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the sone challenge: (1/9) favourite music videos
       ↳ “We haven’t asked each other if this is possible if we can love like this but, but who cares, like magic I can’t hide this feeling like I’m about to fly” – Day by Day 

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Headcannon: Resurrected Chara has natural red eyes, but can activate their creepy glowing daemon eyes at will. So whenever Asriel has a nightmare, night light Chara is there to comfort him (even if they can be a bit rude whilst doing it). This is also great for late night reading and messing with Sans by standing just outside his window at the dead of night.



I usually limit their shiny red eyes to having red reflexes that light up like a cat’s. Still fantastic for staring at Sans through windows at night, but with less adorable night light potential

maybe when they learn more magic they’ll get glowy eyes again

in fact, I’ve just decided that this is a thing, this is canon now, Chara’s eyes glow red when they use magic and/or when goat bro needs to feel like someone tougher than him is watching over him, this is good

I really love how some things (no matter how simple those things may be) can point you in the direction toward your dreams. It kind of feels like the stuff of magic – like some things are predestined to happen – your goals being one of them. And that is a wonderful feeling.

Lazy Magic

so I’ve seen 2 or 3 posts on “lazy magic” and I really just feel like it’s not appreciated as much as it should be. As someone in a situation where it’s kinda dangerous to practice magic or even have opinions on paganism or anything of the sort (my mom’s super suspicious of my herb garden, and she uses it), lazy magic is the only really safe way to incorporate it into my life. 

Things like keeping a coin in my shoe, stirring a certain way, or just doing normal actions with intent are the only way that I can practice magic until I find a new living situation. 

I hope that no one looks down on those of us who practice lazy magic because it’s not full ritual work or anything of the sort. 

hey, I hope that even those who can practice freely can appreciate the simplicity of lazy magic as well, because it’s just an amazingly simple way to incorporate magic into more of the activities that we do on a daily basis. 

It’s amazing <3


Day 9 of celebrating black illustrators, painters, and visual artists:
Njideka Akunyili-Crosby.

Looking at Njideka’s paintings feels like opening a pot of my mom’s freshly cooked joloff rice with oxtails.

It feels like being in Nigeria circa 1999 and praying that they didn’t take the light as I was saving before the final boss of Final Fantasy IX.

It feels like going outside with my sister and noticing the ornamentations of the house’s gate, the scorching pebbles on my feet, the wall geckos that were cute and terrifying all at once.

It feels like being ripped apart between cultures, and still finding moments of tranquility and clarity.

It feels like my family refusing to believe I can’t speak Igbo.

It feels like authenticity being questioned, but still having my ancestral magic –knowing that no one can take that away from me..

It feels like being the Other in society “but…that’s fine because the deities protect me and bless me with summoning + dance magic”.

It feels like the anxiety and impending fear for when your family meets your white-passing b0ifriend.

Looking at Njideka’s paintings feels like opening a pot of my mom’s freshly cooked joloff rice with oxtails and plantains. (I can’t forget the plantains)

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Occam's razor is a song by 30 seconds to Mars ( i wouldn't listen to it while working out but that's up to you ;) ) and having the direct connection of 30stm - azoff - one direction in mind, your tags made me smile :) also you can interpret it however you want but the song feels like a song by the larries about our relationship with OT

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My own fave of Florence + the Machine is Cosmic Love. “I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.”

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I have to one up that Florence ATM anon! Angela, I bloody love Florence! She’s such a beautiful and unique artist, her debut album Lungs really transports you into another world (at least that’s what it feels like to me). It’s so magical and lyrically stunning. I remember listening to Strangeness and Charm (off her 2nd album) and realizing it’s about the strange-charm quarks (quantum mechanics) and just.. Ahh, I love her. She’s my all time favorite forever and ever! :D

anon said:

Hi Angela - this is a little follow-up to your Florence + The Machine anon. If you feel so inclined, I recommend listening to Shake it Out, loud, thinking about RBB and how that god damned horse seems to represent all sorts of bad things, and just wanting the boys to be free of their devils and burying that horse deep deep deep in the ground. It’s somewhat cathartic. I may have repeated this ‘therapy’ a few times since July ;-)

You are all trying to seduce me with your music! :D

Five Merlin Recs - G

Ghost Ship by MerlinFicDriveThru (1k)

“I can’t save anyone, but I can save you.” Merlin pulled himself up from the water, cold hand soothing Arthur’s fevered cheek. “I can take you to a place where illness cannot follow.”
“You’re going to drown me, aren’t you?” Arthur took a deep breath and turned his head into the dripping palm. He could feel magic like a cloak stifling his thoughts. “That’s what siren’s do.”
“Drowning isn’t as hard as you think it is,” Merlin sighed and rested his head against Arthur’s. “I wouldn’t let you die. You wanted to save me.”
“People die when they drown, Merlin.”

Gifts by entanglednow (~1k)

“Open it,” Arthur insists, he sounds impatient enough but there’s something else in his expression, something that suggests he’s more than a little afraid of Merlin doing exactly that.
Merlin puts it back down on the table and pulls open the string it’s tied shut with.
When he peels the paper back all he sees is red. Layers of red fabric, the bright slippery shine of it, folded in on itself, different shades and edges of material, some fine and thin, some heavy and soft.
He lifts the smooth fabric in his hands until there’s absolutely no doubt about what it is.
Merlin takes it back, he doesn’t know how Arthur’s mind works.
At all.

Gone Fishing by lamardeuse (4k)

He spied Merlin sitting beneath a willow by the water’s edge, his long body curled in a lazy slouch against the trunk. It was impossible to tell if he’d had any success; Arthur decided to approach as quietly as possible so as to find out just how much humiliation he was in for and prepare himself accordingly.
Like a bandit he crept closer, hiding behind tree trunks until he was only a few yards from shore. It was then, as he poked his head around an oak, that he saw the basket lying by Merlin’s side. The basket which was stuffed with wriggling fish.
Arthur hung his head briefly, then took a deep breath as he prepared to meet his fate. He was a crown prince; he could bear his obligation with dignity, or at least a close approximation of it.
He took a step forward, then stopped, frowning, when Merlin raised his hand and waved it at the lake. What the bloody hell was he doing?

Green Eyes by testubinatu (3k)

Merlin and … Elana …. were loitering behind the ovens as he approached. She was leaning coyly back against a wall, her hair wrapped in a green scarf and her face tilted up to Merlin’s. Merlin had a hand on her hip and he was smiling down at her with proprietary affection.
It wouldn’t do. A tart from the bakery, for Merlin? Owain had always said that the bakery tarts were easy, and poor Merlin probably didn’t have a clue.
Elana spotted him before Merlin did, her green eyes widening as the Prince bore down on them with a face of thunder. Merlin turned to see what had startled her, his face dropping into an expression of resignation as Arthur stomped up to him.
“My vambrace is a mess and I need it after lunch,” he snapped without preamble. “And if I find you slacking off in the bakery yards again I’ll have you put in the stocks.”

gewendan by schweet_heart (3k)

“Arthur,” he says, beaming brilliantly and gormlessly into Arthur’s face. “You’re back.”
Arthur is not, and has never been what you might call a coward, but being accosted by an agitated stranger on his first day of work strikes him as one of those things that anyone would find deeply unsettling, even if said stranger hadn’t inexplicably known his name. He tries to give the brooch back, but the old man actually cuffs the back of his head and growls at him, a few sharp words in a foreign language, all sibilants and gutturals, so Arthur says, “Er, thanks, I guess,” in a bemused sort of way and puts it in his pocket, and prays he’ll never see the old man again.
In this, however, he is doomed to disappointment.

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

One of the things I feel like is underexplored in Magic fiction is the dynamics of how a turn based card game translates to an actual wizard duel particularly in the context of like… how do you represent a Necropotence deck which exists by just drawing lots and lots of cards in narrative terms? Not a lot is happening, after all it’s just grinding through the deck searching for drain life spells and lands to cast the drain life spells. So what does that actually represent?

And I feel like maybe what that sort of visually looks like is a kind of spell euphoria, a kind of dissociation in which you’re just sort of caught up in the spellcasting and not really noticing what your opponent is doing. There’s already hints of that in places… The Fallen are what happens when mages take too much power without being able to control it and burn out their brains, and Dementia Casters summon by drawing from their own little pocket nightmare hellscapes that they carve out of their psyches… and we have these glimpses of characters using baubles and charms and mnemonic devices to remember spells, so there’s all this established information that suggests that remembering spells is HARD and in narrative terms, just as in the game, being able to remember the right spell at the right time is critical.

So I imagine a Necropotence deck looks, in narrative, like someone basically just kinda standing there and taking whatever hits the enemy is throwing at them and then sort of exploding in a flurry of spells. It would be disorienting for both duelists–disorienting for the opponent because it’s not particularly clear what’s going on until it suddenly really really is, and disorienting for the Necropotence player because they’re basically tunneling down into their mind in order to recall the most fast and efficient way to murder everything within a ten meter radius.

The real power of Necropotence is not so much the ability to access those cards, but the ability to transcend the demands of the flesh or the conscious mind and become deadened to the world while you prepare your mind for casting far more spells than a normal mage would ever attempt to access at once. 

I think Necropotence is commonly understood as communing with the dead but I think it’s better interpreted as allowing for the body’s necrotization in order to hone the potency of spellcasting.

come on to tumblr to a bunch of people writin’ me really poorly-researched essays about how awful Solas is.

I just got to say, if your essay in all seriousness says, “Solas destroyed the world only because he wanted revenge for Mythal, and that’s the only reason” 

I will just… start laughing, and laughing, and then wipe the tears from my eyes, and that’s pretty much all your essay deserves in response. If you didn’t bother to understand even that relatively straight-forward aspect of the situation, then what else could you have to offer? If you don’t put any effort into researching or understanding the character, your meta is going to be painfully off-key.


The Department of Extraordinary Upcycling is always amazed by the creative uses people find for humble pieces of cardboard. The artist duo of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly, collectively known as “Les Deux”, are creating their ideal world using cardboard, cutting tools, glue, and paint. Entitled Dosshaus (or “The House of Cardboard”), the ongoing project consists of life-size installations that feature Les Deux living in a monochromatic house full of black and white objects. Taylor and Connelly even dress themselves in black and white cardboard clothing.

Everything from their “Sunday Lunch”, to the tennis rackets and chess pieces in “The Sporting Room” to real, working music records (that you can listen to on Dosshaus’ Vimeo channel) in “The Music Room” are made entirely out of cardboard, including the clothing that they wear in the photos. The Dosshaus feels like a magical place, but its name has roots in poorhouse establishments, called “dosshouses”, that were prevalent in the 19 century.

The latest Dosshaus project is the pair’s first feature-length film, which is currently in production. Visit the Dosshaus website or DeviantArt page for more photos and information about Les Deux’s playful cardboard creations.

[via Hi-Fructose]


Star’s wand progress!! All done except for the satin sealant! I know it’s sort of crooked and an experienced prop maker would definitely call it sloppy… But I’m super happy with it, it may be my favorite prop I’ve ever made!!

I just feel like a magical girl holding it. C:

Gave the horns another coating too- they’re so candy colored!!

Now to actually make the skirt… Lol.