i am dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bamboozled by the extent that some people want to hurt siegbert, someone who imagines bunnies/carrots to cope with social anxiety, who always apologizes for his mistakes and learns from them, who constantly works to better himself everyday by respecting and listening to the needs of others. who hurt you, dudes, who hurt you that you can’t softened your hearts to spare this sweet young man from your scorn…………u’re the weak ones, u’ll never know love, or friendship, and i feel sorry for u


There’s a thing called tough love and then there’s child abuse.  This is the latter without a doubt.  From Judge, you know that this isn’t the first time that his brothers are bullying him for not being as strong as they are.  Judge doesn’t skip a beat giving it straight to Sanji that he views him as a failure.  He makes Sanji know that he’s useless to the goals of the family.  This really makes an impact on a child especially at such an impressible age.  His sister just laughs and the others come in for him.

You can see why Sanji completely rejects the Vinsmoke name that he was born into.  He’s viewed as a “stain” and a “disgrace”.  This is by the only family that he knows.  Despite being a quadruplet, he’s the “weakest” one and he’s punished for that. 

I think that from this experience as a child Sanji is so self-depreciating.  He puts everyone else before him and always takes one for the team.  Sanji’s kind.  Incredibly kind.  He’s probably one of the kindest people that you’ll meet in your life and we now know exactly why.  As a kid he’s already risking his life in the kitchens for those less fortunate than him.  This isn’t the first time he’s gotten beat up for the same reason and I think this is where he gets his sneaky nature.  You see it initially when he feeds Gin on the Baratie in the back and then chucks the dishes off the side of the restaurant.  He rarely ever wants for anyone to acknowledge his kindness because I think there’s some innate fear from when he was a child.

And I think it’s worth noting that Sanji’s been raised in a pretty fucked up manner.  Judge says, “I have no obligation to help you, and I see no worth in raising you either”.  It created this complex in Sanji at an early age that he needs to be useful to survive.  He has to do something for someone in order for them to just help him in the smallest way.  Zeff kind of throws all of this out the window and helps the precious child to heal.  If you remember back on the rock they were stranded on, Sanji talks about favors when he finds out that Zeff ate his foot just so Sanji wouldn’t starve.  He learns that love can be unconditional and the Vinsmoke in him breaks.  This is a man that he just met and without a second of doubt jumps into the ocean to save him.  And then starts his days with Zeff.

the tw comic-con panel is tomorrow and i’m honestly dreading it. one of two things are gonna happen. either dylan will not be there and “fans” will be upset and say he should’ve been there, blah blah blah. or he will show up and people will talk about how good he still looks, and how his face isn’t messed up, etc etc etc. either way it’s gonna piss me off.

is it all right to be bitter about art post likes?


a good composition