tvd speculation and why elena leaving is totally not a bad thing

First off, I don’t think anyone will be together by the end of the season. And I don’t think Damon will take the cure, either. And if he does, I feel like it’ll be too late and Elena will have already left town without him (leaving him pissed and miserable because hey, now he’s stuck human for no reason). That could, in a way, mirror what happened in the books.

I also think there’s a possibility Bonnie could turn into a vamp-witch, probably by Lily’s hand if it happens. I just don’t think they’d throw the revelation about that crossbreed out there and then not do anything with it. Plus, it’d be something new to explore and would make an interesting set up for Bonnie next season.

And now, onto Elena’s departure - we all know that Nina is leaving (and not returning, ever) and that Ian is still signed on for S07. So, no matter how this goes down, there is no Delena endgame. And yes, I’m one of the people that are extremely happy about that. Do you know how long I’ve spent waiting for both brothers to move on from Elena? It happened for Stefan already, but if Nina stayed on the show I don’t think it ever would have for Damon. They’ll probably make their end as romantic as possible, top it off with a sprinkle of false hope and send her off. One more milk of the fan service cow before DE is done for good. I can handle that.

You know what I want to see in S07? New relationships. More Defan (without elena in the middle - fuck yes). And, whether it’s romantic or platonic, more Steroline and more Bamon. Watching these ‘couples’ individual journeys over the course of the season has been really satisfying, and it’s been fun to watch them develop. More than anything though, they’re actually good for each other. And character growth isn’t stunted, yay!!

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to jump on the Steroline train, given the way they’d started to write it originally (the whole no humanity bs, Caroline forcing Stefan to turn it off). I’d always seen the potential of the pairing, but I really thought the writers would screw it up royally. Except it was the aftermath of all the bullshit that cemented it to me. They weren’t just thrown together, Caroline apologized and showed remorse… I do think they need some time, and I appreciate that the writers have chosen to give them that. Even if you look back on their friendship, it has all the makings, the build up, to what could be a great relationship. From day one Stefan has always been there for Caroline, and she’s returned the favor. I could start comparing Stelena/Steroline, but honestly? Here’s the biggest difference; Elena broke his heart. Elena devestated him. And who was there for him though all of that? That’s right, Caroline. Caroline was there for him after he spent months drowning, lost all his memories, and Elena merely pushed him further over the edge. Stefan deserves to be with someone like Caroline, not someone like Elena. Why should he go back to her after she slept with his brother? After she broke his heart? SC share the same moral ground, want the same things. SE used to, but they don’t anymore. Elena’s fallen too far to fit with Stefan anymore.

With Bamon, the main thing I think is that Damon’s always needed someone who will call him out on his shit and hold him accountable for his actions, but ALSO someone who pushes him to be better. Again this used to be S01-02 Elena, but it’s not anymore. The whole point of the flashbacks and the killing of that pregnant woman - Damon came back to start over with Stefan, and Stefan continued to think the worst of, and to expect the worst of him (not trying to shit on stefan here mind you, as I’m sure we can all see why he’d think that way). Anyway, at the end of the episode Bonnie points out that Damon feels remorse, and she tells him there’s hope for him. And that’s the thing he’s needed all along, that she’s finally given him: someone to believe in him. This season, there’s equal footing between them. Bonnie doesn’t let him walk all over her, she sets boundaries for herself. She’s a strong, badass woman who doesn’t take no shit, and that is exactly the kind of person Damon needs in his life - NOT someone who will justify and/or brush off everything awful he does.

“Maybe all love isn’t true love in the messed up way you and I have experienced it, but I think this could turn into something even better.”

^ I love that Stefan said this. Love doesn’t have to be consuming, heartbreaking and destructive to be ‘epic.’ SE and DE? Unhealthy. SC, DB? Healthy (with unhealthy moments, sure - no humanity and things getting a bit physical with db in 6x19). Healthy couples don’t have to be boring, they just have to be GOOD for one another.

It’s time to move on to bigger and better things.


The dialog about age of Ultron has officially turned from “this movie is seriously flawed from a feminist perspective” to “everyone be nicer to woobie Joss, criticizing this movie makes you a bully!” If you think that isn’t a silencing tactic concocted in order to silence the people speaking up about how this piece of media is offensive, you need a more global view of the situation.

People say stupid ass shit on Twitter, joss has been there for awhile, he knows that. Highlighting some especially vicious feedback on this movie and using it as a rationale for silencing detractors on Age of Ultron, especially considering that one of the chief concerns is misogyny, is still completely disgusting.

And I’ll keep saying it, since misinformation spreads like wildfire around here, especially when that misinformation privileges beloved white dudes: we don’t know why Whedon deleted his Twitter. There’s scant evidence of legitimate death threats, and telling someone their movie sucked, even without rationale, does not qualify as bullying.

Bellarke & Clexa

Dammit… this is really hard to put out there but recently I have had alot Of thoughts about both these ships. Man, I freaking love Clexa but I love bellarke as well.

But I have realized that I have a conflict of being torn between two worlds and the ship wars between these two are very intense. We all need to stop arguing about this matter. Both are amazing ships and I usually don’t care about the romance in a show I’m more focused on the story itself but the subject has been bothering me for awhile now.

I’m probably gonna get alot Of hate like I usually do when I put something out there.
But like I mentioned before I have pondered this subject and realized I have chosen Bellarke.

I love the relationship between Lexa and Clarke don’t get me wrong But we’ve been with Bellamy and Clarke from the very start and I realized that Clarke would be better off with Bell. They both have had alot more pacing than clexa and

I also remembered that Lexa and Finn have broke her heart but Bellamy has never hurt her. When she is with Bellamy she’s a better person but Lexa has changed her and in many ways that’s good she has made Clarke into a stronger person but I feel Bellamy is the one who keeps her together. Though she does need him she is a strong woman and can take care of herself But deep inside she loves him.

I have chosen Bellarke.

anonymous asked:

I have a serious question that has been bothering me for awhile now. When people say, "when pigs fly" do you think they're talking about mutating and growing wings or learning to fly planes?

I always thought of it as hogs growing wings and flying. 

High School AU (3) Masterlist

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