I’m actually so glad that Youngjae is moving out of the dorms to live with his brother because I’m sure it was a hard decision and he’ll be happier and less homesick now he’s with his family. Also it’s not like he’s never going to see or speak to got7 again, they’ll want him to be comfortable and feel at home wherever he goes. I think it’s gross that some people are saying he shouldn’t move out and acting like he’s betraying the group?? Like how is spending more time with your family in any way going against the best interests of got7???

I just want the boy happy, healthy and well fed and I’d even be fine with him moving to a different country if he said it was what was best for him 💖🌼

>_< Thank You!

I’ve been feeling really down for the past week, and only worse last night… I kinda just wanted to release those feelings somewhere.  (。•́︿•̀。)

I feel a lot better today though… Thank you all for being so sweet and kind  ♡

o(TヘTo) I didn’t expect so many people to comment and send stuff to my inbox, especially since this is my personal acc. 

I’m very sorry for causing you all trouble and throwing such negativity on your dashboard (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

I really, really appreciate that you guys took the time to send in messages  o(TヘTo) It was quite heartwarming to wake up to, and eased me into the rest of the day! :)


these… got longer every time. oops.

@unknown-saeranchoi - Thank you >~< Awh, you’re sending me Saeran and now you’re sending me love too… -hugs tightly- 

@emmie-cb -  My, my~ Hello there. I just went to stalk your art blog, teehee!! Holy crap, you’re soooo sweet AND skilled!! I love the way you mix the colours, it’s so pretty <3 I can’t wait til you paint the rest of Saeyoung~~ Oh wait I wasn’t supposed to fangirl here, whoops. >^< Thank you for your sweet messages! (and wait i thiiink we’re also related through serensama’s family?! I know I’ve seen you around the fandom before!!)

@graythecactus - Thank you for messaging me directly and offering to talk ^~^ You’re very thoughtful, Gray! I’m assuming you’ve also been through quite a bit of shit, for you to make an offer like that. (´。• ω •。`) If you ever feel down, expect me to pop into your inbox, okay?!

@ 4 Asks Anon -  ♡ First! Because you sent this late, I was able to wake up to it and it made a warm and fuzzy start to my day! I’m so honoured that you think so highly of me…  。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 Honestly, I’ve thought a lot of the things you said! I was a bit surprised to see that our beliefs are so closely matched! About the “wrongs” being equally wrong. And even the way you use extreme examples to prove a point– I do that too, haha, are you secretly my twin? Thank you very much for taking the time to write so much, it really means a lot to me that you did this… I can really hear the sincerity in your written voice ^^ You’re a really kind person, nonnie! But umm, have we talked before? o~o If not, I’d quite like to meet you.. Reveal thyself, nonnie!! (oh! only if you feel comfortable. I’ll wait patiently~)

@tomatoketchupandcarrots​ -  Σ(°ロ°) WHAT! I don’t deserve to be placed amongst one of your favourite writers >__< (btw do you happen to be Canadian or British or something? you spelled favourite the same way hehe) On another note, I’ve always wanted to call you out on the blog! I notice a lot of our followers, and you’re one of the ones who show up in our notifs all the time ♡  But I was too shy, unsure of how you’d react… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) If I may confess, you’re one of the people I secretly seek acknowledgement from… (As in, looking if you liked a new fic and stuff!! Ah! But I’m not trying to make you feel obliged to like everything– I’d rather earn your acknowledgement >_<) You’ve always been around, thank you so much for your continued support!! ♡ 

@ other anons - thank you for your compliments c:

++ I know I’ll be okay. c: Everyone has bad days, and thank you for being around during one of mine.

@firebird963​ I can’t speak for GIMP because I’ve never used it before, but this is what I do on Sai and Photoshop respectively, hopefully you can copy the effect with whatever tools GIMP’s got? :0 Sorry this is in a post, it’s just that there were a lot of images and I wanted to try and organise it a bit lmao. 

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Disneywatch - Beauty and the Beast

In which Zarya’s arrogance and hate of Omnics earns her a horrible curse and it takes Mercy to put up with her shit heal her.

(Zarya can’t read but she can totally throw THIS BEAR OVER THE CASTLE WALL ANGELA YOU’RE NOT EVEN LOOKING)

Other Crossovers:

Hercules (Widowtracer)

Aladdin (Phametra)

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.


Beer of the night

Sadly tonight’s episode of Modern Family is a re-run. I’ll be drowning my sorrow in beer and watching The Ranch instead.

The beer is Imperial Kvass which is part of the Valve Jockey series of beers from Bent Paddle Brewing in Duluth, MN. This rye brown ale is made with raisins, lemon peel, and spearmint.

“Officer, my breath is minty fresh not because I’m trying to cover up the smell of alcohol but because my alcohol had spearmint in it!” Oh wait a second, that doesn’t sound as smart as I thought it would. Oh well, I’m not driving anywhere tonight.

Valve jockeys are what the brewers there call themselves. I’ve visited many a brewery and indeed there are a lot of valves. No one ever lets me open or close one though.

The Ranch is a series on Netflix Sheila and I just started watching. Ashton Kutcher and the guy who played Hyde on That ‘70s Show are the stars. So far I like it but there’s some sort of odd (but not bad) quality to the video. It’s a 2016 production but something about the picture reminds me of shows recorded in 1977. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes me think that.

They are renovating the apartment next to mine. ಠ_ಠ 

It sounds like they’re breaking through the wall every second now. I can’t sleep because of the deafening noise (and the ungodly heat) and all my tired brain could think of was putting Kuroo right in my place making him suffer…

Sorry babe.

that messed up anatomy and perspective though… ugh…