but some people still believe l*caya will rise?????????????????????
  • Mom:Honey, remember-
  • Me:REMEMBER I LOVE YOU! * cries *
  • Mom:Oookay, I need-
  • Me:I NEED YOU! * cries in spanish *
  • Mom:Um...Okay, I will choose-
  • Mom:I just need you to calm down! Three-
  • Me:THREE WORDS! EIGHT LETTERS! SAY IT! AND I'M YOURS! * cries in chinese *
  • Mom:Honey, you're acting strange.. But, at the end, only-
  • Mom:Sweetie, I am going to call help.. Whatever you need-
  • Me:WHATEVER YOU NEED I'M HERE! * cries in indian *
  • Mom:911, yeah, my daughter needs help..

You know what’s wrong with you? It’s the way you always shut me out. Instead of confiding things with me and let me help you about it, you would choose to leave me in the dark with so many questions on what is going on. You let me think the worst things about us. You let me conclude that we will end. Then, you would blame me for having no trust and for always over thinking things. If you only tell me what is happening, what is wrong, what’s the reason of your indifference, perhaps I would shut my mouth and stopped asking. If you only trust me like you once told me, it wouldn’t be like this: me, losing my sanity over agony and you, being cold and indifference. What’s the use of being together when you can’t communicate with me? What’s so hard about, “Hey, I’m not okay. Just hug me.” I can do that, but you know what’s harder? It’s when you keep on saying, “I’m just tired.” Then from what?

You’re My Dream

Day 7: prompt “Waited for your reply here in the pouring rain.” & “You are the best thing that happened to me.”

This is part two to from my day 6: Please Don’t Make Me Choose

The rest of my fanfics from rucas week.

Day 1: Mistake  Day 2: Fight For Me Day 3: A Letter To Riley Day 4: The Look Day 5: It’s Not Too Late Day 6: Secrets Come Out On Wedding Days 

It’s been three weeks since Riley left to California. Three weeks that I have felt empty. Three weeks that I’ve been missing the better part of me. I haven’t spoken her to her since she left, and Maya refuses to relay any messages from me to her. But she does tell me how Riley is adjusting to being so far away from everyone. She also told me that she just started summer courses, and loves it.

I want to go after, but Maya keeps saying Riley needs time, and I want to give it to her. I just don’t know how much more I can give her, even though I was the one who messed everything up.

Right now, I’m going to meet Zay and Farkle so we can talk about something that I’ve been thinking about since Riley left. When I get to the bar, I find an empty table near the corner. I sit anxiously tapping my fingers on the top of the table, waiting. Soon I see Farkle and Zay walk in, and I signal them over.

“Hey man!” Zay says patting my back taking a seat. “You don’t think it’s too early to be meeting at a bar?” I ignore his question.

“How are you doing?” Farkle ask taking the other open seat.

“Better for now. I need to tell you guys something. The only person who knows right now is Maya only because she’s been helping me with some stuff.”

“So, Maya knows why my best friend has been MIA, and I don’t? I’m hurt,” he says placing his hand over his hard.

“Yeah, why does Maya know?” Farkle chimes in.

“It’s really simple. She’s my only connection to Riley. She barely talks to either one of you since she left, but she talks to Maya every single day. I try to be around when Maya is on the phone with Riley just so I can hear her voice.”

Zay sighs, “Cotton Candy Face still hasn’t returned any calls or anything?” I shake my head.

“What are you going to do about it? You and Riley belong together. You two bring out the good in each other,” Farkle says.

“That’s why I asked you guys here,” I take a deep breath. “I’m leaving. I’m-“

Zay cuts me off, “You’re leaving?! Where?”

“If you let me talk, you would know,” Zay rolls his eyes.

A smile grows on Farkle’s face, “You’re going after her, aren’t you?”

I return the smile, and nod my head. “My flight leaves in a couple of hours. I’m moving to California. I have everything step up. I found an apartment near Riley, and I have job interviews at different clinics in a few weeks. I’m still going to give her time, but I need to be near her.”

“What about your dream of opening your own clinic here? Are you going to throw that in her face too? That you gave it up to follow her.” Zay says so bluntly, and Farkle punches his arm. “Hey, I’m just being honest here,” he rubs his arm.

“I know.” I smile, “My dream is Riley. I can open a practice anywhere, but there is only one Riley Matthews, and I was lucky enough to have her. She’s been my dream since she fell into my lap on the subway. I was just too big of an idiot to see it.”

“So, you’re just going to be around watching her? Wouldn’t that make you a,” Zay smacks Farkle’s arm, “what did Lucas call Charlie on New Year’s that one time?”

Farkle starts laughing, “A creepy creep-creep,” I roll my eyes.

“Yeah that. I’m pretty sure this would make you what Farkle just said.”

I shake my head, “I’m chasing after the woman that I love, if anything it’s romantic.” I look at my watch, “I’ve got to. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get there and to get through security, but I’m not missing this plane,” I move to stand up and they follow suit.

“Good luck man,” Zay says pulling me into a tight bearing hug. He pulls away, “I’m going to go order a drink now. I didn’t come all this way to not at least have one drink.”

“I thought you said it was too early,” I tease.

He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, well it’s five o’clock somewhere,” he laughs as he walks away.

Farkle waits until he is some distance away, “Just remember to not push her too much too soon. If she isn’t ready, she pull away. We both know how stubborn Riley can be.”

I laugh, “She sure is.”

Farkle grabs me into a hug and let’s go, “You’ll get her back. Just don’t mess it up again. If you hurt her again, I’ll make you disappear. I have the money to make it happen.” I try to laugh, but I can’t tell by his face if he is joking or not.

“I won’t hurt her, I promise,” I look at my watch again. “I really need to go,” I look back to the bar top at Zay and then back to Farkle. “Have fun babysitting,” I laugh walking away.

“Have a safe flight,” he shouts after me.

I find my seat on the plane, I can feel my heart racing. This is it, I’m going after Riley. We should have never been in this position to begin with, and if I can’t get her back I will forever hate myself for messing up the best thing to happen to me. Before I need to shut off my phone, I need to text Maya.


I’m on the plane. I have a chance at winning her back, right? This isn’t for nothing.

I press send and a minute later I have new message.


I wouldn’t let you go if I didn’t think so. Take care of her Huckleberry.



After I send it, I turn off my phone. I lay my head back and start to count down the minutes I’m in the same state as Riley again.

When the plane finally lands, I can’t get off fast enough. I can’t explain it, but just knowing this is the closest I’ve been to her in the past three weeks gives me comfort. I quickly to go to find my suitcase, and rush outside for the cab. The sooner I get my apartment, I’ll be even closer to Riley.

The whole way to my new home, it hits me. This may be the only chance I have to fix everything with Riley, and if I don’t I lose her forever. It scares to crap out of me. I pull out the small velvet box from my pocket, and open to stare at the ring I picked for her so long ago. It’s a small teardrop shaped diamond with a rose gold band. She’s never been a fan of flashy jewelry, so when I found this ring I knew it was perfect for her.

I have to keep reminding myself to not rush into it just because I’m ready doesn’t mean she is. I’m so consumed in my own thoughts that I don’t realize that we are in front of the apartment. I pay the cab driver and grab my luggage from the trunk. I watch the taxi drive away, and I stand there staring in front of the building.

I move up the walkway that leads to the front door. I see the realtor standing there waiting to hand me the keys to my new home that I hope to be sharing with Riley soon, hopefully. The realtor gives me the keys, and wishes me good luck with the apartment. I wait for him to walk away before I walk in.

Once I’m inside, I start to look around. My immediate thoughts are how much Riley would change it, once, if she ever moves in. I would make it look like a college dorm room, as oppose to her who would make it look and feel like a real home. I think her making it feel like home is just her pure presence. I maneuver around the apartment, when I think I see her walking right outside my window. My heart instantly starts pounding against my chest.

I walk across the salt and pepper carpeted living room and look at the window. It is her. I see her brown wavy locks bounce with every step. She cut it. It use to reach her mid back, but now it’s shoulder length. I can’t keep my eyes off her. She is absolutely breath taking. It’s taking everything inside me to not run out there and hold her. I missed her so much.

She turns her head slightly, and I throw myself on the floor. She can’t see me, not when she isn’t ready, and I know she isn’t. I stay down there for a few minutes to make sure she is gone. I slowly rise and peek out the window, and my heart drops when I don’t see her.

My phone starts ringing and I reach into my pocket to grab it. I see Maya’s picture looking directly at me. I push my back against the wall and sit on the floor before I answer.

Hey Maya. I’m here.

She scoffs. Yeah I know, and so does Riley.

I didn’t think she saw me. I ducked down before she could. She must have seen me. I ruined it, didn’t I? Damnit! I hit my forehead with the palm of my hand.

Calm down. She didn’t see you.

Well then how does she know that I’m here. Maya starts to laugh. This isn’t funny. How does she know I’m here?

Well she doesn’t know exactly. What she said was that she felt like you were close by because she felt a piece of serenity for a split second, and she hadn’t felt that since she left New York. Well since she left you.  A smile spreads across my face.  I know you’re smiling like a fool now, but don’t get too excited. She’s still hurt.

And she has every reason to be. I sigh. What do I do Maya? If anyone knows her better than me, it’s you. I need your help.

I can’t help you on that. Just whenever it feels right.

That doesn’t help. Right now, it felt right. But it wouldn’t have been right because like you said she is still hurt because of me.

Maybe she needs to know that you are there supporting her. Maybe she needs to know that you are willing to fight for her.

Is that what she said? Did she tell you that right now?

Maybe, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Thank you, Maya. How is she doing with everything, like summer school?

No problem Ranger Rick. She said it’s a little overwhelming, but she’s Riley Matthews she can handle anything.

There’s a knock at my door. I stand up to move to the door. Hey I got to go. I think the movers are here.

Remember she needs to know that you are fighting for her.

I’ll be sure to show her. Bye Maya.

Bye Huckleberry.

The movers and I manage to unload the truck in an hour. Once I’m alone, instead of unpacking the boxes I call Riley. It rings and rings, but no answer. I try again, and the same thing.

Sorry I couldn’t get to the phone, but I’ll try my best to call you back. Beep.

Just hearing her voice through her voicemail wakes the butterflies in my stomach. Hey Riley, it’s me again. I wish you would talk to me. I love you.

A few days go by, and Riley never called me back. I guess she still needs more time. I keep my mind busy with unloading boxes. I never realized how much stuff I do have, I guess Riley was right when she would jokingly call me a hoarder. I move around my now furnished apartment placing things in their spot. When a knock at the door stops me from what I’m doing.

“Coming,” I shout.

I open the door expecting to see someone, but instead I see a plate of brownies sitting in front of my door. I pick the plate up and stick my head out to look around, but I don’t see anyone. I walk to my kitchen and place them on the counter top and continue what I was doing.

When I get done with everything, it’s dark out. I open the window, and I can feel the nice summer breeze. It almost smells like it’s going to rain. I move to the kitchen looking for anything to eat when I remember where the brownies someone left me. I unwrap the plate and move it around my nose to smell them. They smell so familiar. My stomach starts to growl, and I pick one up and shove it in my mouth. My eyes go wide. The walnuts and caramel, there is only one person I know who puts both in brownies.

I dash to the bedroom and pull my phone from the charger. I don’t hesitate to call her. The phone rings and rings, and she doesn’t answer. Why isn’t she answering? I call again and the same thing. She knew it was me, that’s why she left! I’ve been around where she has given someone brownies, and she always warns them about the nuts in-case they were allergic. She didn’t have to warn me because she already knew!

If she isn’t answer, I need call the only person that has been my line to Riley.

She knows I’m here, doesn’t she?

You finally ate the brownies I’m guessing. Yeah she knows. She heard your voice and left.

Maya, I’ve been calling her and she doesn’t answer any of my calls. I’m her neighbor, aren’t I?

You live in the corner apartment, right?


She lives two down from you. I’m sure she is expecting you, since you’re going over there right now. Good luck. She’ll push you away, and I’m telling you right now don’t quit.

I’ll never. I got to go.

Bye. Go get her.

I waste no time slipping on a pay of shoes, grabbing something off the top of the dresser and shoving it in my pocket. I rush out the front door towards the direction of my heart.

Each step I take, I can feel nerves growing in the pit of my stomach. I’m so close, but it feels like I’m so far away. I’m finally standing in front of her door, and I can’t bring myself to knock on the door. I step back and see the silhouette of someone moving around. It must be Riley.

I move back to the front of the door and take a deep breath before knocking.

“Give me a minute,” I hear her angelic voice call out, and my heart starts to flutter. It feel like an eternity before she finally opens the door.

Her brown orbs lock with my green ones, “Hi.”

“Hi,” she pulls her gaze and looks at the floor. “What are you doing here?”

“I came here for you,” I reach for her hand, but she pulls it away. “Riley, I’m so sorry.”

“I know, and I’m sorry for leaving the way I did,” she says softly.

“No you don’t need to apologize. I was wrong. Can we please talk?”

She pulls her head up and looks at me, “Not now Lucas. I can’t.”

“Please, Riley. I love you.” I reach inside my pocket and pull out the little box. I watch as her eyes widen. Maybe this was a mistake, but it’s too late now so I go with it. It feels right. “The night you told me about Stanford I was going to propose to you, but you knew that. I had our life pictured in New York together, and I reacted completely out of anger. I was an idiot.” I see tears start to form in her eyes. “I still want a future with you. I never stopped wanting it. You are the best thing that happened to me. I can’t lose you. I can have everything I want in life, but if I don’t have you than nothing else matters.”

“You are my home Riley Matthews. My dream, my everything,” she wipes the few tears that have fallen and slide down her cheeks. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side through everything,” I take a step forward opening the box, “Will you marry me, Riley?”

I see her face and she looks conflicted, and I can feel anxiousness wash over me, “I can’t do this right now.” She slowly starts to close the door.

“At least talk to me,” I say trying to stop the door, but it closes.

I hit the door twice with an open hand, “I’m not going anywhere Riley. I’ll wait here as long as I need to. You and I belong together. I’ll support and follow you wherever you want to go. It’s you and me. I’m sorry for everything I said that night. I should have taken you out and celebrate you getting in, and at the same time we would have been celebrating our engagement too.” I wait for her to say something, but I don’t hear anything.

“I love you with everything inside of me,” I feel something fall on me. It doesn’t stop. It’s raining, a summer rain. “It’s raining Riley. You said we were like summer rain. When we are together, we make everything better.” I wait for a response, but nothing and the rain doesn’t stop either.

I’ll wait for your reply here in the pouring rain if I have to. Like I said I’m not leaving.” A few seconds go by, and the door cracks open. She appears in the door way, and just like that the rain stops.

“Come in.” I follow behind her. “I’ll go get you something warm.” I watch her disappear into the bedroom down the hallway.

I look around her apartment, and I see a few pictures of me and her together. She didn’t give up. She walks back into the living room holding a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, my clothes.

“You have some of my clothes?”

She nods, “I needed something that smelled like you. Here take them and go change, so we can talk.”

She hands the clothes to me, and I take them but I place them on the coffee table. “That can wait. We can’t.”


I stop her, “No, Riley. We are going to talk.”

She shakes her head, but I can tell she wants to say something. So, I wait. We stand in silence facing each other for a minute or two before she finally speaks. “I was wrong to come here. I was wrong for wanting to go to law school. I left you for something I don’t think I can even do. It wasn’t worth it. I’m struggling in the one summer class I’m taking. I’m the one to blame here,” she has tears running down her fast, and I move to her in one quick motion and use my thumbs to wipe her tears away.

I look into her eyes, “Riley, you don’t realize just what you are capable of. You are so smart and ambitious, you aim high. You can do it; I know you can. You just need to believe in yourself. It’s going to be hard, but you can do it. I’ll be here to support you the way I should have been from the beginning.” More tears fall from her eyes, and I wipe them away. “I love you, Riley.”

I see a small spark return to her beautiful brown eyes and a smile start to form on her lips, “I love you, too, Lucas so much.” She pushes her lips against mine and a I hold on to every moment. When we finally pull away, she gazes at me. “Ask me again.”

“What?” I’m still in a daze from that kiss.

“Ask me to marry you.” I look into her glossy eyes.

A smile immediately takes over my mouth. I reach into my pocket and drop down to one knee, “Riley Matthews, will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Friar?” I open the box and her eyes shine.

She nods and she smiles so wide, “Yes! Yes, I will!” I quickly slip on the ring on her left ring finger. She wraps her arms around my neck and smashes her lips against mine. She pulls away and looks at her finger, “It’s beautiful Lucas.” Her eyes move to mine, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” I pull her as close as I can and gently push my lips against her. I feel so much passion in this one little kiss.

She breaks the kiss, “Lucas.”

“Mmm,” I pepper kiss her cheek and she laughs.

“You need to go change, you’re all wet.”

“I don’t want to be away from you right now even if it is for a minute.”

She pulls out of my grasp and picks up the clothes and push it into my chest, “Go change now Lucas Friar,” she says sternly.

I take the clothes, “Anything for you.” I start to walk to the bathroom and turn around, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Never. I’ll be here waiting for you.”


She smiles, “Always.”

I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. I smack my cheeks a couple times to make sure I’m not dreaming, and I’m not. This is real. Riley is going to be my wife, and I couldn’t be happier.


thanks, friends ;v; (also to those who commented on my ask, too) and the message didn’t really bother me, im more concerned over why that dude thinks its okay to just throw yourself into a relationship, because that’s…that’s not good to do in my opinion. that’s not okay (at least to me)

because out of my experience through my high school the majority of the men i came across were complete jerks and disrespectful and would just brag about how many girls they’ve got in bed with and all that stupid stuff and it just caused me to just ignore them and not care about dating anyone. so i just never did, and ive never felt an attraction towards anyone either (probably because i just didn’t care about boys or whatever and focused my thoughts on school. but as a result i was harassed by guys in high school because of me choosing to ignore them, and that just made me even more determined to not pay attention to them in real life. at least the dudes at my high school.)

I wish I had to courage to tell you how I really feel. I wish I could have the guts to go up to you and tell you how much you mean to me, but you will never feel the same about me as I do for you, so why bother? It’s not me, it will never ever, ever be me..I’m nothing extraordinary.
I’m just another friend you make along the way in your life. Occasionally you will ask how I’m doing or vent about the girl you actually like. I know in a heartbeat you would choose her over me. You could go weeks after weeks without a single conversation with me, but I wouldn’t be able to last a day. You make me feel like the luckiest person on the planet, but I’ll never be the one on the receiving end of your affection. I’ll never be the one..
—  poems-she-wrote

ibuzoo  asked:


12.  What’s the hardest thing to write for you?

Sex.  I hate hate hate writing smut.  I think that most of the time it adds nothing to the story telling and is just gratuitous.  Throw in that good sex writing is generally all about description and emotion and, well, it doesn’t play to my strengths as a writer.   Plus, let’s face it, synonyms for genitalia are tricky to work into the cadence.  Things are either too clinical, too ridiculous, or too crude for the way I prefer to work.  I’d rather be elegantly cruel than prattle on about cocks.

15. Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

“Good boy,” Tom said.  "Let’s try this again.  How do you want me to hurt you?  The knife, or do you have other things you dream of when you wake up at three in the morning?“

"Please don’t make me choose.” Draco forced the words out.  Having to ask, having to be an active participant in his own destruction made it worse. He hated having to beg for even this small mercy.

Tom set the hand that wasn’t holding the knife around his throat and began to press and Draco tipped his head back until he had it back against the other man’s shoulder, tears in eyes that looked unblinkingly at the plaster ceiling.  The angels that had been cast into it when the manor had been built stared down at him as he clung to Tom Riddle and asked for everything the man did to him.

for the fanfic writer’s meme


HakuMyu 30-Day Challenge, Day 28: Favorite Backstage Moment

Looks like it’s time for another glorious round of don’t make me choose! There’s no way I’m not including all my favorites here. I got ten slots, and I’m gonna use ’em. (Shinsengumi Kitan’s backstage moments are better than the damn musical, but I started this challenge before I saw that one—several of my choices early on would be different if I included it—so I’m keeping that out of this.)

Anyway, the context is all-important to understand why I like these so much, but my explanations tend toward the long, so I’m throwing it under a read-more.

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Omg,I fucking hate Wook(and I haven't even watched the episode but form the spoilers I've read it reafirms my believe that he and his entire family are pathetic piece of crap especially Wook though)I hope So tortures him just like 4th tortured 8th and his family in the c-drama because here he's actually worse.I also hope Soo learns what an awful human being he is and how wrong she was to give him the benefit of the doubt this whole time.


im exaggerating, of course, BUT I REALLY HATE HIM 

gosh, even his motivation for making his sister a queen is a position of an offended weak man she didn’t choose me, she will pay for it WHAT A PATHETIC FAKE MAN

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Gecko anon welcomes your return! May I ask whose story you're more interested in following this time? {Would you rather play as Corvo or Emily? :D}

Greetings, Gecko Anon.  I am most curious to see how our little Emily has grown into the fierce Empress her blood had so promised she’d be and just what shape her vengeance will take on those who have again usurped her.  And of course how dear old Daddy will react to my mark on her hand.

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i feel ignored and like no one has time for me :)) also about the night or day person ask,,, i have the exact same problem i thought i was the only one :o

wow i feel you i feel like everyone’s ignoring me and like,, i get it i mean there are better things to do and better people to talk to than me like i wouldn’t choose me either (i’m sorry i’m so negative tonight yikes)
as for the day/night ask, i think most people are like this, i don’t know why though