it was close to my height!

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Hello! May I please have a NCT ot17 ship? I'm 18 going on 19, I like chocolate and learning new languages and hate being called short. (Even though I am rip) I'm black and also Native American, and I often cry over Studio Ghibli movies. I can be veeeeery quiet, almost as if I'm plotting, but it's mostly because I space out a lot. I tend to grow close with people because of my sense of humor.

I ship you with… WinWin!

I think he’d like your quiet nature and subtle sense of humour. He’d feel really special that you trusted him enough to feel comfortable around him, something most people wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing. Winwin also likes chocolate a lot, so there’s no doubt that every time you met up you’d always bring tons of chocolate to binge on. He’d  love your height and would find it adorable, but he’d rarely bring it up knowing fully well how sometimes it could annoy you❤️

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Hello! Can I request a matchup? My height is 5'5 and I have light brown hazelish eyes with long thick dark brown hair with brownish red metallic highlights. I don't have a particular preference. I love cats and dogs but I like cats more. I love reading books, i am nerdy but athletic at the same time. Thank you!

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Nicknames: None

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′4

Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Born in New York but my ma is Cuban and my father is Puerto Rican

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries or cherries

Favorite Season: Fall, the trees changing colors are so pretty in Upperstate NY and its the perfect temperature!!!

Favorite Book: Abarat

Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms, I want my ashes to be fertilizer for a sapling!

Favorite Scent: Vanilla and wood burning fire

Favorite Animals: cats, birds are a close second

Favorite Color: Purple or Hot Pink

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Cafe mocha and hot chocolate

Average Sleep Hours: 6-11

Favorite Fictional Character: I have too many but Martin Septim is my top fave he did nothing wrong and he did not deserve that

# of blankets: 1 all year round

Dream Trip: I honestly don’t know, I want to see everything. Paris seems like a good choice though

Blog Created: Late 2013 apparently. Haven’t realized I’ve been around that long

Favorite Song ATM: Bones Shatter

I tag @lemonspie, @hungry-hobbits, @shea, @miraakcultist@phantomgal12, and @chat-de-chocolat


  • Name: Katherine Annabelle James-McKay
  • Age: 19
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Employment: Receptionist 
  • Birthday: September 5, 1997
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Style/Color: Long and brunette
  • Height: 5′2
  • Clothing Style: She’ll wear almost anything.

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A question...

…for @criquette-was-here. (Or for anyone else who might know. :) )

I’m poking around at building a community beach lot, with a boardwalk, shops, and an attached marina. I want to merge the playable part of the dock with one piece of your marina set, specifically the “pier fragment” piece, so that it looks like it’s one contiguous thing. I need to make it so that piece is placeable on lots/land in order to get the effect I want (which I can do), but the pier piece is just a bit too tall in lot view, like so:

My question is: Is there an easy way (like tweaking settings in SimPE) to make that pier fragment sit a bit lower in the water, specifically so that the deck boards are more or less at foundation height above the water? (Doesn’t have to be exact, just close enough for government work. :) )

If not, I can probably fiddle with the constrainfloorelevation cheat to make the on-lot part of the dock taller to match well enough instead of just being lazy and making it foundation height, but if lowering the deco pier might be an easy thing to do, like something that I can do while I’m in the file to make it placeable on lots/land, that would be easier…

(Sorry to bug you this way, Criquette, but this was way too long for an ask. :) )

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Um.. Male ship from HP(Golden Trio and Marauders Era please) and maybe Marvel if you can. I'm in Hufflepuff and Thunderbird. I have short dark hair styled in a bob, really dark brown eyes and olive skin. I'm slightly below average height and chubby. I'm quiet and quite reserved but once I'm a bit out of my shell I'm easy-going. But when I get really close with someone I show a side of myself where I'm quite sadistic, sarcastic and plain weird.

I ship you with:

Golden Era: Fred Weasley

He would be curious about you, a quiet and reserved girl. He would try to aproach you with jokes or maybe pranking someone when you were near so he could make you laugh, but you didn’t open to him so easily. He realized this was not the way of aproaching you and just went to talk to you. He was a bit nervous because he thought you didn’t like him but he then realized you were just shy. Once you opened yourself, he began to know your true self and fell for you.

Marauders Era: Remus Lupin

As a quiet person himself, he understood you needed your space. He aproached to you gently and didn’t ambush you. You noticed this and realized he meant good so you started opening up to him. After some time of knowing each other he realized how sarcastic and kind of a weirdo you could be and started crushing on you. He asked you out not longer after that.

Marvel: Bucky Barnes

You took an interest on him the moment he set a foot on the building. He was not only really good-looking but also reserved. You started befriending him slowly, breaking the walls between you one at a time. You understood what was like to be the quiet one and wanted him to feel as welcomed as possible. Bucky was really greatful for this and to thank you, he took you to have dinner with him. When you got to the Avengers building, he took you to your floor and kissed you good night and went on his way, hoping your thing wouldn’t end in only one kiss.

lmfao I am 100% down with the theory that pidge is a transgirl and keith is a transboy 

just like… come closer and imagine this with me

pidge having GROWTH SPURTS because she’s teeny but she’s only fifteen she’s like a little highschool freshman and commander holt wasn’t all that shorter than shiro (I can’t find screenshots to prove this but TRUST ME)

she’s gonna shOOT UP OKAY

meanwhile keith has been the same height for like five years

one day the two of them realizing that they’re eye to eye and pausing with whatever they’re doing, only to burst out laughing a moment later

for a while they screw around with coran by ducking/standing on tiptoes whenever he calls one of their numbers

and then a few months go by and pidge is TALLER??? coran switches their numbers FOR GOOD one day out of the blue and they’re both having a crisis

“She’s taller than me, oh my god, she was the BABY and she’s TALLER THAN ME oh god maybe I’M the baby now”

“I’m not the little one anymore???  I’m a tall hot lady with long legs????  What the hell sHIRO HELP HOW DO YOU ACT TALL”

lance is freaking out because his NUMBER IS AT STAKE every time she stands up straight he goes into a ramrod straight military stance to keep his head above hers

another few months and it doesn’t work anymore

she surpasses lance

there are now whispers about who will be number two in a few years time because hunk is taller than shiro now, and pidge is aPPROACHING FAST

hunk doesn’t really care, he’s honestly just thrilled that she’s eating everything in sight and will try any of the weird concoctions he hands to her

Shiro walks past them one day and out of the blue says, “wow, you remind me of Matt.”  

it surprises all of them

she’s slowing down now, but she’s very nearly of a height with shiro, and one night she’s sitting next to him and quietly whispers, “what if I’m taller than him now?”

they still haven’t found matt, but the last time Shiro saw him, he was an inch or two short of Shiro

Pidge is Shiro-height

they quietly have a cry party

then hunk walks in with keith and lance slung across his shoulders, one on either side, and they plop down to watch a movie (you can’t talk during a movie, so you can’t argue either–hunk’s logic)

pidge and keith stand side by side and she’s using his shoulder as an arm rest and he lets her

…the contest keeps going, but whenever pidge tries to claim she’s taller than shiro now, they get measured and they are ALWAYS THE SAME HEIGHT, she’s just gangly where he’s buff

coran mumbles under his breath and has to figure out a new system of ranking them


polly  was  raised  knowing  her  greatest   ASSETS   were  her  bright  eyes ,    gentle  smile  and  the  face  a  botticelli  angel  would  kill  to  wear.   her  sharp  mind  came  a  close  second  but  what  use  was  a  smart  girl  who  couldn’t  stop  the   WORLD   with  a  bat  of  her  eyelids.   skinny  and  pretty ;    those  things  mattered.   a  degenerate  beauty - queen ,     EVEN   at  the  height  of  her  rebellion  against  her  mother’s  strict  order  polly  would  not  sacrifice  her  pastel  perfect  aesthetic ,    soft  and  pure.    some  days  she  looks  in  the  mirror  and  doubts  it  is   ENOUGH   to  hold  some  still  before  her     is  she  really  pretty ,    is  that  just  another  lie  ?    crippled  by  an  anxiety  marred  in  part  by  a  hubris - like  arrogance.   instability  runs  in  that  blood ,    poisoned  by  an   INSECURITY   that  steals  her  breath  and  the  food  from  her  plate  but  she  works  hard  to  hide  these  worries.

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if you had to swap closets with any member of the band who would it be?

I think Cash dresses in the way that I define as most cool, but the truth is I would never be able to pull it off so I would have to say that I would most likely steal Beny’s clothes since he is close to my height and we have styles that aren’t too different from each other.

So, just for the heck of it, I decided to see how the Master Sword scales to Link in BotW.

Finding a clip of him with the blade drawn in the gear preview screen, I rotated the drawn Master Sword, took the previous front shot of Link before that rotation, and put the two side by side.

As you can see, the white measurement lines bring the end of the Master Sword’s hilt to a bit over Link’s shoulder. Now, Link’s legs are a touch bent here, so ultimately that takes away a few inches. So, factoring that in, the butt should line up around mid-shoulder.

So, the Master Sword’s somewhere in the ballpark of 75-80% of Link’s height. From a close eyeballing, with my Link at the Hero of Time’s size of roughly five feet, that would suggest the handle and guard are about a foot long, with the blade clocking in around three feet.

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Name: Bo
Nickname: Mostly nerd or fucker
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius!
Height: 5'11"
Sexuality: Asexual
Single/Taken: Poly and single
Nationality: American
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, video games, and cosplay
Religion: Looking to convert to Judaism but the synagogue I was going to covert at changed buildings and there’s no bus stops close by
Favourite Fruit: Peaches
Favourite Season: ???
Favourite Book: Uuuuuuh if I had to say first that comes to mind it’s Confidence: Diary of an Invisible Girl by my friend Paige Lavoie
Favourite Flower: Roses or daisies
Favourite Scent: Summer rain or pumpkin spice
Favourite Colour: Purple and green
Favourite Animal: Cats and snakes and owls
Favourite TV show: Buffy and Danganronpa
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?: Coffee
Average sleep: 5 to 7
Cat or Dog Person: BOTH
Favourite Fictional Character: Ruperty Giles, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Joyce Summers, Willow Rosenburge, Jareth. That’s just scratching the surface I can’t choose ONE
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 3
Dream Trip: San Fran or Orlando
Blog Created: This blog was made in December of 2016, but it’s a side blog to the one I made in like October 2011 but I never used until like a year later
Number of Followers: 25, there would be more but I block spam and porn blogs

I tag @hiilumaru​ and @creatively-coded

get to know me tag~

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Nickname: loun or just louna (my name) {im not so close with anyone so they dont give me nickname’s}

Gender: female

Star sign: gemini

Height: last time i checked 1.70 but now i think 1.72 or something

Time right now: 21:33 aka 9:33pm,,, as i answered this it’s 21:56 aka 9:56pm

Last thing I googled: but i’ll give away a spoiler if i tell you {it’s ‘list of colors by shade}

Favourite bands: ok here it goes,,, nct, monsta x, exo, bangtan, seventeen, kard, blackpink, got7, pentagon, sf9, shinee, arctic monkeys, the maine

Favourite solo artists: stephen, dean, crush, Dok2, dpr live, jay park

Song stuck in your head: to myself - dpr live

Last movie I watched: beauty and the beast

Last TV show I watched: sassy go go (this is a show right? or is this a drama?)

When did you create your blog: idk when i made it but i started at 23rd of september last year, my first post.

What kind of stuff do you post: #shitwriter, nah i just write shit but im less active with writing now because the requests are too detailed

Did your blog reach its peak: idk what this means 

Do you have any other blogs: no, only this one, i planned on doing other blogs but i never continue and delete them afterwards… but i have aan url saved

Do you get asks regularly: sometimes ((UGH HINT HINT HINT nah jk jk))

Why did you choose your url: tbh first i wanted to do @/artsysxga but that was taken so i searched for other aesthetically thingies

Following: 184

Posts: 4136, excluding this post

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Favourite colours: black, white, pink, blue, light colors ((white shades for example))

Favourite characters: i have one in each series/movie i watch, so to many to count

What are you wearing right now: sweat pants and my pajama shirt

How many blankets do you sleep with: one, but two pillows

Dream job: doctor, or neurologist

Dream trip: travel the world

i tag: @jungwoosnatchedmyweave, @pinkyjihoon, @swervingkpoptrashcan, @jaeminnana

v-reb  asked:

3, 6, 9, 11, 20, 34, 43, 47, 55, 61, 65, 66, 78, 83, 97

Omf thanks for asking, @v-reb! I love your blog :)

3- How many tattoos I have and what they are
None currently, my mom would disown me or something 😂

6- Favorite band
My chemical romance all the way, my dudes (Green Day is a very close second)

9- Tattoos I want
Dylan’s triple cross, the date of my graduation from treatment, maybe something else too?

11- Age
17 :-)

20- Height
Way too short for my liking. Like 5'2 or something

34- Have you ever slept naked?
Maaaaybe…… 😜

43- Have you ever been arrested?
Nah, I’m a bit of a goody two-shoes

47- Have you ever had a crush on a neighbor?
Once this dude was blasting music super loud outside the house next door while I was trying to study so I went to ask him if he could keep it down a bit and he was like???? Super hot????

55- Have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?

61- Have you ever been to a club?
See answer to #43

65- Have you ever been suspended from school?
No, my parents would ground my ass until I go to college

66- Have you ever had detention?

78- Have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger?
Bruv I haven’t had my first kiss or date yet much less fucked anyone :p

83- Have you ever glued your hand to something?
I glued my hands together once. It sounded like a good idea beforehand? (I was like 11 don’t judge me)

97- Have you ever cheated on a test?
Yes, a handful of times and I feel really shitty about it

SS Rajamouli’s Special Gift To Baahubali Prabhas Will Amaze You

SS Rajamouli has been of the opinion that Baahubali has reached the heights due to the undivided dedication by Prabhas, the director believes no other actor could have shown the level of commitment to the film, the way Prabhas did. Speaking of the same Rajamouli was quoted saying earlier, “Show me one actor who can spend more than three years on a character he believes in. Prabhas and I became very close after we worked together for the first time in Chatrapathi, and we used to spend a lot of time together. Thank you Prabhas for being my friend,” he said, adding, “I can’t think of anyone else for Bahubali but Prabhas.”

Speaking about Prabhas’ sheer dedication in the project, he said, “When I decided to make the film on such a grand scale, I knew the kind of commitment was needed for this canvas. Even before I discussed the story with Prabhas, he was already in it.”

Both Prabhas and SS Rajamouli share a warm bond of friendship, which was formed over the years.

Prabhas had spent nearly 600 days filming for the Baahubali franchise, with the actor refraining from signing any other film over the tenure of 5 years while shooting for the magnum opus project.

The southern Superstar also went above and beyond to play a double role for the film and underwent drastic weight transformation. Prabhas bulked up to 105kgs from his original body weight of 82 kgs to play the part of Amrendra Baahubali and touched 88 kgs to bring Shivudu alike on celluloid.

Prabhas also sustained his Baahubali look over the years and maintained his long locks to further deliver Rajamouli with continuity during the filming of the two-part franchise.

Touched with Prabhas’ investment in the film and delivering a powerful performance as Baahubali, SS Rajamouli has gifted Prabhas the iconic Baahubali armour to mark the hard work the actor has put in over the years.

Produced by ARKA entertainment, Directed by S.S Rajamouli, The movie stars Prabhas in the titular role in addition to Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia, Anushka Shetty and Satyaraj in pivotal roles.

The film is slated to release on 28th April, 2017.

thanks @eglanteria, u were the catalyst for me figuring out how to do these tag games on mobile !

name: isabel
nicknames: izzy, iz, bridge, claire, Mr. Bubbles (literally three different people separately came up with that for me) idk i think i have a few others but i forgot

zodiac: pisces. im not really close enough to aquarius to identify as a cusp but i Feel aquarius too if ya feel me. so ye lmao
height: 5'3"
orientation: polyamorous quoiromantic pansexual (im Gay)
ethnicity: white. mostly irish iirc, my names are irish at least

favorite season: winter!!!! spring is a super close second tho
favorite manga: never read a manga tbh but i own the your lie in april one
favorite scent: vanilla and mint
favorite color: purple, but green was my last fav and im still very fond of it
favorite animal: uhhhhhh ???? i like them all. if u want smth outside the generic cats and wolves thing, it’s those fish with the lights on their faces that look scary af. those are so great

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee
average hours of sleep: i try to get like 9 but i usually get like 7
cat or dog: kittyyyyyyyyyy
favorite fictional character: jade and eizen 😙😙😙😙
number of blankets you sleep with: depends on the temperature, cause i live in texas,,, in winter it’s like four (i love blankets) and in summer only one or sometimes none
dream trip: i dunno…….space???
blog created: like, november or december 2015 i think? Not too sure tbh. It was a couple of months after undertale came out
top three songs on your playlist atm: ummmmmm I guess Eternal Dream (the tales of berseria credits theme), A Realistic Logical Ideologist (a vocaloid song), aaaaaaand…… i dunno. probably a tales of symphonia battle theme.

i tag whoever wants to do it rofl!!!!


Once again the time arrives,
To hold my breath ,
To reach the skies.

With each ascent I discard
The hollow hopes,
The empty shards,

To reach the heights untold.
I’ll fly too close,
A bit too boldly.

The years don’t seem to sway,
The constant pull,
Drifting dismay.

Gravity favors those
Who look upon
The ground,

And I always seem to
Watch the country-
Side from a dream.

This vessel needs warmth to ascend.
I’ll combust, I won’t comprehend

That I need time to cool my lungs
Or why this aircraft speaks in tongues.

Once again the time arrives,
To hold my breath,
To reach the skies.

The sun’s embrace, I’ll find once more
If only to fulfill the lore

From wreckage, I’ll emerge again
To trace my steps without an end.

But gravity favors those
Who look upon
The ground,

And I always seem to
Watch the country-
Side from a dream.

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A) Age: 17
B) Biggest fears: heights, closed spaces and clows.
C) Current Time: 9:43 a.m.
D)Drink you last had: Apple Tea.
E) Every day starts with: “AHAHAHA" Because my dad is tickling me awake.
F)Favorite song at the moment: Barcelona, Ed Sheeran
H) Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil!
I) In love with: the patisserie shop next to my house and my friends cuteness
J) jealous of?: my classmates from art school. Everyone is so good and I’m like ‘Lines???proportions???colors???’
K) killed someone?: Sometimes I kill mosquitos and ants. Also bees stung me a few times and died after.
L) last time you cried?: saturday I convinced my mom to watch Zootopia with me and we both cried during th bridge scene.
N) siblings?: One twin brother, teh karma of my life. IM TWO MINUTES OLDER.
O) one wish?: Will someone ever see me as a woman? Like, not a cousin or a tsundere lil friend??
P) person you last texted: Good Night to @emgmusic1 yesterday. Q) question you’re always asked?: ‘Where’s my karma?’– my brother has the power of vanishing whenever I need him. that’s almost an internal joke by now.“
R) reason to smile: My dog is 13 years old, walk on three legs because his leg got deformed after an accident when he was a puppy, half blind, only has one functional ear and still rushes to me everytime I open the gate.
S) song last sung?: Hakuna Matata, out loud on the shower.
T) Time you woke up: 6:00 (weekdays) and 7:30(weekends)
W) worst habits?: Procrastination and eating way too much sugar.
X) X-ray you’ve had: Teeth, knee, feet, wrist, hand and ears. I’m too clumsy.
Y) your favorite food: Tempurá and stuff with chocolate in general. Z)Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius. Idk who to tag so that’s it!

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nickname: Nik, Nikki, Niko here
height: 5'7 I think
last thing I googled: Target closing time. I hate walking while the sun is out so if I need to walk somewhere I go after 8
favorite music artist: They’re a band but Marianas Trench ✌
song stuck in my head: Blackbear- My Bad Luv
last movie I saw: Moana. End credits are literally playing as I type this.
what am I wearing right now: Black dress with white lace top/trim!
why did I choose my url: Idk I’m gonna change it again tho.
do I have other blogs: Like, twenty lol.
what did my last relationship teach me: People are shitty and you should look out for yourself first 👌
religious or spiritual: Neither I guess?
favorite color: Yellow!!!! 🌻
average hours of sleep: Am I Ever Awake?
lucky number: 2!
favorite characters: I’m sure I have some but none come to mind right now?
how many blankets do I sleep with: One!
dream job: Graphic novel author/illustrator! Being a therapist would be cool too.

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