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C is for Confidence

While it honestly could go either way, if I had to make a guess at the moment I’d wager that isn’t Bendy’s voice for a few reasons:

1. “He will set us free.“ “He“ referring to Joey wouldn’t make sense if it’s Bendy speaking - Joey betrayed them, so why would they think he’d free them? If the line was from a flashback pre-lie, then it still doesn’t work - Joey was the one who brought them here, so why would he turn around and free him?

And if it refers to Henry, it doesn’t really make sense for it to be Bendy speaking either - something attacks you in Chapter 2, and we were told to “beware the ink“ - implying Bendy’s behind it, as ink’s kind of his thing. If he wanted Henry to free them, he wouldn’t be trying to murder his face off.

2. The whistling in the Chapter 2 trailer is definitely Bendy’s - it’s a parallel to Mickey’s whistling in Steamboat Willie, who Bendy parallels. However, there’s not much of a similarity between that and the voice, and it lacks the distortion that the voice has.

3. A minor one, but IRL Bendy still resembles the cartoon version, so logically he should have a voice semi-similar to it. However, the voice in the trailer doesn’t really sound cartoon-like in the slightest.

4. There’s also the question of if Bendy would want to be freed. He’s constantly smiling (unless he just can’t change his expression), he was leaning on the chair in the basement cutscene, and he moves the cutouts around for no reason other than to fuck with you. Seems like he’s really enjoying himself to me.

And don’t forget that not only is there the possibility of Boris coming back, but we’ve already got confirmation of new characters appearing - the voice could easily belong to one of them.

So I heard it was RoyEd Week…and I decided to make a royed blog, along with draw my first royed picture ever!

These two dorks I swear will be the end of me 

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Can we talk about how fucking stupid Chris Pratt is? Did you see what the dumb bitch said?

Yeah, I saw. As if we need more movies about cis, straight, white men. Especially not “blue collar” ones, wtf. There have been many, and Matt Damon is still out here giving us ones we never asked for. Chris can move around.

vader’s castle looks like a weird combination of a medieval prison, a steampunk rapunzel tower, and a dungeon. i’m sure the effect was intentional.

Me: My Lapras is EV’d to survive a Dragon Ascent from a Choice Banded Mega Rayquaza or two Thunders from a Primal Kyogre with Assault Vest. With a Sassy nature and a 0 IV in speed she can underspeed Primals in Trick Room and surprise some slow, non-optimised Trick Room users while providing a safe switch in to water attacks thanks to Water Absorb.
Also Me: Have you seen my Lapras? She is very cute and I love her!

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im the same fanfic anon lmao yeah i think you're right; bc pre-hiatus patrick doesn't fit usual fanfic cliche (except for the shy innocent virgin maybe?) so that force the writer to find a way to write him which lead to a more complex characterization than post-hiatus fic have, it sadden me tbh (1)

“(2) and idk it seem that patrick always get the short end of the stick when it come to character’s struggle/internal conflict/angst in fanfic like in peterick fic he’s always the sweet understanding, hat wearing bf and that’s it and that’s not??? why can’t people seem to understand that pete and patrick are just as flawed as each other and bc of that in a way they help each other through) wow i got a little aggressive sorry”

its ok i understand. well about “the shy innocent virgin” - it was the way the media portraited him, and pete and others were joking about it, and patrick was mostly ok with it (till maybe 2008) and did nothing to prove otherwise, cause it drew attention away from him. so i think that’s why he did fit this cliche.
yeah i feel the same about this “the sweet understanding, hat wearing bf” thing. because i think pete’s got more self-contol than it seems, he gives away just enough to maintain fans interest and not going too personal. and patrick is a really private person but when he goes there you can see all of these things like how insecure he is, the self-esteem issues, etc (for example this interview, it’s like “hello chest pain” and “patrick pls nO”). and there’re these little canon things where pete is more likely to be the “understanting bf” like him being polite about patrick’s weight problem, or calming him down, or supporing him, or protecting him. and it’s not like there’s only one of them who always takes care of another, they both do things for each other, that’s the thing.