Hey hello, so I’m feeling smart today and have been thinking about some theories, or maybe just observations?? I mean idek what this posts is so let’s just beging.. get cozy ladies and gentleman this is me using my brains: 

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So the intro to Power is as followsi hope i got it right jskjsksj  + my weird analysis

“The Universe has transformed, distorted space has been re-assemblebled, warped time has been reset, and the unpurified red force -incomprehensible, kind of like bruised or induced?- two suns with darkness… oh wait, this isn’t the right place for today, is it? hmm nah, not here, oh cute but not here…”

Naturally, it talks about the red forces and we can see someone with their hands wide open in a dark cloak, two suns losing their brightness.

Now it obviously is someone signifying the red forces but what surprised me is that its cloak is really similar to the one the boys used in Mama. 

And, like Mama, it talks about two suns which only means there are two fairly similar parallel universes. And Mama also talks about time, remember: “the legends hereby divide the three in half and hide each side, hence time is overturned and space turns obscure…” and then it goes onto how the legends divided and created two suns that look alike and careless careless shoot anonymous

there are two suns, TWO SUNS, what we saw in Power, but what is so odd is that it mentions how time is reset and the space re-assembled, you would think that is good right? but I suppose it only happens when the legends come together, and remember, the suns are still dark and the red forces unpurified. meaning it hasn’t ended, I assume the war with the red forces, so either time and space are worst than before or they’re starting to get better.

But there’s something else, it says the red forces are unpurified so that means they were pure once right? or that they can become pure… which brings me to this: maybe Baekhyun is the one trying to purify them. Them or whatever turns dark. Why? Because he’s light.

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And doesn’t he always sacrifice himself? We saw it in the MAMA performance actually called the sacrifice. Baekhyun is the only one whose light didn’t turn blue, wasn’t purified. his was red, he was the sacrifice.

And in Monster he’s the one that helps them out too, he’s undercover and seems to hold a “high position”, I would say, in the side of whoever captured exo, and he risked it anyway, to help them free 

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But it could also mean another thing. Maybe Exo really did become “monsters”, as in they turned dark and kind of evil, and Baekhyun releasing them represents him “purifying” them. Which brings me onto something else, which is so stupid but whatever let me think for once  ..maybe Exo can become evil too, like the red forces (or are they the red forces???) and that’s why the red forces want them. That’s why Baekhyun protects them, maybe because he’s light and can never be devoured by darkness. 

Also in Power, at the end, he’s falling.

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Does that mean he sacrificed himself then, too?  And, did you see that key??? I may be a little crazy and I may or may not have been crying at the end of the MV but I saw it .

And you know what it looks like?

That’s right my type the fucking caduceus, symbol of a doctor. And what is a doctor? A healer. And who is a haler? Lay. And what is Lay? Yixing. And what Is Yixing? Love. And what is love?? OT-FUCKING-9

OKAY maybe I went a bit overboard but there’s a possibility!!! But why the key? Is Yixing the key? (not actually lmao) Or is he trapped somewhere and that is the key that’ll set him free.? And if it is, who trapped him? The red forces?? And is that why Baekhyun feel back to earth I guess?? To get him back?? 

Anyway, moving on after the intro…

Which I really liked , let’s show some love to the intro!! Well, the narrator said something like this isn’t the right place for today and moved on to show different scenes. 

This had me thinking. Maybe each of Exo’s songs is from a different, parallel universe/planet and that’s why they’re so diverse. How awesome is that? They can jump from one reality to another, I guess, so may be Wolf will have a comeback :’) Gasp. maybe that’s why some songs have some elements from anothers (cbx in the one and ka ching), because they’re a very similar reality to the original one! that or sm is running out of ideas lmao jk I love 

So then there’s the tunnel and claw like machine

Now the part of the tunnel thingy I dONT understand much? I mean, like the point of it? idk but it was really cute and well made kudos and let’s appreciate.

However, the machine. mhmmm is it suppose to signify the red forces? I mean it was red. 

And there’s more. The machine, in it’s claw, it had their orbs of power. And it used them.

Does that mean that the red forces found a way to activate their powers? Are the spheres the powers though. Or do the guys just need them to activate them? 

And it’s funny, how they used the guns and just shot everywhere. and I mean everywhere, it seemed they didn’t know how to used them.

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I mean, he almost shot Kyungsoo lmao.

But then there’s Kai…

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he knows what he’s doing and he looks damn good doing it huhuh. And I think it’s maybe because his power (teletransportation) doesn’t usually aid him in battle other than defense so he normally uses weapons while the others use their powers. hence the others look wrecked af (and cute af)

There’s more. remember that I said the machin had the orbs? Well why didn’t he have Baekhyun’s? Is it really because he’s light? 

My mom helped me out a bit on this one lmao. I think the cat is Baekhyun’s “orb”, that’s why the machine didn’t have it and it said in the teasers it couldn’t be retrieved. 

Now the cat

The kitten had an L in it. Many think it’s for Lay, and it could be but I’m holding to my idea about the key lmao. There’s the theory that the kitten represents us, ExoL. And if yes, that’s SO FREAKING CUTE. 

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you see that fucking look and smile istg he was thinking about exoL like that one time in the take you home mv this idiot melts my heart hskdkajdh

Get this.. the kitten is Baekhyun’s orb, it’s his light. Is that supposed to mean we, ExoL, are Baekhyun’s (and exo’s) light? And if it does, maybe that has something to do with For Life I know crazy, but remember when Chanyeol enters in that room?

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It’s suddenly full of lights I believe used to represent our lightsticks and, in turn, us!

There’s also this funny think my mom said. When the kitten presses the button

she said it’s like when you play a game in an arcade and it’s funny because Power is all about character cards and that.

So maybe Exo’s just playing a game with their avatars lmao that’s so random

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ANYWHO… That’s been long and quite long omggg sORRY but what I do want to say is please do appreciate Power, it’s fresh and light and different and beautiful, not to mention, I do believe our boys had a blast while recording the MV and are very proud of it, we should be too!!

Stream Power.

Cry to Sweet Lies.

Party to Boomerang. 

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The Creatures just officially announced they’re leaving the channel behind. I’m full on sobbing. I grew up watching these lovable idiots, and as stupid and cheesy as it sounds they helped me a lot. 

I’m gonna miss seeing new content on the Hub but I do wish them all the best in the future. 

And before any Cow Chop fans take over this post, please don’t. Let me speak up and say that we all knew it was coming. Trust me, we did. But it doesn’t mean that it hurts any less.


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Hi! Wondering if you could clear something up for me. I'm seeing heaps of people saying that Magnus is a prince of hell, but i was sure that his father was one, not him. I read the books years ago so I can't remember exactly, but I was sure his father Asmodeus is a prince of hell, making Magnus the son of a prince of hell, not actually one himself because Magnus isn't a demon, just the son of a greater demon.

yeah, i noticed the same thing. technically, asmodeus is the greater demon who’s a prince of hell, but it depends on how you look at it, tbh. like more often than not, traditional royal titles tend to pass down genealogically in the lineage, so i don’t think it would be incorrect to call magnus a prince of hell too. e.g. prince charles is still a prince, but prince william is also called prince william and is also a prince because his father is royalty. so asmodeus being a prince also therefore makes magnus a prince, at least based on this model….. if that makes sense?

but on the other hand, if you argue that “prince of hell” specifically refers to those greater demons that are the highest in the hierarchy (i believe in the shadowhunters chronicles that “princes of hell” refers to those 7 greater demons who were originally fallen angels), and therefore you argue that the title cannot pass down to their progeny, then i guess magnus wouldn’t technically count as a prince of hell. 

like i said, it depends on how you interpret it, i guess? neither the books nor the show yet really makes it clear how infernal royal titles pass down lol so unless they ever do, i wouldn’t say it’s at all wrong for people to call him a prince of hell. 

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Hey you don't suck sweetie whatever you give me will be the most amazing gift ever because it'll come from you ♥️ Traduction: the person I hold closest to my heart (after my family cuz you know, blood related shit but that doesn't matter xD) and it'll mean the world to me even if it's just a happy birthday♥️♥️♥️

awhhhh sweetie.. lakfgjghd what did i ever do to deserve you..♡♡♡ I honestly wish i had more time in the first time but i wish you a wonderful birthday!!♡ this day is so special because its the day you were brought into existence and it just-

makes me so sooo happy thanku for being in my life i couldnt ask for anything better♡ i love you so much~ xx

words dont mean much i know i apologize-

Haha wish me luck yall Im uhh?? Gonna go get my diagnosis fixed or- idk cause?? I mean- I know its not just me overthinking at this point cause I finally talked to like- my one friend whos known me for years?? And she agrees I probably have some form of autism I just?? I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was too young to even remember it happening, and I’ve known a lot of kids with ADHD who dont?? Do things the same wierd things I do- The wierd things I always said was just the ADHD and?? I might still have ADHD fuck I know I have something wrong and?? It might be multiple things- my oldest bro has asbergers and ADHD and dyslexia, my second bro has classic autism and?? Ive been here with ADHD and depression and?? It could be something else too idk I dont mean to rant so much I just?? Figure itll help to go public with it Itll give me more courage to find some kinda doc to make sure my diagnosis isnt wrong

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What's the egg thing mean? I dont know much about that culture

Essentially, if someone has bad energy or are sick or something unfortunate like that, a “healer” will pray over an egg and then rub it along your body to remove the bad. Then they’ll crack it into a bowl of water to check for impurities. The “evil eye” part of it all is the bad energy you get when someone looks at you with envy or malice or bad feelings. The egg ritual gets rid of such bad karma.

“I need reasons, yes, why I should take you home to mama.

You want me to believe you aint even like that.

Baby show me you aint even like that.

Words dont mean that much to me, [boy].

You tell me i’m your [girl] make me think i’m all that.

When i’m not around, do you take it all back.

Words don’t mean that much to me.”

from all the songs recorded for the lp i only have titles left, but thats okay its more than enough

i love making up titles before actual sound because i can create atmospherics around the words and feelings they give me. in the end words are only important in art, in real life they dont have much meaning it seems

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Bless your heart, you sweet, naive child… My titles are naught but a collection of accolades from centuries of hard work and dedication to becoming worthy of respect… Perhaps some day,  you’ll make something of yourself and then their significance will pass through your thick skull into your pea-brain

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you're legit an angel i'm always so happy to see you on my dash. you're a not only a true blessing to just t100 community, but you're also a blessing to the entire rp community as a whole !!



cause hot damn it’s w o rk in g… I’m… I’m speechless.. I don’t even know how to reply to this sweetness??? like wtf no im..i  dont do much, i mean im around but… im sure there are other people who are way more of a blessing than me, honestly. S T IL L thank you for your kind words they made me make very funny noises ok. and hide in my sleepy PINK blanket. yeah thats what you made me do. hide like a turtle. you cutie pie you. [ smooches ]