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EXO Cafe Universe Mashup + bonus Universe X Forever mashup!!

cr: MWN

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Winner for art raffle

#1 place = @proxypuff

#2 place = @munmathegreat

#3 place = @jackalsfangs and @anaarts121


i’ll work on the prize as soon as possible, when i finish all my exam’s project :’3

Romano: hey, shitface!

Germany: what is it this time, Roma- OW!

Romano: here’s your shitty gift for your shitty ass, idiot!

Germany: you’re… my secret Santa?

Romano: you better enjoy it!

Germany: … they’re just pictures of Italy…

Romano: yeah. Pictures of Italy in in our house.

Germany: but why would you give me this- THIS IS YOUR HOUSE?? YOURE KIDDING!! ITS SO CLEAN!! EVERYTHING IS SPOTLESS! *cries* t-t-there’s even a t-to do list on the wall!

I’ve cleaned up my ooc posts from the last few nights.

To the people who reached out when I was being a little bitch, you are appreciated and I love you and I’m sorry you had to see me being gross.

And to the people who participated in my AiW rant the other day, thank you as well! I felt really anxious about posting that stuff so it was nice to see that people understand where I’m coming from.

You guys are the best and I really appreciate how interactive you all are. You’re all beautiful iridescent star drops and I appreciate every single one of you. <333


Animated Sprites + Portrait Commissions

-$50 per character (Sprite + Portrait combo)
-Certain tiers of my Patreon only need to pay $35 per character
-Drawing any character, but prefer OCs
-”Sprite” will only have a walk cycle or an idle cycle, pick either
-Pictures of characters greatly preferred, even if a lot of different pics
-Complicated designs may be turned down (I still have to animate it after all)
-No nudes or sex

What i need from you for the commission
-Picture reference
-How you want the character to walk/idle (if you have anything specific in mind)
-What background color you want
-What kind of stage do you want (an be any sort of stage, as long as it fits in that size of box)

Commission payment is as follows
1] You give me your commission info
2] I’ll get back to you with a rough draft of your portrait and animation (No details or colors yet)
3]You pay the cash to my paypal if everything is cool (will provide you with my paypal details)
4]Ill ink and color  and fully animate the rough draft piece once payment has been received
5]Ill send you the full finished piece

Contact me at if interested

This might make a great gift for anyone who wants their OC drawn and animated, so please let me know if ya’ll are interested :). Reblogs would be appreciated :D

(Actual gif will not have background color distorted, Tumblr just seems to hate GIFS, here is a sample of clean one )