I love how… awkward this dance is. It’s so stilted, and stiff, and it’s absolutely perfect. This show’s got loads of diverse and high-energy choreography, because dancing in this show is all about communication and relationships. This halting little dance contrasts the more complex routines with the most simple and basic steps, because that’s where these two are.

They’re only beginners as dance partners. They’re just now at the point where they can get through it without stepping on each others’ toes.

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Do you have a favourite Michael video?

it really depends what you mean b/c if it’s my favorite video from his channel it’s “if you don’t follow me, i will die” and then my favorite video of his from the rt site is “michael after dark - rt life” BUT if i can use a video with more than just him in it it’d be “ahwu 177″ or “new year’s nipples - rt life” or “full play - state of decay part 2 (with gavin)

the original treatment of ADHD recommended by Melchior Adam Weikard in 1775 was: “The inattentive person is to be separated from the noise or any other objects; he is to be kept solitary, in the dark, when he is too active. The easily agile fibres are to be fixated by rubbing, cold baths, steel powder, cinchona, mineral waters, horseback riding, and gymnastic exercises.” (x)

… apart from the cold baths and isolation part (wtf), the rest almost sounds like some weird spa day lol

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yeah sure cute............. but why the fuck is just harry in the pic?? Im sure she have some pic with all of them..........

can u believe harry has ANOTHER styles shirt 😱😱😍!!! i want one!!!!


It makes me so happy! I love this cast they are all so amazing and it makes me so happy. JMO is an inspiration and the cast is just so fun. My excitement for this season has gone up so much! (Especially after being on set too bc wow) 

Also today has me decided that when nycc rolls around I think I may try to meet Jmo again if she is there and this time actually bring maybe fanart and actually try to talk to her other than fumbling over my words. But idk we’ll see… 

🐉 Dragon KiRYUin Satsuki & Oni Matoi Ryuko 👹

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