one of my favorite things about gilmore girls is thats its not dramatic. like at all. i mean, of course it is— how many times do characters argue in 1 given episode? 10?— but there’s no suspense. there’s no disaster or evil villains that come out of no where. its just about people. and there’s ups and downs but never anything thats like….edge of my seat im gonna cry bc im so worried about my faves…theyre just cool beans chillin’ around trying to make life good….i love that

A New Mexican Restaurant That Doesn’t Skimp on the Spice

The restaurateur Dario Wolos began making tacos a decade ago, selling them out of a Volkswagen bus in Mexico. Since then, he’s moved to New York and opened four restaurants, all called Tacombi, around the city, each focusing on a different Mexican regional cuisine.

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  • me: lives in a small two bedroom apartment shared with 3 other people, makes minimum wage at a fast food restaurant, doesnt own a car, rides the metro bus everywhere
  • anons: you spend money on concerts what kind of luxury lifestyle!!!