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You should totally vlog! I would watch! My life is super boring as well but I still vlog sometimes and looking back at those videos is amazing.

I’m thinking about it! Idk even if they’re not interesting maybe I can give it a go. And since I’ll be on my own more maybe it would actually be kinda nice to vlog if I’m somewhere alone… at least then if I get kidnapped or something weird happens I have you guys as witnesses. 

What I think about the signs (I’m an aqua)


I usually make friends easily with you guys. You’re almost always amazing, you’re funny, supportive, always try to find something to say to make me feel better. You guys are super weird as well, which I love. You’re all super creative, always find an idea or get inspired by something. Almost all Aries that i’ve gotten to know are super shy, it’s adorable and you guys worry too much about what people think about you. You’re great people, however, you’re often very contradictive and sometimes i don’t know where I stand with you. Oh and all of you are such big procrastinators, seriously.

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you're starting shatter me? get ready bc juliette will be super ugh sometimes but pls continue reading the series! unravel me and ignite me are rlly good

yes yes, probably tomorrow, as soon as i finish with aristotle and dante tonight.
I’M READY. although i don’t even know what’s it about much.
i do know there’s a guy named warner and there’s something about his clothes (?) and the main female doesn’t touch people?

Welcome :)

Hi, I’m Haley… Welcome to my blog “Just A Internet Kid” I’m here to help with problems, dating and more!! sometimes ill just post random updates to update you guys!! I’m kinda awkward sometimes…. barely!! XD I’m super weird!! I love art and just drawing!! I’m more of a animal person then a people person, you’ll love me better behind the screen ;) trust me XD ((see weird)) i dont have followers right now but I’m going to be posting everyday!! So i get followers soon XD, other then that I’ll see y’all later tonight or tomorrow when i wake up!! xoxo lots of love ~Haley