Yoongi headcanons of him taking your virginity

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Could you please write headcannons for what Suga would like while taking your virginity? Xx

  • gentle in the beginning
  • rough at the end
  • talks in a low, seductive voice
  • “you like that?”
  • asks if you’re okay
  • worries he’s hurting you
  • his hands travel all around
  • keeps intense eye-contact from time to time
  • grins like an idiot
  • groans
  • praises a lot
  • holds your hand
  • traces your body really gently when you’re on top
  • places kisses everywhere
  • and i mean everywhere
  • tongue technology
  • perfect aftercare
  • brings you to the shower
  • gives you warm towels
  • keeps kissing you
Voyager - The Meal

Everyone needs to know about the amazing dining experience that several of us had last weekend.  @gotham-ruaidh @westerhos @marian4456 and I were lucky enough to be invited to the home of  @valkyrie1969 for an Outlander themed dinner.  Each course was more inventive, wonderful and delicious than the last - and the whole meal was truly a “Voyage” from beginning to end, with themed music for each course. 

(Starting Top Row L) 

1. 60s Harvard Cocktail Party - deviled eggs!

2. PBJ in plastic wrap - we all wanted to let the wrap float out the window

3. Coco the coconut - look at that face!

4. Turtle Soup - yes, it was “mock” - no turtles killed here - but I now understand Claire’s stirred passion

5. Jamaican Jerk Pork - a true taste of the Island

6. Lord John’s Pear Tart - a dessert fit for MacDubh, made by @marian4456

The only way to follow this meal up was with large quantities of whisky and The Wedding episode. (Ahem. We may have watched The Reckoning too. )

Thank you so much @valkyrie1969 for hosting the perfect Season 3 kickoff event! Slainte Mhath!

The Idol K mangaka Torikai Yasuyuki has confirmed in her twitter, that she will be in charge of the manga one-shot based on the K RoK BD/DVD tie-in audiodrama “In the Park” for the October issue of Shonen Magazine Edge.

Also, for the yet unspecified issue she will be working on the manga version of the second BD/DVD tie-in drama “The Beginning and the End”.


My dad and I have too much in common. One of his abusers asked him to “stay quiet” about the abuse for the sake of his daughters and it just reminded me of the way I CONTINUE to protect my abusers for…their…sakes? Not mine. I still reason with myself that somehow they just had a bad life. It was just a misunderstanding. They’re just people.

But the truth is they continued abusing me—choosing to even after becoming old enough and wise enough to know wrong from right. To know I was hurting. Hurting because of them. Their shame and their silence isn’t from hurt, it’s from the human residue on their soul that informs them that the pleasure they took in my pain was wrong. And that kernel of regret still doesn’t prompt remorse. Just self pity.

My dad’s abuser isn’t sorry. My abusers aren’t sorry. They’re convinced that consequence begins and ends with themselves. As the days tick by, their humanity is burned away and their noses inch closer and closer to the reflective pool of self-absorption. I hope it drowns them.

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What date did the thong incident of 2017 happen? Asking for a friend. Totally not gunna mark it in my calendar for next year and the year after haha nope

August 14th. It was the beginning of the end.

if your understanding of antisemitism in american history and culture begins and ends with that tag essay about Captain America comics you read last week, You. Are. Valid. 

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hi! I was just wondering if you could help me...I need some assistance on how to make my chapters longer. Is there anyway you could give me advice on making them stronger and longer? I always end up with just a few paragraphs... PLEASE, I NEED HELP!

Chapters are more than just a collection of scenes, they are a way to organize a story. They separate major scenes, can create drama with strategic breaks, and organize the story. (They also give readers a good place to take a break, but that’s just a practicality.)

If your chapters are seriously only a few paragraphs long, then perhaps your story may be on the shorter side and not need them at all. There is no magic word count for when chapters become a necessity, nor is there a magic word count for how long they should be, but every chapter should still have a beginning, middle, and end. These points don’t have to be as blatant as the actual novel, and starting chapters “in medias res” or in the middle of the action is still technically a start. The start should serve to tell the reader where they are, and can be in the form of a simple setting or action description.

It’s also possible that your super-short chapters could be a style thing (depending on the type of story) as long as there is information and flow. Longer is not always stronger, but there is a chance that you’re either separating your scenes too much, not giving enough detail, or failing to place the reader in the scene. “Telling” REALLY cuts down on word count, and I’ll refer to this example I wrote on another post:
Tell: It was a cold day. (5 words)
Show: The chilly wind sent goosebumps running across Annette’s arms and she huddled close to her sister, wishing she had worn longer sleeves or at least brought a light jacket. (29 words)

If you’re “telling” your entire story, then your problem is a little bigger than just short chapters.
I found this link that had some very good points, especially number “6: Think about the broad structure of your novel and internal chapter structure”:

I also wonder if you’re ever writing dialogue, since “a few paragraphs” would in no way account for a conversation (perhaps I’m just picking at words, but I can only work with what I can see in the ask). If you aren’t writing any, I hope you have a good reason, because a strong story is a mix of exposition and dialogue, plus dialogue helps enforce “showing”.

I’m sorry if my answer isn’t 100% beneficial, but “short” chapters are usually a sign of a different problem rather than being a problem on their own. They have their place (short chapters are really good for jarring scenes or creating movement) but I’m really caught up in your wording. The best advice I might be able to give here is to open a bunch of different novels and study how those authors write their chapters. Notice the flow of dialogue and action, the integration of exposition, and how the scenes are more than just summarized. Reading can help a lot, as long as you take the time to really look at what the author is doing, as opposed to just getting into the story. Examples are friends!

Good luck with your chapter growth!

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I'm mixed, white and asian, but my asian cultural connection begins & ends with my mum. Just as my white cultural connection begins & ends with my dad. I'm a € mixed poc, point blank. I'm not welcome in either parental culture, my identity is very complex as a 3rd culture kid alone, nevermind the "western&poc&mixed" thing. This is now my identity, i am a mix, i represent conflicting ideas that are beautiful together and will not hurt myself to adapt to cultures who don't want me.

Fic Exchange Showcase #1

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first of three showcases for the Fic Exchange. I hope, if you haven’t checked these out already, you find something you enjoy!


B is for Badass by @the-nerdy-stjarna​ - brotp: Team, ship: Pipsy
When the A Squad is kidnapped by AIDA and Radcliffe, the B Squad goes into the Framework to save the day. Canon-AU which begins towards the end of 4x14

Payback’s a Frog by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnotship: FitzSimmons, Huntingbird - FitzSimmons get involved in a Huntingbird Prank War. Prompt: “Care to explain why my bathtub is full of frogs?”

Everything You Deserve by @agentcalliope- ship: FitzSimmons, brotp: FitzDaisy, May & Fitz. Out for a walk one afternoon, Fitz’s past catches up with him. An exploration with some of Fitz’s relationships with the men, and the women, in his life.

Raise a Glass by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly - brotp: women of Shield
Jemma invites Daisy to plan a girls’ getaway weekend before the wedding. Rest, bonding, and few toast-worthy moments. Set post-canon, probably about two years down the road.

Whiskey Sour by @buckysbears- brotp: May & Simmons, ship: Simmorse
So, Bobbi’s gone.Jemma’s not quite sure what to do with herself. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to keep losing people.May has some advice.

Love is everything it’s cracked up to be by @shesthemuscle - ship: Skimmons
Jemma doesn’t appreciate it when Daisy gets injured on a mission; even more so when Daisy doesn’t tell her.

I found the heart of a lion in the belly of the beast by @pizza-is-my-buziness - ship: Skimmons - Five times Jemma has a nightmare and five times she finds comfort in her team.

Take Me Away to Someplace Real by @florchis - ship: FitzSkimmons
After the Framework, Fitz decides to visit his mother and takes Jemma and a reluctant Daisy with him. Things are not easy, but Daisy learns they can choose to not make them hard.

It’s not Christmas without you by @fitzsimmonsftw - ship: FitzSimmons
When Jemma has to leave Fitz alone in Boston for Christmas, she buys him a present to keep him company, but everything changes when the weather changes Jemma’s plans.

also one of the things that i really like about the adventure zone (still no spoilers here dont worry) is how proud and invested the mcelroys are of this thing theyve made?? like they’re so earnest and wrapped up in the process, beginning to end, and they’re vocal about how proud and excited they are to be working on this thing and thats… not something i feel i see that much from creators?

like i guess big productions, the actors/writers/animators/etc. sometimes will say how excited they are, but its usually at like. a panel or an interview, when prompted, so even if they are being honest, it has a bit of like “oh well of course theyre not going to say they hate each other in front of a bunch of people.” but idk having this almost child-like “look at this cool thing we’re making!!! we’re really proud!!” on things like twitter and even within the piece itself (in the ad breaks and stuff) is pretty cool and feels more personal and “real”

and like the last big thing i was into, it felt like the author was so drained that he didnt even care about the thing he was making in the end, which made the ending feel… really hollow. 

and again, no spoilers on the taz ending, but it definitely wasnt hollow

anyways its just nice to hear a group of creators being so openly invested and proud what theyre making and im proud of them too and looking forward to what comes next

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It's been months since we've talked, and as much as I loved you I couldn't stay. You didn't love me, you just needed me. But you see there's a difference between needing someone and loving them. You were my first love, and you'll always have a place in my heart. But now I'm happy with someone else. He picked me back up and showed me that there is a beginning in every end. And he's there for me in a way you never were. I'll always pray for you and I hope you're doing okay 🌙

Go on/off anon and pretend we’re the person you want to talk to, and get everything off your chest