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she’s gonna imitate you | accepting

Piper glanced over at her friend guiltily before pressing her palms together and glanced skywards. “Oh God in Heaven, please tell those homophobic fuckers that they’re doing this religion thing wrong. Smite them where they stand for using your word so incorrectly. And remind them that man was given a prostate and women were given a clit, neither of which can be stimulated by heterosexual intercourse, which would be a stupid ass flaw for someone as all knowing as you are.” She gave a small bow to her head. “Amen.”

I’m watching the musical Cinderella and I have so many Ana feels about that damn ball. she didn’t care for the ball, she certainly wasn’t aiming for the prince cause lol no chance in hell that’s gonna happen, but if only there was someone there, a duke or a baron even, who would fall in love enough that he’d take her away from her mom…… look, she’s only going and being beautiful cause her mom told her she had to but there’s this idea at the back of her head that maybe she can get something out of this… also because her mom is gonna kill if the prince doesn’t fall for her and who wants that =X

and then cinderella, effortlessly, dances with the damn prince without even knowing he’s the prince and dude falls in love and literally searches the whole damn kingdom for her and it’s she who gets to move tf away from their house to a damn palace and Ana hates her SO DAMN MUCH!!!!

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Hey, are you alright?

i know this is re: what i posted last night so. not really? which i think. is probably the expected answer, considering everything i put there. i mean right now everything’s fine, but as a whole, things are difficult

it’s nothing to worry about, tbh. it was nice to be able to vent, but i don’t wanna scare anyone. thank you for asking, though


finally ordered ted’s watch

It’s awkward y'all.

NG Saga update in tags.

Don’t reblog unless with advice.

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what's a good bird that i won't have to worry about dieing of starvation if i leave the house for a few hours

Don’t get a bird. Seriously. Don’t get a fucking bird.

I’m sure you know me and I’m sure you know that I love to offer helpful advice whenever people need it. So please take my words into consideration as helpful advice. I’m not going off on you. I’m just telling you the truth.

ALL BIRDS REQUIRE HOURS OF ATTENTION PER DAY AND MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SOCIALIZATION. They will literally SELF HARM AND EVEN KILL THEMSELVES if they don’t get enough of it, let alone if ALL of their needs aren’t met.

If you can’t provide HOURS of social interaction and care and attention to your bird EVERY DAY, then you’ll be literally abusing your bird.

To have a bird is pretty much to become a stay-at-home parent.

I know they seem cute and cuddly but they require so much work and A LOT more than just worrying about whether or not they’re getting enough attention.

I suggest getting other things like hamsters, a rat, a hermit crab, maybe a fish if you can devote the huge amount of cleaning and cycling water.

Even if you don’t think you’ll neglect a bird, the fact that you want a bird that you don’t need to give hours upon hours of attention to per day is… that’s impossible. Trust me. ALL BIRDS NEED HOURS OF ATTENTION EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you can’t provide pretty much near-constant attention to your bird every day, then you ARE gonna end up neglecting it and unknowingly abusing it.

If you’re convinced to not get a bird by this point, then that’s actually really fucking good and you don’t need to read any further!

But if you’re so far going “pff whatever I’ll do my own research and I’ll get a bird, fuck you” then well… consider this stuff as well:

Birds are so special that you can’t even cook with non-stick objects near them because the fumes from teflon will kill them. So be prepared to have to get rid of what’s probably your entire frying pan set let alone cooking pots, rice cookers, or crock pots! Unless of course you want to subject them to toxic fumes! :)

Also be prepared to never smoke around them, never let them in an environment with smokers (even second-hand smoke from clothing can kill them), never light another candle or incense stick, never use air fresheners, and never use scented oils or perfumes or spray deodorant ever again! :))

Also be prepared for the threat of egg binding and chronic egg laying if the bird you get is a surprise female! :)))

Also be prepared to have to provide fresh veggies and fruits for them to eat! Not just seeds and pellets! And be prepared for the bird to reject said fresh greens constantly so you have to work around this like a parent taking care of a fussy 3 year old! :))))

And be prepared to never open your windows or have fans or AC on ever again as the occasional chemicals in an AC unit will kill your bird! Let alone having the bird die from flying outside and getting lost or getting its neck broken from flying into a fan! :)))))

And be prepared to have to buy very large cages for them or even make your own as the cages advertised in pet stores are almost always too small for them!

And be prepared for pet stores to supply virtually nothing but very unhealthy things for your bird, like fabrics (which they can chew and can kill them), seed-only diets, terrible perches, sand-paper (yes they literally advertise SAND PAPER for birds), and a number of other things.

All of this doesn’t even cover a quarter of things to take into consideration for bird care.

Don’t. Get. A. Bird. If. You. Can’t. Give. Them. Constant. Attention. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

In eighteen days it’s my birthday.