thirty years and now he’s back,

the mystery in the mystery shack


Etude of Memory - Kyuhyun’s SS4 encore solo stage | cr: Alienjsify

His voice ;_; Kyuhyun the angel <3

headcanon time

naruto hasn’t spoken to sakura or helped her out in so goddamn long because he can’t look at her. he can’t bear it. he feels guilty almost avoiding her and leaving her alone, but his heart bursts every time he sees how lonely and worn out she is from the last 12 years. he can’t help her because it’s not his place to anymore. sasuke should be the one to help her, he has his own family to worry about. 

and he blames himself entirely for the state that she’s in. he let sasuke leave again. he didn’t keep his promise of a lifetime. he can’t protect her. 

and sometimes, at night, hinata can hear him crying when he thinks she’s asleep. a part of her knows, but she ignores it. she’s happy. he’s happy. nothing - no one - will ruin that.