No streams today! This includes work stream AND tonight’s stream. I just don’t have time. If I ever want to catch up on my life I need the next few nights completely free for me to bash my head against stuff. 

A small portion of my non-work related to-do list includes:
 -Finally making some speedpaint videos
 -Opening a RedBubble store/ and or Society6
 -Answering Tumblr messages 
 -Starting the collabs I’ve said I would do
 -reporting all these art re-posters >.> (I know you’re finding pictures on DA JUST CREDIT DA DARN YOU PEOPLE) 

I’ll still be streaming friday, cya’ll then!! Have a great week and here’s some music for you. x Just take my entire likes list, have fun.

Updated 3DS Hack Semi-Visual Guide

So very recently we have discovered that all 3DS models and firmwares can be hacked! I’ve seen a few guides around, and I used them myself to help me figure out how to hack my updated 3DS XL, and make this guide. You can find the other guides in my reference tag. This will be a very long, picture guide on how I got the hacks to work for me! I use Windows, so I don’t know if these steps would apply for a Mac computer!

You will need a computer and an SD card reader!

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John #24

Okay so it’s 1:20am and I have to go to bed cos I can hear birds (way too early, stupid birds) but I’m pretty overall happy enough to post it.

Funnily enough, preludeinz, #24 was the one I sorta figured for John anyway, when I was looking at them, so thanks for a great choice. I had fun doing it.

Reference was a HQ screencap posted by thunderbirdthor​ but I can’t find the right post for a link right now sorryyyy but thank you for posting them! Twas exceedingly beneficial!

I was actually going to post this early in the morning but tumblr wouldn’t let me…! It randomly starts fights with me, I swear!

Anyway, this is actually practice! I’m trying to get in the hang of drawing her! [[You don’t know how many times I drew her yesterday, omg.]] It may have something to do with the flu I have but I was just not liking anything I did! But I like this one!

littlemcgarden: This isn’t what I have planned for you, it’s something different but I thought you might like this..!

Midnight Cinderella Pet Series:

Louis Howard x Lucia

And that’s the end of the chapter! OF THE VOLUME, even! 

Volume 6 is complete you guys! ANOTHER WHOLE VOLUME DONE. 

I feel way more accomplished than I actually should.

But HUGE thanks in many different coloured streamers to Notpotable, again, for editing this chapter ahead of time. It’s been an INCREDIBLE help and I’m actually in awe of how fast the liveblog process has been by comparison. 

It was so fast, you guys. So fast.

Every time this site makes some obnoxious change (or is about to, in this case) I seriously consider leaving. But honestly what keeps me on tumblr instead of looking for some other site to waste my time on, or just forgoing that altogether isn’t the site itself, it’s the people

Like this site is shit, and it’s getting shittier. I’ve been here for like 5 years, and we still don’t have an outbox. The messaging system is fucking painful to use even outside of that. The video player is still not great. And 90% of updates are either random bullshit (like making the URLs darker? For some reason??) or are actively obnoxious (like when they literally swapped the post/close buttons for absolutely no reason, and this upcoming reblog change that’s going to make all posts significantly longer, and more intensive to load since they’re including images instead of it just being plain text, among many others)

But I have so many friends here, and I’m absolute shite at keeping in touch with people no matter how much I love them (ask anyone who has me on skype or who talks to me regularly, seriously). I don’t want to lose any of you guys

So finding a new website to yell about video games and mages and all of that would be great. But if I can’t bring like the entire Anders fandom (plus a fair amount of others) with me, it sadly still isn’t worth it, no matter how much I’m beginning to despise how this website functions

-Hides tablet and pen from myself-

The result of the stream! Did someone order a sad strange duo? No? I drew it anyways… IM SO SORRY MY ADC BABIES

Draven doesn’t seem really as if he’d break down often and try to brush his feelings aside. But I got an idea and ran with it. AND HOLY COW IM PROUD OF MYSELF.Could this be part of something big? -hides in a trash bin- 

no offense but if you’re actually at the point of all caps screaming about who is the most chill dragon age character maybe like….find some chill yourself… go meditate. drink some tea

The announcement of the new DA:I DLC has sent me into a panicked reassessing of my time. I haven’t even played Jaws of Hakkon or The Descent yet, and I’d like to finish those before Trespasser is released. I’m attempting to put a schedule together that balances work, course work for my classes, and gives me time to do what I need to do in the game. My current playthrough with Amarië has the party at level 17 and I just finished Wicked Hearts last night. Now it’s just a matter of knocking out some side-quests and leveling up to 20 for JoH. I could load up a save from another, already finished playthrough but it’s just not the same.

There’s no way I’ll be done by the 8th.

A) Blow off studying and homework for video games.
B) Blow off work for video games.
C) Forego sleeping for video games.

A) Fail classes. Lose excellent GPA. Don’t get accepted to competitive transfer university. Give up on dreams.
B) Get fired. Lose flat due to not being able to pay rent. Become homeless. Lose access to television and PS4, thus defeating the whole point.
C) Rayduuu is already sleep deprived. Increasing sleep deprivation may lead to reduced performance, hallucinations, car accidents, and general grumpiness.

*sob* I’m too responsible for this.

I can't quite find the words but you listen and get it anyway

teen wolf femslash bingo//Square I1:  Met Online Au

Pairing: Marin/Melissa, pre-femslash

Melissa had another email from that guidance counselor–Morell, or something like that. She’d never actually met her in person, but from what she understood, she was really involved in the supernatural community and had approached Scott about therapy.

So she tried not to let the emails bother her. After all, she was happy someone was looking out for Scott, but to be honest, Scott was old enough to set his own appointments. There was no need for Morell to confirm appointments with her. She’d said as much last time she’d gotten an email, but Morell had responded that it was school policy to double check with the parents.

She settled down on the couch, still in scrubs, and sent a quick email that the scheduled appointment was fine, without really checking through. She and Scott rarely had plans any more–she was busy with her job and he was busy with being a vet-in-training and being the protector of their shitty town. If he had penciled Morell in, than he had it taken care of.

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