DID you guys know theres a free game on steam called “Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald” which is directed by the same guy that did the stanley parable and is very small but super great because there IS and you should play it 

its got the same “cute exasperated narrator trying very hard to get the player to cooperate” “weird shit happens when you play it over again sometimes” “there are hidden things everywhere” deal goin on its GREAT and dont read this post if you havent played it bc it’d be way better if u dont spoil. all of it. for yourself :’) its free its rly short go play it first

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sammysguardianangel asked:

Just... okay my campus is super bike friendly and it leads to... interesting variations of bikes. Like 9 times out 10 you get normal bikes, but sometimes you get like... the guy on the unicycle, the guy on the normal bike that's has a frame going like five feet in the air on normal tires, the guy on the kids bike, and the ones who put their seat all the way down for no reason. There's just these little weird moments in college that catch you completely off guard.

omg transportation at college is great

so my college is literally in the middle of boston and a ton of people skateboard to class and one time this guy on a skateboard was racing down the street and fucking STOPPED TO CATCALL ME it was ridiculous

also our school banned hover boards because they were considered too dangerous sooo there’s that

“send me your weird college stories and I’ll tell you mine”