it was sold out and my friend went

Abuse your dog and threaten my girlfriend? Enjoy never sleeping again.

About 2 years ago my girlfriend and I lived in a corner townhome next to some particularly trashy neighbors. Lets call them “Joey” and “Jamie” since I hate them and don’t care about using their real names.

At first we all got along but over time our relationship with them deteriorated. He was an obvious drug dealer, ex-con piece of garbage and she was just as bad if not worse. We would always hear their fights through the walls and it wasn’t uncommon to see him leaving the house with a black eye every couple of weeks.

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What’s the biggest culture shock you ever experienced?

When I was a kid one of my mother’s friends was a woman from a very tough background who had left her husband because he used to hit her and her children. She had three kids and was living in a two-bedroom council flat in a tough part of Glasgow. My mum met her because they were both doing part-time university degrees as mature students. She was studying to get a teaching qualification.

I became friends with one of this woman’s kids when I was about 6 or 7. I’d go over to his house for the night sometimes and we’d generally wander around the local neighbourhood just doing what kids do. He always carried a rucksack and was always on the lookout for empty glass soda/alcohol bottles. If he saw one, he’d grab it and stick it in the rucksack. After a while I started bringing a rucksack along when I visited so we could double up on glass-bottle-carrying-capacity.

The reason he did this was that, in Glasgow back then, a sort of proto-recycling scheme meant that every one of those bottles was redeemable for 5p at any shop that sold them. They’d collect them, give out 5p per bottle, send them off to be recycled, and be reimbursed for their time by the local government.

We’d collect a bunch of these then, when we went back to the flat in the afternoon, my friend would proudly hand over a few quid in coins to his mother. He used to do this constantly and it meant - this being the 1980s - a decent little earner to help pay for a bit of the household expenses and so on.

I came from a family with a detached house in the suburbs that had two cars, two parents, two nice holidays a year, and no real worries when it came to money. Not rich, just lucky to be standard middle class. Meanwhile this woman was raising 3 children by herself while studying to become a teacher, in a tiny little damp flat in a bad part of town. She never asked her son to do what he did, he just took it upon himself aged 7 or whatever to go out and do it. It took me a while to understand what was happening but, once I did, I can honestly say it was one of the defining events of my life.


Name someone better than Colin. My friend waited a long time for his m&g today only to find out it sold out hours in advance. She dead ass cried for awhile and moped to me through texts like all hope was lost. Then she ended up running into him on the way to go somewhere else while he was headed to his m&g. She got super excited, and security told her to back off and grabbed her to get her away from Colin. He told them no stop it’s fine and he took a picture with her. Then she went back after the panel to wait for his m&g cause I told her to anyway, just in case. He ended up coming over and signing and taking pictures with people who couldn’t get in, and she got him to sign her Hook funko. Seriously. Name someone who is that kind. He didn’t have to do any of that. People don’t understand how much Colin actually loves and caters to his fans. He is the absolute best.

My Sister Experienced Retail Rage

TL;DR: 12 year olds get cursed out by woman because she doesn’t want to pay for a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch

Today my 12 year old sister and her friend volunteered at a Fall Festival to earn confirmation hours for their school. Their job was to sell tickets that granted people and their kids access to either a big bouncy house or the pumpkin patch. One ticket granted acess to these locations and were sold for $3.

Things went smoothly for my sister and her friend until this one woman. First of all, she walked around the table and into the pumpkin patch. When she came back out with a rather large pumpkin, my sister explained that the woman had to pay $3 for the pumpkin since she didn’t get a ticket to go in.

This woman blew up. She started cursing out my sister, saying she wasn’t “Paying no f***ing $3 for a pumpkin” ,that they were scamming her, that they had no right to charge her.

The woman put the pumpkin back regardless and left but really? Cursing out a bunch of teenagers when they’re just doing what they’re told? People disgust me.

My dad and I stayed with them at their table until the end of the festival so it didn’t happen again.

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Hey I see you haven't posted in a while. I hope everything's okay <3 :)

hey  ^ U ^  I haven’t been able to make art for me which I usually post here cause I went on a really fun trip to San Francisco  California !!! I went for my first convention having my own table and It went way better than I thought  and actually got to meet a bunch of you in person, sold out of all my merch and did my first panel about being a girl in the illustration industry and how to get started on social media with @wendyortizart and @robineisenberg (who are so rad and you should follow them I learned so much!!) I also got to meet Komunhorangi  in person and hang out with her and her gf and friends all weekend showing me around oakland and chinatown * O * had the best ramen ever ! I’m actually going to another con next month!! Atlanta Comic Con in July lol it took me like 3 days to get used to the timezone change again but I’m baaaack

my fave things abt the bmc boot

the bootleg hurt everyone dont lie to me

-“at the matinée”
-the way jerm pulls his leggies into his pants
-he doesnt get to finish his belt before stretching
-“d-uGHh, dAaAAAD”
-it strikes me as funny that its jenna handing him his shoes, maybe because she was at payless? idk
-and then brooke gives him the cardigan??? yall are these just coincidences or what
-it might just be the girls tho bc then chloe gives him his bookbag and idk how that correlates
-jeremy just wants into his locker save him
-richs voice “y oOO DOnt toUChhH ME TalLASS”
-“you wash that off” LIFT “youre de a d” SHOV E
-“i navigate the dangerous hall-” AND THEN THE KIDS IN THE HALL
-yall jerm was Totally Excited abt the play signups but he just didnt do em bc he didnt wanna get called gay
-christine. All show
-the Legg (Trademark) at that little trill thing. she STICKS her leggy out REAL FAR
-christine putting on lip gloss is me attempting to do any makeup
-jeremy starts walking over to her but as soon as she looks hes like “nOPE NEVERMIND”
-then when she catches him the slow turn and “,, y-eah”
-“i dont wanna be a baller” when the kids start bopping mr reyes just looks around like “,,,,,, what”
-then he starts lowkey bopping
-“if i continue at this rate the only think ill ever date-” HEADBANGING “is my macbook pro hard drive”
-and im always too focused on mr reyes to figure out where the lunch tray came from
-michael is like dancing around to his music but jeremys occasional bops are very important
-T H E H A N D S H A K E
-michaels KICKIES
-he holds up a finger in jerms face
-the way they rearrange themselves to make “boyf riends”
-mikes headphone cords swinging gently………
-michael casually sipping on his slushie
-christine being e x t r a signing up for the play
-rich interrupts the extra to yell gay
-mr reyes, again, walking off to scold him
-jerms hands in his pockets, the entire time
_“WHYYYYY cant someone”
-i cant help focusing on michael during the dancing
-jerm ur in class get off that chair
-“you dont have to do this” r e l i e f “of course ill mock you forever if you dont” pat. michael w h y
-jerm psyching himself up
-this entire exchange
-“u-uh, i-is this where u,,,, meet for th e play,,,, , ,,”
-“no, this is where you meet for the Swim Team”
-awkward jerm
-“im joking!”
-“oh! uh- oh- uh- w-well I M JE R E M YY”
-“,,,,, are you ok”
-he probably does always sweat that much honestly
-“you never forget ur first p l a y r e h e r s a l”
-i imagine i love play rehearsal as christine telling jerm abt that yeah but theres also the fact that jeremy doesnt get a word in at all
-“i also have a touch of add!!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where was i”
-i dont think jerm cares tho he just likes listening to her talk
-christines slav squat
-“it made me feel like there just arent strong for women in the theater these days, p a r t i c u l a r l y highschool theater! do you find that because i totally find that!!!!!” irony
-shes so excited
-the leg cross
-“a midsummer nights dream” “Y E S” “and today that dream dies” “what”
-“frisbee,, golf,,,,,,, team” jake punches the air
-“DONT YOU CARE ABOUT SHAKESPEARE” “the man is dead l e t i t g o” hug
-“so whats the story with jake and madeline”
-jeremy awkwardly sitting there during jake and christines conversation
-“im glad that girls not,,, dead. Before i got the chance to know her”
-dont even need to survive? jerm what
-R I C H A R D
-“i told you N O T TO WASH THAT OFF”
-“uhh wheres my homework????”
-“hunched over and scared, mmmmmm, all the time?”
-hip rolls “confidence”
-rich zipping up and wiping his hands on his pants
-“i was gross” u still are richard
-the voice crack at “i would trip”
-“ive never heard of it before!” “nyeaah, well thats the point!” he hand motions
-richs voice deepens on “its from japan” and i cry
-the hand motions
-“WHAT thats not even possible”
-he grabs jeremys wrists when he apologizes and its cute
-“and you might want a squip of your own” he dance
-richs facial expression when jerms like “so,, so its like,,,,,,,, drugs???”
-the “its preprogrammed” bit is a big fave
-“helps you act correctly” he mocks jeremys stance and jerms like “Oh”
-hes very excited to tell jerm what he is on the school social map
-his voice kinda shakes on “youll go from sad to interesting”
-jeremy FLAILS
-“arent you gonna wash your hands”
-He d a n c e
-hips dont lie
-then jerm does the spiel
-michaels legs
-the boyes f o c u s
-“scamming you SUPER WEIRDLY”
-controller switch
-michaels dancing
-they high five and then michael waves him off like “get the fuck out of my beanbag jeremiah”
-they SLAPP to start video game
-he tickles jeremy when jeremy doesnt pay attention to him
-michael f l o p
-jeremys impatience
-T H R O W C O N T R O L L E R
-“oh!” straight up and down
-michael flops forward and his hood goes up and hes dead
-“is that a girl are you in here with a girl?” michaels TRANS
-so is jeremy
-they both are i love them
-“hey mr heeeere”
-jeremy is SO MEAN TO HIS DAD
-J E R E M I A H B E N I C E H E S D O I N G H I S B E S T
-at least michaels worried
-“will you be too cool for mmm,,” SLAPP “video games,,,?”
-(do dee do doooo)
-“is it reaaallly true?” l e a n “im your faaaaavowite pewson?”
-T H E G A Y
-S L A P P
-the jump
-dont dance on those chairs tho ur gonna fall
-michael with his hood up
-how does this boy ever get his weed if hes like this
-“i like your sideburns” michael turns like wtf “wolverine, right?”
-“its from japaaaan”
-mike and jerm looking at each other
-“ladies running shoes”
-“DONT MASTURBATE” jeremy sobs
-“WERE SOLD OUT” “of….. shoes??” “oh…. Oh Youre Here For Shoes” “,, payless,,,,” “my bad”
-a lovely pair of pumps
-“$401. dont forget the mountain dew” STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP
-“i-i dont think thats how it works!” michael shut up you just dont trust it
-“how does it taste?” “,, minty” “uh how do you feel????”“ “like,,,,,,,,, a CHUMP”
-“try to say something cool!”
-“its like regular pepsi!!! ,,,,, JUST CLEAR!!!!!!”
-im going over this at school bc i wont remember when i get home and my friends watching with me and she just went “theres a lot of slapping”
-jeremy is so awkward
-the way he stands at “WAITWAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT”
-“AAAH!!! GAHAGHH!!!!!!!! AGAHAGHAAHAGHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Abuse your dog and threaten my girlfriend? Enjoy never sleeping again.

About 2 years ago my girlfriend and I lived in a corner townhome next to some particularly trashy neighbors. Lets call them “Joey” and “Jamie” since I hate them and don’t care about using their real names.

At first we all got along but over time our relationship with them deteriorated. He was an obvious drug dealer, ex-con piece of garbage and she was just as bad if not worse. We would always hear their fights through the walls and it wasn’t uncommon to see him leaving the house with a black eye every couple of weeks.

The worst part was their dog. He was a huge 150+ lb bulldog that was mean as hell. I never once saw that dog leave the house and any time I was in there they had to tie him up or restrain him from jumping at people and tearing them up. He never went on a walk in 3 yrs that we lived there. He had to shit in a tiny 8x8 square of concrete that never got cleaned, so it was basically a tiny rectangle of piss and feces that stunk up the whole area. No wonder he was nasty and aggressive.

And he cried. As soon as they left until the second they got home which was normally 12 hrs a day. Long drawn out baying howls that you could hear across the whole complex. At the time I was working night shifts and it became unbearable because even with ear plugs and white noise it was all I could hear.

I had talked to him about it a few times and every time it went nowhere, with just a “well thats the way he is” resolution.

One day I snapped. I ran downstairs and slapped the wall next to where his kennel was as hard as I could to shut him up and get some sleep. Little did I know Jamie had been home the whole time letting him howl.

She flew into a fury and started screaming through the walls and slapping back. I knew there was going to be trouble. Later that night Joey came home high as hell with his eyes bugged out and we had a regrettable screaming match on the front stoop where they screamed at us, insulted us, and threatened my girlfriend when she said she was going to call the cops.

7 days later we moved out. Now, we always had a big jar of dead batteries that we collected for no real reason at all in the basement. And once the last box was packed I went and put one dead AA battery in each of the smoke alarms in every room of the house.

Our landlords were close friends who had told us that we would be their last tenants before they sold, so the house sat vacant for 7 months. And for 6 of those long months, our house beeped from every room.

We ran into our old landlord last year at the grocery store. She told us when they finally went back to tear up the carpets and fix up the place Joey and Jamie had pounded on the door begging for them to change the smoke alarms, the HOA wouldn’t respond to their complaints and they were going absolutely crazy.

Revenge at its absolute pettiest

Me and a tumblr friend had been trying to locate this Nendoroid Loki figure. It was supposed to be released in August 2018 in Japan, and we did not make the necessary preorder.

  • It was sold out or seriously overpriced on many online websites. When I went to Hokkaido I tried to find an anime shop, but Sapporo was surprisingly lacking in that. If it was hard to find even in Japan, the country of production, it would be pretty much impossible to get it. I pretty much gave up on the idea.

When I went back to my country today, I took another friend to visit a shopping mall that contains all types of anime/manga/comics products. It was unlikely to find anything though, we went through shops and shops, and found ourselves disappointed because many stated that they did not have/would not order the figure.

That was, until I saw this little guy on top of a pile of other Nendoroid figures.

Me: That figure is so cute, so smug and cheeky oh wait…OMG THAT’S LOKI!!!!! THAT LITTLE SHIT!!

The shop had a pile of Lokis (around 15) and Thors (around 3) behind the cashier but they were all preordered months ago.

The Loki I grabbed with tight hands was literally the last one standing in the shop available for sale.

The shopkeeper said they would not purchased more unless the production company decided to produce new stock.

So I told my tumblr friend of the good news, her figure was found and only needed a Thor. I did not expect to find another Loki figure for myself.

I ended up leaving the mall with these…

  • The two babies were the only left in another shop, because the original buyer dropped out without the final payment. I got my baby Thor and Loki for some Thorki action, and my friend got her Loki.

Best day ever!!

P.S: We lifted real sized Mjolnir and we were worthy. Good to know.

Shut Up, You Love It

Auston Matthews x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: None, but this is my fave gif of him so yes I’m using it again

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Auston’s girlfriend surprises him at his game and then they snuggle

Originally posted by glovesdropped

“Better cheer for me,”

“No promises,” I said, trying to sound like I was at home. 

“Come on,” Auston whined. “It’s a home game and we’re not even playing a team you like.”

“I know, I know,” I giggled, looking around the parking lot, trying to find a good spot. 

“Warm ups are in ten, I gotta go,” Auston rushed his words.

“Alright, play good!”

“It’s ‘play well’, (Y/n),”

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Diabolik Lovers x Joysound

Ok, I forgot to post this when I went, but here are some photos of the DiaLovers Joysound collab! I went with one friend, and we sang our hearts out! Just to clarify, this was a private 

The drinks were very tasty, but I didn’t get any Shu coasters. I honestly haven’t seen a ton of Shu merch here, probably because a lot of it is sold out? Though I did see his plushie, casual version, at a secondhand shop last week. There’s a surprising amount of Azusa and Subaru stuff here, though! 

Sorry for the picture quality; it was dark and my phone camera isn’t the best.

This was printed on the table! 

They also had a lot of DL songs, though I wasn’t confident enough to sing them. And my favorite drink was, by far, Kou’s and Azusa’s! ^^

Sorry for the lack of posts/activity, but school keeps me really busy. I wouldn’t miss this collab, though!


well, yesterday was the first time i ever cried at work. one of the first customers I had to serve was this super obnoxious guy who yelled at the top of his lungs about how much our products/prices sucked and that everything is garbage when I recommended them to him and then he came back a second time, bought a lighter, and fiddled with the safety using my scissors that ended up flying at me. he saw that but didn’t even bother apologizing, he just commented in a loud monotone voice that that happened then left. (he’s the only guy who has ever done that. normal people usually just pay for their shit and go.)  my next customer was a woman who came in talking on her phone. i sold her her precious cigarettes and she took out her old empty pack, dumped it on the counter and told me “that’s trash”, then she unwrapped the plastic from the new pack I gave her and tossed it on there saying something like “take that too”. then she apologized to her FRIEND on the phone as if I was the inconvenience and went on her way. THE PUBLIC GARBAGE BIN WAS LITERALLY FIVE FEET AWAY AND VISIBLE FROM ALL CORNERS.

I kept my cool during these actual encounters and at worst, made some noncommital remarks that implied what they were doing was rude af, but once they were done, i started to break down. the fact that i went through this while on my period wasn’t helping at all. i guess the pressure of sacrificing school time and my personal life just to be disrespected by people for minimum wage got to me. I signed up to be a cashier, not a part-time janitor and human garbage can.

I just don’t understand what is with these assholes who think leaving their shit with the cashier is a decent thing to do. i work in a super small corner shop in the middle of a market, not even a corporate chain store, and even then, i have never seen customers pull that shit until i started working here. It might not seem a big deal to others who have gone through worse, but it still feels dehumanizing and degrading as hell. Please tell me this isn’t a normal thing.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Starter Meme [1]

*Note: The pronouns now are simply ‘they/them’ from what has been said originally. Simply change it to whoever you’re sending it to, or keep it gender neutral. Feel free to change the quote, add on to it, or whatever you need to suit your character when sending!

  • “Wow. I definitely did not see that one backfiring.”
  • “Help me get this mini fridge past the security guard.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve been there my friend.”
  • “This doesn’t make me like you any better.”
  • “Well, with a regular (person), it’s bad. With (Name) – Oh, dear God!”
  • “We will give you ten dollars.”
  • “Wow, you’re good! After this, we should solve crimes.”
  • “I am better than great, I’m good.”
  • “I like being on my own, I’m, uh, better off this way. I’m a lone wolf. Y'know, a loner. Alone… All alone. Forever. What’s a wolf gotta do to get a hug around here?!”
  • “I won’t be speaking with you for several weeks.”
  • “Honey, I wish you’d get over (them). I hate seeing you like this. Is there anything I can do? Do you want to look down my top?”
  • “What the mother crap is up with this stuff?!”
  • “You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get in my sweats and eat in bed.”
  • “I’ve dreamed about this for years! *Nervous laughter* Why have I not been preparing?”
  • ‘Okay, I’ll give you one chance to change my mind. You got one minute.”
  • “Well, maybe you could date (them), then. That would save me the trouble of killing (them).”
  • “Yeah I know. You’re a bit of a drama queen.”
  • “Oh, hey, (Name). I’m so glad someone’s here. Could you zip me up?”
  • “Oh my God, I want to trade lives with (Name)?!”
  • “Uh, look, I don’t normally ask out (people) that I meet in coffee houses.”
  • “I’m an idiot.”
  • “I always knew there was something weird about that dude.”
  • “Okay, so, all right I haven’t been in a relationship that lasted longer than a month.”
  • “You know, I’m trying to remember the last time I opened a door and you weren’t there.”
  • “I just think there’s somebody better out there for you.”
  • “I think I can make you happy.”
  • “In fact, I’ll close my eyes to make it less awkward.”
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Well, let’s see – the first one is, I don’t want to, and the second one – I’m not going.”
  • “You need to learn some new slang.”
  • “You have to do something. Knock that door down!”
  • “I would, but I bruise like a peach.”
  • “I guess they’re not coming. Want to just order?”
  • “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”
  • “If you were bigger, you’d hit me, huh?”
  • “They are without a doubt the funniest (person) I ever met!”
  • “Have you not talked about it yet?”
  • “To be honest, I think I’d prefer the five dollars.”
  • “Why do you care so much?”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot he/she is.”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot (they) are.”
  • “(Name), why did you lie to me about working here?”
  • “Because I was ashamed, okay?”
  • “I sold out for the cash.”
  • “I’m sorry, too.”
  • “We’re going to figure this out.”
  • “But… you suck.”
  • “Are they still looking for us?”
  • “You know, we as a group, are not the coolest.”
  • “I mean, you just went out with my best friend.”
  • “You’re a pain in the ass, (Last Name or Name).”
  • “Damn it, man, pull yourself together!”
Digimon Stage Play - Part One

Sorry, my friend introduced me to Tiger and Bunny, which is why this was delayed ;;; This is everything up until curtain for half time, rest will be up within the next 12 hours, sorry!!!

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

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This was fairly recent and the encounter I had reminded me of the BEK, and this subreddit that I explored a few years ago when I first read about this phenomenon.

So right now I am on spring break meaning I went to my dad’s for the week, and have almost nothing to do. So late at night I like to troll the town, walking alone, even if that does seem dangerous. But I only have one friend here. Anyway, Sunday night I was out on the town alone, and leaving a little pub I had found on Main Street that sold the apple ale I liked, it was around 1 in the morning.

So yeah I was buzzed (two glasses) and I wore a large black sweatshirt with dark jeans to fend off creepers. It works. But I was walking back home in the dark with my phone out as a flashlight, on my street. There are limited street lights on this street. Though it is a relatively safe neighborhood, strictly middle class. I figured no one else would be out.

I was about three houses away from mine when I looked over, and saw two figures on the porch talking to a man who was shaking his head and refusing to open the screen door. I stopped cautiously at the end of the driveway, holding my phone out ready to either help or call 911, something, because I had no idea what was happening. I could only think that maybe these two people were harassing the man, who looked startled and angry.

Now I by no means would have been able to help, I am 5'6 and roughly 130 lbs, and have no fighting skills. But I felt like maybe my large hoodie made me look bigger, rougher, so I stood there watching with caution. Then I heard the voices, two kids it sounded like, and I stepped forward again, curiosity at this point pumping in my veins as I involuntarily moved forward. I kept walking, I was half way up his driveway and illuminated by the porch light so he could see me and I could see him, and I just stood there watching.

“Please let us in, we need to call our mom, please you have to let us in,” that is what the voice said. The voice showed no sense of fear, just confidence mingled with urgency. I stood there with chills running down my spine and unable to move as I tried to make sense of the situation. From a normal point of view it would look as if a grown man was refusing two children the help they needed, late at night. Heartless man, helpless children.

But the sense of dread at that moment that filled my senses, it just didn’t make sense. Why would this man look so afraid? Why? I finally cleared my throat, figuring maybe, just maybe if this man wouldn’t help the kids, or the man needed help, I could still do something. The man looked up and the kids turned around.

The man looked even more afraid. He at that point let out a yelp and slammed his door making me jump. The kids looked at me, and I looked straight at them, every instinct telling me to make a run for it, I was almost home and I knew for a fact my dad left the door unlocked for me.

The kids came closer, becoming more seeable in the light. That’s when I realized they had like white in their eyes, it looked just black. They slowly came toward me, not asking me anything about help, but looking slightly confused, as I felt.

I feel so stupid saying this, but I didn’t run. I wanted too, but I was compelled to stay until the taller child was right in front of me. He was only a few inches shorter than me and I glanced down at him in a startled moment and he stared back up at me.

“We have to use a phone,” he said finally. His voice was eloquent, if I can describe it like that. He knew what he wanted, and for being alone with a stranger at 1am he did not sound afraid.

“I don’t have one,” I said back, this time I backed up, not wanting him to be that close, still unable to run.

“Please can we come in and use the phone, we need to get ahold of our mother,” he said.

Lie, my instincts told me to lie, because it wasn’t as if I could outrun them when they were in front of me now, and I stupidly hadn’t ran when I had the chance. So I lied.

I shrugged, “I don’t have a phone, and I don’t live on this street, or anywhere near here, I’m sorry,” I knew my voice was shaking but I couldn’t help it as I slowly started backing up, “I’m in the same boat as you guys, my ride ditched me and I’m just walking until I find a phone too,” Maybe they would leave me alone if they figured I had nothing.

Around this time my brain reminded me of the BEK, and I still refused to believe it, but then, I also refused to help children standing staring at me in the flesh.

“Please help us, we need to be let in,” the boy repeated.

I shook my head, “Try another house man, or a pay phone, I have change you can have,” I offered.

“No, forget it,” this time the other one spoke up.

“I’m sorry,” I said finally, “I wish I could help more,”

I know that I look younger than I appear, especially with a large hoodie on and large eyes. So maybe they figured I was only a teenager, and they both simply nodded, and then stared more.

“I have to go,” I said, “Good luck,” with that I turned and walked in the direction I came, not running. I just kept thinking they can smell fear, they can smell fear, they can. I walked. I didn’t reach for my phone, I just kept walking.

I must have walked three or four blocks from my street when I turned around and headed back, heart pounding. I walked up my street hesitantly, looking for those damn kids, and not seeing anything until I reached that house again. The porch light was on and the man was standing there with the door open, screen door closed, holding a baseball bat, and shaking.

Our eyes met and he jumped again. I looked at him confused until I realized what I looked like, one of those kids, given my height and from a distance blurry figure.

“Did the kids leave?” I called out, hoping my voice would help him relax into knowing I was just another person.

“The ones you were with earlier?” He shouted back.

I stepped closer and he jumped back again, “No the ones who were outside that talked to me for a few minutes, they wanted to call their mom, did they leave? Do you know if they left?” I could hear my own voice trembling and I think this is what broke his trance of hatred on me.

“I watched them walk away earlier,” he pointed in another direction from which I had walked, “I just, I feel uneasy, I won’t let you in,”

“I have to go home,” I said.

I don’t go to my dad’s often so it makes sense that he wouldn’t recognize me, even in the dark. But I walked home, determined to make it. I got there safe, no freaky things.

I locked the door. I sat in the kitchen for a long time, afraid to go to my room where there is a huge window, and afraid to see what might be looking at me.

The scary part is, last night there was a knock at the door. It was 11 or so. I didn’t answer because my father asked me not too, said this late it was no one we wanted too talk with. But I can’t help but feel uneasy about it.


My strange encounter with BEK

SUMMER 127 : part 3




I really can’t believe so many of you like it . wow. dramatic face zoom in

ANYWAY! IT’S FINALLY HERE. I had started this a feeeeeew weeks ago, but I really didn’t like where this was going so ah press that delete button . AND THEN, it was assignments and test weeks , it’s been hell for yo girl here. BUT FINALLY I HAVE FREEE TIME IN HANDS (for a few days before exam season starts). I had a really cool idea for a Lucas x exchange student scenario that I really want to write, so along with all the request’s that have been in my mailbox FOREVER, I’m gonna be doing that , eheh.



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part 1

part 2

*on the last chapter*

“Shit…I love you so much.” he said taking your hair of your face.

“I think I love you too…” you confessed, making him give you the biggest smile ever and hug you.

“Let me take you on a date. Please.” he begged with a pout and you nodded smiling.

“Lets wash up first.”


Lucas got out of the shower first, he took a towel of the drawers and opened it, he held it open for you and folded you in it, hugging you from behind and smooching you with kisses that made you laugh in his embrace. 

“Will you hurry mister? The others might be coming back…” you bit your lip while he took a towel for himself and put it around his waist. Lucas combed his hair with his fingers and smiled at you.

“Don’t worry” he winked “ I can keep our little secret.” he said teasingly before getting out of the bathroom, leaving you there with a racing heart, flushed cheeks , and a pool of water forming by your feet because of the water dropping from your hair. 

You checked carefully if anyone was home before you got out of the bathroom, lucklly no one besides Lucas was, so you closed the door and tiptoed to the bedroom he was in. Looking inside while peeking by the door frame you saw his naked back, he was only in black boxers and putting on a tshirt. You bit your lip and your pupils grew, feeling a little hot remembering what had just happened in the bathroom moments ago.

“Y/N what are you doing?” a voice from behind  startled you, making you jump and curse under your breath. 

You turned and there was Taeyong, with a frown in his face and trying to analyze the situation. 

“Were you spying on Lucas?” he asked crossing his arms and coming closer to you. 

“NO!” you defended yourself rising your body on your tiptoes to be as tall as him. 

“Really?” said another voice, that belonged to Lucas who had heard you scream and rushed to the bedroom door. 

“NO” you looked at him and answered quickly. “ I mean.. YES. I mean..” the two boys smirked at each other because of how flustered and red you were. 

“Oh my god, just leave me the hell alone, BYE I’M GOING TO JAEHYUN, MY FRIEND, WHO DOESN’T BULLY ME.” while stomping your feet and grabing your backpack and shades you left them behind, talking loud so they could hear you. You heard their muffled laughs while you left. 

“Idiots…” you said while pressing your back against the door after closing it. “Handsome..idiots.”

After texting Jaehyun you found out he and Joy were at some market that sold souvenirs, so you went to hang out with them. When you got there the three of you walked by the stores and saw all the cute stuff the old nice ladies sold there. 

“I think I’m going to buy a snowglobe for Wendy, she has like two hundred of them.” Joy said while analyzing which one she would buy for her bandmate.

With crossed arms you stood next to Joy and looked around too, waiting to find something of your interest.

Jaehyung came out of nowhere with three bags in his hands.

“I have something for us.” he said with his cute dimple smile while reaching for what was inside of the bags. Joy and you approached him curious and with smiles in your faces.

“Both of you, close your eyes.” Jaehyung asked. You and Joy exchanged looks at each other.

“Oh come on, don’t be so stuborn! Close them.” 

You closed yours and Joy did the same. Soon after you felt Jaehyuns fingertips in your neck and something around it. Your eyes remained close until he told you to open them again. When you did you and Joy looked at eached other and saw that you had a necklace with threee little seashells. Jaehyun showed his arm and you could see he had a bracellet like the necklace’s he had gave you two.

“Bcu’z you know… necklace’s are like, a girl thing. But this is our friendship thingy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Yeri and Lucas and Tae..but, you guys mah bitches.” he teased you guys making you run after him. 


*photo attached*

-Ijustwantsummilk : I got them matching necklaces so people know who’s their owner.

Taeyong who was sitting in the couch laughed when he saw the Picture Jaehyun sent to the group chat of you and Joy giving him the finger while he smiled like a small kid who had gotten a candy. 

“Cute…” he said to himself. Taeyong zoomed it in your face and chuckled to himself. He always loved the that stuborn look of yours. The way you rolled your big brown eyes, crossed your arms in front of your chest and pouted, ocasionally sighing. You looked the cutest to him, all he could think about was hugging you and filling you up with hugs and cuddles. Taeyong never felt so good in his life, you brought him adrenaline and calmness, relaxation and hysteria, craving for you and your touch. All of you and everything that was you. Your smile, your laugh, you bubbly personality and the big Brown eyes. He loved your big Brown eyes. 

Suddenly he missed you. He shouldn’t have left home alone, he regreted and whised he was with you and Joy and Jaehyun, buying couple bracellets and taking stupid selfies. 

With that in mind he got off the couch and called you, the phone rang a couple of times, until it reached voice mail.

“Hey..I was wondering if you want to meet up at the café by the beach..and I don’t know..maybe hang out. Anyways, I’m on my way there. See you later…bye.”

The sun was setting when Taeyong left home, he hadn’t heard any knews of Yeri, and Lucas had left a little after you did so he spent the afternoon alone, bored and doing nothing. He felt really happy that you had suggested this vacation, being in a place special to you made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He swore this were the most beautiful sunsets he had seen in his life. The weather was always warm and the soft breeze felt like it hugged his body everytime. It had been a while since he sent you that voice mail. He took his phone out of the pocket of his shorts and checked it for new notifications, only to be found with none. 

“Probably distracted with Jae and Joy” he smiled a little and saved the devide again, Continuing his walk to the beach. 

When he finally got to the beach he made his way to the café he planed to meet you. From far away he saw someone waving at him , it was Joy. He continued to approache the café and joined her in a table, a little confused.

“What’re you doing here?” she said hugging him.

“I can ask the same about you.” she pointed to the bar where Jaehyun and you were asking for some snacks and drinks. You looked back and waved at Taeyong. He smiled and raised his hand high, smiling at you too. Out of nowhere Lucas appeared, hugging yoy by the back and giving you a kiss. Taeyong’s hand slowly lowered and his cheeky smile faded. He sat down still looking at you with gloomy eyes. Joy turned her head and noticed Taeyong’s face, reaching her hand to his and holding it she asked if something was wrong.

He remained silent, feeling his heart crush in a milion pieces, the butterflies in his stomach turned into nausea, cold shivers went up his whole body, sweat formed in his temple and his mouth went dry, while his eyes became suddenly wet.

When he saw you guys coming to the table where he and Joy sat he did his best to hold them back, despite feeling completly destroyed to see the love of his life, in the hands of another man. 

“Hey Tae, you made it.” you said with a smile and sitting next to Joy. A weak smile formed in his face and he looked at Lucas who smirked at him and pulled a chair to sit next to you. Everyone remained silent for a quite long time, death stares being exchanged between Lucas and Taeyong that sipped on their drinks from time to time.

“Does anyone know where Yeri is?” Jaehyun asked to break the ice.

“Yeah.. I haven’t seen her in a while. I should cal her.”

“ I tried, her phone is off…” Joy said with a shrug.

Your mouth hang open and you looked at all your friends in desbelief. “You‘re telling me, no one knows where Yeri is, her phone is turned off…and nobody stopped to worry a bit about it?” 

“Look who’s talking, neither did you.” Taeyong said irritated and getting up. 

“Hey don’t talk to her like that man” 

“And you shut up” Taeyong turned to Lucas who had his arm arround your waist. “What the fuck’s going on between you two by the way? “ you lowered your head and played with your fingers.

“Unbelieveble…” he said before leaving. 

“Taeyong wait!” you followed imediatly behind, pushing Luca’s arm away and running after him. “Where are you going?”

He walked with heavy steps on the sand, not looking back at you a few meters away from him.  

“Somewhere…try to find Yeri, I DON’T KNOW JUST…. Just away from you!” he turned back inexpectedly . You were know face to face, and he could see your big Brown eyes, wet and trembling . 

He got closer to you and exhaled. 

“Are you two together or something?” 

You gulped and looked away from him.

“Do you love him?” 

The tears started to fall and rol down your cheeks. 

One of Taeyong’s hand held your chin and lifted your face so that he could look at you.

“They used to shine when you looked at me….now they don’t.” One of your tears fell and rolled into his finger. Taeyong took his hand out of your face and bit his lip, controlling his own tears. He turned his back on you and continued to walk. Leaving nothing but a feeling of dispair and footprints behind.

I’m soft don’t touch me.

I CAN’T THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU’RE BEEN GIVING ME. I hope you liked this ending, I wanted to give a little more focus to our king TY TRACK. ayyyyyyy idk, I HOPE I FED YOUR NEEDS! 

Where do ya’ll think Kim Yerim was? Lemme know in the comments or feel free to send me a message, I LOVE TALKING TO YOU ALL.


btw your girl here has the flu, I feel like I’m gonna sneeze a kidney. and also, STRAY KIDS are great !?!??!?!!? why hasn’t anyone warned a sister out? Help me get a bias aaaaaaa

Digimon Stage Play - Full

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

Timeline: It’s set after Koushirou creates the cyber space for them, but before the reboot. Clearly on/around August 1st ;p

Venue/Goods: a little out of the way, small. You couldn’t buy goods unless you had a ticket, which sucks. Goods were sold on the inside, line was small pre-play, massive after. My store clerk couldn’t count to save her life. People were trading, everybody hated that everything was random and there were so many types of things. Friend and I ordered dvd – no blu ray option, it’s being released in December (average wait time since Japan is very slow on physical releases). Had to downpay 2000 yen, which this and dvd only option has never happened before when I’ve seen other stage shows – not a good sign. No postal option, so my friend has to pick mine up for me – poor form again. (Pick up is only at animate – my nearest one is 2+ hours away :/)

Promotion/sold out: four shows sold out. Tickets reduced to 7000 yen, which is insulting for us who went through lottery. They advertised low prices at fes too. Promotion was done badly. Digimon isn’t massively popular, but Toei isn’t small either. Get a cast twitter, post rehearsal pics etc. Promotion doesn’t need to be costly. Fes advertisement (last weeks vid) was too little too late. Theres events with Miyazaki and AiM and seiyuus, which also seems last minute and an attempt to sell out. Again insulting to those of us to preordered. Shonichi didn’t sell out. Must be tough on actors. Promotion video (August 5th? 6th?) is kinda bad quality – the stage itself looks and sounds better than the video may lead you to believe.

Seating: nice, comfy. We were second row, left hand side, aisle. If we had been one or two more to the left it would have been really bad (same if you’re too overly right). The cast faces back/sideways too often, so we saw a lot of backs. Need to work on being diagonal, basic stage stuff there. However, pros of our seating were: Yamato being right in front of us when he sang, Jyou fishing in front of us and making eye contact with Etemon to the point where it was creepy lmao

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so i work at the big red office supply store and we ship out ups packages. a lady went to the shipping counter, filled out the forms, and brought them to me to pay for it. Before i started ringing her up she asked me to make a photo copy of the cover page. i was like unfortunately i cannot make a photocopy here (at the register) but if you walk 10 feet behind you there’s a bunch of self serve copiers or you can ask the gentleman behind the copy center counter to do it for you. she rolled her eyes and went “god, seriously?” and snatched up her forms to go get a copy. why she was so pissy i have no clue. why would you even expect a cashier to have an entire photocopier at the ready ??? she came back, and as i rung her out she said “how can you make sure that my information isn’t sold or rented?” i was like i’m sorry what do you mean ?? she went “isn’t there a little check on your screen or something to make sure my information like my address and phone number on the shipping papers arent sold off??” i said no ma'am we wouldn’t do that it’s kept private ????? after graciously throwing her money on my counter and turning to talk to her friend i finished her transaction and she finally left :/