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Etude of Memory - Kyuhyun’s SS4 encore solo stage | cr: Alienjsify

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Jealousy || m.c. (roommate au)

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a/n: I love roommate au’s more than anything in the world.  I know this is short but I kind of like it?  idk


You jump at the sound of Michael’s voice, a hand pressed to your chest. “Jesus, Michael… what are you doing up so early?”  He’s sat silently on the couch in your shared living room, wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a cut off Harley Davidson t shirt.
“Haven’t slept yet,” he says, not looking up from the leather bound notebook he’s scribbling in.
“Michael, you should really -”
“Who was that?” he cuts you off, nodding toward the front door door that your date from last night just disappeared through.
“Shawn,” you say with a shrug, as if it’s no big deal.  It’s not a big deal, or at least it shouldn’t be.  Except that Shawn, just like everyone else that you brought home, had done nothing to make you feel any less lonely.  You had known that he wouldn’t long before your date, and long before you invited him home with you.  He was nice, and he was funny, and he was good looking but he wasn’t… right.  And you’re starting to learn that that wrongness just isn’t something you can ignore.  Michael rolls his eyes.  “If you’ve got something to say just say it, Michael.” you snap, crossing your arms over your chest.  He just snorts, pushing himself up off the couch and gathering his things together.
“You’re not a very good faker,” he calls as he retreats down the hall to his room, “That guys has obviously never witnessed a real orgasm before.”

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you’re at the han river with the guys on a random Tuesday night just to get some fresh air in your systems. dusk has nestled its way into the pockets of the sky, signaling that the light water show is about to start and already all of your cans of beer are half emptied and fingers sticky with salt from all the fried chicken you consumed. jin is happily nibbling away at the bits and pieces of leftover fried chicken, his face glowing with warm satisfaction, only pausing to yell at taehyung to wipe his hands before running around. yoongi’s busy scribbling down lyrics on a napkin because the man never stops working and the slightly rippling waves of the river have his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and the gears in his mind turning. namjoon’s got his earphones in to tune the world out and you all know better than to bother him but every once in a while he pops an earphone out to chuckle along at something funny hobi did or to throw in a jokingly snarky comment like usual. taehyung has somehow managed to convince hobi to go chase seagulls with him even though the older initially profusely refused to make an idiot of himself in public with him. but with a playful and daring slap to the butt, taehyung has hobi jumping up from his seat on the stairs to chase not just seagulls. jungkook’s earphones are also in and he’s quietly humming along to DEAN’s new album but as soon as taehyung slaps his thigh with a “come on seagull boy let’s go!!” he has the younger pulling out his headphones and grinning from ear to ear, 100% fired up to compete and see who can scare away the most seagulls. but before he runs off to the waterside with arms spread wide like an eagle, he yells to jimin that “the last one to join’s a rotten egg!” with that trademark mischievous wiggle of his eyebrow. a melodious bell like laugh leaves jimins lips and graces your ears, his eyes forming soft crescent moons as he half heartedly swats at the maknae to just go on and play without him.

you can’t help but admire the absolutely brilliant yet cotton soft smile etched across his face as he watches his beloved friends play and awe at the little moles ever so subtly dotting his neck, wondering how his smile manages to illuminate his entire body from head to toe. but you soon come back to your senses to ask why he isn’t running off with the others, head tilted at him in curiosity and a hand cradling the side of your face.

you swear you feel the entire world stop rotating the split second he tilts his head back to look at you, the gentlest and purest of smiles shining directly at you, only for you. the twinkle in his eye has your heart nearly leaping out of your chest and the the way he fixates those chocolatey brown eyes solely on you sends a prickling warmth coursing through every one of your limbs. with just that one look, a silent conversation of whispered sweet nothings and prolonged snug embraces is held, and with just a few simple words, he knows, you know, that you’re completely putty in the palm of his hands.

“why run off with them when i can stay here with you?”