imagine shizuo fighting all your insecurities and worries

Master post for expensive brand make up for cheaper price

Hi guys!! As some of you know I have put some of my never used make up on ebay, since I’m still jobless I decided to put more stuff up, ALL of these are original brands and most of them have boxes too, if you ask ‘why do you sell it tho’ well after I moved to England I havent been able to find a job yet therefor I decided to sell lipsticks/eyeshadows from Chanel, Dior, Lancome and Shiseido for a really good and cheap price! Most of the bids end today so hurry up before they are gone! If you have any questions just ask :)

PS only UK expect if there’s something you badly want and you live outside the UK then message me and we can fix that problem!


Chanel Rouge Allure 90 Pimpante (on bid)**

Chanel Rouge Allure 125 Indecise (on bid)

Chanel Rougher Allure Velvet 37 L'exuberante (on bid)

Buy now Chanel Lipsticks - only 1 left!!!**

LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE Rose Nu -  theres 2 available [x] [x] [x]

LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE Rose Aurore (on bid)

LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE Brun Sepia - theres 1 available [x] [x

LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE Rose Amnesia (on bid)**

LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE Brun Legende (on bid)**

Lip glosses 

Lancome lip Lover lipgloss 357 Bouquet Final (on bid)**

Lancome Lip Lover 356 Belle Lover (on bid)**

Lancome Lipgloss 144 Glitter Mania (on bid)**

Eye shadows

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color RS 321 (on bid)

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color BL 620 (on bid)

Dior eyeshadow Diorshow Mono 240 Mariniere (on bid)

Dior eyeshadow Diorshow Mono 386 Blue Denim (on bid)

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow 655 Universe (on bid)*

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow 545 Phenix (on bid)*

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow 34 Eclosion (on bid)*

I don’t see why fans of Merlin that ship Merlin and Arthur don’t talk about the last episode of season 2 more often. Like Merlin literally admits to Arthur he’s in love with him? He says just after Arthur asks him why he’s prepared to go with him into battle where he could literally die, “I know you don’t understand how I feel” and then seeing Arthur’s reaction tries to pass it off as a joke by adding “I really care about that armour” Like guys? 


The Great Blanket Project

submitted by @physicsandfandoms:

Hello friends of aroford (Micha)!

So, Micha has been talking about making a weighted blanket for a while, and I had an idea to add an extra layer of awesome to that project. I was thinking that since there are so many of us who care about them, it would be fairly easy for us to have the top of the blanket made out of fabric squares that we send to them.

You shouldn’t need any sewing experience to do this, the fabric squares can be anything from a piece of store-bought fabric to a personalized design. If you’re interested in helping with this, send me (@physicsandfandoms) a message. Once I know how many people are making squares I’ll figure out the dimensions so that the blanket turns out the size Micha wants it to be.

i want yall to know if i ever do publish a book someday and you see all these weird names for scifi alien characters that i bullshitted it all and their names are all the end results of those “3rd letter of your mom’s surname + 2nd letter of your grandma’s first name” things

            &&; is seriously thinking about making the Dragneel Brothers AU his main verse tbh

What do you think?

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So say if I the shy anon wanted to send some fanart of the mun where would I submit that

((fanart,,, of m E ! ! ???, omG?? you can submit it to @emmabebe0906 !! (my main blog!) if its charisk tho, you can submit it here or there! ;v;))

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I didnt love Irena as much as I do now thanks to your blog :)

((OHHHHHH MY GOOODNESSSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR KIND BEAUTIFUL ANONNNNNN AAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I just have so much love for the Cygnus Knights, though I wish they were treated better in the game LOL. I’m really glad you love Irena as much as I do!!!!! After the personality revamp I just loved her even more, so thank youuuuu. Poor Hawkeye and his pirate accent though….SO UH THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN SO MUCH IM CURRENTLY A BRIGHT RED TOMATO RIGHT NOW AAAAAAHHHHHHH YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLY KINDDDDD))

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how do you fill about the duck dynasty guys adopting a black child i mean i dont want to read to much into it and think negative of someone

How fast can Child Protective Services get there? Extremely disconcerting.