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I’ve managed to finally accumulate a full set of Soul Gem necklaces! They’re so beautiful! I’ve been wearing them all the time lately. It makes me feel like a real magical girl, haha. Anyway, I got all of these necklaces for less than $7 a piece on eBay; you can find them if you do some digging. I’m really disappointed that there isn’t more stuff like this; I’ve looked high and low for more Madoka Magica necklaces (Etsy, eBay, even Yahoo Japan and some other Japanese/Chinese websites) and these are all I can find. 

I mean, there’s a bit more stuff available of the Soul Gems in their standard egg shapes but nothing of them in their transformed shapes. It bums me out because I have more Sailor Moon necklaces than I know what to do with and was hoping to add some more Madoka stuff to balance it out… oh, well. But seriously, how has no one else capitalized on how awesome Soul Gems work as jewelry? 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that hot pink one is based on Madoka’s prototype Soul Gem design.

Grim Paradise

 The sword in his grasp loosened, then tightened. Fingers roughly gripping on the weapon’s handle, he gave the sword a little twist, perfectly slicing and squishing through the flesh like it was soil.

 His eyes still flickered red, gaze just as dead and solemn at the sight of the corpse. Though the enemy’s yells had now been silenced by his blade, he could still hear his shrieks. Though blood had no longer splashed his body, he could still see the vile colour covering every inch of his blade, splattered every corners of his face.

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Disney had lied to him. After years of watching the movies, Kevin Price had thought he knew what love was all about. A prince or princess and their love interest with some sort of quirk–be it mermaid, street rat, or pauper– would share a moment, the music would swell behind them and they would realize their feelings towards each other and confess them through a song that would go down in history as a great love ballad.

It was not like that at all

There was no tender moment, there was no gentle piano music in the background that crescendoed to call for a duet, and the most important difference, there was no princess. There was no magical, floating feeling that made him feel like he was supposed to break into song unable to contain how much joy he had.

Instead, all he had was a sickening feeling that he was a disappointment to everyone and everything that he had ever known and that he was wrong for feeling this at all. He didn’t feel like singing; he felt like he may vomit. No prince had ever vomited when he fell in love.

First with their misrepresentation of Africa and now with their misrepresentation of love, Kevin was beginning to doubt that Disney Studios actually knew what they were talking about. He cringed at the thought. Somehow, doubting Disney seemed like a bigger betrayal than doubting God.

As he poured himself a cup of coffee, he grumbled, “Those movies take a lot of liberties.”

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY magiccatprincess!

You’re an awesome friend and I really wanted you to get this the very day of your birthday, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise bae prepared for you. You have now the printed one, and I can finally post this here and tell you how lucky I am to have met friends like you and french-dork <3.

Starter for orangecrxsher

It was a cooler evening, she should have been getting back by now, it was over two hours longer then she had expected to be gone.

She was outside of beach city, over in a near by forest. She just loved anything outdoors. Originally she had just wanted to go for a walk in it but she started to notice things a bit off, there were some larger footprints and oddly broken branches here and there. She thought that maybe if she just kept following them she would find something cool but it had been a long walk now, and she was starting to worry.


magical girl aesthetics I would like to see

-heavy metal
-biker gang
-ancient Japan (way ancient. like Yayoi, before the ethnic Japanese were a thing)
-slightly less ancient Japan (Kofun I guess, or Nara)
-could like hijabi magical girls be a thing? That would be rad.
-card suites (a la asexual spectrum)
-(real) armor
-saris and kurti I mean look at those indian designer fashion posts
-bara transformations
-cute frilly transformations but can also turn into huge weird monstrous creatures
-magical girls IN SPACE
-dragons or other animals but not in a kemonomimi or sexualized way you know?