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This might be stupid, feel free to call me on that. But I know there's people who don't like the term "dead name" and birth name and old name doesn't always fit/sound right. So I was thinking maybe people might like the term "caterpillar name" bc it's a pre-metamorphosis/transition name. And your current name can be your butterfly/moth (depending on preference) name. I thought it sounded like a positive way to think of ones name, especially if they're pre-coming out/transition. :) Thanks!

Wow I never thought of it like that, and honestly its really nice. I don’t think it’s stupid at all - Matthew

Something Doesn't Fit Right While Shopping and You Have a Breakdown and They Comfort You

idk how to title this so I’ll just put the request belowww

Can you do a preference where you’re bigger than most girls your age and you go shopping and something doesn’t fit so you have a breakdown and they try to comfort you? Thanks! 💕


You were going to attend a dress up event, so you decided to take your best friend Ash shopping with you to get a dress. You were a little big for your age, so it was always hard to find cute styles in your size that looked good on you. Once you guys got to the mall, you immediately went into your favorite store and found a couple dresses you liked. “Y/n, I think you’d look really good in this one!” Ashton says as he holds up a gorgeous blue dress with beading on the top. Your eyes open wide in excitement as you grab the dress from his grasp and add it to your pile of dresses to try on. You immediately get an employee to open a fitting room for you. Ashton sits on a bench outside of it, waiting for you to show him what you’ve tried on. You start with your least favorite dresses, not liking any of them. None of them fit right and you just looked like a big blob. You felt like crying knowing that this is what it will be like for most of the dresses you try on. “How’s it going in there Y/n?” Ashton knocks on your dressing room door. You quickly wipe your eyes. “Fine. None of these look too good though.” You say kind of quietly. “What?! Even the one I picked out?” Ashton asks genuinely from the other side of your door. “I didn’t try that one on yet. But there’s no use in it. Everything is made for girls who are built tiny, unlike me.” You say, now bursting into tears. You hear Ashton sigh through the door and wiggle the door knob. “Y/n, can I come in?” You nod, even though he can’t see you, and open the door. Ashton’s eyes soften as he sees you crying. He closes the door behind him and engulfs you in a hug. “Don’t cry, y/n. You’ll find a dress, I promise.” You just continue to sob onto in shoulder. “You d-don’t understand what it’s l-like to be f-fat.” You sob out to him. Ashton quickly pulls away and gives you a shocked look. He shakes his head, “Y/n, listen to me. You aren’t fat. You have curves in all the right places and any girl would kill to have a body like yours. You’re absolutely gorgeous y/n, in every way possible.” You were about to reply when suddenly his lips crash into yours. You hesitate before kissing him back, moving your lips in sync with his. Once Ashton pulls away, he slightly chuckles. “What?”  You ask. “I’ve just been waiting a long time to do that,” he says, “and I think you should try on the dress I picked out. I think you’ll look really good in it.” He walks out of the dressing room, leaving you alone to try it on, and he was right. It looked amazing and it hit you in all the right places. You walk out of the dressing room to show him and he immediately smiles widely. “I love it Ash!” You exclaim. “Me too, y/n. You look beautiful.” He says, causing you to blush. “Now let’s get out of here and get something to eat. I’m starving!” You yell as you go back in the fitting room to take the dress off.


Calum invited you to go shopping with him to get some things for the tour. You didn’t like shopping that much because of your size, but you obliged because it meant spending time with your loving boyfriend. You guys were currently in Hot Topic and Calum was picking out a few shirts. Your eyes were wide with excitement as you saw a new Nirvana shirt in the boys section. Apparently Calum loved it too, because when he came over to you, he was holding the same shirt in his hands. “You like this shirt too?” He asks, holding it up. You ferociously nod your head and he giggles. “Why don’t we just share it?” He asks.  “Cal, you know that I don’t fit in these shirts.” You say, your gaze falling on your feet. “Yes you do y/n. We just need a bigger size.” He says casually as he pulls out a large, replacing his medium. “Go try it on.” He says with a smile, handing you the shirt. You slowly agree to and head back to the fitting room. You whip the shirt on and instantly break down as it clings to your body, especially in the chest area. “Y/n, are you okay babe?” Calum asks from outside. “I told you it wouldn’t fit.” You weep as you open the door to reveal yourself. “Y/n, that fits you. And it makes you look hot as fuck.” Calum says, biting his lip. “Are you crazy?! I look like a blob of fat!” You say a bit loud. “Y/n, do you see your boobs? You do not look fat. You look sexy.” He says as he places his hands on either side of your hips. “You really think so?” You ask, calming down a bit. “I really do.” Calum says with a wink as he guides you into the dressing room, closing the door behind you two. “You almost look as sexy as you do naked.” He says cheekily as he attacks your lips with his.


“I can’t believe this is happening right now.” You say irritated. You just got your period while you were out shopping, causing your jeans to become stained. You had Luke’s hoodie wrapped around your waist for now as you looked for a new pair of jeans to buy. “I hate jean shopping.”  You say to yourself. You had bigger hips and a bigger butt than most teenage girls, so you had a hard time finding jeans that fit you. And this situation wasn’t helping very much. Luke stays quiet and awkward behind you in the store, trying not to make you more upset. You sigh and grab a pair of jeans you think will fit and take them to the fitting room. You quickly take off your blood-stained jeans and begin putting the other pair on. Your legs make it in fine, but now’s the tricky part. You jump and squat and stretch, but you can’t seem to get the pants over your butt. They make it halfway and won’t go up anymore, and the button in the front won’t close. Your eyes fill with tears as you throw your hands up in defeat. “Y/n?” Luke’s voice says through the door. You say nothing, but open the door to let him in. “Oh y/n…” Luke says as he holds you in his arms. “This is seriously the worst day ever. Jeans never fit me. Why do I have to be so big??” You complain into his chest as you drench his shirt with tears. “Y/n, please calm down. Everything is fine baby girl. You’ve just got a big butt is all, and that’s certainly not something to complain about!” He says sweetly to while he continues to hold you. You giggle a little as your tears begin to lessen. “Thanks Luke.” You whisper to him before placing a soft kiss on his cheek. “Now how about we get you out of those and into some leggings?” He asks with a chuckle and a wink. “Yes please!” You exclaim before he walks out to grab you a pair of comfy pants.


You and Michael decided to go shopping. You were really excited to get clothes for summer, especially shorts. You guys were walking through the mall until you found a store you liked. You quickly grabbed Michael by the hand and dragged him into the quite girly store. He giggled as you did this and followed closely behind. You instantaneously pick up a gorgeous pair of dark jean shorts with tribal print on them. “I love these so much!” You say to a grinning Michael. “Then get them!” He says back playfully. You laugh a little before sadly laying them back on the table. “Michael you should know that those shorts aren’t going to fit me nicely in any way.” Michael gives you a confused look, “Should I?” You say nothing but nod your head to answer. “Just try them on. I’m sure they’ll fit like a glove.” He says sweetly as he picks a pair up and hands it to you. You sigh but agree to try them on. You walk into a fitting room and begin to slip them on. Once they get to your thighs, they don’t go up anymore. “C’mon,” you whisper-yell at yourself as you try to squeeze into them more. However, you aren’t able to. “Are you almost dressed y/n?” Michael asks from outside. Your eyes well up in tears and you don’t say anything in response. You’ve always been really insecure about your body and this situation wasn’t helping very much. You sniffle a bit loudly and hear footsteps coming towards the door. “Y/n?” Michael asks softly. “Just let me be sad alone,” you say as you whip the shorts off of your legs. “Please let me in,” He pleads through the door. It’s not too long until you give in and swing the door open for him. His mouth turns to a frown as he sees the tears streaming down your face. “Y/n, don’t worry about it. It’s just one pair of shorts.” He says as he opens his arms, inviting you in for a hug. You agree and slip your arms around his waist. “No, you don’t understand. It’s every pair of shorts. They never fit.” You weep into his chest. “I’m sure you’ll find a pair that fits you perfectly babe. You just need to look at different varieties.” He says with a slight chuckle. You roll your eyes at yourself, “Yeah, I guess so.” You let go of him and give him a smile. “Aww, there’s that gorgeous smile!” He says like a little kid, causing you to giggle. “Now let’s just get out of here,” you say, dragging him back out of the store, “I’m starving.” 

A/N: Hope you liked it! Also, please try to calm down with all of the ships. I never know when they’ll get done, so don’t repeatedly ask. But anyways, requests are always open!

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MY DUDE prom is this saturday so i'm getting those prom feels so guESS WHAT HEADCANON ITS TIME FOR! KLAPOLLO PROM NIGHT!!: apollo gets a rental tux that doesn't fit quite right so he looks a little out of place next to the stunning and fabulous klavier but klavier doesn't give a single fuck and is a total sap with his boyfriend. apollo gets overheated easily, so he and klavier have to step out to cool off and eat cookies and fruits a lot and they chat for a while then head back in


  • klavier and apollo are close friends during the run up to prom and they’re not together, despite the fact they’ve been romantically interested in each other for a long time, and neither of them want to take the first step to ask each other because they don’t want to ruin the awesome friendship they have and make it weird for clay, because he’s close with the both of them
  • it’s a couple of weeks away and neither klavier, apollo or clay have asked anyone, although they’ve both turned down quite a few offers each. they’re sitting around together and watching people plan detailed parties to ask their partner, seeing people who have already asked each other walk around holding hands, and clay finally puts down his drink and says “are neither of you asking anyone???”
  • apollo says no, and klavier who’s in agony wanting to ask apollo says maybe, and after a little bit of gentle teasing and prying to try and get klavier to ‘fess up’ clay eventually turns around to apollo and asks if he wants to go to prom with him, as friends, so they won’t be alone when klavier asks his date
  • klavier is SCREAMING INTERNALLY and he almost does externally when apollo says yes, and they immediately settle into jokingly trying to match their ties and apollo reminding him this is fancy and a one in life time thing, so he’s going to have to brush his hair for this while klavier’s suffering to one side
  • apollo only accepted because he didn’t have the guts to ask klavier, and he has literally no idea that klavier wants to ask him, and for like a straight week klavier’s suffering because he knows they’re only going as friends but he wanted the opportunity to treasure apollo, make him feel good
  • this goes on for like a week and klavier’s getting a little snappy and defensive whenever anyone tries to ask him about his wannabe date and people eventually back off even though they’re super worried about him now, but one day clay corners him coming out of class when apollo’s off school sick and asks “you wanted to ask apollo, didn’t you?”
  • klavier tries to deny it but clay’s adamant he’s right so he eventually admits it, and clay is just “jfc gavin go ask him, he wants to go with you and only went with me because he thought you weren’t interested” and he ends up annoying klavier about the whole thing until klavier finally tells him he’ll go to apollo’s after school and ask him
  • turns out apollo ‘human disaster’ justice has a chest infection and he sounds like absolute shit and he’s coughing and wheezing to the extent klavier’s worried he’s going to die, but he still greets klavier warmly and smiles at him when klavier brings him all the notes and homework from his classes and a lil slice of apollo’s favourite cake from a bakery apollo frequents 
  • klavier stutters over his own words and wastes a lot of time because he knows apollo’s adoptive mother and his siblings are in the house with them and he knows he’s going to make a fool of himself, but he eventually stutters out “prom?”
  • apollo misunderstands and tells him he’s be okay for prom, it should be gone in like a week, and he still has to get his tux with clay and he’s gonna rent it because he can’t really afford to buy and klavier cuts him off with “nein, will you go to prom with me?”
  • apollo stares at him and mama justice who was literally just in the next room is like !!!! OOOH MY GOD
  • cutting a long story short apollo has to apologise to clay for cancelling on him and clay refuses to hear it because he knows klapollo is as cute as heck, and klavier ends up getting a nice as hell tux and tries to convince apollo to let him buy him one but he sees how expensive it is and he refuses point blank
  • apollo looking cute as heck in his tux tho, imagine it. he thinks they look odd together, with klavier’s height and elegance and apollo’s lack thereof, but klavier refuses to hear it and insists he looks amazing
  • apollo shyly asking what this all means like “so, are we…boyfriends, or?” and he’s so shy and hates the fact he asked but klavier grins down at him, puts a hand over his and says “if that’s what you want. it’s very much what i want”
  • it’s absolutely what apollo wants
  • cut to actual prom night and it’s roasting and apollo’s dying in the heat of the crowd of students and asks to get away from it all, so they go out and try to cool down for a bit before heading back in, and they have a great time with clay and his cute little date he eventually found, but apollo gets overheated so easily he asks to step out again
  • and klavier grins at him and says the breeze when he’s on his motorcycle will cool him down in a second and apollo point blank refuses to get on until he finally gives in and says “fine, but go slow and take me somewhere nice or i’ll kill you”
  • saying their goodbyes to clay for the night and klavier taking him down to a tiny little late night cafe he knows and they end up sharing a huge plate of chips and drinking ice cream milkshakes and apollo’s much happier away from the noise and heat alone with klavier
  • later in the night, klavier takes apollo off to one of the local lovers lanes and he finally realises how screwed he is that he brought his motorcycle- he wishes he could cuddle up with apollo in the back seat and enjoy the rest of their night with the blankets over them as the chill creeps in but fool he is, he took his damn bike instead
  • instead klavier lays out his jacket on the grass just a lil way away from his motorcycle and apollo without complaint lies next to him and rests his head on his chest, listening to the slow, relaxed pace of his heart
  • it’s a clear night and eventually cold as hell, but they stay out there for a long time with apollo pointing out the stars but almost falling asleep and klavier is dying over how adorable and perfect the night has been
  • apollo’s mother didn’t give him a time to be home by because apollo’s usually such a good boy, but he starts worrying about her so klavier drops him off home (going slow so he can enjoy the feeling of apollo clinging to him) and apollo doesn’t want the night to end either, so he fumbles a lil getting off and looks at the ground and shyly asks if klavier wants to spend the night, not like that, not anything sexual, but if he wants to stay he’s more than welcome
  • klavier might not have any family and would just be going back to his empty apartment and he doesn’t want to do that, he wants to stay with apollo, so he accepts and tries not to wake everyone up in the entire house as they tiptoe up the stairs
  • klavier borrowing some of apollo’s older clothes and being so pleased that he’s going to smell like apollo in the morning and he has literally the best night’s sleep he’s ever had because apollo was there, and apollo leaned forward and kissed him sweetly and chastely and thanked him for the perfect night
  • i screm

Will’s boat playlist:

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I decided to make a little playlist for Will while he’s on his voyage, as a therapy for my mixture of emotions after Aperitivo’s last scene…

  • The Bravery - The Ocean
    (For obvious reasons)
    “There’s one where I stayed with you across the sea
    I wonder do you still think of me?
    I carry your image always in my head
    Folded and yellowed and torn at the edge”

  • Woodkid - I Love You
    (Also for obvious reasons)
    “In the waves I’ve lost every trace of you
    Where are you?”

  • The Bravery -  Above and Below
    (I chose this song because I really think Will is suicidal at this point)
    “I’ll leave today
    ‘Cause there’s nothing left to keep me here
    I’ll fade away
    I’ll turn my back and disappear”

  • Daughter - Landfill
    (It just fits somehow)
    “Push me out to sea
    On a little boat that you made”

  • Joe Purdy - Wash Away
    (Because Will can’t be depressed 24\7 ^^)
    “I got troubles oh, but not today
    ‘Cause they’re gonna wash away
    They’re gonna wash away”

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Headcannon that Sting is a total fashion expert. Like he knows exactly what kind of fabric to buy for Rogue so he can make Frosch's outfits and he knows where to get the magic fabrics Minerva wears and Yukino always takes him shopping with her because if an outfit doesn't fit right he will be honest AND even find her something better to wear. (Also he was totally the one who picked out Lector's vest) #Earthland'smostfashionableguildmaster

Oh my god headcanon totally accepted, Anon! Sting as the most fashionable dragon slayer and guild master HAS to be canon haha. Also, the image of him going out shopping with the girls (and Rogue??) is fuckin just. A+ material.

Question for any teachers: where do you get your teacher clothes? I have been going to kohls and target, but like I don’t have much of a wardrobe for early fall and late spring when it’s warm out and clothes cost hella money that I don’t have. I’m probably just going to be subbing but I’d still like some cute/comfy professional clothes and shoes. And I live in an area where the nearest thrift shop that I know of is about an hour away and only has size 20+ clothes and some kids stuff.

8295) I've gotten to a point in my transition where I can't stand male underwear anymore, it's just ugly and thick and big and gross and too male. But female designed underwear doesn't fit me right and it's uncomfortable and clearly shows the parts I'm trying to pretend I don't have. I'm stuck.

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I was wondering if I could get some advice, I'm lesbian, and met an amazing person. My S.O. was born female, but is gender neutral, I want to call her my gf, but that doesn't fit right. Anyone have advice for dating gender neutral and identifiers?

Check here.  if you scroll down you find this:

Girlfriend/Boyfriend (non-serious relationship)

  • Date; neutral, the person you are dating.
  • Lover; neutral, implies sexual relationship.
  • Boifriend; queer, boi is a particular gender identity.
  • Girlboyfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Boygirlfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Paramour; neutral, someone you are having a sexual relationship with.
  • Bothfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Genderfriend; queer, based on boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Sweetie; neutral, slightly cheesy.
  • Sweetheart; neutral, cheesy or old-fashioned.
  • [name]friend; queer, based on girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • Cuddle Buddy; neutral, cheesy.
  • Birlfriend; queer, mix of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend (long-term/serious relationship)

  • Partner; neutral.
  • Significant Other; neutral, quite formal.
  • S.O.; neutral, short for significant other, a tad formal.
  • Other Half; neutral, informal.
  • Boifriend; queer, boi is a particular gender identity.
  • Girlboyfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Boygirlfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Paramour; neutral, someone you are having a sexual relationship with.
  • Bothfriend; queer, for bigender or androgynous people, or perhaps binary trans people.
  • Genderfriend; queer, based on boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Sweetie; neutral, slightly cheesy.
  • Sweetheart; neutral, cheesy or old-fashioned.
  • [name]friend; queer, based on girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • Cuddle Buddy; neutral, cheesy.
  • Steady; neutral, as in “going steady” or “steady girlfriend/boyfriend”.
  • Soul Mate; neutral, slightly cheesy.
  • Birlfriend; queer, mix of boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Communicate with your s.o. on what they want to be called.

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Hm. When did Haylan develop feelings for Cullen? And I'm curious actually how the whole Haven attack went for you, especially the talk in the Chantry. Because Cullen asks about her should the mountain fall and there's this silence instead. Almost a resigned acceptance for the worst. I had conscripted the mages and lemme tell ya, Cullen's face when my Maeve looked away and didn't answer. I wouldn't call it concern, it was more stunned, still that word doesn't fit right, before he composed himself

i need to compile these things :)))

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