Can I just say that I am so tired of seeing the following situation play out the way it does:

  • Someone expresses irritation or annoyance about when writers say that one of their characters is gay in interview or on Twitter but it is never actually made canon in the source material
  • and then someone else inevitably goes “well it wasn’t relevant to the story! the story isn’t about sex so sexual preference doesn’t matter!”.

Like. congrats on your mediocre and boring opinion. There are so many little details in stories that aren’t ~relevant to the plot~. Little throw away details about characters’ lives is what makes those characters and the story seem so real! Can you imagine how boring Harry Potter would be if the only details given were those that had specific relevance to the main plot?

And I can tell you right now that being gay has had a huge impact on who I am as a person. A story doesn’t have to be explicitly sexual for a person’s sexuality to be a relevant detail that provides insight into that character’s personality and motivations.

I don’t really have anything else concrete to say or a way to wrap this up nicely, but my point is stop giving writers credit for things they aren’t actually doing (LGBT representation). Stop letting them off the hook so easily.

I like emoticons like “uwu” and “eue” because I can’t see them as faces so I just read them aloud as noises and associate that noise with the appropriate emotion and it makes me feel like people are doing little friendly birdcalls at each other.

everyone saying how bi women in relationships with men are some how invalidated/lose their wlw card or whatever bullshit are really reinforcing the patriarchal idea that men can (and do) fundamentally change a woman’s identity

number of individual swear words in every fob album

take this to your grave: 2

from under the cork tree: 0

infinity on high: 3

folie a deux: 5

save rock and roll: 10

american beauty american psycho: 1

Avatar The Last Airbender fans may have Fire, Water, Earth, and Air bending, but we K-Pop / EXO fans have something even better...





… and… the best one of them all…


Here comes a thought that might alarm you

What someone said and how it harmed you

Something you did that failed to be charming

Things that you said are suddenly swarming

Imagine if Ladybug and Chat Noir sang the akumas away ♥︎

Based on the new su episode (of course! :D)