A free to play MMO, with the best stylized environment design for that type of game I’ve ever seen, look at these screenshots:

Not enough people play it. I invite you to give it a try! You can organize your own house the way you want

Have mounts (hoverboards, horses, giant lizards, hamster balls, etc.)

The music is awesome, the colours are wonderful, the aliens have interesting lores, there are pvp options for like.. up to 50 vs 50 people, but my favourite part so far has been simply exploring. Going off the map. You can criss-cross an entire continent

Even the sky is detailed.

Today and tomorrow, 11. and 12. of March, they’re giving away for free max level character slots to people who start playing.

I’d just like for more people to try it out. It’s free to play and I think it’s worth it.

This is an advanced warning that later on I will be live blogging Eurovision… for everyone who doesn’t know what that is then it’s basically where a load of European countries (and Australia) come together and sing songs and vote for each other based on political and geographical reasons, singing ability… 

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This has nothing to do with my blog but it’s the holiday season which means NEW DOGS which means many WILL BE SURRENDERED simply because people don’t know how to communicate with them so as a trainer I want this spread as much as possible because you never know if some of it could save a life. Sorry it’s long but it’s IMPORTANT.

1. A lot of things are dangerous to dogs that you’d never think of 

Let’s get the biggest chunk over with. You might not believe this, but these are NOT common knowledge.

First off, human food. Yeah your dog can eat some of it, but not all. If you’re not sure, LOOK IT UP. The first things that come to mind are chocolate, grapes, avocados, caffeine and alcohol and drugs. Human pain killers = bad. Benadryl = fine, but look up the correct dosage for a dog’s weight. Doggy pain killers exist at pet stores, but most pills are bad. Smoke is bad. That’s not up for debate don’t get it near your pets. 

Concrete and Asphalt. If it’s too hot for your bare foot, assume it’s too hot for them, but be extra cautious with asphalt. If the air temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, any sunlit asphalt is 137 DEGREES!! 

Don’t leave your dog alone with rope toys. I know too many dogs who died because they either accidentally or intentionally swallowed some rope toy and it messed up their intestines and killed them. 

Don’t let your dogs chew on rocks. Again I know several who swallowed one or more and either had an expensive surgery or died. Sticks are typically okay but be aware that some plants are poisonous.

There’s more but lastly, some dogs develop allergies to dog food. Go ahead and avoid corn, soy, and byproducts, (think protein based) but some dogs are allergic to chicken and\or wheat. If your dog is chewing\itching themselves excessively and there’s nothing major on their skin, their food might need changed.  

2. Dogs can only understand one word to mean one thing

What does ‘down’ mean? Get off the couch? Lie down? Stop jumping on me? We know it could mean any of those. A dog doesn’t. One word per command! 

3. They do have reasoning abilities 

I could tell you many stories about my dogs tricking each other for their own benefit, about them tricking US. About how they teach themselves things. Your dog might not be super intelligent, but don’t go into it thinking that’s a guarantee. 

4. Dogs only have a 5 minute memory 

They’re smart but this is the truth. Cats have a 16hr memory and can trick you into thinking they forgot. A dog actually did. So after the two of you disagree, don’t be mad that they look happy. Separate yourself from them if you’re going to take out unnecessary anger. 

5. Doggy diapers are not meant to cure potty training issues and doggy boots are not meant to prevent digging.

I can’t believe I have to say this one. If you have a question about one of these issues, message me or seek professional info. 

6. Dogs bark for a reason, and sometimes it’s the moon

There are many ways to teach your dog to be quiet, but it helps if you know why they’re barking. Hunger, boredom, a noise you can’t hear, and wanting to go out are all likely reasons. If they want something, teach them to be quiet before you give it to them or the problem will be worse. Remember you don’t want to silence them completely, you want to be able to tell them when to be quiet. 

Yes, the full moon can make your dog (or people) moody. Every full moon, I see extra hyper or restless behavior, sometimes to the point of causing destruction, so keep it in mind. One of my dogs just stands outside at night and barks around the time of a full moon. 

7. Dogs communicate via body language and they assume we do too

It’s hard because the same sign can mean different things. Typically aggression is shown through raised fur, bared teeth, lowered ears, hunched back or stiffness, or a still\slow moving tail. But guess what?? They often growl, bare their teeth and raise their fur when they play! Isn’t that convenient? So look for several signs adding up together. If a dog springs into a bowing position during or before play, that means everything is going to be meant as play after that. 

Now for you. Dogs see threats where we don’t mean them. Leaning over them or just looking them in the eye can trigger any dog. If your dog acts afraid or aggressive with you or anyone, turn to the side, don’t look them on the eye, crouch down, hold a hand out, and use quiet verbal encouragement and maybe treats. Also, BE PATIENT. 

8. Aggressive behavior does NOT necessarily mean your dog IS aggressive and needs to be put down\surrendered.

A lot of people would’ve given up my terrier when he was a youngster. He acted like a jerk because he didn’t know how to play yet, or he actually WAS a jerk. It’s likely that the two of you haven’t learned to communicate with each other yet. Seek professional help!

ALSO SOCIALIZATION IS ALWAYS NECESSARY. I don’t care how nice they are. Socialize them! Your other dogs and dogs they see regularly DO NOT COUNT. Socialize them! 

9. It’s not a rescue group or shelter’s place to judge you

Don’t let fear of being scolded keep you from leaving your dog with good care if you MUST surrender them. Try rescue groups who foster first, then shelters. If you leave your dog in your yard when you move or a box, you deserve to suffer the same fate. For the love of all that is fluffy if you’re going to 'dump’ them do it at a pet store!

10. Shock collars do not automatically equate cruelty but are rarely the best option 

9 times out of 10 there’s another way, but sometimes its necessary if the problem is putting the dog in danger. BUT ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP WITH SHOCK COLLARS FIRST THEY CAN CAUSE WAY MORE HARM THAN GOOD DON’T ASSUME YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. 

11. If you’re a first time dog owner, there are breeds to be careful with

I don’t care how cute that Husky puppy is. You will ruin each other if you don’t have the right experience or training to raise it. Terriers, Akitas, Giant Schnauzers, and English Bull Dogs also come to mind. I’m not just talking about stubborn attitudes. There are many reasons to be extra knowledgeable with these breeds. 

Notice I didn’t name Pit Bulls. Sure, some have issues, but in their true nature they are the sweetest dogs I come across and are super smart and fun to train. What happens to them gives them the reputation, but most Pits I’ve met in shelters are still the nicest fur babies ever. 

12. Proper crate training is not cruel. It’s the best choice you’ll make. 

Dogs are den animals. They want and need a secure space of their own. They may whine and hate it at first, but seek professional help and do it right. 

13. Adopt don’t shop

I know your kids want that purebred Retriever puppy. Someone will buy it I promise. I won’t ramble about the over breeding issues. I’ll just say adopting a dog will be one of the most satisfying choices you’ll make. Do some come with issues? Yup. Are they all a match for you? Nope. Take your time and find out what breeds they might be made up of to give yourself SOME expectations. And don’t expect a mutt to have more physical issues. That’s a huge lie. 

14. Be prepared and know what your dog needs 

However much time and money you think you’ll need for your dog, assume it’ll be more. And be knowledgeable. Some breeds need less exercise due to how fast they grow and some need way more. But don’t generalize. Not all Terriers bark and not all Cattle Dogs are hyperactive. 

15. You CAN get past it, but only if you’re willing 

The whining, chewing, barking, jumping, pulling, and potty training issues ARE fixable but they do take TIME and EFFORT on your part. Don’t be selfish and commit to something if you can’t follow through on it. Dogs are for life so treat them that way. One more time I’ll say it. Seek professional help. You don’t have to drop $1,000 on training. There are resources online and cheaper training options out there. Keep an open mind and remember to enjoy your dog! 

Alright, that wasn’t nearly as detailed as I’d want, but maybe something from here can help somebody out there. Happy holidays! 

(っ◕‿◕)っ♥  Acne Tips!

This has nothing to do with my normal blog content, but everyone will have a pimple at some point in their life, and sometimes they’re really difficult to get rid of, but I hope this can help you guys!


1) Baking Soda mixed with a bit of water until it’s a paste, and put on your face for 30min. Make sure to wash it all off afterwards. 

2) Put lemon juice on cotton balls, and use these to clean your acne. DO NOT LEAVE THIS ON YOUR FACE!!! Wash off after you dab clean to prevent drying. 

3) DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIMPLES!! Your hands are filthy. They touch all kinds of surfaces, and the oils and bacteria from your hands just makes the acne so much worse

4) Do not use multiple acne remedies at once! They will dry out your skin SO MUCH, and peeling can be just as annoying as acne. Make sure to keep your skin properly moisturized by not over-using treatment, or using moisturizers that won’t clog your pores, or have a lot of oils in them. 

5) Strong green tea that has been cooled to room temperature, and apply this to your acne. You could also put this in a spray bottle and spritz it on your acne. You can leave this on over-night, and this can be repeated as often as you want - without drying. 

I hope this can help you guys!!


This has nothing to do with my blog but I just saw this and I have to share it with you guys. So beautiful 😭

My eating disorder

By reading this title, you will already have assumed that I suffer from bulimia, or anorexia, or any other more common kind of eating disorder that has been properly acknowledged by our society. I honestly don’t even know if what I have is an eating disorder, or a mental illness, or I guess both are connected in a way. And once I tell you what it is, you will probably scoff and think, “that is not an eating disorder!” Well, it is. What I suffer from is commonly called “picky eating”. Go ahead, laugh. Ridiculize it. Make it seem as less of a problem than what it is. For years, people have been telling me, “just try it, I’m sure you will love it!” or “you can’t say you don’t like it unless you’ve tried it!” and many other things like that. And I really wish they were true. I really, really wish I could get myself to try new food and actually like it. Unlike other (more common) eating disorders, I don’t want to lose or gain weight. I don’t want to look or feel prettier. Not on the outside, at least. I just want to be healthier. I don’t care about my weight or my looks. I just want to eat better. I want to eat more than rice, noodles and steak. I want to like sushi. I want to go to a restaurant and not be afraid of the menu. I just want to be normal. I just want to be healthy. I hate that my family and friends have to skip on their favorite restaurants and struggle to find one that I will like. I hate when people look at me as if I was some sort of alien when I order my cheeseburger without cheese. I hate when it is my turn to order something, because it makes me feel weird and strange when I order my meal without almost everything it comes with.
I’ve never met someone with the same disorder as me. I have never actually been diagnosed with it, and I don’t really know if it is actually a real thing, but it really affects my daily life and my health, so I guess it is an illness.
If you suffer from this or know more information about it, please let me know I am not alone in this.. I tried telling my parents and my friends and my family, but they just don’t believe me, I don’t know who else to go to, so I figured maybe you guys could..
I am really sorry that this has nothing to do with my blog but I am kind of desperate for some support.
Thank you so much if you read this whole thing. I promise I will delete it later and go back to my normal posting ❤️


IT’S SUMMER, THE SEASON OF FLY STRIKE. Flies can and will lay eggs on your bunny, usually above the tail and around the genitals, which will hatch into maggots the next day.

This is extremely dangerous for your rabbit, if you don’t catch them in time it could die within hours.

Here’s how to prevent it:
Check their bottoms every day, use a mesh to keep out flies, and watch out for unusual behavior. Make sure they are dry and clean at all times.

If your rabbit is overweight, has arthritis, long teeth, or any other disease that will keep it from being able to properly clean itself, YOU ARE AT RISK. EVEN IF YOUR RABBIT IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY, YOU ARE AT RISK.

Do NOT treat it like a trivial task. This is one of the most important aspects of owning a rabbit. This could be the difference between life and death for your rabbit. If the maggots don’t kill it, it could die from shock or be put down if the damage is too severe.

(This post has nothing to do with my blog, but this is extremely important. No matter if you have different opinions, etc, please put that aside and signal boost this. These are innocent animals– we need to protect them.)

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My dude, why the hell does your profile pic not match your blog aesthetic at all, please change it I'm tired of seeing that goofyass face on my dash

Didn’t know my face had to match a blog aesthetic. You know, if it bothers you soooo much, no one is forcing you to be following me. There are plenty of other people who couldn’t give a rats ass what my icon picture is, as it really has nothing to do with my blog content. If I didn’t know better, I would say this really isn’t related and you have some deep, internal self-esteem issues. 

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I'm sorry that the other anon made you uncomfortable and also it's cool that you're busy it's life we all get it (well most of us) but yeah just idk I can't words rn so 💕

Thank you😭😭 I’m really exhausted to the point that I rlly want to cry but ayy its life haha. And yeah it made me uncomfortable bc I don’t really like to show my relationships to others. Sometimes I do it but it’s rare and I usually dont start it ahah, it’s just that Im a pretty private person. I still don’t know who they are tho, made me sad bc I don’t want them to think that they did smt wrong. But yea I decided that I wont answer any of their anonyme ask anymore, if they want to have a private conversation I will be very happy to talk, if they still want to message me anonymously I wont answer, bc this has nothing to do with yall or with my blog
BUT ANYWAY LETS STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS🐿🐿🐿🐿 (also ty for all ur kind messages I’ve read everything and sorry that I wasnt able to answer to everyone!!)

Airplane Mode

[This has nothing to do with the topic of my blog but I had to share this story, which is true.]

“Are you going to put your phone on airplane mode?”

An unfamiliar and decidedly unfriendly voice startles me as I’m checking my Facebook feed one last time before taking off on the last leg of my journey to and from Austin.

The trip had been marked by a series of travel successes: four flights and four seat belts that fit; all my flights departed and landed on time; the conference I’d attended had been fun and engaging; I’d run into a couple old friends and caught up with each of them. It was the end of a great 4 days. So here I was, settling into my flight home, and I hear her:

“Are you going to put your phone on airplane mode?”

Who is she talking to? Me? Why is she talking to me? I take the earbud out of my ear and look her in the face, trying to discern why she would be asking me this question. She’s roughly my age, brunette, whiteish, sad-looking, stern. The flight attendants had just made the first request for folks to switch to airplane mode; I had a good few minutes before the plane even began to taxi. Who made her the fucking phone police?

“What?” I ask, giving her the option to pretend she hadn’t asked such a ridiculous question.

“Are you going to put your phone on airplane mode?” she repeats, unblinking.

“Yes, obviously,” I manage after too long a moment pondering who had hurt this woman so significantly that she felt the urge not only to break the cardinal rule of strangers-with-phones-in-forced-proximity and admit to reading what I was doing on my phone but also to break the comfortable silence between seat neighbors not with a greeting but with a question about my intended compliance with bogus FCC regulations.

“Good, because if you don’t, I’m going to say something.”

She stares me down. I am stunned. Utterly unsure of how this person could have possibly come by her priorities in life, I search for something, anything, to say in response as I slide the menu up from the bottom of my screen and click the airplane icon.

“That’s sweet of you,” is all I can muster. Not my best or most incisive response ever. I was just so shocked to have been brought back to 2nd-grade threats of being tattled on for bending a rule no one else follows to the letter and that isn’t even self-consistent: Why turn off the network connection when the doors close but turn it back on when the plane touches down? Why not do from door-closed to door-open? Or from cleared-for-takeoff to touchdown? But most importantly, who fucking cares? These thoughts and my continuing puzzlement about what kind of wrongs it would take to damage a human this way cloud my mind and render me comeback-less.

We don’t speak the rest of the flight. I begin writing this and take solace in two small (petty?) things: (1) I know there’s an iPad in my bag that never got switched to airplane mode, and (2) I have a sneaking suspicion that she’ll at least take a few glances over to my screen and see that I’m writing this about her.