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I just want to send you my support, Carly, for all this issue I'm seeing over my dash! I do ship NaLu and Gruvia, but I find so nice of you that you write GrayLu for those who enjoy it. :) People are not entitled to tell you what you should or should not write. Stay tough, write whatever inspires you and express yourself the way you wish. That is the magic an artist has! x)

I will only ever write what I feel capable of. No more, no less. If you don’t like the ship, don’t read the fic. Simple as. I don’t want anyone coming to my blog and causing trouble because I’ve written someone’s request. That’s gross. I’m trying to do a good thing here by branching out into other ships and hopefully touching on lesser known / lesser written ships for those who love certain characters but have nothing to read. 

I just want to spread a bit of happiness. :) 

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Hi, I don't know you nor do you know me, but I came across your blog in the search tab and, well, I'm currently going through something that I call a crisis. I've been going through it for YEARS and I really need advice. I'm a 22 y/o male that has a bad addiction to pornography. I'm a firm believer in the Lord and want nothing else but to live my life for Him as best I can every day! But this addiction comes with some pretty strong chains. I feel like He's stopped listening to me. What do I do?

Hello! First off, thank you for this question. Hopefully this reply/answer will be helpful to others in the same situation. I’m going to do my best to answer it according to God’s will.
I want to say that pornography is just a sin, like lying and cheating. Just know your not harder or farther from saving. If God could change Paul then he can definitely change you.
I like that you try your best to live for Christ daily. This is important, because if Christ has your heart then he will completely change your nature.
Here’s what you need to understand. God rarely takes away the problems we have. He wants us to go through them. So we shouldn’t be asking for God to remove the problem but instead to ask for his face and presence. But it’s hard doing this, even Jesus asked if the cup of salvation could be removed from him. However, God will ease your pain. God in the end wants you to have a Testimony and something that you can share with others to inspire them. That this will allow him into their hearts.
You are Victorious. Remember we already won. Jesus resurrected and defeated death. So this means you have the blood of an overcomer. Maybe you can’t hear his voice because other things are louder then his. But God is always with you. His love is so abundant for you. A little sin can’t stop his love from reaching you.
So with this I tell you to stay away from anything that causes you to sin. Like literally delete and throw away anything that causes you to sin. Replace it with more of him. But most importantly, seek God’s face. He is the only one that can save you. You can’t save yourself, I mean he is the savior. This situation won’t kill you, but instead launch you into what God has destined for you. God Bless!

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What do some of you stay at home mamas do? I've been at SAHM for 8 months and I'm bored out of my mind. It seems like all I do is turn on the tv and put the baby in her walker and just do nothing. I want to do fun things with her but my husband has the car during the day. Any ideas ?

I cook and try to create recipes. I take a lot of walks with her.

I made a new rule for myself, whenever someone invites us out and offers to drive us, I say yes.

It’s so easy to get depressed and lazy. Filling your days *is* possible but it’s hard, and the lack of adult interaction can really bum you out.

Find something you like and run with it. For me, this blog is a big part of what keeps me sane (is that pathetic…?)

Reading with my daughter has been a big thing for me. Trying to keep things clean, too.

Mamas, ideas?


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Some people edit out swears because they would prefer not to have that kind of content on their blog, especially if their blogs are more on the religious side. It has nothing to do with "maturity."

Changing a post is immature, no matter what you’re changing, darlin ;) It’s like changing a quote. You can’t fuckin do it.

Also fun story! My lil sister last year took home an assignment in which you have to match the quote to who said it. One of the quotes was, and I quote, from the assignment, "all people are created equal“. Obviously it was Jefferson, but Jefferson never said that. He said all men. So, my mom got it on the radio because the school changed the quote. School faced a ton of shit from the listeners of the station. 


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Should I read TRC?

Friend, lemme tell you something. I only first read it bc some of my mutuals (cough, cough, kiohne calipsoh ronanslynhc) were flooding my dash with it so I was like “why not? it’s summer and I’ve nothing going on and it seems decent.” I had no idea.

At first glance the summary makes it sound like a typical romance story but it has so many layers on top of that - it’s interesting and suspenseful at the same time, it’s extremely well written with lines that you want to read over twice, the characters are all so complex and yet individual, and it’s got the best witty kind of humor that makes it realistic despite the heavy paranormal overtones like ahhh

yes just read it and you will not be disappointed!! ;w;

PSA: tatianathevampireslayer has moved

This is Aimee/tatianathevampireslayer and in case you missed my last post, my entire account was deleted while I was trying to delete a side blog. According to tumblr support, there is nothing they can do to recover lost blogs, posts, account stuff, etc. So basically I have to start over.

This is a huge blow for me because I’ve had my blog for over 5 years and there’s so many things I lost, including:

  • 3500+ followers, many of which were mutuals
  • tons of pictures and videos I had on old computers or have since deleted because I thought they were safe on my tumblr
  • original text posts
  • 8+ pages of minifics that aren’t saved anywhere else
  • countless pages of headcanons for various AUs that I was saving for future reference for fics I was going to write (including marauders AU, vampire AU, space AU, dystopian AU, werewolf AU, ORPHAN BENDERS and way more)
  • and so much more that I can’t even remember right now because I’m a little distraught

I’m currently working on rebuilding my old blog and thankfully I saved my theme and I was able to find a few of my old posts which are currently in my drafts, but there’s still so much that I’ve lost. I created this new blog last night and I’ve already gotten over 200 followers back and I’ve had so many people offer to help me out so I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone. I do have a few requests though

First, please reblog this post now instead of the other one so people know that I am officially relocated here and I cannot get my old blog back. If you were following me before, you need to re-follow me on this blog.

Second, and this was deadbeth‘s idea so thank you, if you know or think reblogged any of my lost minifics or headcanons please message me and help me find them! Those are the things that I’m most upset about losing because I had so many ideas that are now just gone forever!

And finally, just help get the word out so this doesn’t happen to anyone else!! It really sucks and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.

Again, thank you everyone so much for your help, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Hello everyone. First of all my name is Alexia, Cielo’s friend (owner of this blog). I want to tell you guys that Cielo is safe. Shes sleeping now and nothing has happened to her aside from her cuts on her right wrist which is still a little sore and some other cuts on her thighs. So i treated it. Im so shock that shes cutting because she seems like a person who wouldnt do things like this.

I was searching through her phone to investigate or sometihng then i stumble across this app tumblr (im a former tumblr user ✌🏻️) I feel like i have to write something here bc everyone is so worried about her (not to mention these 350+ new messages and this bunch of followers she have)

Also i saw this on her drafts. Maybe it would be her final post here if she continued to end her life “its 2:30 am and im jsut waiting for everyone to sleepm them everything will be over all my sufferigns will be come to end im so sorry if it sounds attrntion skeeking but ive already conttemplated everything and this is ym final decisinn i guess im a weak pesrson and ive lost this battle and i deserve to die im so sorry i cant respond to all your msgs and pls dont bother yourselveds on sending me anymore i dont deserve itall goodbye”

Anyway it was 4 in the morning and i was about to go to sleep from doing my school work then my phone rung and it was Cielo. At first she was murmuring and sobbing then she hung up. I thought shes playing tricks on me then she phone me again i didnt exactly understand what she was saying but i heard “please help me” i was worried by the tone of her voice so since we life in the same street i came over and went to see if shes okay. She was sitting at the edge of her bed and was crying without a sound. I talked to her and told me everything but all she said was i dont want to live anymore. I was shocked at what she said bc she never told me her problems and i have no idea that shes suffering. She told me she has lost everything. She told me her head hurts so much and everything is not okay. She failed 4 of her classes, her friends are ignoring her for no reason, her mother is mad at her and her parent are fighting i dont know the reason. She feels like everyone hates her. Ive told her things that could make it better but she doesnt believe me anymore. Then i saw she was holding something in her hands, and its pills. I was freaking out bc the moment i didnt come over she could have swallow all those handful of pills so i talk to her and slowly take those pills from her hands. Then after everything she felt tired and told her to go to sleep and ill talk to her later.

Thank you so much for all the messages you sent for her i bet she would be grateful she didnt continue on ending her life and see these wonderful messages for her. Im browsing thru these messages crying bc she dont know how loved she is. I hope she realize that everyone here ob tumblr loves her so much. I still have to think if i should tell her parents about this whole thing.

Lately I’ve kinda been thinking about deleting this blog. I dunno, I probably won’t but it’s sad that I’m even considering it at all.


I don’t mean to bring up old drama but there is only so much a person can take. Seriously.

So on May 27th I received and email saying that I was breaking copyright laws on my blog page, and all posts have been forced back into drafts. I could repost only when material has been removed, if I post with still copyright material I could get into some serious trouble. All of which had to do with Voltage CG’s. Below is the screenshot image of my email, and a small blip of the affected links.

Notice how only Voltage posts were effected, and all those posts had CG’S, and walk through answers. Nothing else was transcribed of the game. Again, that image with URL’s is a small fraction of the list presented in the email, you get the idea at this point.

I was well aware of copyright laws and took extra precaution. Not only was there a disclaimer and copyright information stating that all information is representations of the games and that I in fact don’t hold any rights to it for my overall blog. ON EACH POST I HAD COPYRIGHT INFORMATION FOR VOLTAGE CLAIMING THEIR RIGHTS TO THE GAME, THE CHARACTER, AND THE IMAGES.

So I jumped onto blogger to look to see what exactly happened.

The first there are suppose to be drafts, but turn your attention to the post part on the right. 841. All those posts that I had published were forced back into draft form.

Concerned I posted my issue on tumblr.

italianwriter saw my troubled post and created a post of her own. officialvoltageotome personally reached out to her and stated that there was no need for a panic that there were no changes in their sharing policy. As stated with the screenshot I took below.

Her post was a reaction post to my very real and serious problem. I would like to point out that while it was a reaction to post to my post people only messaged her for information, which she didn’t have, because it wasn’t pertained to her. And once people found out her post was related to my initial post I started getting harassed for trying to start “drama” in the fandom about the cg sharing policy.

Moving on, I knew that I had seen information that voltage had said about their sharing policies, but at that the time of this drama I couldn’t find them anywhere. With some help of users I was able to find what I was looking for.

So here is the part that really got under my skin, I saw this on my dash not to long ago so I investigated.

THAT WAS POSTED 1 HOUR AGO. This is actually the first we have heard about it. BULLSHIT

Not only was my blog forced into it’s current state, but a few of my friends had the same treatment done to them. otomeotakugirl being the main one. I also know that this happened to otomeios. (Her facebook was taken down as well)

I know that I have reached out to Voltage when this first happened, and they never responded. Dawn did the same thing and actually got a response. As shown below. Also please notice the date

I have since been in contact with Dawn and that was the last thing she ever heard from Voltage. So here is what gets me

  • It was alright to share CG’S, even though it was considered spoilers as long as you didn’t transcribe the game or showed full videos of it’s contents there were alright with it.
  • My blog, and other blogs, posts were forced back into drafts without any real explanation of why this was happening
  • Those that have posted something, mainly myself, have been accused of trying to start drama and that I was lying through my ass to get attention from people.
  • And now voltage said this was the first they have ever heard of anything when I have been trying to do something since MAY

I realize that Voltage is a popular company and that with it’s increasing popularity they may have a hard time answering everyone or getting to everyone’s needs. But this is a serious matter that effects a lot of people and not just me.

Now I’m not trying to start a riot. I just really want people to be informed on things that have happened. Not to pick sides or anything, but the more knowledge you have the more you can protect yourself from this not happening to you.

I don’t know about the other users but I was really proud of my blog, I worked hard on it’s coding to make it look nice. I wanted it to be a place that people would be able to find what they need. While I tried to keep up date with new releases my main focus was on older games. I put hours into it and just like that it was all gone. It’s a heartbreaking blow to see something you are extremely proud of just vanish. I would feel the same way if something were to happen to my tumblr. While I’m not as emotionally invested in it was my blog page, but the aspect that I can interact with other users is what makes it special to me.


Everyone else is doing one, so I felt like doing one too. (: Listed below (as alphabetically as I could be bothered to make it) are only the loveliest of lovely people. I adore each and every one. Plus a link to my blogroll. Just in case. Speaking of which, if I happened to forget anyone, I promise it has nothing at all to do with you and absolutely everything to do with me sucking at life. Bolded are faves. I love you guys! <3

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[[ Stream over (a bit earlier than planned but ah well) and thanks again to those who came! I hope I’ll get to continue a bit sooner than I did last time, heh.

Also, from now on, I’m going to be tagging any and all stream-related posts with #laur’s stream shenanigans, so if you don’t wanna see ‘em, block the tag. ^_^ Again, sorry for the OOC spam, guys, thanks for those of you who’ve stuck with me through it! ]]

I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with my blog or my theme but Dan Avidan is complete Daddy material so I think it’s fitting and he deserves a spotlight on my blog. My blog is sometimes nsfw but holy fuck I can’t even begin to describe to you all of the horribly nasty and raunchy shit I would do to and with him. Fuck man.
(If you don’t know Starbomb, NinjaSexParty, Game Grumps or even just Dan Avidan, aka Danny Sexbang, he’s the one deliciously swaying his hips.)

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Your whole premise for believing in Ziam is that Modest is keeping them apart. Zayn now has a new management and new lawyers and I doubt he would have signed with anyone interested in keeping him separate from his 'true love', Liam. You have nothing to go on anymore so you should abandon this blog. Zayn is friends with Liam and engaged to Perrie. It's not an 'entanglement', it's his life, which you should respect.

Anon, you really have no fucking clue to what I base my analysis on. I know the idea of closeting might be tad complex to some, but let me iterate, there are plenty of celebrities out there who are closeted and have nothing to do with Modest. Amazing, isn’t it? :P Now, how about you start by clicking shut what ever Zerrie imagine you’re currently reading there, and start by googling and god forbid, maybe even reading the actual books about the entertainment industry. Who knows, it might open your eyes. :) xx

FNAF 4 Theory

Okay, I have a couple ideas about this game that I’d like to add to the discussion, but I would like to establish first that a lot of this theory builds off of Game Theory’s FNAF theory. Anyway, here’s what I think:

The Bite

I seriously doubt that the bite was the bite of ‘87. Consider what Phone Guy tells us all the way back on night 1 of FNAF 1, “Uhh… they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too, but then there was The Bite of ‘87. Yeah. I-It’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?“ The bite in FNAF4 led to the child’s death on night 6, so they couldn’t be the same bite. 

The Timeline

I believe that the FNAF4 game takes place some time after the bite of ‘87, but before FNAF1, because the player is the bitten child.  On rare occasions, an IV drip, a pill bottle, or flowers can be found next to the player’s bed.  I believe this is reality seeping through to a comatose child’s nightmares after surviving the bite of ‘87. Also, the plushies from FNAF2, Foxy and Freddy, can be found in the child’s room, suggesting that the FNAF2 restaurant is still open / was recently shut down.

I also believe that the FNAF4 minigames take place after FNAF1 and before FNAF3, because the neighborhood in FNAF4 was built over the restaurant from the first game.

The first picture is a map of the neighborhood from FNAF4, of course, and the second picture is a map of the first restaurant from the FNAF3 minigames. When the maps are aligned, there are a few strange correlations. At #1, the entrances to the restaurants help line up the maps. At #2, the fenced off flowers compare with the West Hallway. Finally, there is something red (a door?) to the left of the room at #3 on the FNAF4 map, which compares with Foxy’s curtain (not to mention that the brother in FNAF4 always scares his crying brother with the Foxy mask).  To me, Scott Cawthon was intentionally hiding these connections, implying that the neighborhood was built over the FNAF1 restaurant.

Of course, there is a possibility that the FNAF1 restaurant was built over the neighborhood, but I find this unlikely because its a lot easier to knock down a sketchy pizzeria in order to build a house rather than to knock down a house in order to build a sketchy pizzeria.

Anyway, I think the FNAF4 restaurant was built far after FNAF1, after a neighborhood was built over it, and during a resurgence for the franchise. This new restaurant has a small enough scale to be built next to the neighborhood. This also explains how the springtrap characters, toy characters, and original characters can exist in one place all at once. New mascots and animatronics were built, based on the design of Spring Bonnie and Fredbear. Toys of the toy characters from FNAF2 were made, which the neighbor girl collects.  And the plushies in the crying child’s room, his “friends”, and his older brother’s masks, are based off of the original characters. During the resurgence, the new restaurant was built but after the bite, it was shut down. Shortly afterwards, Fazbear’s Fright from FNAF3 is made to cash in on the popularity and tragedy of the recent events.

This is just my opinion and yes, a lot is speculation, but I think it’s possible.