for more than a year. I'm not a saint to receive it gladly, I'm tired of it.

I’m just. You can’t even say anything on our own damn blog how unfair all of this is m, how everyone gets good things except for Louis because then you’re a bad fan or you’re a debbie downer or what else.

Louis has spent the the last nine months doing non stop stunting while the other have been working on solo albums, filmed a movie, did a cover shoot and promoted golf things. How is this fair? My heart is breaking for all those people who feel exactly the same because they’re too scared to speak their minds in fear of being told to shut up and be happy for the other three. What the hell? Why is Louis always an afterthought? Why can’t we be upset that he’s been treated the worst out of all of them for years now? Nahhhh, if you say this publicly, you’ll get shunned and called a bad fan and people will tell you to suck it up or take a break, distance yourself from the situation. LMAO. Oh man, can you believe? I’m done with everyone else moving one except Harry. I’m also done with people saying that Louis would want us to support this and that and bla bla bla. Guess what? Pick someone supportive works both ways, you know, and I feel like some people here have trouble realising this. I have so much more to say but I’ll have to order my bought a first. I’m pissed, I’m sad and I feel like resignation has taken over. It’s a though job having Louis as your favourite.


Meet Sky Brown, Pint-Sized Badass Skating Prodigy

Because I find nothing on Earth so delightful as girls who march into firmly entrenched Male Territory and proceed to own the fuck out of the whole scene, I bring you Sky Brown, an 8-year-old Japanese skater and surfer who has already made Tony Hawk look like a damp piece of toast.

I can’t do this, can you do this?

According to the blog Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word, Sky started skating when she was 3 years old, which I think is around the same age I learned to hold up my own head. She’s also been surfing since she was 4, which I think is around the same age my mom had to rescue me from a neighbor’s pool after I gleefully tore off my water wings and started to drown. But Sky, evidently, was simply born a badass:

When I was little I used to hassle my dad to go with him for the morning surfs so I could play on the beach, I would even get into the car and refuse to leave, then one day my dad got me a soft board and pushed me into some small waves, and that was that. I was hooked pretty fast hahaha. Now I get up super early every morning and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me surfing.

Being Sky’s dad sounds exhausting. Still, Quartz notes that she comes from a family of skaters, with her mother maintaining a wildly popular Instagram account that documents her and her 4-year-old brother’s boarding prowess.

In August, Sky became the youngest girl to compete at the Vans US Open Pro Series. “She skates bigger than she is,” an admiring commentator said during the heat.

Sky doesn’t really give a shit about approval from her elders, though. Asked by #ShePlaysWeWin how she feels after accomplishing something new on a skateboard, Sky replied:

It’s such a good feeling when I make a new trick or even just getting a super clean Trick or line down.. BUT..My Favorite feeling ever is when there is something new or super scary.. Then I just get in my “superhero princess” mode and I just GO even when I`m scared this is when I feel the most happy..I’m in the Zone and I love it and I wanna do it all day just stay excited and thrilled and a little bit scared hahahaha and it’s soo fun to see the look on all the boys faces..

Live long and shred hard, little Sky.

it’s just so willfully ignorant to pretend the lesbian community doesn’t have a culture or markers of our identity

of course we do. anyone can tell you easily what kinds of clothes (flannel shirts, loose fitting jeans, beanies, birkenstocks, etc) are UNIVERSALLY associated w our community

when these clothes come into fashion, such as loose fitting jeans or flannel shirts, it’s no mystery why stores like american eagle market them as “boyfriend” clothes. it has nothing to do w how masculine the clothes are or aren’t seen – it’s about reinforcing the heterosexuality of the potential female buyer. and like…. of course a straight woman would be the one arguing against this. my lesbian friends and i have been rolling our eyes at “boyfriend flannels” and shit for YEARS.

and i’ve told this story before and i have to mention it again – i used to follow a blog dedicated to pictures of “androgynous” women that was mostly full of gnc & butch women and mostly frequented by lesbians. however it quickly became filled up w straight girls with short haircuts and wearing things like flannel & beanies – fashions typically associated w lesbians – proudly proclaiming that they love men

that whole situation devolved into a lesbophobic mess SO FAST that you cannot pretend like straight girls who wear these clothes aren’t completely complicit in the lesbophobic marketing surrounding them. to pretend so is willful straight ignorance and i don’t like it

I know this has nothing to do with the stuff I usually post on my blog but I don’t wanted to let this drawing rot on my computer tbh… 

To all my followers who aren’t interested at this: Just ignore it :) 



If you’ll ever read this, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for making me laugh even if I don’t feel like. Seriously, that means so much to me! I suffer from depression and there aren’t so many things who are able to light up my mood but when I watch your vines I always feel better. So… thank you! :) ♥ 

Also I really hope you like that drawing :) 

May I have your attention?

Every so often I publish something that is a bit… revealing.
Something that most people would do a “double take” over.
Of course that doesn’t mean you have to like it.
But the fact is, I got your attention.

Now some individuals, who know nothing of my blog or what its about, will spit and slander this publication. My inbox will gradually fill up with hateful anonymous comments & threats.
And that’s just fine.
I can take it.

But one thing I do not understand.
One thing that I look at humankind and say to myself “how did we get here?”
Its when I’m walking through the mall, and a young woman, wearing similar shorts perhaps, is cat called, groped or worse… targeted by some jerk who believes that because he has a dick between his legs that he has a right to her body.
…that is not, just fine.
I can not take, seeing that.

I will not deny, I worry that some will turn away from the message I believe in sharing.
A message that some would rather not acknowledge for the sheer daunting nature of the predicament.
A message of equality for human beings.

I write about many things dealing with equality, and I try to write them in a way that is real but also not disturbing.

But the simple fact is,
the sickening mentality that the majority of mankind has allowed itself to presume of women and their purpose or role in this world, that it is to serve or revolve around men, is no less, than disturbing.

I’m talking about equality for women tonight.
Some of you won’t like it.
I don’t care.

-Elliott Alexzander

Listen, I completely understand why people think that owners of small blogs are less likely to meet Taylor than the “popular” blog owners. It makes sense. They have more followers. More notes. More chances for Taylor to see them. But those blog owners deserve to meet Taylor, too. Someone with five followers deserves to meet her. Someone with five thousand followers deserves to meet her. The popularity of your blog has nothing to do with how worthy you are of meeting her.

Good morning beautiful people! 

I realized only recently that my blog, originally intended as a platform to share my lifestyle, has turned into nothing more than just a smoothie journal. Haha. I hope to change this in the upcoming months! I want to be able to share more of myself and the things in my life (other than my breakfasts) that make me happy. I promise to do better to connect with more of you and see some of the things that inspire you as well! Today’s breakfast was a chilly bowl of mango cherryberry banana ice cream topped with fresh raspberries, sweet coconut flakes, and chopped medjool dates. This combo was so fluffy and delicious I encourage all of you to try it out. Let me know what you think! 

2.5 frozen bananas 
¾ cups of chopped frozen mangoes
20 large dark frozen cherries
3 chopped large frozen strawberries
1 large tbsp of organic almond butter
1 tbsp of Chia seeds
1 tsp of maca powder
Add organic vanilla almond milk 

Add ice Blend until fluffy. 

Top off with your favorite berries and enjoy!!


This doesn’t really go with my blog but Leelah Alcorns death is hitting me really hard. It is so insanely narrow minded and unloving that parents can cast their child’s identities away and pretend that they can make their sons and daughters whoever they choose to mold them into. This has nothing to do with religion, and even if it did who would want to worship a god that says to hate and cast out and try to change your own child? Not me that’s for fucking sure. I follow a couple transgenders on Twitter and some have said that Leelah’s death will be for nothing that’s she’s foolish to think she could change things. But I think they’re wrong. It only takes one person to start a movement. One person to smack society and the face and say bitch you’re wrong. And I truly believe that that person was Leelah. Social media is a wild fire with her name and suicide note; I’ve seen transgender support lines and clothing swaps and anything positive you can think of on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and obviously Tumblr.
Unfortunately Leelah’s mother is trying to remove her note from her blog; even if she succeeds I know there’s millions of screen shots and posts of it everywhere.
Just seeing all the tweets under the hashtag #leelahalcorn makes me so proud to be a part of this generation. We may be a giant group of fucks up sometimes but we have the biggest hearts and that’s something we should be insanely proud of.

So here’s to Leelah; I hope you’re pampered up in heaven girl (or wherever you are) and that your parents rot in hell while you smile down at at them.