The Spine had picked up the tot and carried her to the library. She was very excited to be picked up by the tall robot, as this usually meant he was going to read to her. And now, even though she was 7, this was still very exciting.

The Spine set her on the couch and got on one knee, “Jaclyn,” He said. “You’re seven now, and we have to talk about something important, okay?”

“If ya gunna do "The Talk” my papa and daddy said they’d give it to me when I was older.“ She mumbled and The Spine looked surprised.

"No! No, Jaclyn, I’m not giving you ‘The Talk’, we’re going to talk about something else, okay?”

“Okayyyy.” The girl flopped over on the couch for a moment, ruffling her floofy tutu skirt she refused to go without today.

Jaclyn.” Spine said, telling her to sit up without so many words, and she did so. “Okay. So, ever since you were very, very little, you’ve called me 'The Spoon’ and you know as well as I do, it’s not my name.”

“Okay..” She twiddled her thumbs, waiting for the silver robot to continue. He released a puff of steam.

“Right. So, when you were little, this was okay, as you didn’t know any better. But now you do, you know my name is 'The Spine’, right?”


“So, what’s my name?”

“The Spoon!!” The tiny girl cheered gleefully. Spine’s eyebrows shot up with a mechanical 'click!’

“Well, uh, no. Jaclyn, my name is The Spine.” He said, putting emphasis on the second part of his name.“

"The Spin!” She said right back to him!

“No, The Spine!

“The Spanish Inquisition!!” She cheered, pumping her fists into the air and giggling.

“What?! Why?!” Was all The Spine got out before the tot retorted:

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”

The Spine slumped his shoulders and decided to give up on the name thing for the day, they could try again another time. As he sat down with Jaclyn to read their book more, outside the room, Steve and Max, along with the other robots had to work very hard to stifle their giggles at the scene that had unfolded before them.

Have you had sometimes any idea smashing in your mind so suddenly and you right away start to implement it? Couple hours ago I saw this picture in my mind and I started to draw! Yeah, sorry, this is not exactly not what I wanted, but me skill is pure. this is kinda The Star Gazers cover. The Star Gazers REALLY INSPIRE ME SO MUCH! THANK YOU KRIS FOR THIS MIRACLE NAMED THE STAR GAZERS!