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Hey i have this prompt idea... Like we know nursey just has this flirty personality right, except when he has a "want to date you" crush on someone. Dex trying to figure out way Nursey is acting weird all of sudden.

Nursey with a crush is the most awkward creature on the planet

  • i mean we’ve already seen: “Nursey: Are you irish. Dex: *squints*” but like, it gets worse from there. 
  • I imagine it all starts like mid sophomore year for them. Dex’s opinions and views have changed a lot like he’s just so much more accepting and Nursey is just *heart eyes* because he’s such a slut for character growth

Now just imagine this boy realizing he has an honest to god crush on Dex.

 -it gets worse under the cut-

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Taraché [English | Fanfic]

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia (@Horikoshi Kohei)
Character(s): Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Inko, Bakugou’s mom, Kirishima Eijirou
Pairing(s): bakudeku
Genre: slice of life, childhood friends, light angst
Rating: T
Word count: 4548
Notes: Kacchan-centric, pre-canon (manga), spoiler-free for anime-only fans

Summary: - «Hey Bakugo. […] You ever been afraid of your quirk? It’s hella strong, I bet it was scary until you learned to control it…! » -

Written for Day 1 - Happy B-day Izuku+First Times and Day 2 - Childhood for the @katsudeku-week that just ended yesterday – I hoped to finish this in time, but life happened and I’m a day late… oh, well. ┐(´д`)┌
Also, pls take note this is the first serious thing I’ve written in 9 months, as well as my first BNHA fic~

*Taraché: a disturbance, tumult, sedition, trouble.

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Depending on when Misaki actually killed Niki I think this would change a lot of things, like would Fushimi even know that Yata was the one who killed Niki, does Yata tell him or does he run off and disappear or something? Say that like Niki puts the mantis in Yata’s mouth and Fushimi assumes that Yata won’t want to be friends with him now. Yata decides to come back for him though and they like secretly become friends because Fushimi knows that if Niki realizes Fushimi has a friend Niki will definitely chase him away, since we’re talking Possessive!Niki who doesn’t want anyone else near his precious little monkey. Niki starts to notice it though, that Fushimi’s pulling away from him and maybe finally Niki like steals Fushimi’s PDA or hacks into it and discovers that Fushimi has a friend. Niki can’t be having that so he like starts locking Fushimi in his room or the cellar or something, basically making sure that Fushimi will be totally dependent on him and never leave him.

Yata gets worried because Fushimi’s stopped coming to school and finally screws up the courage to check on him at his house. When he gets there it looks like the place is empty but of course Niki’s there and he sneaks up on Yata and threatens him with a kitchen knife, telling Yata that Saruhiko belongs to Niki and always will and Yata should butt out. While he’s talking Niki admits some of the bad shit he’s been doing to Fushimi, all the precious things of Fushimi’s that he’s destroyed and how Yata should just give up because Niki won’t give Saruhiko to anyone. Niki tries to attack Yata and poor Yata freaks out and tries to escape, and then somewhere in the struggle he ends up fatally stabbing Niki (ooh, or extra dark version – he stabs Niki but not fatally, Niki’s there on the ground bleeding and laughing because this doesn’t matter, even if Yata takes Saruhiko away Niki will just come take him back and Yata stabs him a couple more times for good measure because he thinks it’s the only way to protect Saruhiko).

In the aftermath I think Yata would be pretty traumatized, he’s just a kid at this point after all and he murdered someone. I actually have trouble seeing him ending up in jail, I think it would be pretty clear that anything Yata did was in self defense and trying to protect his abused friend. Maybe Fushimi’s been really messed up by Niki’s abuse to the point that with Niki dead he can barely function properly and when Yata tries to get him to tell the police about the abuse Fushimi can’t even say anything. Yata’s all despairing because he did this for Fushimi but he also doesn’t regret it because now Fushimi can at least be free. Poor Yata ends up in jail and maybe tries to send Fushimi letters but they all get sent back return to sender and he has no idea if Fushimi’s doing okay or what.

Maybe in this situation Yata does end up becoming a Strain and even though he doesn’t use his powers to escape or anything Scepter 4 gets called in to get him anyway and he ends up in their dungeon. Yata has no idea why he’s been brought here, Munakata just smiles at him and says that this the safest place for him, for now. Of course what Munakata doesn’t tell Yata is that Fushimi’s in Scepter 4 and maybe he’s been there for some time, like he was living homeless on the streets still all fucked up from Niki’s abuse and Munakata saved him. Munakata’s done what he can to try and help Fushimi heal and Fushimi’s kinda co-dependent due to everything Niki did to him but he also tends to push everyone away because he feels like he doesn’t deserve anyone to care about him, like look what he did to the one precious person he had, he got Yata thrown in jail. Fushimi was like kicked out of his house afterward and he has no idea Yata was mailing him all this time. Munakata of course was intrigued and did some searching, finding out about Yata’s existence and deciding it would be best to keep Fushimi’s precious person close for now. Then when the whole jungle situation happens Munakata sets Yata free and tells him that now is the time that Fushimi needs him, and will he hold his grudge against Fushimi for not speaking out in his favor that time or will he go again to save his friend one more time. Yata saves Fushimi and Fushimi probably totally crumbles upon seeing him, apologizing over and over again because he couldn’t save Misaki that time and he doesn’t understand why Yata still saved him even after all Fushimi did to him and it’s all very touching.

it’s pretty unlikely tumblr will get shut down, more likely it’ll just get sold to another company

and like, honestly that’s probably for the best, it can’t get much worse than how yahoo’s handled it.

I swear a month ago I was just seeing that people shipped Jon and Sansa and going huh interesting and realising I’m now a little obsessed.

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Do you know what kind of fostering you'd be interested in doing? Like, are you thinking ISDF? Or more in terms of local rescues? Or a specific breed rescue? I hope it works out for you!!

Probably my local shelter’s foster program, but maybe the greyhound rescue near me. That strikes me as the more dangerous option of the two though, because I’ve adored every greyhound I’ve ever met, and seriously considered adopting one before I found Priya. Carving out the space and time in my life for one foster dog at a time is really appealing to me (for the sake of helping some dogs out and getting a wider range of dog experience), but a third permanent dog isn’t what I’d be looking for. I’d be verrrrrrry tempted to sway on that with greyhounds, I think. 

I wish expanding the Street Dog UN could be possible! Unfortunately, though, fostering for ISDF probably would be too challenging – I’m a bit too far from the Chicago area.

All of this is hypothetical, though, because I can’t take in any more creatures in my current situation as a renter – so it will be awhile before it happens! I fantasize about it often, though!

(Then there’s the whole adopting a BLM Mustang thing, but that’s a whoooooole other dream entirely…)

@superomnesannas I know I said I wouldn’t bother you any more with my shit and I’m sorry but. I know you said he couldn’t do shit but can you please reassure me that he can’t actually do shit? Might help.

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Hey good morning congrats on not being sick this morning I brought you water because I just kind of assumed you'd be sick but water is still good regardless.

I am feeling a bit queasy, so thank you very much. It’s probably going to get worse.

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kodaka said dr3 was a gift for the longtime fans but this is feeling less and less like a gift and will probably get worse. i love danganronpa i love suffering

It is a gift.

Deep down, we are all Junko to varying degrees–we got into this series knowing full well that it would entail heartache, and that is in fact why we sought it out.

Also Kodaka and Kishi both said that they’re aiming to surprise people every week, and considering that a huge portion of people who entered that “Who Will Survive to the End of Mirai-hen” poll just got knocked out of the running, I’d say they’re doing a moderately good job.


Kana and Chris are so cute together :D The way Kana was helping Chris with his Japanese :3

Got more stock of my sticker pages, some other digimon charms that were low, and then a definite restock of Kindred, Mei, Mercy and Roadhog charms.

Hoping to have these on my website soon. Just need to get through one more convention before I sell them!

PS: YES more overwatch designs will be coming in the future.

Sorry again for the lack of stuff going on here. Cat recovery is going decent, with final good news of his paw swelling has gone down one week later. Im SUPER happy for this. I have to go get a cat bite treated though, as he had a massive panic attack one day when he got his cone stuck. It was an accident, but I probably need antibiotics as the swelling is persisting/getting worse on day 3.

Anyways, more updates soon I hope. Im trying. Love ya all!

Y’all: Superlove is terrible


They don’t ever love you babe (they don’t ever love you)
Like I love you babe
Baby say you’ll never take my love away
Say you’ll never take my love away
They will never touch you babe (they will never touch you)
Like I touch you babe (they will never, no, no)
Baby say you promise you will never change
You know, you know, you know

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I was scrolling through your 9x09 tag and found your favorite wardrobe headcanon again :D I think it's adorable for Dean to make himself look more presentable, considering he and Cas literally met in Hell for their first meeting. 'Looking like Hell' was an underestimation for Dean back then.

that will never not make me laugh just to remember the time Dean urgently prettied himself up for hanging out with Cas. I can’t even look at random gifs of the scene without laughing.

I think it’s really nice though. I mean, Cas clearly makes an effort for Dean:

Originally posted by ironprodigy

and Dean either literally looks like Hell  (I can’t find gifs of him in the 4x01 opening >.>) or looks like Purgatory, which kinda looks like Hell lite but probably smells worse:

Originally posted by demoncest

so he gets one little chance to sit around with Cas and actually wash his face and do his hair and enjoy honest to god time where they can hang out and neither of them are covered in blood?

(I assume he showered and stuff between the crime scene and seeing Cas at the Gas n Sip the previous time he saw him before this, but it really doesn’t count because I’d blame the crime scene before Dean’s knowledge he might see Cas. He looked grossed out :P) 

Anyway I think it’s sweet they still make an effort for each other even after seeing each other at their worst. I mean the very next episode is the one Cas shows up in HIS new clothes all dressed up and re-trenchcoated because he knows Dean likes that. :P