So this Hexiciah Steam was the one @oswinsadventures got with a missing hand and a factory defect elbow joint so I’ve slightly modified him to suit him to my liking.

He currently has a Hot Toys knock off hand but I feel like it might not be the right proportions but it fits perfectly so yeah. I also carved his elbow joint slightly to allow his elbow to bend normally.

I’m tempted to completely wipe him and repaint but he’s my very first SDCC Monster High doll so I figured some touch ups would be best for now in case I wanted his original look again.

I basically fixed up his mirrored eye shines, added some shading to give his eyes depth and added to his eyebrows to better follow his brow sculpt.

I also added some black paint wash to his steampunk arm to bring out some details.

therock Killer workouts the past few weeks at The Dungeon aka MetroFlex in a little town outside of Atlanta, called Buford. When I’m on the road shooting, I’ll travel hours from wherever I’m staying just to find a hard core gym where the owners turn up the heat for me so it’s a sweat box and members respectfully leave me alone.
I’ve gotten after it at hard core gyms all around the world and every once in a while you find a very bad ass old school machine that’s no longer made like this angled “Pec Deck” that’s engineered to give your pecs a burn and pump full of blood like never before. Luv this lil’ darlin’ so much the owners were nice enough to let me buy it from them. She’s already luv’s my sweat so she’ll fit in perfectly in my #IronParadise at home!
I know.. “Pec Deck” sounds like a creepy chatroom name, but it’s better than “Pec Meat” which is my nickname every time I train chest.
#Dungeon #IronParadise #MyAnchor⚓️

junkrat being not actually perused by bounty hunters fits my view of junkertown perfectly and is so in character. he’s very bad at hiding that he found something valuable. but he’s bad at hiding everything, so it wouldn’t even come off as suspicious. like, ‘oh he probably found a big hunk of scrap he’s trying to keep for himself.’ no one in junkertown would really think too hard about it.

but junkrat… he’d start looking over his shoulder. he’d start planning, because he’s always planning, even though he never goes through. never remembers most of his plans, anyway, and he’s got so much to keep him busy that it hardly matters. but this is different, he’s got a secret and everyone knows and they’re all acting casual, sure. but they– if he lets his guard down– what are they whispering?– no, he’s gotta make a plan and stick to it, this time.

so that’s how he ends up hunting down the biggest toughest enforcer with the meanest reputation and promising him half the world. maybe he caught roadhog off guard, but he’s sure bounty hunters are breathing down his neck. could be anything, any number of them, could be the whole town! that’s why he picked a guy with a bike, see? they’ve gotta book it, make for safety, lie low.

aaand then of course, with roadhog around, he has someone to help him keep track of his plans. and with a little help, and a little focus… well, junkrat starts earning an actual bounty. he’s not so scared with roadhog on his side, though.

The Ring

The Ring.

Katniss inspected the unassuming golden band on her finger. She was surprised at how light it felt. She had never imagined something so foreign could fit so perfectly.

The single diamond snuggly embedded on one side of the ring caught the light from the lamp on her bedside table and reflected it against the wall. The stone wasn’t very big, but it was incredibly pure. It reminded Katniss of the north star which always shone brightly in the night sky. 

Captivated by the shimmering gem, Katniss wondered how Peeta had managed to find something so tasteful in the Capitol. In her experience, engagement rings were gaudy monstrosities, the complete opposite of what she was currently wearing.

The day’s events rushed back into her mind. Her chest tightened as she thought about Peeta and the sacrifice he had made to keep them safe.

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i usually dont send asks abt this bUT?? SUPPORTIVE REIGEN TO AGENDE R MOB?? U DREW THAT SO NICELY. LIKE EVERYTHING ABT IT WAS GOOD. IT WARMS MY COLD HORT. THANK U SM!! i feel like ive been #blessed. keep doin' u, friend 👌

@idlerobin:  thaNK YOU FOR AGENDEr mob thank u. thank u. the way you have mob describe it fiTS PERFECTLY WITH HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT TOO SO I JUST!!!1!1 thank yo u


i love hearing that other people feel the agender experience toO CUZ AHA,, i literally wrote it similar to hOW I FEEL TOO SO

its just really neat  💕💕💕💕

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the only good thing vs has done this year is make jo an angel

she’s so pretty and fits their look perfectly i’m happy she wore the swarovski outfit. she’s my favorite new angel. now if they make ming xi an angel i will be at peace with them but they won’t bc she’s 27


the mystic messenger ouran!au that everyone has surely been waiting for lolol


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Why does this remind me of a modern AU reality tv show with Gwash and his out of control children?: 

Lafayette: the guy who realizes they fucked up/screaming “rUN DAD”  

Washington: running for his damn life BC maybe this was a bad idea maybe fireworks and his idiot sons just don’t match up maybe 

Alex and Laurens: high pitched screaming that they’ll both try to pin on each other the next morning