winlance asked:

top ten Tommy movies not counting the outsiders


1. secret admirer
2. that night
3. grandview usa
4. the hitcher
5. e.t.
6. far out man
7. red dawn
8. the amazing spiderman
9. jailbait
10. a magic christmas


myungsoo’s 24 hours music connecting card message (eng sub)


Etude of Memory - Kyuhyun’s SS4 encore solo stage | cr: Alienjsify

His voice ;_; Kyuhyun the angel <3

Open RP

> You frown a bit as you scan the area. You’d just gone for a little sunset stroll from your hive, but now you have no idea where you are. You’ve never been in this part of the jungle before, apparently.

> It’s hot and muggy like usual, and there are isopods and beetles the size of dogs climbing on the mossy trees. The bugs in this jungle are fucking massive, but as are the beautiful birds of paradise which you use as inspiration for the outfits you design.

> The jungle is your home, you’d never leave it. But, it’s forsaken you for the moment, as you’re lost as hell.