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writing blog recommendations?💓

I have lots in my head, but like I’ll just write whoever comes to my head

@choco-seventeen I’mma just spill my love for them, omg wow. I’ve been in love with their writing for a very long time, wow. Like they have this fan-fiction called Dream Catcher for Joshua I wish I could forget it continuously to read it over and over again, it’s series that’s finished and wow man… Like I love all these it’s a mixture and I love that :) This is one of the many stories you need to read. She’s made me cry and that’s a good thing but yeah. 

@pinktokens   cdhshuovsdaohhouohuvdsaho sorry that was emotions for her series and it just came out… I read Hidden Rooms like when I first read it DK’s part wasn’t out yet but man… Like the ending was fantastic wow, I still have yet to read an au quite like it so go read that you won’t regret I promise on my life.

@not-all-that-chic so I’m still reading their works, once Land of Wonder is finished I was going to compliment them but here we are :) I really love your writing! Anyway, they are mostly a smut writer but y’know man I am in love land of wonder I can’t wait for Dormouse part to come out (my ult bias y’know). 

@kpop-wonder212 I don’t know how many times they have made me cry, but it’s enough, try My Daughter it’s still not finished but wow if that story hasn’t made me cry I don’t know what has. Truly a phenomenal writer, thanks for making me cry. She writes as much angst as I need for my teenage soul. 

(Most of these writers will have made me cry because I’m the biggest crybaby I know; but I’m good with that)

@ripperoonii Okay so Cady is absolutely amazing writer I think you should check out her Like Cashmere and Velvet it’s Jeonghan and wow I loved that story to pieces, this one didn’t make me cry if I’m correct but I still loved it. (also if you need a fic recs like she has a blog for it :) @sippin-on-lemonade ) 

@astarlightmonbebe As far as I’m sure she stopped requests wanting to pursue her own writing that’s my Leah!!! :) But she is much more of a member x member writer rather than an x reader writer (which is mostly what I read and what I write) But if I ever got time I’d read it, but she wrote me a birthday scenario with Mark X Reader and wow talent let me tell you. 

@got7imaginations All of your got7 needs are right here! (I realized how many works I need to read today oof) But anyways the fan-fiction I read from them is Shy Like Me I’d personally recommend but like it’s up to you.

@tokyoseo Wow I’m pretty sure this is one of my last series that I read in a night or over the course of two (I usually can’t sleep until I finish a fanfic).
 I personally would recommend the series Paradise it’s complete and wow the whole story was wahhh omg. I have no words. 

@floraltenwritings So I’m pretty positive I’ve read everything on her poly scenarios personally check that whole masterlist out, if that’s something you’d be interested in, I loved it personally. 

@strawberryjmilk Wow another amazing writer where I didn’t read all their works told myself I’d get to it but I didn’t, but the work I did read was When the Ticking Stops and wow I loved that so much, 10/10 would read again. 

@changbeanie okay really need to start reading more but I’ve read alot of  tattoo artists aus and it’s one of my many favorites but like you need to check out Stawrberries it’s Minho fanfic wow omg I actually think getting a strawberry tattoo would be neat, but like I fell like I wouldn’t get it colored it, it was just be on ribs-but anyways-back to the main point of this really check them out okay?

@lordofassgard Have you ever met a writer you just want to hit but that’s rude so you won’t, well this is one. If you want to end up bawling your eyes out well this is the writer for you. I’m sorry actually I really love her Play Pretend and I’m actually so excited for part 3 like I just can’t wait to see what happens next. Like she makes me feel all of my emotions in stories I just wow ( I really love tattoo artist aus tbh if you can’t tell) 

@yeolology Okay this is a wow factor but like I Like Stars is one of the works I just loved reading and like all of the other fanfictions on here I wish I could catch amnesia to read this one and the others again.

@detaective Well let me mention I need to read more yet again, but I did read Soulmate!Felix and what an amazing au it was so cute wow! I’ll probably be reading their soulmate aus some more later y’know. 

@yehet-me-up okay one of my favorite series is Exodus Mall AU and I’ve seen one like it but I can’t remember who wrote it, but wowwwww I don’t even truly stan EXO (I have so many to juggle and I’m about to topple over) but man did this series make me want to stan to death tbh. 

@kpopfanfictrash Their requests are closed right now oof, but anyways I read Romanticizing the Tome is an amazing fic honestly. and I didn’t even know they wrote about GOT7 till today, (I have lot of things to read tonight) because I’ve always read their BTS stuff but like def a writer to check out tbh 

@byunmania I never got around to it because when I started reading Ador it wasn’t finshed yet but I loved it so much and man I loved the way the writing was, like I’m speechless tbh.

@kissingkpop okay so I find their blog so cool because they are one of the firsts that have tumblr (at least as far as I know) videos like fanfiction videos there are moodboards and fanfic from what I’m sure of, but I just find the video aspect so cool tbh

@miss-noo-na I think I’m just going to recommend everything they write it is quality like brand new converse (sorry first thing that came into my head) one thing got to do is request when the requests are open of course, because wow. They write a lot more smut then fluff but like either way whatever they write is so good tbh. (Although I’ll recommend Mark’s Frostbite)

@seventeen-teen-teen-trash I spent a lot of time reading all of the college aus from them and it was 10/10 it really got a lot of plot for most of it being written in texts messages! 

Talent is all I stan, and it’s not only kpop idols but the fanfic writers, top-notch quality I love them all, and I probably missed quite a few. I’ll probably be screaming later be like why didn’t you include this writer!!! But I’m satisfied with it now.

(I tried my best to write this, I tried to get this done over the course of 3 days. Because I wanted all the descriptions to be to my taste. But literally they aren’t I could probs tell you more about each author but like my mind is drawing constant blanks at this moment. But seriously there is a thing for everyone I think? But I hope you like these writers!!)


Beans and Onis

It’s been months since our last conversation. Now I’m drinking all these different alcohols and taking all these different drugs to make all these different people look like you.
—  You’re the only thing on my mind

(EN) This is the best machinima I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just perfect. BRAVO ^^

(ES) El mejor machinima que he visto en mi vida. Simplemente perfecto. BRAVO ^^

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The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d

I think nobody will ever truly love me. And I accept that. But it still will make me cry night after night. And that’s why I will give all the love I have inside my heart to all the people out there. And I have endless love inside me. That’s why, when I fall in love with someone, I won’t ever stop loving them.
—  dewdropheart 

i love fnv SO much. i love the crappy 2010 graphics of the desert i love irl, and i love the weirdass looking coyotes and giant geckos and benny’s painfully delivered lines and how fucking scared i was the first time playing dead money. and i love joshua graham’s ass and dr. usanagi’s lines - which i think are forever seared in my brain for how often i went to that clinic.

i love the factions and their flaws, i love shooting caesar in the face, i love being insulted by the think tank for my penis toes. i love ulysses being fucking dramatic and monologuing at me, i love christine and veronica, i love the long dick johnson conversation with cass as well as everything about her.

i love arcade and every single ghoul- ESPECIALLY my fucking tio raul. i love primm slim and and the followers and the unique culture of every family on the strip. i love the fact that no ending is perfectly good - because no one in the game is perfectly good, they’re all just doing their best. (except the legion, fuck the legion)

i love the orange tint to daylight and the dusky blue desert sky and the moon shining bright as you jog down an empty highway under the stars. i love that everything has a history to it, the shape of a story that you can observe or influence and then deal with the consequences when the ending tally comes.

i love my courier solving her own murder and trying to influence the state of an entire region where money, luck, and the smoking end of a gun are the only powers that be.