nucl3arsnke asked:

Saw your ask to aicosu about long eyelashes. I used to have a few long eyelashes that grew longer than the rest and looked weird, so I just cut them. Obviously this is a touch dangerous, but do it when your hands are steady (or have someone else do it for you) and USE TINY, BLUNT-ENDED NAIL SCISSORS and you should be fine. Just get in a well-lit mirror, close the eye, and you should be able to very clearly see the lash line and give it a little trim.

Thanks for the tip! However, I don’t think I’m gonna do that haha. My long lashes are super great for my girl cosplays but not my boy ones and I have more girl cosplays than boys. I’m thinking of maybe finding a way to like brush them to the side to see if it can reduce the length.

My last

This will be the last time I can cuddle with my Nana and sisters, and the last time my eyes fell slower and grew weaker by the eyelash. This was the last time for anything, yet my mind and body were weak and restless.