• <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> I can't believe blue is V's natural hair. It doesn't make sense- I know the Choi twins have red hair and that doesn't make sense either but at least it's somewhat acceptable. But he has blue eyebrows? What the actual hell. Did he dye them blue too? It's pretty much been blue throughout all of the routes, the flashbacks AND the secret endings. How does that even work, if it's dyed? What would he have started doing after he became blind? Would he just barge into a salon with his walking cane every couple months and think about his next course of action against Mint Eye as the hairdresser plays Frank Sinatra in the background while describing various shades of blue for him to pick from? Did he have a blue stubble at some point in his life? I have so many questions, someone help<p/></p>

i think that part of the attraction on aaron’s part was partly due to the fact that robert treated him like a full grown man who he didn’t need to be wary of or almost protect ?? like robert was this dick who knew bits and pieces (hate they we never got actual conversations) about aaron’s tragic relationship with jackson and his subsequent self harm, but at the beginning that didn’t even matter to robert, it didn’t mean anything because well feelings didn’t come into it which means aaron’s life didn’t really come into it either ~ but i think that aaron liked that. with ed, almost from the get go jackson was a part of their development, aaron didn’t even feel ready to commit (not fully) to ed until he showed him his scars and told him about his past, it was almost like aaron’s issues where at the forefront of all his relationships and had to be addressed first and foremost. but with robert it was like … different completely because it didn’t get in the way, robert didn’t look at him with this concern and this need to walk on egg shells round him a lil and hold back in case he said something wrong (i feel like ed did this once or twice) and for aaron i think it was refreshing and exactly what he needed ?? for the first time, he was having fun and letting go and not feeling awful for not revealing all these aspects of himself to someone before they go any further, he was just being gloriously selfish and being treated like an adult and i love that.

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Is it possible for people to be 'blends' of two different types? Some people claim to be but that doesn't really make sense to me. I know some people have better developed auxiliary, tertiary and so on functions so maybe that makes some people get confused and identify as more than one?

Hello anon! I agree with you, I don’t think it makes much sense. Someone might be undecided between two types, but that scenario makes me think that they haven’t been typed in a conclusive way, I don’t think you can be more than one type at the same time unless you have more than one mind. 

There are some confusions that I can understand (x must coincide in each case):

E vs. I

  • Exxx and Ixxx because you’d use the same functions in a very similar order. Since introverts’ first cognitive function is introverted, they might come across as extroverts if they have a powerful auxiliary function because it is the one that is shown (you can’t see what’s happening inside their minds, introverted functions don’t usually give clear signs). 

F vs. T

  •  xxFx and xxTx. We have two scenarios here.
    a) ExFP - ExTP // IxFJ - IxTJ:  in this case, both will share the dominant and inferior functions. Solution: determine whether the person uses inductive or deductive reasoning or any other way to solve the Ti or Te paradigm.
    b) IxFP - IxTP // ExFJ - IxTJ:  this one is quite different, the shared functions are the auxiliary and the tertiary. Solution: find out which one is the individual’s dominant function. 

N vs S

  • xNxx and xSxx. Again, two scenarios.
    a) ENxJ - ESxJ // ISxP - INxP: they will have the same dominant and inferior functions. Solution: determine the auxiliary function.
    b) INxJ - ISxJ // ESxP - ENxP: they share the auxiliary and tertiary functions. Solution: determine the dominant function. 


J vs. P

  • All this taking into consideration that the xxxP and xxxJ confusion DOES. NOT MAKE. ANY. SENSE. xxxP and xxxJ are completely different types that use the functions in an absurdly divergent order. If someone thinks they are either e.g. INTJ or INTP, I’d suggest to stop taking binomial tests and switch to cognitive functions. 

[ I’m praying to the pagan deities that I got this right. I think I did, please excuse me if it’s not the case and message us]

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Hi Human, I noticed bot gets lots of notes when they do things right, do they understand that? Like when a bunch of people are like "good job!" is bot like "hey I did that one right! Lets keep doing that!"? Im sorry if this doesn't make sense I don't know that much about robots!

Hi, human operator here:

No, picdescbot doesn’t read the notes and can’t understand them.

The way picdescbot works is that it fetches a random image from Wikimedia Commons, passes it through a series of blacklists to filter out offensive images (see the last question I answered for details), then sends it to Microsoft Cognitive Services to get a description, passes the description through another blacklist, neutralizes gender, and posts it to twitter & tumblr.

Since the Microsoft service is a “black box” for me and picdescbot (which is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way), there’s no way for picdescbot to influence the service and improve it. While the service does improve over time, it has nothing to do with picdescbot itself or the feedback people leave for it here.

You can imagine it as a magical box that you put a picture in, and a description comes out from the other side, with no one knowing what goes on inside. The bot itself is just a “messenger”, whose job is to feed the box pictures and then post the results for the world to see.

I hope this answer won’t disappoint too many people, since I really like the way people personify the bot.

Klance finds the fandom
  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> I don't constantly speak Spanish. Why would I blow a kiss to Keith and say "Te amo" that doesn't make sense I want him to know I love him so I'd say it in English-<p/><b>Keith:</b> wait what was that about you loving me-<p/><b>Lance, trying to escape the hole he dug himself:</b> -ONTOTHENEXTPOSTNOW<p/><b>Pidge, from the next room over:</b> jusT FUCK ALREADY<p/></p>

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I feel like with the new changes to Mercy in addition to D.Va and Junkrat, Overwatch is slowly becoming more agrressive. I don't like how dps-oriented Mercy's new ultimate is. Blizzard was like "it's not right for a healer character to hide instead of heal, so let's give her an ult where she shoots everyone instead of heal!" It just doesn't make sense, really. I know it buffs her healing, too, but I feel like most people don't see it that way.

I’m glad they’re finally giving her wings a real purpose and buffing her up a bit more. Hiding as a Mercy isn’t easy when everyone on the enemy team keeps hunting after you. Healing is fun and all, but I can’t always baby my teammates with instant heals, so they could just charge aimlessly into battle. Let them fight their own battles while I have a bit of fun shooting some Genjies in the face.

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For the most part I really admire Louis' openness and honesty, but it does feel like he spoke for Harry a bit too much about Harry's solo intentions and how it affected 1D, when Harry clearly prefers to be private about this stuff. Harry clearly has so much love for 1D and what they've done, it doesn't need to be painted as his ambition as the cause of the break. Even if it's the truth, it's Harry's truth to share if he wants. Louis could have been honest about his experience while staying vague

I honestly do get 100% what you mean, it’s just in my opinion Louis is really in tune with what he wants to reveal, and he is the one being asked about Harry so he is just speaking from the heart. I understand that Louis is speaking for Harry in a way, but if it’s how Louis feels I don’t think he’s going to change his ways or his method of answering questions. I have to admit as a louie I am absolutely the most biased person ever, but I find it really refreshing that he’s just answering things without any barrier and basically no secrets, I love seeing this emotional side of him and how he’s interpreting all the situations around him. I totally agree that Harry has never suggested that he doesn’t love 1D (and I don’t want to say I don’t agree with Louis because it’s his emotions) but in a way I do think Louis is really insecure about the future of 1D maybe? So he’s explaining his feelings about Harry in a way I don’t personally understand. That’s the best way I can describe the way I feel about his answers about harry

Everytime my mother sings and performs I end up crying because I’m reminded of my younger days. I wonder if this happens to Apollo and Trucy with Thalassa’s voice too…

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Hi there ^^ are they any like transport/ commuting aus? Like they meet on the bus to school or the train commute to work? Sorry if this ask doesn't make much sense I don't know how to exaplin but a travelling kind of fic? Thank you <3

Salted Caramel Chocolate

We’re just strangers…


Blanket Kick (Embarrassed)


Last Bus Home

Don’t Be Shy

close your eyes (enjoy the ride)

you ran me over (with love)

Wrong Stop


-admin n

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I really I'm all for representation and truly believe that the show should have an ace character but after that look Jughead send Betty after the kiss it really can't be him. It doesn't make sense.

I know what you mean, dear anon. Representation is indeed mandatory in a teen series and the theme of asexuality should be included in Riverdale and other shows too to be honest. As for Jughead, there’s this controversy about whether he will or will not be ace. Honestly, we just have to wait and see. The writers and Cole keep saying that more of Jughead’s sexuality is going to be explored in the next season, and that great because he is a 16/17 year old boy that’s still growing up and experiencing the world and whether he is ace or just timid when coming to physical connection this is just an amazing opportunity for a teen show to showcase that love can be patient and not everything revolves around sex and getting laid when you are in high school. Now, I see what you’re saying. There seems to be a lot of Cole inside of Jughead in those Bughead scenes that things get a tad intimate. 😂 His look after the kiss in the latest episode, his boyish “c’mere” in episode 10, his kinda wandering hands… With what we’ve seen up until now, it looks like Jughead is seeking some sort of simple physical intimacy that maybe would lead to him being willing and excited to test the waters with Betty and only Betty. Also a lot of people are saying that they see Jose as the ace character, which I can see too and that would be very interesting to watch. However, it’s still very early to tell. And I’m sure whatever the writers decide to do, Bughead will stay this strong and supportive couple and I seriously can’t wait to watch their love thrive more in season 2!

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Do you know of any like flower or plant name related gemstones? Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I don't exactly know how to word it correctly.

I think I understand :) Anyone else can feel free to add on names.

Gemstones With Plant and Flower Names:
-Bamboo Jasper
-Chinese Rain Flower Agate
-Chrysanthemum Jasper
-Chrysanthemum Stone
-Desert Rose
-Forest Fire Jasper
-Forest Green Pearl
-Forest Jasper
-Mahogany Obsidian
-Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper
-Moss Agate
-Moss Jasper
-Petrified Palm Wood
-Petrified Wood
-Poppy Topaz
-Rainforest Jasper
-Rainforest Topaz
-Rose Alabaster
-Rose Cat’s Eye Quartz
-Rose Quartz
-Rose Rhodochrosite
-Tree Agate

EDIT: @theblankest123​ added:
Oh boy, here’s an even longer list of gems that are nature related/ have plants in their name:
Amber, Fossils(?), Cactus Quartz, Jet, Bouquet Agate, Ivory, Lilac Quartz, Lavender Quartz, Green Calcite(?), Coal(?), Peanut Wood, Palm Wood, Coral, Fossilized Coral, Seaweed Quartz, Citrine(?), Ametrine(???), Agatized Coral, Petalite(??), Chestnut Jasper

**I’m not counting fruit related gems in this post because I already did a food list that included fruits.