My friend picked me up after work yesterday and I found vegan butter and bought veggie spring rolls! 🙌🏼
I worked a little this morning but was let go super early bc he knew I had a family event so I was able to spend the whole day with my wonderful family!! 😭🙏🏼💗
my cousins and I were blissfully reminiscing about our childhood and growing up together and it was just really nice plus there was so much fruit 🙊

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Jealous Jughead

I decided to combine these two prompts. Three prompts in one day!

Jughead Jones was getting incredibly sick of people hitting on his girlfriend. Archie told him it was jealousy, but he thought that it was just rude, given that she wasn’t single. It was a respect thing. Or so he told himself.

It finally came to a head the day that Jughead walked into the Blue and Gold during free period. He was used to the small, dusty office being their sanctuary, the space where he and Betty could shut out the world, typing on their respective computers, trading jibes, or talking about the mess that was their lives.

 But today was different. Today, Trevor Smith was sitting in Jughead’s chair, talking to the honey blonde girl whose beautiful smile was burned into Jughead’s brain. Trev was leaning all over the immaculate desk that separated him from Betty Cooper, in all his muscled glory, smiling at her in his charming way. Jughead thought he looked like an apex predator, bearing his teeth like that. Today, Jughead was pissed.

“Thanks for hearing me out. I’ll see you around Betty.” Trev smiled at her before throwing his bag over his shoulder and sauntering out of the Blue and Gold as though he owned the place.

Jughead flopped in his seat, feeling a scowl forming on his face, furrowing his brows and turning down his lips at the warmth of his seat.

“You ok, Juggie?” Betty’s soft eyes full of concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jughead nearly growled, his blood still boiling so much that he could practically feel it vibrating through his skin.

“You’re not fine. What’s wrong?” Betty had come to stand in front of him, using a delicate hand to gently push a loose strand of his dark hair back into his beanie.

“I just hate how guys are trying to get your attention all the time. It’s frustrating seeing them hit on you all the time! I dunno. I just don’t know how I can compete with a guy like Trev.” Jughead shrugged, looking down at his hands and twisting his slender fingers together, until Betty’s smooth hand rested softly on them, effectively stilling his fidgeting, calming him in a way that only she could. She placed her other hand under his chin and tilted his face up so that their eyes could meet.

“You don’t have to compete. I’m with you. If I wanted to be with someone else, I would be. But I want you. And no one is going to change that.” Her voice was soft, but stern.

“I love you, Bets.” He whispered, searching her eyes with his.

“I love you too, Juggie.” She leaned in and let her soft pink lips ghost over his before catching his lips in a kiss.

“I’m going to show the world that you’re the one I want.” She whispered in his ear, sending a vibration of a very different kind through his body. He could feel his chest getting tighter as he asked,


Betty didn’t respond with words, instead she sat down straddling his lap. Jughead felt like his body forgot what air was.

She was so beautiful, miles of soft creamy skin, gentle eyes, and that smile, God, that smile would be the death of him. She might not know it, but that smile lit up his entire world, brightened entire weeks, dragged him from the precipice a million times. He would do anything in the world to see that smile every day for the rest of his days. Even when it was surrounded by wrinkles, or her teeth were gone, it would always be Betty Cooper’s smile, and that’s all he needed to sustain himself.

Her lips disappeared as she ducked down, bringing them to his neck. He tossed his head back, pleasuring causing blood to rapidly rush south as her skilled lips worked her magic on his neck. She licked, sucked, and nibbled her way from his pulse point to his Adam’s apple and back, as his hands scrambled for purchase on her back, grasping at the fabric of her yellow tanktop as though it was a life raft and he was lost at sea.

Until the door opened.

“Betty, we’re going to miss our nail appointment!” Betty’s best friend Veronica burst into the room, oblivious to the passion that had been growing there previously like weeds.

Betty stood up off his lap and ran a hand down his neck, before leaning in to give him a peck on the lips as a goodbye.

As Jughead opened his laptop, booting it up to get some work done, he saw the dark purple line of bruises beginning to bloom on his neck.

Hickeys. So that’s what Betty meant about showing the world.

Jughead smiled to himself as the screen began to load.

Just let me hold you

So I had a dream yesterday about having to warm a very grumpy Ivar while we were visiting something that looked like a combination of a cabin and a treehouse. After some encouragement from my sister wives in the heathen army, I decided to write something about it. Enjoy!

Modern au

Ivar x reader

Angst and fluff, body image issues


Älskling - love / darling / dear

Skitstövlarna - (these) arseholes / douchebags / scumbags

Min Ivar, min älskling - my Ivar, my love

(this is the look he gave me when I finally came back with the extra blankets)

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

“I hate it here.” Ivar mutters while you shut the door.

“I know, älskling, but they are my family and they wanted to meet my boyfriend.” You stand behind him and reach a hand out to rub his lower back. He twitches and lets out a hiss, making you back off. You let your hand fall back to your side and watch as Ivar struggles to make his way through the small room.

“I’m not blind you know, I see the way they stare.” He mutters while sinking down on the bed, discarding his crutches.

“I’m sorry. But I promise that we will go home as soon as possible tomorrow.”

“You’re damn right we are. I’m not staying in this shithole with skitstövlarna a second longer than what is absolutely necessary.”

“Ivar, please don’t call it a shi…”

“What? I can’t be honest now.” He snaps “This little summerhouse is a shithole, inhabited by shit people and you know it.” Ivar’s reddened and chafed fingers stumble with the zipper on his hoodie. Turning away from him so that he won’t see your face, you begin to change into pj’s. Once you’re done you see that Ivar has already curled up under the covers, facing the wall. You lie down next to him and take a deep breath, deciding to make a new attempt at reaching out. He tenses up at the feeling of you nuzzling against his shoulder through the black t-shirt.

“Ivar…” You begin but he cuts you off with a harsh voice.

“Let’s just go to sleep.” You shrink back from him and curl up in defeat.

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Fiddauhor in a Fairy Tale AU (your choice of fairy tale, I'm not picky)

15. Fairy Tale AU

This is a bit shorter than some of the other prompts I’ve done, sorry, friendo.  But it’s hella gay, so hopefully that makes up for it.  Hope you like it.

Send me characters and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

               Fiddleford walked up the winding staircase, nerves building with every step he took.  Sure, he had made his way through the thickets of wild briar surrounding the castle like a moat.  Sure, he had defeated the one-eyed, yellow dragon that had waited for him within the castle walls.  But despite those portions of the legend being true, he couldn’t help but wonder if the entire thing was true.  

               This is what I get for being the third son.  Third sons always go on quests.  He finally came to a stop just outside a door.  Fiddleford took a deep breath and carefully pushed it open.  The door didn’t creak, something that puzzled him, given how long it must have been since the hinges were oiled.  How many years since the legend first came about?  A thousand? Sweet sarsaparilla.  Why am I the first person who’s made it this far?

               The door opened into a lovely bedroom.  The bed itself was elegant, as would be expected for royalty, with long curtains of stain that obscured the interior, making it impossible to see who, if anyone, was there.  Fiddleford crossed the room quickly, taking care to not cause any floorboards to creak.

               This person’s been sleepin’ fer a thousand years with a dragon in the front yard.  I doubt a creaky footstep would wake ‘em up.  He pulled aside the curtains surrounding the bed.  Fast asleep, tucked under the covers, was a prince. Fiddleford felt the blood rush to his face.  Oh, Lord.  He’s more handsome than I expected.  The prince’s six-fingered hands were resting on his stomach, holding a journal close to him.  With shaking hands, Fiddleford took his helmet off and set it down gently on the bed. He leaned down to kiss the prince. The minute his lips brushed the prince’s, it was as if a wave of beneficial energy swept throughout the room. The prince’s eyes fluttered open. Fiddleford took a hesitant step backward, then inclined his head slightly.

               “Your highness,” Fiddleford said respectfully.  The prince sat up and frowned at him.

               “Who are you?”

               “Prince Fiddleford, of the neighboring kingdom.”

               “Then we are equals.  No need to be concerned with politeness.  I am Prince Stanford.”  Stanford smiled.  “And it appears that you have at last broken the curse which trapped myself and my court.” Fiddleford rubbed the back of his neck, abashed.

               “Yes, well, it weren’t no trouble.”  He shrugged.  “I am a third son ‘n all.  It’s what’s expected.”  He grinned nervously at the handsome prince.  “Just doin’ my duty as a gentleman.”

               “Kissing strangers is something a gentleman is supposed to do?” Stanford asked.  Fiddleford blushed.

               “I, uh-”

               “No, please.  No need to worry.  You have my immense thanks.”  Stanford paused.  “I should perhaps meet your own court, however.”

               “‘Course!  Got to bring yer country up to date.”

               “Well, yes, but that’s not what I was referring to.  I know full well how curse breaking plays out, as well as how the third son’s quest ends.  It’s not merely a quest to prove your worth, but to also find a partner.”  Fiddleford blushed more profusely.  Stanford waved a hand airily.  “Regardless, I should check on my people.  Care to accompany me, Fiddleford?”

               “But of course.”

tbt that time i cartwheeled down the side of a mountain while skiing and everything was a blur of white and blue until i finally came to a stop on my back and suddenly a really big bearded man who looked like a ginger haggrid came into my line of sight screaming “ARE YOU ALRIGHT” and i could manage to say back was “uuhg,h… i should be” 

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Hi! I've noticed there's been a lot of her lately, Did I miss something new with Mystery Girl? Or do you just really like her?

I just realized that may have come as kinds rude, I didn’t mean it to be. I’m just curious if I’ve missed something

Naw, no worries, you didn’t come off as rude at all!

You didn’t miss anything new. While I do really like mystery girl and that episode in general, the main reason I’ve been reblogging so much art of her is that I had put all of these reblogs in my queue (or technically in my drafts, my queue for my queue). When I got sick last summer, I stopped having the energy to maintain my blog and then more life stuff happened that kept me off tumblr for quite a few months, so my queue never got refilled until I finally came back this week and got to running my blog properly again, filling my queue and all that.

So yea, basically my queue was put on pause for like 6 months so now that it’s back up again, all the old stuff I originally put it in is finally getting posted


Tomorrow I take two of my finals and my last one is on Thursday, so I’m basically officially DONE with this semester?? Like fuck yeah. After I do my exams I’m going to do a write up for some blog changes (regarding what threads I’m keeping and so forth) and then hopefully I’ll start work on a bias list/theme thingy I intend to give away.

I wanna thank y’all for sticking by me these last few weeks because I have been just… dead and dying. Even right now I’m feeling very )8 but that’s largely just brain death from studying today and also my FUCKING TEETH hurting because of course they decided to wait until FINALS CAME UP to start giving me issues. FFFFFFF god help me.

Anyway I may crash early tonight unless I’m in too much pain to sleep lol.

“I wanna ride my chocobo all day!”
My chocoblanket came in today! Super awesome to see it finally arrived <3

Dori’s mum: “Easter is already over y’know… Why did you buy an Easter suit?” Dori: “It’s not an Easter suit, it’s a chocobo blanket!”
Dori’s mum: laughs “Ok? You’re crazy.”

Proceeds to gently (not) take it off my head and walk into my sisters room, puts it on herself and shows off in the mirror.

Dori: “Oh goodness…”
Dori’s mum: “QUACK, QUACK!”
Dori: “No mum it’s ‘kweh…’ “
Dori’s mum: “KWA!”
Dori: “No mum, ‘kweh!’ “
Dori’s mum: “KWAH!”
Dori: “Oh for the love of-”


my pillow covers finally came in! i ordered these from some seller on ebay, they were only $30 vs $60 on overstock and $80 at west elm, and it shows lmao, they didn’t even bother to cut the threads after it was sewn on so i have to do it, i didn’t think the pink one would be so bright! it looked dusty pink in the photos

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"Your an idiot, you know that?" With platonic midnightmoose?


!!!!!! I’m not sure where you came from or why but!! Thank you so much! Here’s a thing that I was going to write like.. when this ship first came about and now I finally have an excuse to write it! <3

It was a relatively well known fact that Ellie was rarely allowed in the Asagao kitchens unless it was to supervise. And, even then, it was a bit of a risky manoeuvre, given her accident-prone track record. In fact, the first day Ian had met her, it had been while she was precariously balancing on her toes on the edge of an unstable chair to put something back on the highest shelf in the classroom cupboards. It was only a few days later that he’d taken it upon himself to become her caretaker when, as she was performing the same stupid stunt again, the chair had tipped and sent her awkwardly falling with it, before he dived in to heroically save her life.

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