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Boss Monster Soul

(undertale spoilers)

Boss monsters are the strongest type of monsters. Their souls can persist for a few moments after death, and if they are not killed they seem to live indefinitely. Not much is given on why boss monsters are stronger, but it’s possible the source of their power is something familiar – determination.

Soul’s Temporary Persistence

When a monster dies, its SOUL disappears. And an incredible power would be needed to take the SOUL of a living monster.
There is only one exception.
The SOUL of a special species of monster called a “Boss Monster.”
A Boss Monster’s SOUL is strong enough to persist after death…
If only for a few moments.

A boss monster’s soul is strong enough to temporarily persist after death. There is no explanation as to why, but the reason why a human soul persists is known.

I believe this is what gives their SOULs the strength to persist after death.
The will to keep living… The resolve to change fate.
Let’s call this power…

While this is about humans, monsters have determination as well. One important difference between humans and monsters is that monsters do not have enough physical matter to handle high amounts of determination. This is why humans are far stronger.

While monsters are mostly made of magic, human beings are mostly made of water.
Humans, with their physical forms, are far stronger than us.

However, it is known that boss monsters are “the strongest type of all.” Perhaps boss monsters have more physical matter than the average monster.

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Practically Immortals

Unlike other monsters, boss monsters can live forever if they do not have an offspring. When a boss monster has a child, the transfer of soul power from parent to child ages both.

He’s a real interesting type of monster. The strongest type of all.
We call ‘em Boss Monsters.
When they have an offspring, the SOUL power of the parents flows into the child…
Causing the child to grow as the parents age.
But ASGORE doesn’t have a child. So he’s been stuck at the same age… And probably will be forever.

While it’s unknown exactly why a child needs its parent’s soul power to age, determination might be why a childless boss monster can live forever.

In the game, the amalgamates were fallen monsters injected with determination. Thanks to this determination, their passing was averted. Unfortunately, their bodies did not have enough "physical matter to take those concentrations of "determination”,” and they all melted together. Despite this tragic situation, all the amalgamates continue to live.

It’s possible that a boss monster’s determination is what allows them to live forever – to continue persisting. Thus, the only way to age and eventually pass on is for a boss monster to siphon their soul power – their determination – into their offspring.


Ultimately, very little is known about boss monsters. In fact, boss monsters are only ever mentioned four times in the game. It’s possible that there is another component to a monster soul that is the secret to a boss monster’s strength. However, determination is an incredible force in the game, making it a likely candidate to what makes boss monsters strong.

The lines on Hawke’s face are increasing.

Anders has memorized them all, each soft imprint and crease clear as day in his memory. He noticed them long ago, back when Hawke would come down to the clinic to ask about the Deep Roads or darkspawn or nothing much at all. Hawke doesn’t hide his emotions, and the lines on his face are a tribute to that. They’ve doubled in number over the years, part of the price of living in such a chaotic city, and Anders has traced every new addition with reverent fingers, adding them to his mental map of his lover’s face. He knows them all by heart.

He doesn’t know his own face that well. Once, before he was this, he would have spent time memorizing his own signs of aging, looked for the best angles and lighting to downplay it. Vanity is a distant concept now. How the world sees him is immaterial; it’s what he does that matters.

So when Varric comments, “You really don’t age, do you, Blondie? I’m starting to think you’re stuck in time,” the irony is not lost on him. He confirms it in the mirror later that night, Hawke asleep one room over. There are lines there, but they are subtle, faint, and he has to bring the light closer to see them. He drags his hands through his hair but cannot find any hint of the silver that’s been beginning to thread through all his friends’ hair. No new scars but then, he’s a healer. Some things should be expected.

He has a lot of memories - too many memories from too many angles, most of them wrong - to pretend he looks any different now than when he was a Warden years before. His body seems to have forgotten how to age.

There was a time when this would have thrilled him. It should still - significant change isn’t instant, isn’t lasting if there’s no one to watch over it. If he can usher in a world without circles, can stay around to make sure the templars don’t regain power… He should be grateful for the opportunity. Leaving a revolution half done would be selfish. He’s never hidden from Hawke that mage freedom means more than his own life, more than his own relationships.

But the man in the next room is aging, and in the darkened mirror, Anders can’t find it in himself to be grateful.

Y’all: Dude… Please stick to the canon designs for once in your goddamn life

Me: *getting my gross character-designing hands over everything* what

Anyways I just binged the first season of Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and I’m already unhealthily attached to these characters haha whoops

Talk to me about pre-kerberos Sheith being that touchy feely couple. They were always touching. Hand holding, arm around shoulder/waist, ankles curled around each other under the table, etc.

Now think about how that changed after everything Shiro went through. Keith being scared of trigger Shiro by touching him the wrong way and even being afraid that he doesn’t remember what they were together. Shiro being afraid that Keith wouldn’t want him anymore after everything and being afraid to touch him with the Arm.

So they start small, the same way they started their relationship the first time. It all starts with the shoulder touches. They were brief at first, but then they started to linger. Shoulder touches turn into hand touches. Linking their pinkies together when they’re standing next to each other. Shiro has places that he doesn’t like to be touched anymore, even through the thick paladin armor. Keith is a bit jumpier than he used to be, especially after a battle. They learn to navigate these changes and relearn everything about each other down to the smallest things. 

anonymous asked:

my gay ass wants a gay ass girlfriend but all the girls in my town are rude, homophobic creatures and I'm too Nervous™ to go out and meet people so please give Encouragment for other gay asses like me who are going through the same Problematic situation

oh buddy okay i am going to tell you a Thing. and it might not be the most encouraging thing, but it is a true thing 

one day way back when i was *cough* Straight *cough* i shaved my head cause i was feeling bored, and it wasn’t shit to me or any of my friends really, but there was this one girl i kinda hung out with at the time and she saw me with a shaved head, and not two days later she confessed to me.

apparently she’d had a crush on me for ages, but i was Straight™, so she’d never been able to work herself up to telling me she liked me. nothing about my attitude had changed, but just that one slightly more ‘typical butch’ aspect of my appearance was enough to give her the courage to out herself to me

i’m not saying “go out and shave your head”, but over the years i have learnt that by dressing a bit more typically gay - i.e. flannel shirts, pride wristbands, an undercut, whatever strikes your fancy - i’m more visible to those in the LGBT community, without being visibly gay to straight people. so basically giving out a subtle gay aura does wonders.

and yeah in case you were wondering the day that girl confessed to me ended up being the day i had my Gay Epiphany and she put up with me until i figured myself out and then we dated ;)

hey art students don’t put work you stole from someone else in your portfolio and pretend it’s your own!

If *I* see it, I’ll talk shit about you and your choices in the group chat!

If an editor/AD sees it, you probably just got your dumb ass blacklisted!

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