am I the only person who just like, cringes. when people are super obsessed with finding a boyfriend/girlfriend/datemate/queerplatonic soulmate.

like… dude. it’ll happen for you. stop obsessing, do something fulfilling with your time. maybe if you spend more time playing and having fun, you’ll have more chances to meet people, and more to talk about when you do.

Yesterday at the keg pull event I saw a lot of ignorant owners. That wasn’t a surprise to me at all.

What did surprise me was a few people saw me working with Kaylee, stayed at a distance and asked if they could approach me. One elderly couple said they didn’t want to interrupt or interfere with her training by just walking up and interrupting us. They told me it was nice to see someone working with their dog and said they saw a great connection between me and Kaylee.
I was speaking to another person (someone who was running the event) about Kaylee being muzzled. They said when ever they see a dog in a muzzle they see a responsible dog owner. That I know my dogs limits and that shows great dog ownership.

All of these things really boosted my confidence with training Kaylee. For a few months my life was very out of whack and it felt like I was a terrible owner and trainer. This event and the kind words from strangers really helped me see that Kaylee is doing great. She’s right where she needs to be and she’s happy.

I also noticed that while Kaylee was in her muzzle people didn’t let their dogs bum rush her. She got more space and was happier for it. I think everyone should muzzle condition their dog. Especially ones who need space. I know it’s helped me and Kaylee so much. I was more relaxed because I knew even if a dog got in her face she couldn’t bite them and start a fight. So she fed off that energy and was calmer and more focused on me.


There was a bit of a reputation for having a lot of boy-bashing songs. Which is a sexist way of saying heartbreak songs. To trivialise someone who’s heartbroken is really cruel. But people have to simplify things. Everybody’s got busy lives, they don’t have time to form a complex opinion of me and my music.

252. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie grew old the first time they visited Narnia, and many wonder what they did. Few know the new names they took there as they started a school for their new home to teach those that would come after them. They didn't want people to be influenced by their name, so they took new names that would stand out with their new school. Godric, Rowena, Salazar, and Helga.

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Poe’s interrogation.

In First Order interrogation room.

Kylo Ren: Comfortable?

Poe: Yeah, it’ better than the last time. What do you want from me? I won’t tell you where Luke Skywalker is anyway.

Kylo Ren: Are you actually in relationship with FN-2187?

Poe: Yes, How is that First Order’s matter?

Kylo Ren: No, it’s my matter. Tell me how you guys start dating and i’ll let you go.

Poe: As you know, we escaped from Star Destroyer together. He took my jacket and i found he’s very cute in that jacket. After caring him for months, i asked him out.

Kylo Ren: That’s interesting. You can go now.

In Hux’s quarter

Kylo Ren: This is my robe and i will give to you.

Hux: Wow! Thank you. I need it.

Hux uses it as rug. Kylo Ren beats his ass up. So, he has to go to the hospital. Kylo Ren is always with him in the room.

Kylo Ren: After recovering, you will like me.

Hux: I’ll kill you!!!